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Webinar: Advanced Retargeting Types: 5 New Types of Retargeting


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Site and Search Retargeting are essentials in a marketer's toolkit. But there is also advanced retargeting for those who would like to step up to the next level. …

Site and Search Retargeting are essentials in a marketer's toolkit. But there is also advanced retargeting for those who would like to step up to the next level.

In this webinar, you will learn 5 new types of retargeting to drive brand awareness, site engagement and conversions. Learn everything that you need to know about the newest forms of retargeting and targeting, in 30 minutes or less.

Programmatic Site Retargeting
Email retargeting
On-site creative retargeting
Content retargeting
Look-alike targeting

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • FULLY MANAGED SOLUTIONS:Our advertising solutions are fully managed. Leverage the knowledge & service provided by our Client Services team, Strategy group, Data Scientists and Ad Operations team.PROSPECT FOR NEW CUSTOMERS:Combining the power of Search Retargeting and Look-alike Targeting to find new customers based on their recent search behavior on Google, Yahoo! & Bing.CONVERT MORE/EXISTING SITE VISITORS:Site retargeting has evolved. From standard to advanced, and now to programmatic.Leverage Programmatic Site Retargeting to engage with your existing visitors using our IntentScore system to target your most valuable visitors/users.
  • Big data and programmatic need to come together.More data about individuals is better. It leads to smarter decisions and increases efficiency.Without big data and programmatic, everyone is treated the same.At Chango, Programmatic Site Retargeting is the ultimate result.
  • HOW IT WORKS:- Standard Site RetargetingTreats all the site visitors the same regardless of the pages they visit.-Advanced Site RetargetingConsiders what pages visitors look at to show dynamic ads.- Programmatic Site RetargetingUse more data about each page visitor to personalize creative and media buying rules.WHY USE SITE RETARGETING?Leverage your 1st party data, offline data, or any other sourceBring back your visitors, those who expressed interestIncrease conversionFully managed solution with around the clock support from our Client Services teamRe-engage with your visitors when they are on Facebook via FBXWHY USE PROGRAMMATIC SITE RETARGETING?Leverage what you know about your audience with off-site dataRetarget visitors that matter; avoid those who will not convertEvery visitors is different; optimize bids accordinglyReduce wastage; bid on impressions that will increase your returnDeliver highly personalized/dynamic ads that speak to the individualRe-engage with your visitors when they are on Facebook via FBX
  • HOW IT WORKS:1) We spot consumers based on searches on Google, Yahoo! and Bing who use keywords that match your business or campaign (or list of keywords).2) We remember that search term (anonymously, of course).3) Now, Chango can target that user with a display ad for your company based on the search terms.WHY USE IT:Find new customers, via display and also FBX!Exclusive access to 300+ million search profiles (8+ billion search events per month)Easy onboarding & fully managed campaigns and round the clock support from Client ServicesBoost brand awarenessImprove the ROI of your prospecting efforts
  • The Facebook ExchangeDirect access to Facebook’s ad exchange (FBX). Chango is a FBX Qualified PMD Partner.The only solution with access to Chango’s proprietary 300+ million user search profiles. Extend your keyword targeting to FBX.Retarget your own audience on FBX/social.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Webinar: Advanced Retargeting: 5 New Types of Retargeting You Should Try Today PAUL MCINTYRE Vice President, Platform Sales
    • 2. CONFIDENTIAL // APR 2013 // Marketers use Chango because we consistently & professionally solve their digital needs
    • 3. 1. SEARCH RETARGETING 2. LOOK-ALIKE TARGETING PROSPECT for new customers CONVERT more site visitors 3. PROGRAMMATIC SITE RETARGETING FULLY MANAGED AND PLATFORM SOLUTIONS We help you prospect for new customers and convert existing site visitors
    • 4. BRING YOUR OWN TARGETING „Big data‟ and „programmatic marketing‟ aren‟t just buzz terms
    • 5. BAROMETER RESULTS “Retargeting” is more than just site retargeting Survey of 51 media buyers (marketers and agencies) in the US. February 2013 5 MAJOR TYPES OF RETARGETING TACTICS USED
    • 6. CONFIDENTIAL // APR 2013 // Site Retargeting is fundamentally broken CONFIDENTIAL // APR 2013 //
    • 7. CONVERT SITE VISITORS Programmatic Site Retargeting focuses on the true value of each site visitor WHY USE IT? - Re-engage with visitors that matter, even on FBX - Full transparency - Reduce wastage - Fully managed and self-serve solutions Advanced Site Retargeting Standard Retargeting All visitors treated the same Dynamic ads based on pages viewed
    • 8. BAROMETER RESULTS Site Retargeting is primarily a direct response tactic Survey of 51 media buyers (marketers and agencies) in the US. February 2013
    • 9. CONFIDENTIAL // APR 2013 //
    • 10. CONFIDENTIAL // APR 2013 // Image courtesy of AdExchanger.
    • 11. WHY USE IT? - Find new customers - 2nd largest source of search data - Fully managed and self-serve solutions - Boost brand awareness PROSPECT FOR NEW CUSTOMERS Search Retargeting reacts to hand- raisers based on their searches HOW IT WORKS: An Individual searches Chango identifies those searches Target only those relevant individuals based on the terms that matter to you Search Term
    • 12. BAROMETER RESULTS Search Retargeting is primarily a prospecting tactic Survey of 51 media buyers (marketers and agencies) in the US. February 2013
    • 13. SCALE MATTERS 1bn registered users, up to 25% of real-time display impressions
    • 14. FACEBOOK MARKETING Native and FBX Native Facebook ads Purchased in a 2nd price CPM auction Uses the brand’s 1st party data for retargeting, or 3rd party data for prospecting Typically owned by the display buyer FBX – right rail, and now News Feed ads FBX ads Typically uses user profile for targeting Ad types: Facebook Ads (voice of brand) and Sponsored Stories (voice of friend) Facebook Marketplace – News Feed, right rail, Mobile News Feed ads
    • 15. CHANGO AND THE FACEBOOK EXCHANGE Find brand new customers, Retarget existing visitors PROSPECT using Search data & 3rd party data CONVERT existing visitors with 1st party site data
    • 16. THE FACEBOOK EXCHANGE • Large scale • Drive conversions • Can include total "Likes" from FB Page 2 types of Ads: Right-hand side Ad and also News Feed Post Ad FBX RIGHT-HAND SIDE AD • Prominently placed in News Feed • Linked to FB Page • Drive Likes, Comments Shares & Conversions NEWS FEED PAGE POST ADS Chango offers FBX ad creative services. Ask us for details
    • 17. BAROMETER RESULTS FBX is gaining traction. News Feed early test are promising
    • 18. EMAIL RETARGETING A very efficient tactic, that can be done in 2 different ways Shopping Cart Email Retargeting A relatively unknown tactic Advertiser adds a retargeting pixel to an email blast When consumers open the email, the pixel will fire-of Advertiser can then retarget the user with an ad across the ad exchanges Email Blast Retargeting One of the first forms of retargeting Send email to consumers who came to a (usually) retailer’s web site but dud not convert Typically the email will include a monetary or non-monetary offer to entice the consumer to convert
    • 19. CRM RETARGETING Get your offline data online with CRM Retargeting Proceed Onboarding partner with your encoded CRM Onboarding partner anonymizes your CRM and places it online Your customers see a relevant message from your brand Female Boston Online Shopper WHY USE IT? - Coordinate and tailor multichannel marketing - Reactivate your dormant customers - Increase the value of your customer list
    • 20. #learn: THE FACEBOOK EXCHANGE HANDBOOK Everything you need to know about FBX marketing, including prospecting with search data. Our next webinar „The FBX News Feed Opportunity‟ will be on 8/15