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Chango Webinar: Creating Your BIG Picture Strategy: Everything You Need to Know About Facebook Marketing- May 22,2013


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Learn everything that you need to know about the right and wrong ways to reach 1 billion users through Facebook marketing, in 30 minutes. Join Irene Shih from Ampush and Dax Hamman from Chango to …

Learn everything that you need to know about the right and wrong ways to reach 1 billion users through Facebook marketing, in 30 minutes. Join Irene Shih from Ampush and Dax Hamman from Chango to discuss:
The opportunities to reach your customers on Facebook
How to approach your Facebook marketing strategy based on your business goals
The differences between Facebook Marketplace and FBX ads
How to target an individual on FBX based on a previous visit they made to a site or search engine

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Mini-webinar:Everything you needto know aboutFacebook MarketingMay 22nd 2013DAX HAMMANCRO / CSO, Founding Teamdax@chango.comIRENE SHIHDirector of
  • 2. CONFIDENTIAL // APR 2013 //FACEBOOK MARKETINGMarketplace and FBXAmpush - MarketplaceBought in a 2nd price CPM auctionUses user profile, brand’s data and 3rd party datafor targetingAd types: Facebook Ads (voice of brand) andSponsored Stories (voice of friend)Facebook Marketplace – News Feed, right rail,Mobile News Feed adsChango - FBXBought in a 2nd price CPM auctionUses the brand’s data for prospecting andretargetingTypically owned by the display buyerFBX – right rail, and now News Feed ads
  • 3. Creating Your Big Picture Strategy for FacebookMarketingMarch 22, 2013
  • 4. |Introduction – Creating a Facebook Ad Strategy•  Knowledge of ALL available ad products and how to best use them•  Get a simplified bird’s eye view of all ads and the metrics they enableadvertisers to drive towards•  Learn how to approach advertising on Facebook for 3 main businesstypes (eCommerce, applications/games, brands)What should you takeaway from this webinar in the next ten minutes?Confidential4
  • 5. |Facebook Advertising Fundamentals•  News Feed is the most visible placement on desktop and only placement on mobileKnow the basics to understand your options and devise your approachConfidential5
  • 6. |Facebook Advertising Fundamentals•  Page post ads are versatile and may appear within News Feed on either desktopor mobile platformsKnow the basics to understand your options and devise your approachConfidential6Desktop MobilePhotoPagePostAdLinkPagePostAdVideoPagePostAdPhotoPagePostAdLinkPagePostAdLinkPagePostAdw/Photo
  • 7. |Facebook Advertising Fundamentals•  Sponsored Stories are ads that use the voice of a friend–  “Michael Scott Liked Dunder Mifflin’s FB Page”•  Enabling social context in your ads requires a Facebook page with the exceptionof Domain SS and Open Graph SS.Know the basics to understand your options and devise your approachConfidential7Voice of friendSponsored stories
  • 8. |Facebook Advertising Fundamentals•  Social reach is limited by the number of Facebook likes to a pageKnow the basics to understand your options and devise your approachConfidential8
  • 9. |A Portfolio ApproachConfidential9A portfolio approach enables businesses to fully leverage the FB platform towards their goals
  • 10. |Ecommerce Websites•  Strategy: Focus on high relevance interesttargeting and messaging to increase conversions.Incorporate your site data with special ad types.Goal: New customers leading to sales on your siteConfidential10FB Assets FB Ad Type GoalsFacebook Page (enablessocial context)• Page post ads (larger format, versatile)• Unpublished page posts (pair withcustom audiences)• Offers (run promotions to claim on oroffline)• Page posts• Be relevant and get conversionsquickly• Seek customers through cateredpromotions• Generate social buzz throughusers’ activityFacebook Enabled Website(FB plugin, cookie data,open graph)• Domain sponsored stories• FB buttons on products or articles like,share• FBX retargeting• Open Graph sponsored stories• Auto create social ads• Publicize product specificactivity on your site• Recapture users who leftNone Right-hand side domain ads (no socialcontext)Creatively capture attention andinterest towards your site
  • 11. |Applications•  Strategy: Directly drive installs with specific app ad typesGoal: New Customer InstallsConfidential11FB Assets FB Ad Type GoalsFacebook App • Right-hand side install ads• Sponsored Results• Drive targeted traffic toinstall app• Appear in search resultsFacebook App Users Sponsored stories install ads Drive new installs with socialcontextMobile App Mobile app install Drive installs directly toiPhone, iPad, AndroidOpen Graph App Open graph sponsoredstoriesAmplify influence of friendswhen a user takes an actionto drive more appengagement
  • 12. |Brands•  Strategy: Build likes, amplify the influence of friends and create brand ambassadors.Goal(s): Drive positive brand recognition, conversation and activity.Confidential12FB Assets FB Ad Type GoalsFacebook Page (enables socialcontext)• Sponsored Stories• Page post ads (larger format,versatile)• Unpublished page posts forspecial promotions• Offers (run promotions to claimonline or offline)• Build your network of fans whoare your advocates• Leverage fans and virality topromote events, positivemessages, contests, etc.• Get a LOT of people excited andtalking about your brand!• Get people into your stores!Facebook Enabled Website (FBplugin, cookie data, open graph)• Domain sponsored stories• Open Graph sponsored stories• FB buttons on products orarticles like, share• FBX retargeting• Integrate further into your webproperties (if available)• Advertise friends’ user interestin your brand
  • 13. |Key Takeaways•  Facebook marketing ad landscape will continue to change rapidly•  Make sure you consider all of these products or rely on a Facebook PMDpartner that will do that for you•  Know your options and test them to find what works best for yourbusinessConfidential13
  • 14. CONFIDENTIAL // APR 2013 //Marketers use Changobecause we consistently& professionally solvetheir digital needs
  • 15. CONFIDENTIAL // APR 2013 //SCALE MATTERS1bn registered users, up to 25%of real-time display impressions
  • 16. CONFIDENTIAL // APR 2013 //FROZEN BY INDECISIONSocial or display or search?
  • 17. CONFIDENTIAL // APR 2013 //BRING YOUR OWN TARGETING‘Big data’ and ‘programmaticmarketing’ aren’t just buzz terms
  • 18. CONFIDENTIAL // APR 2013 //CHANGO AND THE FACEBOOK EXCHANGEFind brand new customers,Retargeting existing visitorsPROSPECTusing Search data &3rd party dataCONVERTexisting visitors with1st party site data
  • 19. CONFIDENTIAL // APR 2013 //WHY USE IT?-  Find new customers-  Exclusive access to Chango’s300+ million search profiles-  Easy onboarding & fullymanaged campaigns-  Boost brand awarenessPROSPECT FOR NEW CUSTOMERSSearch Retargetingreacts to hand-raisers based ontheir searchesHOW IT WORKS:An Individual searchesChango identifies those searchesTarget only those relevantindividuals based on theterms that matter to youSearch TermSearch Term
  • 20. CONFIDENTIAL // APR 2013 //PROSPECT FOR NEW CUSTOMERSLook-alike Targetingpredicts who elsewill react positivelybased on your topconverter attributesWHY USE IT?-  Scale your prospecting efforts-  Predictive approach findspeople who have not yetdeclared their intent throughan explicit search-  Leverage 1st party data against300+ million Chango searchprofilesAnalyze top convertersIdentify common attributesTarget via Look-alike modelHOW IT WORKS:
  • 21. CONFIDENTIAL // APR 2013 //Site Retargeting isfundamentally brokenCONFIDENTIAL // APR 2013 //
  • 22. CONFIDENTIAL // APR 2013 //CONVERT SITE VISITORSProgrammaticSite Retargetingfocuses on thetrue value ofeach site visitorWHY USE IT?-  Re-engage with visitors thatmatter, even on FBX-  Full transparency-  Reduce wastage-  Fully managed solutionAdvanced Site RetargetingStandard RetargetingAll visitors treated the sameDynamic ads based on pages viewed
  • 23. Questions?For more information HAMMANCRO / CSO, Founding Teamdax@chango.comIRENE SHIHDirector of