Webinar with Twitter: The Modern Brand Advertiser

Webinar with Twitter: The Modern Brand Advertiser



In this presentation you will: ...

In this presentation you will:
>Discover the benefits of programmatic videos and Twitter tailored audiences
>Learn intent and behavioral data to build your brand
>Learn how to leverage Twitter Ads to engage potential customers in the moment



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  • Data driven. 1:1 marketing vs. hoping to reach the right audience. With targeting via RTB comes scale, targeting, accuracy and efficiency. <br /> Scoring of users… <br /> Reporting and insights. Know more about the audience we reached. <br /> Measure with brand lift, but also brand engagement pre/post targeting, or engagement with the ad itself…a shift towards new metrics like completed views <br /> <br />
  • SanDiego Zoo <br /> April 2005 <br /> 12.4M+ views and counting <br />

Webinar with Twitter: The Modern Brand Advertiser Webinar with Twitter: The Modern Brand Advertiser Presentation Transcript

  • The Modern Brand Advertiser Hint: It involves Video and Twitter U.S. & Canada Toll-Free: 1-800-757-5680 UK Toll-Free: 0800-496-0825 June 2014
  • Prem Shah VP, Strategy, Chango @prem_shah Ori Carmel Marketing Manager, Twitter @theoc
  • Chango is a programmatic advertising platform that connects marketers with their customers in real time across Display, Social, Mobile, & Video. CHANGO IN A NUTSHELL
  • Build brand awareness Acquire new customers Retarget existing site visitors We help in three ways Chango solves 3 essential challenges for marketers. We work towards the marketer’s goal, and leverage all available tactics. Algorithms collect and review all of this data and make programmatic decisions about optimization. #programmaticshow
  • Programmatic Branding #programmaticshow Raising brand awareness across video, social, mobile and enhanced offerings across display is making it easier and more efficient and measurable for marketers.
  • The evolution of video advertising #programmaticshow
  • Advertising used to be simple #programmaticshow
  • It has become a little more complex #programmaticshow
  • #programmaticshow Video is shifting from TV to online
  • #programmaticshow Video is a key component of RTB spend and growth. Video RTB is seeing explosive growth
  • Programmatic Video #programmaticshow
  • Programmatic Video The power of light, motion and sound Put a 15 to 60 seconds pre-roll ad spot in front of those individuals most relevant to you. A true data-driven approach Leverage your data, Chango’s or third party data to identify the relevant audience. Expand your reach In addition to display and social, be visible and engage with your audience on some of the most popular video websites such as YouTube, The Weather Channel, Sony Pictures, CBS Interactive etc. Boost brand awareness Offer a unique brand experience where customers are highly engaged. #programmaticshow
  • #programmaticshow Before Programmatic (Now + Future) • Television • GPRs • Impressions • Mutli-Device • Efficiency via Qualified 1:1 Reach • Engagement, Completed Views, Ads Skipped, Post click/view behaviour Opportunities for the data driven marketer
  • #programmaticshow Chango serves ads to the qualified audience Pre-Roll Ad 15-30 seconds Companion Banner 300x250px HALLOWEEN COSTUME Falls under “30- 35, $80K HH” buyers based on 3rd party demo data Programmatic video in action
  • Fashion Intent Luxury Products Discounts Only Real-time Data, Audience Profiles & Targeting GOAL: Reach HH income of $75K AND those with intent for fashion and luxury item Reach / Scale *site agnostic RESULT: the most efficient video buy to engage with your audience Higher bid How it works #programmaticshow
  • #programmaticshow What is it? Example Chango Data Network The largest source of search data. 1000's of historical touch points Keywords, time, day, date, month, data source, geo, intent score, time since search Client 1st Party Data Chango can ingest all 1st party data through a cookie or a backend process Visits, pages, purchases, CRM, products, profit margin Client CRM Data Convert offline customer records into online targeting profiles Address, email, form responses Contextual Understand for every single impression the value of the placement Domain, page, position on page, historical performance, Chango context score, Google / IAB context score, Integral data 3rd Party Data All sources of 3rd party segments are available through the Chango Platform Exelate, MasterCard and many others Device / OS In a multi-screen world, it is important to understand where the individual is Device type, mobile interactions, tablets, operating system Multiple sources of data available
  • Chango's Programmatic Video solution combines the branding power of video advertisements with the programmatic efficiency and scale of real- time buying. #programmaticshow Programmatic Targeting Chango uses its exclusive live intent data data, 1st and 3rd party data to inform the buy Real-Time Decisions What to bid and how much is managed real time at the most granular level for maximum efficiency Robust Reach Find your target audience across multiple video exchange partners, including YouTube The Chango difference
  • The evolution of programmatic branding #programmaticshow
  • #programmaticshow Just to name a few exciting areas to keep a close eye on: • More spend via private marketplaces • Introduction of programmatic TV • Introduction & growth of native placements More to come…
  • 1. Meet Client Services 2. Draft Campaign Strategy 3. Onboarding 4. Optimize Your Campaign Next Steps
  • Chango.com/resource s Q&A #programmaticshow