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Makeover your annual report


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Natasha Kleanthous, The Blue Cross …

Natasha Kleanthous, The Blue Cross

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  • 1. Measuring and Communicating Your Impact Conference 29 June 2011CharityComms is the professional membership body for charity communicators. We believe charity communicationsare integral to each charity’s work for a better world.W: T: 020 7426 8877
  • 2. Makeover your annual report
  • 3. Why do we have annual reports?• Legal requirement• Accountability• Update on activities• Thank you to supporters• Celebration of successes
  • 4. Do annual reports just tick boxes? Survey says… • More than two-thirds of charity reviews are dull • Many are not visually stimulating • Little use of pictures or graphs to illustrate work • Lack connection to financial statement • Do not disclose major risks facedSurvey released in May 2011 by Deloitte
  • 5. The Blue Cross annual report 2009Before...• Met with key internal users of the annual report• Got the good, the bad and the ugly feedback• Gathered feedback from our clients• Determined exactly who the audience is• Got a feel for an overriding theme
  • 6. The Blue Cross annual report 2009During...• Interviewed colleagues rather then ask for content• Got as many user quotes/case studies as possible!• Decided on tone of voice throughout• Met with agency – decided on layout/paper stock• Found inspiring photographer/photography
  • 7. The Blue Cross annual report schedule January Throughout the year •Interview staff •Gather case studies •Gather data •Carry out photo shoots •Write copy February March/April •Finish copy •Production •Approvals
  • 8. The Blue Cross annual report 2009After...• Made a cup of tea and took a deep breath• Set up survey to get feedback• Started organising 2010 report!
  • 9. The Blue Cross annual report 2009
  • 10. The Blue Cross annual report 2009
  • 11. The Blue Cross annual report 2009
  • 12. The Blue Cross annual report 2010• Gathered feedback• Learned from mistakes and successes
  • 13. Award winning annual reports2011 Design Week Awards...• WWF Living Planet and Annual Report 2009• Thames Reach 2009
  • 14. Top tips for your annual report• Enjoy it (it’s fun, honestly!)• Decide exactly what you’re trying to achieve• Determine your audience and what they want• Choose an overriding theme (ask your chief exec)• Look at other annual reports for inspiration• Don’t be afraid to think outside the box
  • 15. Top tips for your annual report• You’re the boss – don’t be influenced by pressures• Keep a consistent tone/style throughout• Use case studies and quotes wherever possible• Work on it throughout the year not at last moment• Use imagery, facts and graphics to break up text• Get feedback afterwards