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  • 1. Question 1: In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? With my front cover, I decided to base the colour scheme around NME magazine and Rolling Stone magazine. It can be seen here that the there are large similarities between the two in colour. With a dominance between the Red and White as primary colours and Black and yellow as dividers between the two and yellow to make something stand out. However, what distinguishes one magazine from another is formation of the main photo and the surrounding text. Where NME’s photo is off centre to the right, my photo is centred. Surrounding text for the NME photo also is centred in the photo of Alex Turner and Miles Kane as well as having plenty to the left. Whereas my surrounding text wraps around the photo, it does not come between the people in the photo
  • 2. Again, similarities between the colour schemes can be see, with primary dominant colours being red, black and white. With yellow used to make something standout. Another similarity would be the structure of the page. Both my magazine and the other one use three columns to structure the page. However the contrast between the two clearly be seen in the formation of the text. Where my pictures are vertical in the middle column, and text wrapping either side, the other magazine has text primarily on the left column and pictures in the middle and right column.
  • 3. The differences between my magazine and the other one can be seen in the layout of the article headline and text. Where the other magazine has structured the headline to the left and text to be spread across the bottom half of both pages, my double page spread has major amount of the text to the left of the picture and the headline stretching across the top of the page. The major similarity between the two is evident with the photo. Both pictures stretch across the entirety of the right page and going as far as half way into the left page.