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Understanding Baby Boomer Consumers: The Sandwich Generation
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Understanding Baby Boomer Consumers: The Sandwich Generation


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Contextualizing Baby Boomer consumers

Contextualizing Baby Boomer consumers

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  • 1. © 2012 Crosscut Advisory Partners, LLC. All rights reserved. Crosscut and the Crosscut logo are trademarks of Crosscut Advisory.Understanding Baby Boomers: Sandwich Generation
  • 2. ObjectiveTo review the life experiences and events of Baby Boomers, people born toSilent Generation parents between the years of 1946-1964.
  • 3. Introduction Baby Boomer icon Brand association Message of ChangeCrosscut is a brand consultancy helping brands shape their values in popularculture to create new authentic user experiences.The original peace symbol was designed by Gerald Homlton in 1958 for the British Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament.
  • 4. Generations’ Cultural Impact on America“That which seems the height of absurdity in one generation often becomesthe height of wisdom of another.” Adlai Stevenson
  • 5. The Truth About Baby BoomersBaby Boomers have been the most influential middle class majority in thehistory of modern civilization for the past 30 years.
  • 6. DemographicsSeventy-six million Americans, the second largest American demographic behindtheir offspring, Echo Boomers or Generation Y. There are 450MM BabyBoomers worldwide., the USA is only 17% of all Boomers.
  • 7. Baby Boomers’ household wealth rose to $65 trillion before the Great Recession
  • 8. 1960s: Coming of AgeBaby Boomers came of age experiencing rites of passage simultaneously asthe country began to experience social change, activism, equality and justice.
  • 9. 1970s: Economic Uncertainty & Female PowerHigh gas prices drove Baby Boomers to adopt smaller, more fuel efficientJapanese cars, impacting Detroit forever. And American women gained powerin and outside of the home, and control of their bodies.
  • 10. 1980s: Chasing the American Dream, StatusThe decadent period of excessive capitalism and conspicuous consumption.Greed trickled down and Americans discovered a new language ofconsumerism influenced by foreign consumers.
  • 11. 1990s: ‘Trading Up’ Lifestyle, ProgressWith easy credit dual-income Baby Boomers traded-up their real lifestyles tomeet their aspirations; accumulating more debt to finance the consumption oflife, buying more things to achieve happiness.
  • 12. 00s: Security & Economic Uncertainty, AgainAmerica changed after 9/11. People feel uncertain about the economy, theirhomes, jobs, kids, finances, retirement, long-term health and the direction of thecountry.
  • 13. Now: Accepting RealitiesAmericans felt entitled to the dream as if it was their birthright. Greedbecame the nightmare of the American dream as citizens and country becamecloaked in disgrace. Everything Boomers gained they lost.
  • 14. Retirement: The Aging AgelessBeginning January 1, 2011 every single day until 2030 more than 10,000Baby Boomers will reach the age of 65. But they are living longer and bettereven as economic, personal and familial pressures increase.
  • 15. Social Security: Healthcare Outpaces InflationLeading Baby Boomers, those born before 1952 are in their mid-60s, will havecosts longer in life than their parents who are living past 100. America hasmore Centenarians, individuals living past 100, than ever.
  • 16. Longer-Term: Healthcare & IssuesBaby Boomers will facer longer goodbyes and have more accumulated wealththan any previous generation. As risk of mortality increases Boomers mustprudently plan for their families future.
  • 17. Parent’s: Long-Term EldercareAnd, with Baby Boomers parents - Silent Generationer’s living longer, Boomersare emotionally challenged with eldercare and role reversals.
  • 18. Preservation: Family TreeBaby Boomer’s offspring, Millennials, are the largest demographic group ever,80MM, will soon have to take care of their parents.
  • 19. Mortality: What’s Between The Dash?Arguably, most Baby Boomers have another 20-30 years of quality life. Bythen America will be majority ethnic.
  • 20. Baby Boomer InsightBaby Boomers are sandwiched between the true realities of who they are andtheir mission of making America a better place. They are at odd, caught in themiddle, a struggle against time and the mankind they made.
  • 21. OutlookBaby Boomers are traditionally optimistic and are so as they age. Their adoptionand use of technology means they won’t fade away. As pioneers of thecomputing age, Boomers will always remain in touch with society.
  • 22. Conclusion76 million American Baby Boomers are redefining who they are and the American Dream.
  • 23. Appendix
  • 24. Facts & Data• Baby Boomers have more discretionary income than any other life stage; double the discretionary spending of the youth market• America has more people over the age of 60 than the age of 15• Every eight seconds another American turns 50 years old; 12,000 per day and over 4MM per year for each year of the next decade• Baby Boomers spend over $2.5 trillion on consumer goods and services• Adults over 50+ own 65% of America’s aggregate net worth