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Firefox3.5 And Next

Firefox3.5 And Next






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    Firefox3.5 And Next Firefox3.5 And Next Presentation Transcript

    • Mozilla Mission• To promote on the Internet• Choice• Innovation• participation
    • Mozilla stands on the shoulders of giants• Open source operating systems• Open source databases• Open source web servers• Open source scripting languages• Open web standards
    • Mozilla Overview• Global community and public benefit organization dedicated to improving the Internet experience for people everywhere. – 300+ million users worldwide – Ships in more than 70 languages – More than 800 million downloads – Free and Open Source• Highly disciplined, transparent, and cooperative development process – 100’s of active technical contributors – 10,000’s of nightly testers – 100,000’s of evangelists and marketers 4
    • 200395%+
    • 200968% 22% 8% 4%46% 38% 2% 8%
    • 6 years makes a bigdifference on the webExplosion of creativity andgrowth because of open webtechnology and standards
    • An upgrade for the web
    • Firefox 3.5 Speed User experience Security & privacy Customization Under the hood • JavaScript runs • Built in video & • Full Private • Personas • Downloadable up to 3x faster audio playback Browsing Mode provides one- fonts than Firefox 3 using open click theme technologies • Delete all traces changes • New graphics • Page load and of visiting a support (CSS manipulation is • Location Aware specific site • Add-on and SVG) 2x faster than Browsing Collections to Firefox 3 • Erase only the match your • Native JSON • “Tear off” tabs past few hours of needs data transport • Speeding the into windows browsing adoption of new • Over 6000 • Web Worker web technology • Undo Close • Frequent, easy Add-ons to Threads for Window security updates choose from multitasking9
    • Fastest Firefox Ever20,000 500 Dromaeo Sunspider 458 runs/s 18,149ms JavaScript & Javascript 45018,000 DOM Benchmark (lower is better) 400 Benchmark16,000 (higher is better)14,000 35012,000 300 244 runs/s10,000 250 8,000 200 150 6,000 3,669ms 100 88 runs/s 4,000 1,524ms 50 2,000 00 00 Firefox 2 Firefox 3 Firefox 3.5 Firefox 2 Firefox 3 Firefox 3.5 (tests run in a Windows XP VM on a MacBook Pro)10
    • More power for web applications 9.000 Manipulating 8.000 images in the browser 8.1 fps 7.000 (higher is better) 6.000 5.000 4.000 3.000 2.000 1.3 fps 1.000 0.18 fps 0.000 Firefox 2 Firefox 3 Firefox 3.5 (tests run in a Windows Vista VM on a MacBook)11
    • JavaScript powers the open web Faster with just-in-time compiling Firefox 3.5 – TraceMonkey Safari – SquirrelFish Chrome – V8 Opera – Futhark
    • Over 5,000improvements in 12 months13
    • Making video part of the Web• First browser with free and open video and audio built in — no plugins required.• Web developers can finally build pages with interactive video; more than just play/pause• DailyMotion, TinyVid and others have support• Using HTML5 standards and Ogg Theora / Vorbis14
    • Making the Web local• Allows the user to find & share their location with a single click• Better search results, easier interaction with mapping tools, automatically geotag user created content• Enables a whole new generation of location specific online services• Implements the W3C Geolocation standard15
    • Powerful new privacy controls• Private Browsing Mode for when you know you want to sneak around without leaving a trace• Clear Recent History allows you to quickly “undo” the past few hours of your browsing life• Forget This Site lets you excise all visits to a secret website16
    • Refining the Web experience• “Tear off” tabs into new windows and moved tabs seamlessly between your open windows• Restore closed windows• Automatically recover from an unstable webpage or computer crash• Firefox “Awesomebar” is faster and provides greater control over results17
    • Making the web a better place• Ogg Vorbis / Theora• HTML5 <video> and <audio>• HTML5 Offline Storage• HTML5 Offline Applications• HTML5 Canvas Graphics• HTML5 Drag-and-Drop• Web Worker Threads• Geolocation API• CSS Web Fonts• CSS Transforms• CSS Media Queries• SVG Graphic Filters (downloadable fonts in the wild on the web)• ICC Color Profiles• Native JSON parsing18
    • For more information: Mozilla web-tech blog https://developer.mozilla.org/web-tech/ About:Mozilla newsletter https://wiki.mozilla.org/About:mozilla Firefox 3.5 for developer https://developer.mozilla.org/En/Firefox_3.5_for_developers
    • 3. 6An upgrade for the web
    • Roadmap• Purpose – Performance – Personal customization• Schedule – Alpha 1 (early August 2009) – Beta 1 (early September 2009) – Beta 2 (late September 2009) – Release Candidate (mid/late October 2009) – aiming at final release for November 2009
    • Features• Performance – achieve dramatic, human-perceivable (>50ms) speed increases on startup and user tasks• Personalization and Customization – "light weight" themes which do not require a restart to install – customize browser behaviors based on personal history – identity management• Task Based Navigation – add ability to search for an existing tab – allow users to create, save, restore groups of tabs – support file management tasks (delete, move, etc) in download manager• Other – merge common site-specific controls with identity button – optimize security UI for common user certificate management tasks – Windows 7 integration
    • 별책부록. HTML 5
    • Status of HTML5• W3C HTML W/G• Microsoft, Apple, Mozilla and Opera• Google• Working Draft• + Guides• 2012
    • Canvas √ √ √ √ Video √ √ √ √(Geolocation) √ √ √ iPhone √ App Cache √ √ √ √ mobile Database √ √ √ √ mobile Workers √ √ √ √ mobile
    • Forget !WebKit Kills Everything!
    • How many SDKs?• 애플 아이폰• MS의 윈도 모바일• 구글 안드로이드• 심비안• Palm Mojo
    • Integration?• Joint Innovation Lab• = 차이나모바일, 소프트뱅크, 보다폰• Eclipse pulsar IDE• = Motorola Java ME SDK, Nokia S60 SDK• Hybrid application framework• = Titanium Mobile, RhoMobile, Phone Gap
    • Speaking from personal experience, Ivehad a lot more fun writing an HTML5application based on CSS3, thedatabase API, and jQuery that runs outof the box on all of the hot mobileplatforms than I ever would have hadwriting some silly Objective C app fora locked down App Store (or Java for anopen one).
    • HTML 5 + CSS 3 +Apps Cache + Database API
    • Breaking News• Firefox 3.6 or later removed the XPCOM web page plugin interfaces. – IETab – Firefox based NPKI Plugins (e.g. Softforum)• “Our world of multi-process plugins is going to make their life harder come 3.7, though.” – Chris Blizzard• NPAPI is still supported
    • South Korea98.66% Microsoft IE “The cost of monoculture” http://blog.mozilla.com/gen/2007/02/27/the-cost-of-monoculture/ 1%
    • Open Bankhttp://openbank.or.kr
    • 조건• IE-ActiveX 기반 서비스 유지• 최소한의 선택 가능한 대안• 공인 인증 예외 규정 (VM 뱅킹)• 보안 2.5등급 (보안카드+OTP)• 이체 한도 제한• 별도 인터넷 뱅킹 약정