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Measuring the success of your email campaigns

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Sam Bueno de Mesquita, Regus …

Sam Bueno de Mesquita, Regus

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  • 1. Enhance Your Email Marketing Seminar 26 April, 2012 www.charitycomms.org.uk #CCEmailTips
  • 2. MEASURING THESUCCESS OF YOUREMAIL CAMPAIGNS Going beyond clickthroughs and opens to discover the numbers that tell you the strength of your list, the quality of your copy, and where your campaigns are failing.
  • 3. Email – no longer sexy
  • 4. Opening Rate =How good isyour subject line
  • 5. Inbox is a to-do listWhat my inbox says What I actually see • Deal with this later • Ignore • Delete • Deal with this RIGHT NOW • Delete • Ignore • Ignore • Fun! Check it out!
  • 6. Explore your subject linesSubject Open List Length Theme Video rateStop biofuels 23% A 13 Biofuels NoHilton sex 28% A 17 Sex NoslavesHave you heard 18% B 26 None Noabout this?Watch our 15% A 21 Funny Yesspoof video
  • 7. Clickthrough
  • 8. Clickthrough over time
  • 9. Falling clickthrough =
  • 10. Explore your calls to actionLink Effective Length Loc Theme Video rate atio nStop biofuels 23% 12 A1 Biofuels NoDownload a 28% 17 A2 Charts NopresentationBe the 18% 26 B1 Pointless Nochange you flufffeelEmpower this 15% 21 A2 Jargon Yesstakeholder
  • 11. Conversions –explore the whole funnel
  • 12. Four steps to understand yoursupporters and your website• Google Analytics code on links in email ? utm_source=[subjectline]&utm_medium=email• Google analytics segment “Medium contains email”• Explore how they move through your site, what links they click, which videos they watch, how long they stay, where they go next, where they live, what they search for, what devices they own…• [The naughty step: bung a cookie on their computer and stalk them round the web. Possibly illegal.]
  • 13. Contact scoring
  • 14. Contact scoringLength of Gender support Location Origin Age
  • 15. Any questions?