A 21st century media plan


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Ann Wright, Rough House Media
PR in the digital age conference

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A 21st century media plan

  1. 1. 21st Century Media Relations Ann Wright Rough House Media
  2. 2. Survey Results 46% 92% 83% 100%
  3. 3. Advice from journalists o Use social media to build relationships with journalists, to promote stories & spot opportunities o Be savvy with hashtags o Personal relationships are key o Target your stories to relevant outlets and journalists o Be familiar with how newsrooms work
  4. 4. o 2,750 patients per year o Daily inpatient care costs £514 o 700 in-patients per year o Average patient stay costs £6,383 o 8,500 home visits per year o Annual running costs £8 million o 50,00 support phone calls o 75% generated through fundraising http://www.pah.org.uk/
  5. 5. Santa Fun Run
  6. 6. Santa Fun Run Strategy o Microsite o Flyers, banners & marketing materials o Official launch & photocalls o Weekly press releases o Targeted emails to mailing lists o Social media
  7. 7. Before the day Weekly Santa story
  8. 8. Before the day #runsanta
  9. 9. Before the day PRESS RELEASE For immediate release 28/11/2013 Local Hockey Club Sign Up to Santa Fun Run Players from Teddington Hockey Club have shown their support for Princess Alice Hospice by signing up to this year’s Santa Fun Run in Bushy Park. Ladies 3rd team player Eleanor Figueiredo has been the person largely responsible for rallying her team mates. She said: “Within our team we have managed to encourage lots of the girls to take part and due to the high levels of interest we decided to invite other members of the club to join us.”
  10. 10. Story ideas o Launch - photoshoot o Oldest competitor – aged 83 o Mayor of Kingston supports run o Teddington Hockey Club signing up o People running in memory of loved ones o Picture stories of people training in Santa outfits o Local businesses signing up
  11. 11. On the day
  12. 12. After the day
  13. 13. Results o The runs have raised £28,000 so far o 14 newspapers covered the event o Big spike in Facebook views o 10% increase Twitter followers o 37 people used the hashtag #runsanta o Email open rate = 32-70% (average 22%) o Email click rate = 2-40% (average of 3%)
  14. 14. Their lessons o Larger team = more coverage o Dedicated digital press officer boosted social media o Need to find ways to increase sponsorship, not just registrations
  15. 15. Conclusions o Know your target audience & adjust your approach accordingly o Traditional media & social media should work together o Repurpose content for different outlets – online, social media newsletters, press releases o Build good relationships with key journalists o Don’t blanket bomb them with press releases – be targeted
  16. 16. Rough House Media Training Consultancy Production Media training Crisis management Videos Crisis communications PR strategy Podcasts Presentation skills Message development Blogging Media masterclasses Media relations Article writing Press releases Social media Rough House provides a professional service by a team that understands the demands placed on high profile organisations in the media spotlight.
  17. 17. Contact us 52 Park Hill Richmond Surrey TW10 6HE info@roughhouse.co.uk 020 8332 6200 roughhouse.co.uk twitter.co.uk/roughhouse01