Callaway Golf: Strategic Exploratory


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Calloway Golf Consumer & Brand Strategic Development

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Callaway Golf: Strategic Exploratory

  1. 1. Inspiring Emotion for the Callaway Golf Brand Prepared For Butler, Shine & Stern by Lee Chapman, March 2008
  2. 2. You only get one chance to hit that specific shot. Greg Norman had a six stroke lead in the final round of The 1996 Masters. He lost.
  3. 3. Oversized golf drivers hit the ball straighter. Space-age materials make irons easier to swing. Ergonomically engineered putters roll the ball more precisely. Golf courses are more plentiful and better-conditioned. Golf instruction is more accessible, at public and private clubs - not to mention every night on a cable-television channel entirely devoted to golf. There is even a better golf tee, revamped to let the ball soar longer and more accurately. The only thing in golf that has not changed is the average score for 18 holes. Neither the average weekend player nor the world's best golfers have managed to get the ball in the hole any sooner. The average 18-hole score for the average golfer remains at about 100, as it has for decades, according to the National Golf Foundation. (International Herald Tribune, May 25, 2005)
  4. 4. Odds of Shooting An Exceptional Tournament Score Source: USGA, 2008 The USGA's Handicap Research Team tells us that the average player is expected to play to his Course Handicap or better only about 25 percent of the time, average three strokes higher than his Course Handicap, and have a best score in 20, which is only two strokes better than his Course Handicap.
  5. 5. Golf has not necessarily become easier more than its become more enjoyable to more people. The Source: Harris Poll, 2003 golfing experience is more experiential Source: Golf Digest, 2003
  6. 6. The Challenge is what makes Golf a Sport and not a Game (It becomes personal)
  7. 7. Behind or In Front of the 8 Ball? Having conviction in your game and equipment prepares the golfer for unforeseen situations where he can only rely on himself
  8. 8. Indian or the Arrow?
  9. 9. INNOVATIVE propulsion geometry stability precision element EASY? EASIER?
  11. 11. Every new succession of the Porsche 911 has traditionally been more of an evolution of the previous model rather than a complete redesign, but to imagine that engineers could build a 911 Turbo better than the 996 version nearly seemed impossible. It’s more powerful and faster than the previous 996, and every bit as usable. In fact, the new 997 Turbo’s most amazing feat is the confidence-inspiring levels of usability, which manages to flatter even the most average of drivers. “There is no substitute” Source: Road & Track, 2007
  12. 12. The difference of 4 yellow jerseys over 16 years. The equipment is more advanced and cycling even has regulated weight restrictions. Is the Tour de France any easier today than in 1990? 7jerseys 3 jerseys
  13. 13. Summary Golf is deceptively simple and endlessly complicated The King, Arnold Palmer
  15. 15. “Don’t Play” When we say we “play” golf we really don’t mean what we say. Golf is too involved to simply be “played”. When your on the range correcting, adjusting, finessing…trying to get your body to follow your brain, your not “playing”. On each of those eighteen tee boxes there is no playground, there are no kids laughing, just golfers, golfers who excel not play. Callaway Golf designs highly intuitive and precision hard and softgoods enabling golfers to create and elevate their game; advancements in equipment has changed how golf is played from tee-to-green but making par is still as challenging as it ever was. And with all of the advancements what innovations will endure making better golfers better sportsmen? Whether your choosing and pulling your club on the range or the course, you know its about that one shot, that single moment of concentration, your judgment and reasoning that will become evident. While golf might be classified as a “game” the individuals who pursue its excellence are doing anything but…
  16. 16. “Don’t Play” (2) Kasparov doesn’t “play” chess. Lance didn’t “play” cycling. Clapton doesn’t “play” the guitar. There are no numbers, no jerseys, no time outs, no make-up-the-rules-as-you-go, and no quitting. Golf is not about that, its about dedication, time, effort, and results. You “play” with Legos not Callaway Golf. Callaway Golf products are crafted and designed to be used and applied with skill and deft to create superior results that have impact on and off the course. Callaway has the burden of delivering an exceptional experience in a very demanding sport. They’re not “playing” either. So the next time you have to ask yourself am I “playing” golfing or is golf a sport or a game, look in your bag, hopefully there are tools and toys.
  17. 17. “Step Up” You’ve heard it before, golf is 90% mental and 10% physical. Regardless of the equation, do you have the game, what it takes for 18 holes or an hour on the range chipping, not hitting drives, to step your game up? When your hitting the ball great its easy to “step up”. You’ve seen it before, the one shot wonder, only to fail on his next attempt. Golf is about “stepping up” during adversity, creating solutions to unique problems…one shot at a time. Callaway Golf “stepped up” golf with the Big Bertha, since then they’ve continued to innovate within the sport of golf, allowing golfers everywhere to “step up” their individual games. It doesn’t matter what the shot or the lie is, whether there’s a spike mark on your line…you still have to make a move. If what’s in your bag is in your heart, then “step up” and make it happen.
  18. 18. It’s “The Shot” Some people say Callaway makes playing golf too easy. Wrong! Callaway or any golf brand for that matter cannot make golf easier - there is only so much margin of error you can correct for. The rest is up to the golfer - his mechanics, course management, and technique. What Callaway does brilliantly is make “the shot” more enjoyable from address to follow through. The commonality amongst Callaway players, whether they have 72 “shots” or “100” is that each is closer to the truth of what a golf “shot” should be. Pure genius. Why wouldn’t you want an innovative and progressive brand in your bag, one that makes the very essence of golf more memorable with each “shot”?
  19. 19. “Honors” It’s not given to you, you don’t inherit it, you don’t find it, and you don’t take it. You earn it and humbly accept its responsibilities. Having “Honors” means you lead the way, set the pace, raise the bar, do what you must do to keep the title. Take nothing for granted, especially in golf. Callaway golf has earned “honors” from golfers around the world for its consistent innovation in club and product design. A trusted partner for golfing excellence, Callaway has elevated and heightened golf through rigor and creativity. Whether you’re getting “up and down” to save par, two putting from 50 feet, or chipping it within inches, keeping “honors” is the jacket every golfer everywhere relishes.
  20. 20. “Play Through” Golf has become almost too complex - too much innovation, too many tips, too much advice, too many new but the same products. It’s made the sport harder to master. “Play through” the noise, the talk, the bs of golf brands that tell how they’ll make your game better. First off, they don’t even know you or your game, they’re one-size-fits-all approach has commoditized golf for the masses. Callaway Golf has the same spirit by redefining what golf is and means. Callaway “played through” convention, standards, and objections to engineer the sport of golf for the future. “Play through”.
  21. 21. “Forged from the Same Mold” Vision. Intelligence. Creativity. These are the values that distinguish Callaway from other golf brands. From the carbon steel that’s forged to make the X-20 Tour irons to the four-piece Tour IX ball, Callaway products are infused with the spirit of advancement in golf. Its hard to be consistent, to have values, to have character and integrity. Callaway delivers on its promise to golfers by consistently raising the level of the sport to new heights. As your game advances you’ll need a solid brand with reliable products that work in any situation. You need one brand with one mission, the same as yours, to make you a better golfer. For that there is only one brand, Callaway.