Building brand communities using social media


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Building brand communities using social media

  1. 1. Developing Your Brand and Image Conference 30 March 2011 Building brand communities using social mediaCharityComms is the professional membership body for charity communicators. Webelieve charity communications are integral to each charity’s work for a better world.W: T: 0207 426 8877 E:
  2. 2. Building brand communities using social media Gary Nunn Communications Officer
  3. 3. Question• Does your charity have a Facebook page, a Twitter account AND a YouTube channel?
  4. 4. What this session will cover• Why is Stonewall ahead of the curve?• Bringing your digi-comms to life• Adding personality to your branding• Rapid pace vs wider strategy• Integrating social media & campaigns• Integrating social media & the Press Office• Addressing criticism
  5. 5. How did Stonewall get ahead of the curve?• Wider environment – LGB people are ‘early adopters’• Recent re-brand to appeal more to 16-21s• Early internal buy-in• Staff member dedicated to trend-watching• Result: we have social media following bigger than charities / campaigns 10 times our size…
  6. 6. NumbersCharity Facebook Twitter YouTube upload viewsBarnardo’s 4,800 4,665 4,074Shelter 6,665 6,751 91, 612Liberty 6, 877 2,110 20, 061Mind 10,016 6,112 N/ANational Autistic 15,627 2,657 49,339SocietyStonewall 20, 554 9,274 95, 809
  7. 7. NumbersCharity Facebook Twitter YouTube upload viewsStonewall 20, 554 9,274 95,809Time To Change 37,821 4,209 172, 495Red Cross 14, 539 13,423 839, 691Amnesty 37, 843 26, 536 1,734,089InternationalOxfam 44, 875 18, 048 3,048,745
  8. 8. Branding – bringing your digi-comms to life!• What words, colours and moods describe your brand – how will this translate online?• Is there a popular slogan that sums you up?• Stonewall’s profile pic:• YouTube
  9. 9. Branding - tone• Don’t just broadcast earnest updates – YAWN! Dialogue.• Show your human side ‘eg We’re in the office and we have cake!’• Add personality, humour and a USP to your online branding• Eg: ‘Hello lovely supporters!’• Tweets brought to you by…
  10. 10. Who is this?
  11. 11. Branding – the human touch• Rebecca Black, Charlie McDonnell• Don’t get too caught up on celebrities – but appreciate their value too• Social media is about real people
  12. 12. Rapid pace vs wider strategy• Rapid pace:• use your #• Live tweeting• Top Tweets• Wider strategy• Distracted being reactive• Flexible weekly strategy• Social media working group
  13. 13. Integrating social media with campaigns• Stonewall’s ‘It gets better…today’ campaign• Set targets of increasing referrals to your website, moving your supporters up the pyramid of giving• User-led content
  14. 14. Integrating social media with the Press Office function• Social media polls• Case studies: call outs and reporting back• Promoting coverage which both highlights the need for your cause to exist, and backs up your charitable objectives
  15. 15. Addressing criticism on social media• Consider having house rules• Don’t censor• Don’t try and have the last word: you can’t
  16. 16. Finally• Everything you say is public• But this can be a good thing!• Any questions?
  17. 17. Contact detailsStonewallTower BuildingYork RoadLondonSE1 7NX020 7593