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A quick-fire guide to how to grab attention on a budget - South West Group


Published on

Pam Beddard, freelance publicist

Pam Beddard, freelance publicist

Published in: Marketing
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  • By ‘support’ – we mean attention (e.g. of agents, bookers, the media), bookings, audiences, a fan base, a GOOD reputation
  • Lots of fancy other words for marketing, of course - including media liaison, PR consultancy, external communications, stakeholder relationships, social network management. And in big organisations, it will be divided up into many more parts: Internal Communications, Advertising, Sales, Brand Management, Corporate Responsibility, Online Engagement (and more). But the important fact to remember is…..
  • We’re all looking for someone to buy what we offer
  • In an idea world – lots of money behind every campaign
  • But sometimes dash is just as effective as dash
  • Not an exclusive list and you’ll all be familiar with it
  • Social networks the new black, of course, and with some good reason
  • 123 billion active users a month on FB; 650 million active Twitter users worldwide
  • But old skool should not be overlooked. Slapstick story
  • Transcript

    • 1. Bring on the giant hedgehog A quick-fire guide to how to grab attention on a silly budget
    • 2. Marketing is……. Text book definition “one party’s planned effort(s) to attract & retain the attention of another, to achieve a desired action or response”
    • 3. Essentially, it’s selling....  Used cars  Knock off Rolex  Double glazing  Ideas  Issues  Experiences  Solutions
    • 4. Noisier pitches = more attention
    • 5. Seen at College Green this week
    • 6. Low price/ no price ELECTRONIC FB, Twitter, web, e-zines, e-groups ORGANIC Word-of-mouth, FAMOUS NAMES Links to VIPs or celebrities NEWS MEDIA News releases/ press briefings/ visits VISUAL Displays, film, signage, photos BRIEFINGS Face-to-face, visits, getting out & about COMMUNITY Competitions/ collaborations
    • 7. I If this whole slide area is ALL e-traffic...
    • 8. This much is for FACEBOOK
    • 9. But… the power of the press  More credible  More varied audience  Tighter targets – time/interest/place  Longer lasting  Can be shared physically & electronically
    • 10. Can be easier said than done  Outlets dwindling  Competition fierce  News desks aren’t the ads department  Important isn’t the same as interesting  Jaded palates
    • 11. Seek to T.H.R.I.L.L. Topical – it’s new, it’s fresh Human – about people Relevant – has meaning Interest – we want to know Local – the familiarity factor Lively – drama/ conflict/ suspense
    • 12. There’s a formula
    • 13. Let’s play – beat the news desk