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  • 1. Unit: EnvironmentTopic: How to Preserve Environment Mathayomsuksa 2
  • 2. What is the world coming to?
  • 3. VDO
  • 4. What did you see in the VDO?• Flooding in Thailand
  • 5. vocabulary• destroy
  • 6. vocabulary• climate
  • 7. vocabulary• erode
  • 8. vocabulary• steam
  • 9. vocabulary• lumber
  • 10. vocabulary• shelter
  • 11. vocabulary reviewclimate shelter
  • 12. vocabulary reviewerode destroy
  • 13. vocabulary reviewsteam lumber
  • 14. Structure “have to”Use of Have to• In general, have to expresses impersonal obligation. The subject of have to is obliged or forced to act by a separate, external power (for example, the Law or school rules). Have to is objective. Look at these examples:
  • 15. Structure “have to”Form of Affirmative Sentence subject have infinitive with to In England, most school children have to protect the forest. Form of Negative Sentence do/does/didsubject have infinitive with to not In France, you do not have to cut the trees.
  • 16. structure review “have + infinitive with to” “have + doesn’t/don’t + have + infinitive with to”What should we fill in the blank?Honey and Deep have to plant (plant) the trees. _____________ have to waterPowly and Joseph ___________________ (water) the trees everyday. doesnt have to cutJason _____________________(not, cut) the trees.
  • 17. Save the Forest (1)A change is coming in the forest. Scientists aretrying to make the logging companies stopclear cutting. We have to protect thefish, wildlife, and water quality. They havevalue, too. The forest is a beautiful place thatpeople should be able to enjoy.It changes everything when the all the treesare cut. The trees, animals, and water dependon each other. Many plants and animalsdisappear. The water level in the groundchanges. It can even affect our climate.
  • 18. Save the Forest (2)This does not mean some of the trees cannot becut. It just means all the trees in one place cannotbe cut at one time. It means that you plant newtrees when the old ones are cut. When trees arecut in this way, the land does not erode. Thestreams do not fill with dirt and the animals arenot destroyed.The industry is beginning to cut trees this way.They are leaving many dead trees so small animalswill have homes. They are leaving many treesalone to give shade and shelter for animals. Thisalso means that the forests trees are not all thesame kind. This seems very import to the survivalof the forests.
  • 19. Save the Forest (3)Both the loggers and the forest scientistsare trying to agree on things. They have tobalance the lumber we need with theforests protection. A good rule seems to benot to cut more than you grow each year.
  • 20. Activity 1 True or FalseDirection: Read the statements below and answer True or False.
  • 21. True or False1. Scientists are trying to make the logging companies stop clear cutting. True False
  • 22. True or False2. The forest is a beautiful place that people should not be able to enjoy. True False
  • 23. True or False3. The trees, animals, and water depend on each other. True False
  • 24. True or False4. You plant new trees when the old ones are cut. True False
  • 25. True or False5. People are not leaving many trees to give shade and shelter for animals. True False
  • 26. True or False6. The good rule seems to be not to cut more than you grow each year. True False
  • 27. Activity 3 First Important Priorities Part 1• Discuss in the group about the effects of destroy the forest and write it down in the blank. Part 2• Discuss in the group about the important priorities effects of destroy the forest then write it down in the order and give the reasons why it is the most/least important.
  • 28. Activity 4 Fantasize Direction: Think and discuss in your group about“If there were not any tree in the world, what would you do?”