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Lastmanstanding finals-100722114438-phpapp02

  1. 1. During the recording sessions for XYZ’s secondalbum, ____ had to leave due to his wifes goinginto premature labor. During that period, theremaining members, who still had studio timebooked, continued to write music inimprovisation. On October 23, 2007, acompilation of jams from those sessions wasreleased under the name of XWZ.Id XYZ and XWZ.
  2. 2. They had an idea to turn Z into a single player game. X wasoffered US$750, with an extra $100 each time a chip waseliminated from the prospected design. X noticed his friend Ywas capable of producing designs with a small number ofchips, and invited him to work on the hardware design with theprospect of splitting the $750 wage. Y had no sketches andinstead interpreted the game from its description. To saveparts, he had "tricky little designs" difficult to understand formost engineers .The original deadline was met after Y did notsleep for four days straight. In the end 50 chips were removedfrom Jobs original design. This equated to a US$5,000 bonus,which X kept secret from Y, instead only paying him $375.Name the game and the company producing it. BONUS name XY Z.
  3. 3. It is an annual convention of Internet memes thatfirst took place at the MIT in 2008. Various netcelebs attended, such as the authors of thewebcomics xkcd, Questionable Content andDinosaur comics, Leeroy Jenkins and many others. Itwas organized by a group of students from Harvardled by Tim Hwang. According to Hwang, theinspiration for the conference was the September23, 2007 meetup of fans of xkcd with its creator in apark in North Cambridge, MA.What ?
  4. 4. While crossing into Natal she, with many others, cour tedarrest. Shespent 3 months in jail. She suf fered a fatal fever andwhen she was released there was nothing more than skinand bones held alive together by her sheer grit. Sheheard somebody tell: “Why don’t you people register andbecomeSouth Africans instead? Indians! India doesn’t even havea flag! What are you really fighting for?”“If having a flag is what would give form to India, thenhere it is”, she said, tearing of f her saf fron-white-greensari and she waved it triumphantly, “MY FLAG! MYMOTHERLAND!”. She gave us ourNational flag (Gandhi designed the flag with the samethree colours as her sari), a greater resolve (in his ownwords) to Gandhi’s freedom fight, undying fier y guts to
  5. 5. Prior to 2007, it began on the first Sunday in Apriland "normalcy" returned on the last Sunday inOctober, but since 2007 it begins on the secondSunday in March and ends on first Sunday inNovember. Something of this sort was firstsuggested by Benjamin Franklin in 1774 in anessay titled "An Economic Project". What?
  6. 6. X is the title of several Marvel comic books exploring"the road not traveled" by its various characters.Events in the series are considered separate frommainstream continuity in the Marvel Universe. Y isXs counterpart on the DC Comics side. Unlike its X,which bases its stories on a single point ofdivergence from the regular continuity, most Ystories instead take place in entirely self-containedcontinuities whose only connection to the canon DCcontinuity are the presence of familiar DCcharacters. Id X and Y. 
  7. 7. This description is of which site:Staggeringly comprehensive wiki of pop-culturegenre/character/narrative conventions. If you’reinto the taxonomy of pop culture, _____ will EATYOUR BRAIN. If you’re not, this site will drive youcrazy, as it effortlessly encapsulates your mostbrilliant idea in some jocular epithet.
  8. 8. X was as brilliant on the pitch as he was wild off ofit. He is known as the greatest dribbler in soccerhistor y. Even though he was born with crippled legsand retained a distor ted lef t leg even af ter anoperation, he never let this af fect his wonder ful ballskills, making some of the most beautiful soccerper formances ever.Clubs he played for:Pau Grande (Brazil)Botafogo (Brazil)Corinthians (Brazil)AJ Barranquilla (Colombia)Flamengo (Brazil)Red Star Paris (France)Id X.
  9. 9. In 1986, British band Half Man Half Biscuit releasedtheir debut single, "The Trumpton Riots". On the B-side was the now legendary track, "All I want forChristmas is a __________ away kit": the finest studyof adolescent obsession, frustration, rivalry, violenceand table football ever to grace the wrong side of abit of vinyl. The title is a play on Dora Bryans"All Iwant for Christmas is my two front teeth".Id this football club, which soon after the release ofthis song, vanished from the scene and reappearedin 2007 in the second division.
  10. 10. Whose filmography ? (Not Exhaustive)The Female Animal (1958)The Stor y of Mankind (1957)My Favorite Spy (1951)A Lady Without Passpor t (1950)Samson and Delilah (1949)Lets Live a Little (1948)Dishonored Lady (1947)The Strange Woman (1946)Experiment Perilous (1944)The Heavenly Body (1944)White Cargo (1942)Crossroads (1942)Tor tilla Flat (1942)Come Live with Me (1941)Comrade X (1940)
  11. 11. Lawrence Sperry and Waldo Polk are believed tohave founded this "club" in 1916. Some famousmembers of the "club" are RichardBranson( joined at the age of 19) and RalphFiennes. Membership to this club is open, its justa matter of the individual proving his worth. Theband Bow Wow Wow released a song by theclubs name in its alum, The Last Of TheMohicans.Id the “club”.
  12. 12. “Because the moment you put the second step.....thewater has already flown...”“If you trust that Existence changes, and you also change,you can never get settled with your ego.”“Simply peform every task with your Being; it becomes ameditation.”“I am not here to prove I am God. I am here to prove YOUare God!”Whose quotes?
  13. 13. Connect :
  14. 14. Connect
  15. 15. Connect
  16. 16. Connect
  17. 17. Connect
  18. 18. ConnectSTEPHEN KING MARK TWAINISAAC ASIMOV(Not Exhaustive)
  19. 19. Connect (Not exhaustive list)
  20. 20. A _________ is the mishearing or misinterpretation of aphrase, typically a standardized phrase such as a line in apoem or a lyric in a song, beacuse they sound similar, in away that gives it a new meaning. The American writerSylvia Wright coined the term in her essay "The Death ofLady _______”, “....Ye Highlands and ye Lowlands, Oh, where hae ye been? They hae slain the Earl O Moray, And Lady ________.”
  21. 21. He had been offered the role of Shantanu in EktaKapoors Mahabharat; which he refused. He toldthe press that Ektas Mahabharat is sure to be aflop because BR Chopras Mahabharat hadactors in it; her Mahabharat has "model"s in it.Who?
  22. 22. Mrs. Barbra unsuccessfully attempted to suephotographer Kenneth Adelman and Pictopia.comfor US$50 million in an attempt to have the aerialphotograph of her mansion removed from thepublicly available collection of 12,000 Californiacoastline photographs, citing privacy concerns.Adelman stated that he was photographingbeachfront property to document coastal erosion. Asa result of the case, public knowledge of the pictureincreased substantially and it became popular onthe Internet, with more than 420,000 people visitingthe site over the next month. What term arose fromthis incident?
  23. 23. This space program was initiated by RonaldReagan in 1984 but came to an abrupt halt withthe death of the lady in blue. Identify theprogram.
  24. 24. Looks like an F1 car doesn’t it? What exactly is itand what is its name?
  25. 25. This quote is often mistaken as a quote from a moviethough it wasnt even in the script. Its origin waschauvinistic, back-lot humour between an actor andan actress, who would go on to work together for sixmovies under the same title. It was a quip by theactor to the actress of the movie they both wereworking in. Seeing her struggling to lift her suitcaseinto the trunk of her car, the actor laughingly utteredthese words as he swooped the suit case and put itin the trunk. Who is the actor and what is the quote?  
  26. 26. _______ are per formers of either gender who meetspecific physical requirements (athletic build, heightbetween 510"-61"/1.78-1.85 m), specificper forming talents (percussion, acting, non-verbalcommunication), and cer tain personality traits(openness, charisma, willingness to collaborate),among other qualifications.They even have their ownhand gesture, is made by raising both arms in the air.Early in the histor y of the _____, the members wouldspeak with audiences af ter the show while still inmakeup, answering questions, signing autographs,and talking about the show. Eventually, however, itwas decided that cast members would stay incharacter at all times while in makeup, meaning af tershows they would still not speak to audiencemembers, and the only "autograph" they would signwould be a smudge of _______. When shown a "new"piece of technology, such as a cell phone or even an
  27. 27. X, founder and the only of ficial member of Y, promoted theband in a unique way. Before Z was released, songs from thealbum were found on USB drives hidden at Ys concer tvenues in as par t of the alternate reality game whose nameis Z.It presented the scenario of year 2022, termed Z, the yearAmerica is reborn. A government corporation Cedocore distributes the drug______ through the water supply, making Americans whodrink the water apathetic and carefree. There are severalunderground rebel groups, mainly operating online, mostnotably Ar t is Resistance and Solutions Backwards Initiative.There are increasing sightings of a pair of massive ghostlyhands and arms extending down from the sky into theground. The sequence ends with a broken messageannouncing the appearance of the hands over the UnitedStates Capitol Building. The message cuts suddenly,implying the end of the world. The websites and music of theZ alternate reality game are implied to be par t of theinformation packets sent back. Id X,Y and Z.
  28. 28. What is shown here?
  29. 29. Legend has it that the Catalans sent a representative byboat to sign him, the same morning that SantiagoBernabeu had nipped out for a paper in Reus, nearTarragona where he had a holiday flat. On reading in thepaper that the representative had been sent, he phonedMadrids rep, Jacinto Quincoces in Madrid, and told him toget on a plane to Las Palmas to beat the Catalans to him.Quincoces did as he was told, but on seeing the personplay in a trial game, phoned Bernabeu back and told himhe didnt rate the youngster. Bernabeu was famous forvarious pronouncements, but his "Tu fichale, dejate dehostias y luego hablaremos". ("Stop f***** about, signhim and then well talk") has gone down in history as oneof his finest moments.Who is he? IET- L.M.S 33
  30. 30. _______ is considered a parody of Santa Claus orEaster Bunny which exists in the imagination ofLinus van Pelt. According to Linus, when writing to_______, you dont ask anything specific: you wait forwhatever he brings you. In this way, Linus states adifference between the _________ and Santa Claus(children writing to Santa include in their letters listsof exactly what they want). Also, Linus states thatSanta gives away toys because its his job and itsexpected of him, whereas the _______ gives awaytoys because he feels he is fulfilling a moralobligation. 
  31. 31. __X___ is an extinct genus of carnivoroustemnospondyl within the family Trematopidae. Itlived 300 million years ago during the lateCarboniferus period. It is estimated to have beentwo feet long, and likely resembled asalamander.__X___ is known from a single skullfound in Pittsburgh. It is named after __Y___ ,which owned the land where the holotypespecimen was first found.Id X and Y. IET- L.M.S 35
  32. 32. IET- L.M.S 36
  33. 33. Id the poem:He took his vorpal sword in hand:Long time the manxome foe he sought—So rested he by the Tumtum tree,And stood awhile in thought
  34. 34. Give full funda behind this pic recently in thenews.
  35. 35. Alexander Sawchuk estimates that it was in June or July of 1973 when he, along with a graduate student and the lab manager, was hurriedly searching the lab for a good image to scan for a colleagues conference paper. They wanted something glossy to ensure good output dynamic range, and they wanted a human face. Just then, somebody happened to walk in with a recent issue of ____. The engineers tore away the top third of the center fold
  36. 36. The Beatles were actually not the only musiciansto use _______ as a radio single. Elton Johnreleased a cover version in 1974. John Lennonprovided backing vocals for the Elton Johnversion, under the fake name of Dr. WinstonOBoogie.Which song?
  37. 37. The towers standard night-time lighting sinceNew Years Eve in 1985 has been orange-gold.Why was there a shift to blue?
  38. 38. X was born Maria Ann Sherwood. At 19, she married Thomas Smith, a farm labourer. The Smiths were primarily orchardists. The earliest account of Y appeared in the Farmer and Settler of 25 June 1924, in an article by Herbert Rumsey, a Dundas orchardist and local historian. He interviewed local fruit- grower Edwin Small who recalled that in 1868 he and his father had been invited by Maria to
  39. 39. A celebrated pimp, thief, and confidence manoperating in New York City in the 1840s, ____Hoag, along with his wife Melinda and anaccomplice known as "French Jack", operated acon called the "panel game", a method by whichprostitutes and their pimps robbed customers.Which phrase did Hoag give rise to?
  40. 40. This ad was a huge hit when launched and greatlyboosted the name of the Company, which was doingdull in its field. The ad had its share of controversies,with a 11yr old claiming compensation from theCompany because his friends harassed him af terseeing the ad. However, the Company decided not topull it of f air and issued a atatement that "extensiveresearch had been done using google search andphone books to minimise causing of fense. ________ isin no way responsible or liable for the fact that Master_____ Bhanot is being teased by his friends."Recently, a second ad (26 seconds long), was broughton. It showed some profanities written on a door:Hernia, allergy, ring worm, insane, swine, acidity,dandruf f, under wear and so on.