Poppy question one evaluation


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Poppy question one evaluation

  1. 1. Mast Head: For my mast head I was inspired by the Harley Davidson logo, I liked the logo as I liked the shape. The Harley Davidson is known for leather, rock and metal. From this I thought that I wanted my masthead to have a vague relation to that. For my mast head I used the same middle however I edited the shape around the outside and the colouring to make it my own and unique. Layout of double page spread: For the double page spread I based my ideas on the double page spread on Florence Weltch, I liked this spread as I liked the colours used and the fonts. However I didn’t want to base my entire double page spread on it exactly, therefore I changed the position the model is in and added a new photo. I also kept the column features in the magazine to keep it in tied however I changed the positioning and font type of the quote.
  2. 2. Lettering on the contents page: The fonts I used on the contents page all were the same fonts used as the cover lines on the front page, I did this as I felt I wanted to have the same house style throughout the magazine. However I changed the font on the title, I did this as I felt the page needed livening up. The black behind the main title reflected noise as it was loud and splattered. Colours The colour scheme I used I did not get from any other magazine, I felt that the gold black and red created a metal feel to the magazine, and made it stand out from its competitors. The red black and gold was reflected in the edit I used over the models face as I made her a more gold colour. I also used in the double page spread my model in a gold coloured top to tie in with the colour scheme. I also kept a house style colour running through my magazine of red,black and gold. Cover lines
  3. 3. The cover lines I used I put in different colours to grab the audience’s attention. By doing this I feel that it makes the magazine have more of a brand. By keeping a house style on the front cover of the magazine makes it more easily recognized. Although I have edited my magazine to be a rock-style magazine it also shares some of the same qualities as the GL magazine as I’ve used capital letters for my cover lines and put them in the different colours. Secondary images The secondary images I used on the contents page reflected the other parts of the magazine for example the models tied in with the other features throughout the magazine. I put the photo in the main space for it to relate to the writing underneath as I felt it would make the overall magazine clearer.