Personalising the online journey


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Personalising the online journey

  1. 1. Enhance Your Email Marketing Seminar 26 April, 2012 #CCEmailTips
  2. 2. Personalising the online journeyEnhancing your email marketing
  3. 3. Introduction• Challenges of email marketing• The evolution of personalisation• Online personalisation using PURLs• Benefits and uses of PURLs• Live PURL demo• PURL case studies• PURL metrics• Personalised online video
  4. 4. Challenges of email marketing• Too cheap• Poorly targeted• Massive increase in volume• Fatigue• You can track open and clicks but what about the rest of the user journey?• What if your web pages are not mobile optimised?
  5. 5. Challenges of email marketingOpen Click ResponseRates Rates rates
  6. 6. ersonalisation is one of the most important factors in a recipient opening and reading direct marketing Source: DMA GAP Report)ersonalisation should be the crucial element in getting a recipient to engage
  7. 7. The evolution of Personalisation Marketer Personalised Marketing started with address Outbound Personalisation labelling in the early 1980’s Personalisation evolved in the early 1990’s to include variable text Recent developments enabled the use of variable images Close the Personalisation Loop with PURL technology Customer
  8. 8. Online personalisation using PURLs• A PURL (Personalised URL) is a unique personalised web address• PURLs launch personalised websites and landing pages incorporating variable text, variable imaging, variable video and dynamic content• They allow for the tracking of individual responses and facilitate campaign analysis & reporting
  9. 9. How PURLs can be deployed• Customer Acquisition• Customer Retention or Customer Upgrade• Recommend a friend campaigns• Ongoing CRM Tool• Data Gathering
  10. 10. Benefits of PURLs• Quickly deployable• Click analysis enables segmented follow-up campaign• Capture of information not yet held on both new and existing customers• Email notifications of activity to generate leads for telemarketing• Enables the full tracking and measurement of DM campaigns
  11. 11. Live PURL Demonstration
  12. 12.
  13. 13. PURL Case Study Improving email resultsEmail Opens 1,440Clicks / PURL Activations 641Click Through Rate 44.51%Clicked on Subscribe 84Response Rate 13.10%
  14. 14. PURL Case Study Benchmarking Email v Direct MailResponse Email Direct MailPURL Activations 641 409Clicked on Subscribe 84 104Response Rate 13.10% 25.43%
  15. 15. PURL Case Study Fully Integrated CampaignMetric Description ResultsPURLs generated Total personalised mailers and emails(containing PURL) sent 6,507Activations Total PURLS activated 1,915Activation Rate PURL activation rate 29.43%Unique Activations Unique PURLs activated 1,008Unique Activation Rate Unique PURL activation rate 15.49%Clicks Total links clicked on landing page 2,669Click Rates Engagement Rate 139.37%Unique Clicks Unique clicks on landing page 962Unique Click Rates Unique Engagement Rate 95.44%
  16. 16. Statistics• Average activation rate from email marketing is 6.7%• Average activation rate from direct mail is 2.4%• Average engagement rate from email marketing is 40.6%• Average engagement rate from direct mail is 62.4%
  17. 17. Personalised Video … ultimate personalisation• Personalised video technology delivers personal messages to visitors• It grabs attention, is more compelling to watch and is more memorable• Can be delivered to registered users, be embedded into social media sites and can be delivered via PURLs• Video Demonstration (
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  21. 21. Thank you for your time ... ... any questions?