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A Mobile Masterclass by Channel Mobile
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A Mobile Masterclass by Channel Mobile



A Mobile Master Class by Channel Mobile - The South African Mobile Landscape, Available Technology, Case Studies....

A Mobile Master Class by Channel Mobile - The South African Mobile Landscape, Available Technology, Case Studies.

If you would like a deeper understanding of the South African mobile landscape then please feel free to download the Channel Mobile Masterclass presentation.

We will have a look at market statistics, the available technologies to market your company or brand, case studies, mobile web versus applications and a full roadmap for planning your next campaign.

If you have any questions or require assistance in integrating mobile to your current marketing strategy please feel free to contact us.



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A Mobile Masterclass by Channel Mobile Presentation Transcript

  • 2. Who are CHANNEL MOBILE?Mobile communication solutions provider based inCape Town, South Africa.Specialise in developing mobile messaging applicationsand messaging software solutions for the SouthAfrican market.Pioneered the use of SMS as a communicationmedium for South African SME’s and large corporatecompanies.First provider to launch a PC to mobile phone SMSsolution for the South African automobile industryPrimary SMS communication supplier for:Combined Motor Holdings (CMH)Hyundai SAProtea HotelsGalileo SASAB MillerSandown MotorsAdcorpHuman CommunicationsStanlib
  • 3. Who are CHANNEL MOBILE?Develop, service, maintain & support solutions for over1000 businesses consisting of over 6000 individualsacross 7 products & 3 SMS gateways.Offer turn-key and bespoke solutions for Application toPerson (A2P) and Application to Application (A2A)software systemsCore competencies lie across the bearer services of: • SMS • Bulk SMS • Premium Rate SMS (short codes) • USSD Surveys • SMS URL • MMS • Mobile Websites
  • 4. IntroMobile is a highly powerful and personal medium.There are twice as many mobile devices as TV sets, three times as many mobile subscribers as Internetusers, and four times as many mobile phones as PCsMobile advertising provides click-through rates ten times higher than traditional online advertising andthe unique ability to effectively target a broad demographic of consumers.53% have viewed an ad through their mobile phoneSource: AdMob Mobile Metrics Report Jan 2011
  • 5. MobileAfrica is the 4th largest mobile advertising marketin the worldSouth Africans are consuming mobile advertisingand searching on the go Worldwide Request by Region May 2010Source: AdMob Mobile Metrics Report Jan 2011
  • 6. Mobile Market in SA In SA 92.8% of the population own a mobile phone Mobile Users with Internet Access: 11 million Users that currently access internet from mobile: 4.3 million 62% of Internet users access the Net (also) from their mobile 25% of mobile users CAN access the Internet from their mobile 40% of Facebook users in SA access the site from a mobile phone Mxit with over 18 Million users is an excellent example of SA mobile penetration 90% of texts are opened within 3 minutes 35m branded please call me messages in 2010 Source: AdMob Mobile Metrics Report Jan 2011.
  • 7. Mobile Market in SA 65% of all Google searches are on mobile devices over the weekend in SA 39% of South Africans & 27% of rural users are now browsing the internet on their phone Recognised as the 7th Mass Media Channel and dubbed as the “First personal mass media channel” (behind TV, Print, Radio, Outdoor, Internet, Cinema) Mobile advertising is growing faster than social media Mobile is local – 1/3 mobile searches are local and 63% called the business straight away i.e. to book a table or order food etc Computer literacy is low, mobile literacy is high Accessing the Internet from mobile handset is affordable Source: AdMob Mobile Metrics Report Jan 2011. World Wide Worx Mobility2011 Reports
  • 8. Mobile Market in SA More than 82% of the SA market is prepaid 61% will not switch from prepaid to contract 14% will switch 25% might switch Airtime Purchases: 64% Spaza store 57% Supermarket/Grocer 24% Garage forecourt 20% Café/Kiosk 19% Department Store 16% Other Retail StoreSource: Nielsens Mobile Insights Study
  • 9. Personal Mobile Phone Ownership 25,945,000, 76% have a  Average # cell phones  6,138,000, 18% accessed  7,199,000, 21% have Cell Phone, year on year in home LSM 8-10 = 3 internet in past 12 months landline at home or work growth +12% and LSM 5-7 = 2 year on year growth +41% Source: Main Amps 2009AB, Adults aged 15+ 34,020,000
  • 10. Mobile Ownership: Weekly ActivitiesRANKED TOP TWO: - Please Call Me 68% - SMS 67% - Ranked 9th on the weekly cell phone activity hierarchy is browsing wap or web from their cell phone, 10% of adults Source: Main Amps 2009AB, Adults aged 15+ owning a cell phone 25,945,000
  • 11. Mobile Ownership: Weekly ActivitiesACTIVITIES RANKED THIRD TO SIXTH:- Take Photo’s 27% - Play Games 24% - Listen to the Radio 20% - Use instant messaging MXIT 16% Source: Main Amps 2009AB, Adults aged 15+ owning a cell phone 25,945,000
  • 12. Mobile Ownership: Weekly Activities Urban YouthACTIVITIES RANKED FIRST TO FORTH:- Send SMS 87% - Please Call Me 76% - Take Photo’s 48% - Play Games 42% Source: Main Amps 2009AB, Urban Youth with cell phones, 5,441,000
  • 13. Mobile Ownership: Weekly Activities Urban YouthACTIVITIES RANKED FITH TO EIGHTH:- Use Instant Messaging -Listen to Radio 36% - Download/listen to Music 32% - Browsed Wap/Web on Phone 28% MXIT 42% Source: Main Amps 2009AB, Urban Youth with cell phones, 5,441,000
  • 14. Urban Youth Coolest Media Choices From Generation Next Survey 88% 46% 86%Have a Mobile Phone Have a Computer at Home Read any Print Medium 99% 91%Have a TV at Home Have a Radio at HomeSource: AMPS 2010 AB AND SUNDAY Times Generation Next
  • 15. How Many Subscribers Have Accessed the Internet in the Past MonthLSM 8-10 LSM 6-7 LSM 1-529% Social Media 29% Social Media 15% Social Media25% Mobile Internet 25% Mobile Internet 6% Mobile Internet2% VOIP Programs Source: Nielsens Mobile Insights Study
  • 16. Handsets – Broad Overview Top of mind Currently Using Likely to Buy Next 60% 52% 56% 14% 25% 56% 3% 4% 3% 2% 4% 6% 7% 19%Source: Nielsens Mobile Insights Study
  • 17. Top Handsets in SA1. Nokia 5130 XpressMusic2. Nokia 2700c3. Nokia 2330c4. Samsung GT-S5233a “Star”5. Samsung SGH-E2506. Nokia 5000d7. Nokia 7100s8. Nokia 26909. Samsung SGH-E250i10. LG KS360Source: Opera (Sorted by unique users during Dec 2010) Opera research is only conducted bi-annually, the stats for 2011 have not yet been released
  • 18. Smartphone PenetrationSmart-phones in SA are ownedby 16% of the population.In SA there are more smart-phone subscribers than DSTVsubscribersBy 2014 it is expected that80% of the SA population willhave a smart-phone.Source: Mobile Marketing Mindblast 2011, Vodacom, MTN, Gartner Symposium on Innovation
  • 19. Smartphone PenetrationBy Mid 2011 MTN had 2.6 million smartphones on its network. Vodacomhad 3.7 million with the Blackberry 8520 being the top seller.But how do you define a “Smartphone”? By Handset or Mobile OS?Source: Mobile Marketing Mindblast 2011, Vodacom, MTN, Gartner Symposium on Innovation
  • 20. Smartphone Penetration If the handset has a browser, is internet enabled & can pull email it is a “Smartphone”. So, the Nokia 2730 is a smartphone. If defined by Mobile OS then it’s iPhone, Blackberry, Android & Windows Mobile powered handsets. Does Symbian not still power South Africa and the African continent?Source: Mobile Marketing Mindblast 2011, Vodacom, MTN, Gartner Symposium on Innovation
  • 21. Smartphone Penetration Good Morning – Would you like an Apple, Google or Microsoft?Rule of three phaseEach of these players needs to build a full vertical stack of productsSource: Peter Yared (Web Trends)
  • 22. Mobile Touch Points SMSApplications/MobileWeb PRSMS / short codes Mobile Websites Technology SMS URL QR Codes Mobile Surveys MMS USSD
  • 23. SMS Short Message Service (SMS) 1 SMS is 160 characters What is it?How does it Work? Text message is originated within a SMS application (desktop, web based, database) Travels over the air via wireless control channels to a central short message centre (SMSC) which then forwards it to the destination number. If the subscribers phone is not reachable the SMSC stores the message and attempts delivery until the subscriber is available
  • 24. Do Subscribers Prefer SMS Over Voice Calling?Female Male44% prefer SMS 41% prefer SMS48% prefer voice calls 49% prefer voice calls8% no preference 10% no preferenceInteresting Fact69% of the men and women who 10% firmly believe it is 5% say their friends preferprefer to SMS say it is because it is faster to text than call. when they text them. 84% of ads are viewed via SMS,cheaper than calling. with only 9% viewed via MMS Source: Nielsens Mobile Insights Study
  • 25. SMS How do you plan a Campaign?Identify type of Campaign: Promotional Communication (Pull) Outbound Communication (Push) Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Business To EmployeeIdentify Objectives of the Campaign: What you would like to achieve? Drive sales Create Brand Awareness Determine the Consumer Activation context and tone of Lead Generation the message Call to Action (SMS a short code? Browse to site and complete contact form?)
  • 26. SMSFocus on Relevancy Interactivity IncentiviseMake it engaging and interactive Vote Polls ContentEnsure Campaign Reliability and Reporting Use a certified WASP with a track record Determine “throughput” speeds on a campaign Are customer replies needed on the campaign? Can you measure your results? (Delivery reports) Automated unsubscribe handling? Can you block SMS campaigns during specific hours?
  • 27. SMS
  • 28. Case StudyProtea Hotels: “We had almost immediate resultsType of Campaign: Promotional Campaign from the SMS broadcast – within anObjective: Drive Sales hour or two we had already securedTechnology Used: Bulk SMS through Channel one booking and to date we haveMobile’s HotelCom and Campaign Manager systems managed to sell 5 room nights with our Last Minute special. It is a greatGuest data was mined and extracted. tool and will most definitely be usingPersonalized Bulk SMS sent to previous guests. Net it again!”result was an increase in booked room nights.Turnover: Roughly 10 times their Ad Spend Protea Testimonial: Shannon Taylor, Marketing Plan Co-ordinator
  • 29. Premium Rate SMS (Short Codes) A short code is a 5 digit number that is used in application to person SMS services. Creates an excellent ‘call to action’ when appended to current marketing material. It canWhat is it? carry a standard rate charge or a premium rate charge to the sender of the SMS.Tariff Bands: R0.50 R3.00 R15.00 R1.00 R5.00 R20.00 R1.50 R7.50 R25.00 R2.00 R10.00 R30.00
  • 30. Premium Rate SMS (Short Codes)How does A short code can be ‘dedicated’ or ‘shared’ it work? A unique number that belongs to one business only. Dedicated: For Example: Channel Mobile own 31941 All SMS’s sent to 31941 are allocated to Channel Mobile A unique number that is shared between several businesses. Each business is allowed Shared: to create ‘keywords’ on the short code. The keyword represent each businesses campaigns. For Example: Channel Mobile and JWT launch campaigns on 45529. Channel Mobile use the keyword ‘apple’ and JWT use the keyword ‘pear’ All SMS’s to apple are allocated to Channel Mobile’s campaign All SMS’s to pear are allocated to JWT’s campaign
  • 31. Premium Rate SMS (Short Codes) How do you plan a Campaign?What are your objectives?:• Database building• Lead Generation Create• Brand Awareness• Information DeliveryYour Campaign Objectives determine the Short Code Mechanic:• Database building • JWT launches a Premium Rate SMS competition for Smirnoff. • Prizes communicated on all marketing material for the campaign with the ‘call to action’ SMS the short code to Win. • Consumer SMS’s the short code. • An automated reply is sent thanking them for making contact. • The entry is logged in our database and exported to CSV for future mobile marketing campaigns.
  • 32. Premium Rate SMS (Short Codes)Lead Generation • Consumer SMS’s the short code • An automated reply is sent thanking them for making contact • A call centre operator receives the lead via email and immediately contacts the consumerCreate Brand AwarenessInformation Delivery • Consumer SMS’s the short code. An automated reply is sent with a link to a video • Consumer SMS’s the short code. An automated reply is sent with a link to a mobi site with additional information
  • 33. Premium Rate SMS (Short Codes)Ensure SMS is integrated to your clients existing marketingchannels: • Print • Television • Outdoor • Web • Email • Point of SaleMaximise your opportunity to collect your clients mobilenumbers at every contact pointGrow your clients database
  • 34. Premium Rate SMS (Short Codes)Campaign Spin Off - Revenue Share:The revenue generated by the SMS is shared between the NetworkOperator (Vodacom, MTN, Cell) and the WASP.In turn we pass on a majority of the revenue share we receive, back toour customers after the reply SMS (Mobile Terminating) messagedeductions.Note: CPA regulates the cost of entry to a promotional campaign to R1.50
  • 35. Premium Rate SMS (Short Codes) Case study:Client: Col CacchioShort Code: Dedicated R5 short code (before CPA changes)Objective: Opt In Database Building Future store promotion Increase Store Foot TrafficMechanic: Customers could win a trip for 2 to Italy by sending a SMS to Col Cacchio’s dedicated short code. Promotion advertised in store with table talkers, in the bill and via word of mouth.
  • 36. Premium Rate SMS (Short Codes)Outcome:• Over 10 000 entries in under 3 months• Over R30 000 in revenue share earned• An extremely strong opt in database of Col Cacchio clients was built.• Opt in list used for future Bulk SMS Campaigns to promote restaurant specials, CRM campaigns and to promote future short code competitions.
  • 37. SMS URL • Short Message Service (SMS) which includes a URL in the message.What is it? • 1 SMS is 160 characters. • Customer able to click on the URL in the SMS to be linked to a Mobile Website or hosted content such as a 3GP video clip. Text message is originated within a SMS application (desktop, web based, database)How does it work?
  • 38. SMS URL • Allows you to deliver an array ofWhy would content – Graphics, Video, Audioyou use it? • Increases the interaction between your brand and your client • Can be integrated to any current Bulk SMS or short code campaign that you are implementing for clients. • Avoid handset compatibility & display issues of MMS • Pricing
  • 39. SMS URL How do you plan a Campaign?Identify type of Campaign: Promotional Communication (Pull) Outbound Communication (Push) Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Business To EmployeeIdentify Objectives of the Campaign: What you would like to achieve? Create Brand Awareness Share Product Information/Knowledge Consumer Activation
  • 40. SMS URLFocus On:• Relevancy• InteractivityMake it engaging and interactive:• The URL can link to hosted content that plays directly on the handset – branded video.• Creates a viral element.• Incentivise the consumer to share.Ensure Campaign Reliability and ReportingFollow the Do’s and Donts of any mobile campaign
  • 41. SMS URL Case study:Client: Direct AxisObjective: Reduce client debt collection periodMechanic: A WAP Push Messaging campaign was coupled with the development of a Mobisite. Customers received a SMS with a URL. When clicked, the URL directed the client to a Direct Axis branded Mobisite pre populated with the clients information and their outstanding loan amount. Clients could perform a 3D secure credit card transaction on the Mobisite or request a change on their debit order date.Outcome: Over R160 000 in outstanding loans collected in 2 days. The equivalent in man hours would have required 2 full time employees working 5 days.
  • 42. Mobile Surveys Simple one page mobile website in the form of a survey. Header and footer graphics included on the page with a series of questions listed between the two.What is it? Survey questions can take the form of: • Rating scales • True False • Multiple choice • Open ended • SMS sent to a consumer which includes the mobile survey form URL in the message.How does • Customer able to click on the URL in the SMS to be it work? linked to the Mobile Survey. • Survey completed on the mobile device and submitted. • Data logged on a database. • Exportable reports for campaign administrator.
  • 43. Mobile Surveys • FeedbackWhy would • Profiling/Segmentationyou use it? • Insight • Send A SMS • Publish a short code How do youimplement it? • Publish the URL • Cross promote on other campaigns
  • 44. Mobile Surveys Case study:Client: The Heavy Chef ProjectMechanic: WAP Push Message sent to all event attendees linking to a Heavy Chef branded Mobile Survey. Guests stood the chance of winning a case of Corona or Backsberg wine in return for completing the survey.Outcome: 92 messages sent 37 surveys completed 40% response rate Heavy Chef team were able to collate additional info on their guests Plus, identify new talk topics for future events – crowdsourcing.
  • 45. USSD Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD)What is it? Technology used to send information (usually text menus) between a mobile phone and an application. USSD will allow a consumer to request information in numeric sequence (starting with *How does and ending with #), or menus via their mobile phone. it work? Therefore allows the brand owner to display menus on a mobile phone, enabling customers to interact with these menus. The user is billed on a time principal instead of per transaction.
  • 46. USSD • Menu navigation can be displayed on a large variety of handsets – Mass Usage • Low cost Real timeWhy would • • Interactive navigationyou use it? • Easy to use You can provide brands with: • Menu based information services • Location based content services • Surveys • Feedback, Voting & Poll services • Deliver prepaid airtime • CRM • Please call me • Limited/poor aesthetics Limitations: • Cant forward or save messages • Harder to remember USSD code as opposed to a 5 digit short code • Reliability? Session based timeouts
  • 47. USSD Case study:Client: South African RetailerObjective: Verify existing customer information Establish consumer regions & retail preferenceMechanic: 5 questions asked in a USSD survey covering consumer info, store preference & regionOutcome: Database size: 75 000 Completed surveys: Between 8% & 10% Opt Outs: Between 1% & 2%
  • 48. MMS • Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) What is it? • More advanced version of SMS • Capable of delivering and displaying graphics, animated pictures, video, audio on a mobile device • Allows you to deliver an array of contentWhy would you • Jpeg images, Gif images, Video, Audio • Increased user interactivity through multimedia Use it? • Media rich content allows for better branding • Definitely creates a talking point for client • MMS can be stored and passed along • Handset Compatibility & Configuration Limitations: • Display issues • Mobile Network support • Reliability • Cost
  • 49. MMS Case study:Client: BMW Germany CampaignObjective: BMW Germany wanted to remind its customers that snow tires are more of a necessity rather than luxury. The MMS message had a personalized customer greeting and recommended a specific tire. Price of the tire, lists of dealerships in the area, picture and description of the tire were all included in the MMS.Outcome: MMS Sent to 1200 customers 30% conversion rate achieved
  • 50. QR Codes • 2 dimensional bar codeWhat is it? • Also called sema codesHow does Why would you it work? use it? • Unique communication method • Embed a URL into a 2 dimensional bar code. • Direct link between advertising • Consumer takes a photo of the image, the material and Mobile Websites and reader interprets the URL and connects Mobile Surveys. the phone to the URL. • Easy call to action
  • 51. QR CodesCreate Immediate Satisfaction:• Consumer sees a billboard or poster advertising a movie• Takes a photo of the QR code• Application links the mobile to the booking pageFunctional:• Consumer sees print ad to win a car• Takes a photo• The application creates a pre populated SMS• Consumer clicks Send to enterSouth African Barriers:• Experienced high adoption rate in Asia as handsets pre installed with required software• Are SA consumer educated enough to adopt the service?• If advertised across a clients marketing channels will consumers use the medium?
  • 52. QR Codes Case study: Client: PFLAG (Parents, Families & Friends of Lesbians and Gays) Objective: Collect inspirational testimonials from the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community sharing stories that convey the importance of having a supportive community. Mechanic: QR Codes were placed in print ads, in-store displays and outdoor Outcome: QR code extended the conversation that began in print. Gives a voice to voiceless mediaSource: Nielsens Mobile Insights Study
  • 53. Mobile WebsitesFacts:• 12 million people on the mobile web and 6 million on desktop web. Only 2 million cross over.• 65% of all Google searches are on mobile devices over weekends in SA• LSM 6 is the heaviest user, followed by LSM 5• Based on the above and the number of mobile phone subscribers in SA, mobile is probably the biggest channel available for brands to market their products, whilst being the most direct and cost effective.• A Mobile Website should be an integral part of a companies marketing strategy.
  • 54. Mobile WebsitesConsiderations:• Don’t scale down the client’s website – build for mobile.• Less is more with mobile site design, but less is not more when it comes to functionality.• Focus on user experience design but relate that to technical functionality of the site.• Consider Connections Speeds and Data Costs. Prepaid usage is large, only deliver the required content• Serve up the correctly optimized (size) site per handset• Content VS Context: Determine the context then create the content for the site
  • 55. Mobile WebsitesWhat are the Objectives of the site?• Display promotions to consumers• Provide store locations, directions and phone numbers – click to call functionality directly from the mobile website• Catalogue your products• Mobile commerce – Find items and pay directly from their phone• Apply for a loyalty card• Build an opt in database – Squeeze form “sign up for mobile alerts and receive R10 off your purchase”.• Future marketing campaigns to the opt in database - variety of technologies to implement this.• Serve product specific videos• Basic content and product information• Self service and FAQGood Examples:wrewards.mobim.iol.co.zaEwn.mobiTimeslive.mobi
  • 56. Mobile Web VS Applications DebateWho is the target market?Lower LSM groups have lower levels of smart phone penetrationIts estimated that there’s only 100 000 iPhones in SA, how many owners actively use apps?Is budget a concern?Typically mobile websites are cheaper to design and develop. If you build an app you need to build for all operatingsystems: iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Windows Mobile.Do you need the power of an app to serve your clients content?What level of uptake do you require?Most downloaded app in SA was for Ster Kinekor (roughly 350 000 downloads) – wide LSM group, captivemarket, much needed application.Compared to international market - Over 300K apps in iPad/iPhone app store with 100-150 iPad apps havingreached over a million downloads since launch.Is this the best approach or will you see better uptake and usage of a mobile website which is accessible to all?Don’t build an app for apps sake – Can you service the consumer with a mobile website?
  • 57. Campaign StrategyResearch your market:Gain as much market understanding as possible to ensure that your approach is correct.Having a great strategy is crucial to success in the ever-shifting landscape that is mobile today. Yet, arecent Forrester study revealed that ¾ of the most experienced brands in mobile marketing don’t.Identify Objectives of the Campaign:What you would like to achieve?• Drive sales• Create Brand Awareness• Consumer Activation• Lead Generation• Call to Action (SMS a short code? Browse to site and complete contact form?)• Introduce a New Product• Create Repeat Business• Increase Spending During Current Visit• Gather Customer Feedback• Engage Customers / Build Relationships• Provide Information
  • 58. Campaign StrategyIdentify type of campaign:• Promotional Communication (Pull)• Outbound Communication (Push)• Customer Relationship Management (CRM)• Business To EmployeeIdentify the best technology to be used:• SMS• PRSMS• WAP Push Message• Mobile Survey• Mobile Website• USSD• MMS• QR CodeWhat is the best medium for your campaign?
  • 59. Campaign Strategy What technology How do you integrateWhere does your What will have do they use/can technology in a campaign target market the best reach? they afford to us? to cross promote & cross congregate? pollinate between them? Determine the context Define the tone of your message Focus on: • Relevancy • Interactivity • Incentivise
  • 60. Campaign StrategyMake it engaging and interactive:• Vote• Polls• Content• IncentivesChoose the correct supplier:Use a certified WASP with a track recordDouble check their technology and abilitiesData management & reportingCan you measure your results? (Delivery reports)
  • 61. Campaign StrategyDouble check The Do’s & Donts of a Campaign:• Ensure the subscriber has opted in• Offer an Automated Opt Out mechanism• Ensure Replies are enabled• Check delivery speeds and times – Do you need to set “block” times• Incentivize the consumer• Include a call to action in a campaign• Follow the CPA• Don’t SPAM• Don’t send “after hours”• Don’t block replies• Do not forget to offer an “opt out”Look to Case Study’s for proven Campaigns
  • 62. Reporting/ManagementHot Button Topic! “Mobile Measurement”Mobile’s ability to become a mainstream marketing channel was tied directly to marketers, agencies and brandsability to successfully measure and demonstrate ROI.That measuring marketing success – particularly mobile marketing – is a challenge isn’t exactly headline news.However, a recent King Fish Media study published by eMarketer revealed that 63% of mobile marketers are eithernot even trying to measure return on investment on mobile campaigns, or worse, don’t know.
  • 63. Still not sure about Mobile?DirectImmediateResponsiveAlways OnCost EffectiveUsed to Acquire, “Re-activate”, Up Sell & Cross Sellcustomers.Mobile is an interactive response channel:• Integrate mobile with traditional media to create direct marketing and CRM channels• Use it as a platform to build a community around a brand
  • 64. Contact UsContact:Telephone: 087 351 5225Helpdesk: 0860 104 671 “SMS INFO to 33369 and weWebsite: www.channelmobile.co.za will contactEmail: support@channelmobile.co.za you” Social: