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Emily's powerpoint on mise en scene in the a team trailer

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  • 1. A Team By Emily Morley
  • 2. General Comments
    • Overall very good. Some well- chosen stills, well- organised. Many of your comments are interesting and insightful.
  • 3. Props Here there is many objects placed in a small area. This makes the scene look busy and action packed. It makes the audience feel a atmosphere of tension and action. The dust shown in the image also helps to create a tense atmosphere. Good. (Although this might have been a good shot to use to explore setting.) This shot is right at the start of the trailer – how does it set the scene for the tone of the film?
  • 4. Positioning This positing of these two characters makes them look in love. However the male character also look threatening, as his face is partially darkened to create a sense of danger. Excellent comment on lighting. What does the lighting suggest about the woman (other than drawing our attention to her)? Not sure about in love – he looks a bit aggressive.
  • 5. Hair, Make Up, Costumes The costumes the actors are wearing creates a working atmosphere. The actors are wearing working overalls. The facial expressions appear to be of concentration. The make up and hair used in this makes it feel very normal which also helps to support the working atmosphere. Very good. How is this supported by their surroundings?
  • 6. Lighting This intense light helps create a sense of danger. This is because of its orange glow which makes the audience think of fire. The blurred background also creates a sense of urgency and intense heat. All of this makes the scene feel very dramatic. Very good. How often do we see shots like this in the trailer and why?
  • 7. Facial Expressions This is a over the shoulder shot, as it is showing one characters facial expression. The characters facial expression shows many emotions including anger, madness and sadness. This character also looks quite depressed. I feel that this setting is supporting these emotions as it is slightly blurred, and the rain also adds a grim atmosphere. Why might he be angry? What clues does this give us about the film’s plot?
  • 8. Positing within a frame. This character is positioned at the front of this scene. This makes him look very important. This is also supported by the way the background is blurred so the audiences attention is immediately attracted to this character. What about his facial expression? Also, there are similar shots of off the main characters in this trailer – why?
  • 9. Body Language This shot shows this characters body language as strong and confident. I get the impression of confidence as no facial or emotional features have been shown. The clenched fist and muscle shows that this character is very strong. The clenched fist is also showing that this character could be short tempered. Good analysis. Again, what does this suggest about the film’s plot?
  • 10. Setting A platform or building has been set in the foreground, so this has more importance than the background. However the background is of water and distant mountains. The background has quite tranquil and relaxed atmosphere. This influences the foreground as it makes the scene seem very relaxed. An interesting choice, as this shot is at odds with the action in most of the trailer. Why has it been included? What message does this give the audience.