Dell and Social Media


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Jenn Friday Jones and Claire Ramage, Dell

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Dell and Social Media

  1. 1. Dell and Social MediaBy Claire RamageEurope Corporate Communications Manager & VolunteerPR/Communication strategist for Dell GivingBy Jenn Friday JonesStrategic Giving Manager Europe, Middle East and Africa
  2. 2. Agenda for Today• Why Social Media• Dell History• What Dell has done inside and outside the business to build relationships• Social media for Dell Giving: Charity relationships• Social media in action: Social Innovation Competition• How we measure success?• What could you do?2 Confidential 3/22/2012 Dell Giving
  3. 3. Social Media Revolution Dell Giving
  4. 4. Business Value of Social Media4 Confidential 22/03/2012 Dell Giving
  5. 5. Dell’s Social Media Experience: February 2006 December 2006 October 2007 May 2008 June 2009 Michael Dell Asks Ratings and Reviews Michael Dell quote in Business Week Dell Outlet Achieves Global Twitter Why don’t we reach out and help on Jeff Jarvis story quote, “These conversations are $0.5M in Sales via Twitter bloggers with tech support issues? going to occur whether you like it or not. Do you Community team active on Twitter Revenues of $6.5 M want to be part of that or not? My argument is you Community across the social absolutely do. You can learn from them. You can Small Business web =3.5 million direct improve your reaction time. And you can be a blog launched customer connections better company by listening and being involved in that conversation.” August 2006 Blog Outreach Expands Beyond Tech Support June 2009 Engagement with anyone who March 2008 February 2007 $2M+ Sales via Twitter2006 commented about the company. Business model and other issues IdeaStorm Launched 2008 Accepted Solutions Dell outlet on Twitter surpasses considered. launched on Community $2 million in sales with another A voting based site allowing customers Dell France begins Online $1 million dollars in sales at March 2010 and others to submit ideas for Dell. Community Outreach China Micro- Blogging July 2006 2007 2009 2009 Direct2Dell Launched April 2008 Dell TechCenter June 2007 Inside IT Launched A Collaborative Today Direct2Dell exists in Dell joins Twitter Community for English, Spanish, Norwegian, Japanese and Chinese. Why don’t we reach out Blog focused on business customers, and Cloud Datacenter pros 2010 and help bloggers with January 2008 Computing. January 2009 grows by 400% tech support issues? Dell Aligns Dell Organizes in to Organization 4 customer focused Dell Launches for Success business units EmployeeStorm Internal Blogs Launched for Employees. December 2009 June 2008 Huffington Post Blog Channel Blog Dell’s VP of Social Media andMarch 2006 Launched Community, Manish Mehta, begins January 2007 February 2008 blogging at Huffington PostCommunity Outreach Team Formed StudioDell LaunchedTeam begins by just listening and monitoring Dell’s video and podcast site, Twitter Expandedconversations to see what’s being said. The tech Start experimenting with Twitter with helpful tips and tricks. November 2007 for business– another venue to Spring 2009support experts are hand-selected for their tech Eventually expanding this intoproblem-solving expertise and superior help customers, but also thanking Some Members of Community and the YouTube channel making DellShares Launched Dell customers. Outreach leads Conversations deployed within eachinterpersonal skills. sharing easier. The first investor relations blog to some Twitters asking for help of the new Dell Business units by a public company. on purchases. 5 Confidential Dell Giving
  6. 6. Listening to Be A Better Business, Across the Business6 Confidential 3/21/2011 Dell Giving
  7. 7. Connecting Around the Web Dell Giving
  8. 8. Dell’s InternalSocial Media 8 Confidential 3/22/2012 Dell Giving
  9. 9. Empowering Employees:Social Media & Community University Principles Policy Governance Training & tools Dell Giving
  10. 10. Social media -- Internal10 Dell Giving
  11. 11. Dell Giving Transformation to Social Media 3 Brands Volunteer EmployeeOpportunity Giving Tool Dell Match Tool Giving Tracking Tool Disaster Relief Tool11 Confidential 3/22/2012 Dell Giving
  12. 12. Give Time Getting involved withsocial media community Give Money Supportingopportunities by makinga financial contribution Get RecognizedTrack your involvement & receive recognition Become a ChampionDrive involvement year- round & align to BU strategy Dell Giving 12
  13. 13. Dell Team Members and Social Media forGiving and Volunteering • Built a strong team of champions – 400+ team members who were our viral leaders • Led group challenges - $1 for every new group member • Utilized the tools messaging features with powerful subject lines – Give 10 hours and get $150 for FREE • Created a Global Volunteer Recognition Program that was inclusive of all – remote based and outside of the US • Led weekly calls to train team members on the community13 Dell Giving
  14. 14. Measurements Communication from the community14 Confidential Dell Giving
  15. 15.  45,000+ team members with profiles Measuring our  865 groups created Success for  6,883 connected NPO’s Internal Social Media  8,516 volunteer events logged FY12  418,000+ hours logged  Higher participation rate in Asia Pacific Japan and Latin America than any other region  Community members with profiles in 70 different countries  Gave $1.5M USD through volunteer recognition program15 Confidential 3/22/2012 Dell Giving
  16. 16. Social Mediaand Dell’sStrategic GivingPrograms 16 Confidential 3/22/2012 Dell Giving
  17. 17. Join the Conversation on all GOOD thingsDell is doing • Twitter @dell4good • Chatter @Dell4Good • Direct2Dell blog @Tech4Good (every Tuesday)17 Confidential 3/22/2012 Dell Giving
  18. 18. Dell Social Innovation Challenge• The competition garnered 12.5 million Twitter impressions• 1154 positive-sentiment tweets in the month leading up to the final event via #DSIC11.• View a complete play-by-play here at Storify:• In addition to Claire Ortiz, Corporate Social • Direct2Dell: Innovation & Philanthropy at Twitter, we – And the semi-finalists of the Dell Social Innovation Competition are… by Suzi Sosa invited 2 influential bloggers: – What it takes to win the Dell Social – Victor d’Allant: Entrepreneur, head of SocialEdge Innovation Competition by Deb Bauer voice of @socialedge (375k followers) – Tune in today: Reveal of the 2011 winner of the Dell Social Innovation Competition – Amy Neumann: blogger for Huffington Post, and is – Taka Taka Solutions Wins 2011 Dell Social also frequently noted as one of the top tweeters Innovation Competition by Karen Quintos “for good” (35k followers). • Dell YouBooth: Malo traders• Flickr pictures ovPz4GVM&feature=relmfu18 Dell Giving
  19. 19. Dell Youth Learning• Engaged Charity Program Managers in Social Media both internal and external to create web of communication• Messages are sent to Regional Managers to tweet, chatter or Fbook• Set aside times to do social media19 Dell Giving
  20. 20. Social Media and You20 Confidential 3/22/2012 Dell Giving
  21. 21. Social Media is part of my job Dell Giving
  22. 22. Your Social Media Plan…• Plan: What do you want to achieve? –Be realistic – what resources do you have• Implement: –How do you mobilise –How do you govern(realistically)• Review: –How do you monitor and measure –What is your contingency plan22 Confidential 22/03/2012 Dell Giving
  23. 23. Steps to begin your Social Media Journey• Develop a Social Media certification program for your nominated team• Develop a set of principles › Protect Information › Be transparent and disclose associations › Follow the law, follow the code › Be responsible › Be nice, have fun and connect• Develop Strategic Steps › Identify your business objectives › Identify your target audience › Identify your engagement strategy › Commitment to time, resource and money › Identify your success measurements• Act - Set aside certain times to do social media (travel, lunch, breaks, etc• Review – check what’s happening out there!23 Confidential 3/22/2012 Dell Giving
  24. 24. 24 Confidential 3/22/2012 Dell Giving
  25. 25. 25 Confidential 3/22/2012 Dell Giving
  26. 26. Thank you for listening Q&A26 Confidential 3/22/2012 Dell Giving