Pitching an Energy Beverage


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Strategic to creative development for a small, emerging energy beverage

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Pitching an Energy Beverage

  1. 1. OnDemandPresentation
  2. 2. introductions
  3. 3. assignment
  4. 4. Business Objective Build consideration for, and trial of, OnDemand among casual-to-heavy users of Enhanced Water Beverages.
  5. 5. Who to speak to? Develop a consumer target profile that represents the most relevant opportunity for the brand
  6. 6. What to say? Develop a brand positioning for OnDemand that will differentiate its brand equities and product attributes within the Enhanced Water Category
  7. 7. How to say it? Explore creative implications and media possibilities to best resonate and reach the target consumer
  8. 8. Our exploratory Trade Research/Category Adjacencies Quantitative Data (MRI) Cultural Analysis Online Survey Store Visits Semiotics Review Consumer Trend Analysis Social Media Observation/Influencer One-on-Ones
  9. 9. Agenda Competitive Landscape Category Target Consumer Brand Equites & Positioning Branding & Creative Implications Media Approach
  10. 10. competitivelandscape
  11. 11. Competitive landscape Primary: Enhanced Waters Vitamin Water, Vitamin Water Zero, Smart Water, Sobe LifeWater, Propel Secondary: Sports Drinks Gatorade, G2, Powerade, Powerade Zero
  12. 12. Vitamin Water
  13. 13. Vitamin Water, Vitamin Water Zero Lifestyle Focus: Recreation, Fun Flavor + Health Message (Zero Product) Efforts to Build “Badge Value” (image)
  14. 14. Sobe Lifewater
  15. 15. Sobe Lifewater Huge flavor focus Clearly skews younger audience (and somewhat male) The “wild child” in the category
  16. 16. Smart Water
  17. 17. Smartwater Image Advertising - Borrowed celebrity equity Messaging focus on “smart, savvy” Very little product attribute discussion
  18. 18. Propel
  19. 19. Propel Fitness Focus - the water for working out Focus on the zero product thus zero calorie message Female skew Borrowed equity celebrity: Cindy Crawford
  20. 20. Activate
  21. 21. Sports Drinks
  22. 22. category
  23. 23. Consumer State of Affairs Total daily intake of calories from beverages has increased 94% to approximately 222 calories per day. The majority of Americans donʼt consume enough vitamins. Our diets are calorie rich and nutrient poor.
  24. 24. Share ofStomach
  25. 25. Enhanced Wateris PreferredRetail Sales: 52-weeks ended May 2010Beverage Marketing Corp, IRI, Mintel +3% +28% +76% +582%
  26. 26. StruckAxiomResearchMasterbrand TMs lead the by categorywidening their portfolios
  27. 27. StruckAxiomResearchHealth benefits lag primary/traditionalcategory refreshment attributes
  28. 28. StruckAxiomResearchOccasions don’t seem to changeirrespective of enhanced beverage
  29. 29. StruckAxiomResearchLow frequency and usage considerationmay impact product relevancy
  30. 30. StruckAxiomResearchConsumers believe juice, milk and proteindrinks to be the best sources of vitaminsin beverages
  31. 31. StruckAxiomResearchYet vitamins are not part of a daily diet for50% of the respondents
  33. 33. Category observations Low consumer awareness of vitamin erosion and potency loss in some EWBs Hydration and refreshment are primary influencers and motivators, same as tot. beverage Zero calories = diet; over-shadows vitamins VitaminWater franchise has created personas for vitamins, dumbing down health benefits Usage is lower, where will volume be earned?
  34. 34. Category implication Enhanced Water Beverages are becoming the cliche “zero” drink. Consumers are training themselves to feel better about their “healthier products” beverage choices instead of simply living healthier lives.
  35. 35. targetconsumer
  36. 36. Target consumer - user Demographic Age: 25-34, skews older Generation: Leading and Lagging Millennials Gender: 60-40, Female-Male Location: Boston; New England; Tri-State
  37. 37. Target consumer - userProactive and accountable sensibilities towards health and wellness Lifestyle - Values to Nutrition and Health • I try to eat healthy and pay attention to my nutrition • Often I eat my meals on the run • I regularly eat organic foods • I prefer to cook with fresh foods • I prefer alternative medicine to traditional medicine
  38. 38. BeverageRepertoireHighest indexingNon-alcoholic and CSDbeverage brand usage PURITY TECHNOLOGY
  39. 39. Spending -Female26-35, single, no kids,$75k-100, Boston MA
  40. 40. Spending -Male26-35, single, no kids,$75k-100, Boston MA
  41. 41. Consumer profile Adults ages 25-34 (Millennials) are thirsty for healthier lifestyles and mindsets. They see the potential in thinking of possibilities; creating solutions to problems that prohibit the everyday freedoms they seek for, and from, a healthier social and physical environment. Health and nutrition are the foundation of wellness. Millennial EWB drinkers want conscious beverages that offer good consequences through sustainable, active experiences.
  42. 42. Consumer insight Millennials need active, nourishing energy to turn on their world.
  43. 43. Consumer insight Whatʼs on on the inside? Millennial EWB drinkers seek to turn their bodies on to experience more fulfillment and enjoyment. Turning oneʼs body on is to wind it up, activate it, engage it, excite it, prime it, loosen it...itʼs idling and ready to go. Being on is to taste the moment. A positive, refreshing and balanced emotional space, with no beginning or end, where winning is not the primary benefit or motive.
  44. 44. brand
  45. 45. Product attributes User-activated vitamin dosage Stabilized (liquid-based) vitamins 100% natural ingredients Naturally sweetened with Stevia Reverse osmosis water
  46. 46. Points of difference 84 required daily minerals 9 vitamins Twist Release Cap technology Himalayan Sea Salt
  47. 47. Positioning statement To advancing Millennials ages 25-34, who strive to turn on possibilities, OnDemand is the only enhanced water that turns your body and mind on, because its Twist-Release technology, 84 minerals and 9 vitamin mix turns water on.
  48. 48. Brand pyramid
  49. 49. VIDEO
  50. 50. brand + creativeimplications
  51. 51. Tone Active/confident Empowering/positive/affirming Current/relevant Innovative/surprising
  52. 52. Brand voice What you stand for Who you are
  53. 53. BrandArchetypesThe ExplorerCore desire: the freedom to find out who you are through exploring the worldGoal: to experience a better, more authentic, more fulfilling lifeStrategy: journey, seeking out and experiencing new things, escape from boredom
  54. 54. Visual brand Importance of design aesthetic and image Badge value Product perception and price point
  55. 55. Visual brand Design Font, Colors, Product images, Graphic Style Packaging enhancements Maximizing understanding of Cap technology, Label, Information hierarchy Name and Logo
  56. 56. Advertising considerations Balancing the need to demonstrate product attributes (cap, vitamin story) while connecting emotionally with target and building brand (“turn water on”) Trial, (Experience the turn, Live “on”) Leading people to point of sale
  57. 57. media approach
  58. 58. Media Thought-Starters Announce the arrival of On Demand in a targeted and efficient manner Support distribution partners by showcasing commitment Employ outlets that provide strong reach so we have the opportunity to speak with our audience Consider visual media to build brand recognition Drive trial
  59. 59. Media TargetFocussource: GfK MRI Doublebase, 2010
  60. 60. Media Digital Magazines Television 25 hrs/weekInsights 21 hrs/week 2 ! read/week 11 read/month Primetime 9 hrs/week Cable 35 hrs/week Radio Outdoor 15 hrs/week 150 miles driven/week 21.4 miles driven/day source: GfK MRI Doublebase, 2010
  61. 61. Recommended Mix, Roles & RationaleRadio OOH/Guerilla•  Cost-efficient mass market •  High impact visual medium, reach vehicle opportunity to create buzz•  Frequency of message drives surrounding launch brand recognition •  Ability to geo-target given•  Promotion & event execution to distribution points encourage sampling Digital •  Ability to mobile geo-target to drive to retail •  Social media influencer outreach
  62. 62. Radio Considerations Focus on best formats for our target and look for potential single owner group packages to drive efficiency Engineer turn-key added value promotions to put product in consumers hands Use station remote/street teams to distribute collateral in major neighborhoods and at events that cater to the On Demand audience (i.e. road races, health & wellness events) Gain entrance to major community events through station partnerships (i.e. Boston Marathon)
  63. 63. Outdoor/Guerilla Considerations Focus on areas where our target is most likely to want/ need On Demand i.e. Posters and collateral in gyms and health & wellness centers Street Teams for distribution in neighborhoods near On Demand distribution and retail centers, city sports fields, gyms and heath/wellness centers to reach the right target, in the right place, at the right time Use large format, high impact out-of-home placements to showcase visual representation of the brand
  64. 64. Digital ConsiderationsReach on-the-go consumers via mobile ad-networks andstreaming radio (i.e. Pandora)Create two-way conversation to help educate consumersand create brand evangelists using social media platforms Audio w/ Companion Tile displayed during duration of audio message (Android) Audio w/Standard Banner appears after Companion Tile displayedaudio ad concludes and music during duration of resumes (Android) audio message (Android) Standard Banner appears after audio ad concludes and music resumes (Android) Social; blogger outreach; paid endorsements Social; blogger outreach; paid endorsements
  65. 65. Recommended Budget Allocation Digital 10% 34% Outdoor $880,000 Radio 56%
  66. 66. Thank You
  67. 67. appendix