Industrial and Digital Revolution Essay


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Industrial and Digital Revolution Essay

  1. 1. Comparing Revolutions in InnovationThere are two types of revolutions that had made the world change. The two revolutions have agreat impact on the world and the world was affected by it in a good way and a bad way. The tworevolutions are Industrial Revolution and Digital Revolution. In this essay, I will be talking about howthe two revolutions impacted the world using examples and also clearly identify my own opinion ofwhy one of the revolutions had made greater impact on social.Industrial Revolution is a revolution that had changed the way of production throughout the world.The industrial revolution first started in England in 1750 and ended in 1914. This revolution wascaused because the people were trying to increase food and goods production. Before, the industrialrevolution food and goods were produced very slowly due to using ox. When people were farming,they had to use ox to harvest. Also for making clothes, people had to use their own hands to actuallymake it, which took a long period of time. But as the industrial revolution started, people haveinvented machines like spinning jenny, steam engines, and assembly line. By using spinning jenny, itwas much easier and faster to make cotton into clothing. Using steam engines have made the traingo forward. The assembly lines were invented in a purpose of breaking the job for many people anddoing continuous work. By inventing all these three machines, production of clothes, and goodswere increased and the transportation was much faster than before. This is what the IndustrialRevolution is. There was a good impact like new inventions being made, but there was bad impacton the world as well. The impacts were using child labour, and the war occurred more frequently. Inthat period of time, children were forced to work in the factory. The work they have done wasusually the most dangerous part of the work, which made lots of children die or lose their arm ortheir leg. Child labour wasn’t it. People started inventing new weapons like machine guns and tanks.After making these weapons countries started to declare war against each other and led to WorldWar I. So industrial revolution didn’t only give good impacts on social, but also a lot of bad impactsas well. The industrial revolution could not cover up the negative aspect of war and child labourwhich means it wasn’t a perfect revolution in my opinion.Nowadays, we are living in a revolution called the Digital Revolution. Digital Revolution is adevelopment of digital products. By this, we can easily think of smart phones, and computers. Thedigital revolution is also one of the revolutions that gave great amount of impact to the world. Thecellphones were invented and people were able to call each other whenever they wanted to. Theinternet was invented, the airplanes were invented. All these inventions made easier and fastercommunication and transportation. The child labour was gone, and machines were doing everythingautomatically. This is a good and a bad impact because the machines are doing everything for us.The good thing is that child labour was gone, but the bad impact was that people became lazy. Nowthat the machines are doing everything, people didn’t have to work much. Even in math, we don’twrite on the paper to solve out the question, if we just type in the numbers on the calculator, then itdoes it for us. So if this keeps on going, then there won’t be any more developments. People are alsorelying on the phones too much. After smart phones were made, people relied on the phone toomuch. Now people do everything with their phone. They use internet with the phone, play games,calculate, draw, and even work on the phones. It is good that phones were made for people’s good.But it shouldn’t be used in a way that will make people get lazy and rely on it. It should just be aentertainment or a communication.
  2. 2. So as I said above, both of the revolution had great impact on the world. But I personally think thatdigital revolution gave greater impact than the industrial revolution. As in industrial revolution, thereare so many good impacts. We know that digital revolution had started because of the industrialrevolution. Because the industrial revolution started, the digital revolution used industrial revolutionas a base to develop even more. But the problem with the industrial revolution is that the possibilityof the war is too high. If war occurs, then all of the advantages we had will be gone. It’s same thatdigital revolution will lead to war as well. But in digital revolution there is more possibility instopping the war. So for example, if North Korea is about to shoot a nuclear bomb, it takes long timeto boot up, but because there are radar fences all over the space which detects the activity of thenuclear bomb. So countries like USA and South Korea will easily detect the bomb and stop the bombbefore they even shoot it. So there then there will not be any World War III. So the differencebetween industrial revolution and digital revolution is that industrial revolution didn’t have any waysto stop the war or lessen the damage, but digital revolution does. Both of the revolutions had greatimpact and had changed the way of living social. And I think the two revolutions are great, but Ipersonally think that digital revolution had little bit more impact on social because it has developedthe social and also lessened the negative aspects of the revolution.To sum it up, I think digital revolution had greater impact because it developed the way of living andalso lessened the possibility of negative aspects that might occur. Once again, industrial revolutionbecame a base of a digital revolution, and it also had a great impact on social. But it couldn’t coverup the negative aspects and that is the reason why I think digital revolution had greater impact. Aswe all know, digital revolution isn’t perfect, it can lessen the negative aspects, but not cover up allthe negative aspects. So from now on, we should stop thinking about the next revolution, but thinkabout how to get rid of the negative threatening aspects like nuclear weapons for a bettergeneration.Bibliography"Digital Revolution." Wikipedia. Wikimedia Foundation, 03 July 2013. Web. 12 Mar. 2013.<>."Digital Revolution Impacts." YouTube.YouTube, n.d. Web. 12 Mar. 2013.<>."How Revolutionary Was the Digital Revolution?: National Responses, Market Transitions, andGlobal Technology - Edited by John Zysman and Abraham Newman." How Revolutionary Was theDigital Revolution?: National Responses, Market Transitions, and Global Technology - Edited by JohnZysman and Abraham Newman. Stanford University Press, n.d. Web. 12 Mar. 2013.<>.
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