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Chango Webinar: Why Creative Still Matters- March 19, 2013


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Even in a world of 'big data' and 'programmatic marketing,' the reality is that creative still matters. It is often the area where the most potential for improvement exists, and where a relatively …

Even in a world of 'big data' and 'programmatic marketing,' the reality is that creative still matters. It is often the area where the most potential for improvement exists, and where a relatively small investment can yield enormous returns, whether it be in the ad copy, the story or the landing page.

In this webinar, you will learn:

Why creative is still relevant to brand and direct response marketers
What are the first, second and third creative
How to approach creative with a test and learn attitude
3 things you should watch for when designing a retargeting creative

Published in: Technology
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  • 1. Mini Webinar series:Why Creative Still Matters
  • 2. Our guest speaker Sarah Lockwood VP, Creative Group Director @lockwood_sarah / @booyahagency
  • 3. Chango solves „programmatic‟ Chango is the 2nd largest source of search data, with more monthly searches than Yahoo! and Bing combined
  • 4. Data and advertising
  • 5. Marketers see the world differently
  • 6. Data-driven futures
  • 7. Real-time is growing
  • 8. The role of the story?
  • 9. Are we as smart as we think?
  • 10. Root cause?• Lack of comfort around creative• Perceive creative as expensive• Complacent with “good enough”
  • 11. Net effect = inefficiency Media targets individuals The creative shouts at the crowd
  • 12. The possibility 115%
  • 13. The possibility 2,666%
  • 14. 1st, 2nd, 3rd creative framework1st creative 2nd creative 3rd creative 2nd creativeInitial point of Relevant landing page (LP), Retargeted ad, a Delivers the individual tocontact, targeted establishes trust with continuation to relevant content that is logicalbased on individual, pays off the the story, adding in the sequence. Drivesexpressed intent promise. Drives conversion new and relevant conversion event.. event. information.
  • 15. In practice Display Media Search Media1. Analyze your media plan at 1. Analyze search program at the placement level the ad group level2. Understand each use case 2. Understand each use case3. Determine right 1st, 2nd, 3rd 3. Determine right 1st, 2nd, 3rd creative creative4. Champion the creative plan 4. Champion the creative plan
  • 16. 1st & 2nd creative – best practices1st Creative:• Match the execution to the intent of the audience• Develop lots of sizes of creative (top 3 ad formats comprise 80% of all served ad impressions)• Challenge the champion• Persistent call to action• Persistent offer (if you can)• Persistent branding (resist the “reveal”)• Ensure final frame stands alone• Follow the guidelines!3rd Creative:• Tag smart – use case strategy depends on it!
  • 17. 2nd creative – best practices• Deliver relevance by pairing the message closely to the 1st creative – pay off the promise• Establish trust, make sure the audience feels they are in the right place• Think communications objectives and prioritize• Synergy in headlines• CTA clear and above the fold• All elements of LP ladder to the objectives• Use tools for a view of what is working (Crazy Egg, ClickTale)• Test and learn
  • 18. 5 takeaways…1. The creative really does matter!2. Tools like Which Test Won and Moat are great for inspiration and help create a case for creative investment3. Develop and understand the use cases4. Establish a framework – design to match the audience5. Test and learn – constantly challenge the champion Chango: (+1) 800.385.0607 /
  • 19. Next webinarWednesday, April 24 - 1pm ESTPresented by Dax HammanChief Revenue Officer/ Chief Strategy Officer, Chango page will be available starting Wednesday 20
  • 20. Questions?Further resources: (