Actors, Locations and Prop List


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Actors, Locations and Prop List

  1. 1. Music Video - Fall<br />By Dan, Geoff, Shanel and Toby<br />
  2. 2. Actor – Toby Morrison<br />Age: 17<br />Role: Toby is to play the boyfriend/ex boyfriend in our video. The whole video revolves around Beth’s memories of her relationship with Toby, so he plays a major role in our video. Tobyhas proven to be a good actor in the past, so we’re hoping that he can bring some emotion and realism to the table and make what’s happening on screen seem real. The more realistic that the memories and break up are, the easier it is going to be to not only convince the audience, but also to be like a memory for some of those who have been in a similar situation.<br />
  3. 3. Actor – Beth McCord<br />Age: 17<br />Role: As our video is going to be for one of Beth’s songs, Beth herself will be playing the Piano and singing live in our video. We intend use a variety of shots to put emphasis on her whilst she is playing in between our storyline cuts. Beth will also be acting in her memories of her relationship with Toby, therefore Beth will be playing a major role in the production of this music video. Due to us making the video for one of Beth’s songs, we have to tie Beth into pretty much every stage of production. In short, what Beth wants, Beth gets (within reason). This makes it difficult in some ways due to some asks being a bit ‘out there’, but it also makes it easier on us in regards to coming up with ideas as we get another brain so to speak.<br />
  4. 4. Locations<br />There are 3 main locations for our video. These locations are as follows:<br />The Hall, due to the Grand Piano being there. In the hall, the majority of shots will be close ups or mid shots mixed in with a few tracking. Lighting will only be on Beth and the piano and the rest of the room will be caped in darkness, with the help of the green screen to get rid of any excess light which the curtains keep out. <br />Windsor, due it being a great place to use for memories of dates etc. along the river and so on. Windsor is also a convenient place for all of us to meet up and shoot as it’s near all of us. The shots taken here will be a mixed bunch of everything, depending on the memory and what is taking place on screen.<br />A wooded area (Burnham Beeches) in which memories take place and Beth ‘casually’ walks through singing. This third scene breaks up the intensity of only the Hall scene and the memories. The wooded background is also a good idea for an album cover background.<br />
  5. 5. Location Shots<br />Here are the location shots for the Hall:<br />
  6. 6. Location Shots<br /> These are the shots of Windsor which we took whilst on an outing. These places are some of the few we will use for the memories.<br />
  7. 7. Props<br /> Props which we will use within our video will include the following, as well as more:<br />Grand Piano, for use during the hall scenes whilst Beth plays.<br />Green Rose, which we will use a green screen to make red.<br />Picnic Equipment which will be used during one of the memories, in Windsor, on a river bank.<br />A large coat, for when Beth is walking through the forest/wooded area. She’ll also be wearing this for the Album Cover Photo.<br />Bread, for feeding the swans with.<br />Other stuff, as nothing in particular comes to mind, however there is a high chance that more than just the mentioned items will be used in the memory shots.<br />