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Blogging for change


Published on

Sam Strudwick and Ben Clowney, Amnesty International UK …

Sam Strudwick and Ben Clowney, Amnesty International UK
CharityComms Digital Comms on a shoestring conference

Published in: Technology, Sports
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  • 1. Blogging an introduction Sara Ashton Amnesty International
  • 2. Why blogging matters? Photo mindluge on Flickr More intimate relationships that brings you closer to your customer and builds affinity with your brand
  • 3. Why blogging matters? Photo makelessnoise on Flickr Cost effective tool you can use to reach influencers who will recommend you to others
  • 4. Why blogging matters? Blogs spread news They can give your message wider momentum – a blog is never yesterday’s chip paper Wider comment opportunities for us and others Photo by Stacy Lynn Baum on Flickr
  • 5. But before we start… Blogging for the sake of blogging will bring no value
  • 6. Let’s start here… You are unique Photo by HAMED MASOUMI on Flickr
  • 7. Let’s start here… Photo by Port of San Diego on Flickr 126 million blogs That’s a lot of noise How are you different?
  • 8. Getting started Find your voice Photo by dboy on Flickr
  • 9. Getting started: Write Write about the things you’re passionate about Be clear and consistent in your communication Photo by hummyhummy on Flickr
  • 10. Getting started: Invest Your community will only be as good as the amount of effort you put in Get involved Photo by OnTask on Flickr
  • 11. Getting started: Listen Don’t broadcast. You don’t have to respond to every comment but it is about listening and facilitating Photo by Tonamel on Flickr
  • 12. Getting started: Ask their opinion You don’t need to provide all the answers but give your community something to think about Photo by Monica’s Dad on Flickr
  • 13. Getting started: Have opinions yourself Photo by cameronparkins on Flickr Don’t just report: Have an opinion and seek it from others
  • 14. Getting started: Experiment Don’t be afraid to evolve Try new things: Live blogging Guest blogs Photos Video Photo from The Library of Congress on Flickr
  • 15. Blogger outreach Build your network Find bloggers and connect Comment on their posts, use trackbacks, have a blogroll and feature bloggers in your posts Photo by Life in LDN on Flickr
  • 16. Beyond blogging Insert images of Amnesty on other networks Blogging should be part of an integrated web strategy
  • 17. Maintaining a high quality blog
  • 18. Amnesty case study: International Women’s Day We used a blog post to launch the campaign Staged a ‘tweet mob’ to draw attention to the number of women facing violence in Britain each year. At 1:10pm on Friday 6th March around 3000 people tweeted: ‘Each year around 1 in 10 women experience rape or other violence. Act now:’
  • 19. Amnesty case study: Shaming Shell
  • 20. Moderation Maintain a light touch, your community will often self moderate Develop your house rules
  • 21. Measurement Keep an eye on your stats, work out which posts are popular and why
  • 22. Building a blog You can beon their Comment up and runninguse trackbacks, posts, within ten minutesblogroll and have a on Wordpress or Tumblr feature bloggers in your posts
  • 23. Finally… It’s not about the blog it’s about the experience you create People talk about a unique blog and share it with their friends A good experience builds affinity and keeps them coming back for more Photo by Plastic_Bat on Flickr
  • 24. Any questions? Photo by Experience Reality on Flickr