Miller Brewing Co Ideas


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A conceptual social media idea and platform for Miller and Miller Lite

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Miller Brewing Co Ideas

  1. 1. Recruiting the New Miller Lite Draft Generation
  2. 2. Opportunity: Draught sales have bottomed. Time to increase Miller Lite’s share of on-premise, premium draft occasions in key U.S. markets.
  3. 3. Approach: We crosscut the Cultures of Intoxicants and Social Media to determine Miller Lite brand relevance during on-premise draft beer drinking occasions.
  4. 4. “Draft Company” Consumer Target Insight: Male consumers, LDA-29 are “drafting” each other as they learn to climb professional and social ladders; they affiliate and assimilate by adopting similar lifestyle brands. Technology is enabling them to recognize and be recognized for the personal decisions they are making.
  5. 5. Hypothesis: LDA-29 beer drinkers rely on digital Applications to recognize and seize social situations, helping them navigate their on-premise drinking occasions and decisions.
  6. 6. Challenge: Help male, LDA-29 year-old Miller Lite draft drinkers recognize their manhood, and be recognized by others for knowing their beer when socializing on-premise. To recognize is to know. To know is to have confidence.
  7. 7. Know Your Beer. Strategy: Consistent with Be A Man campaign, Know Your Beer is a call to action inciting male (domestic) draft beer drinkers to examine their draft beer choice, and to confidently recognize their beer when they encounter it - be it stepping up to the bar and ordering without hesitation, or devising foolproof techniques for identifying his pint along a crowded bar.
  8. 8. Solution: Recruit Miller Lite draught drinkers to create the Most Recognized Pint in the America.
  9. 9. Idea: “Shazam the pint.” Create Beer Recognition Technology.
  10. 10. Hold pint to iPhone to read beer Technology can discern Miller Lite DNA from competition. 100% accuracy. Media: Pint ID - App recognizes and authenticates Miller Lite pints.
  11. 11. Hold pint to iPhone to read beer Features: Multi-functional Social Media Platform.
  12. 12. • Drive trial and consideration • Efficient on-premise promotion and awareness • Viral and community-building potential • New digital drinking ritual • Fortifies Miller Lite’s taste and product creds • Builds and extends loyalty and adoration • Scalable to all consumer drinking segments Activation: 360o BTL awareness.
  13. 13. • Recognizing when to stop is a sign of confidence Social Responsibility: Intuitive use digital images to judge cognition levels and test hand-eye coordination.