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Presentation for understanding the key characteristics of a complete social media plan for an e-commerce start-up. The aim was to cover all areas with examples and going into a little more depth on …

Presentation for understanding the key characteristics of a complete social media plan for an e-commerce start-up. The aim was to cover all areas with examples and going into a little more depth on social media.

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  • Upworthy estimates that the time some businesses spend perfecting their homepage is probably what the Upworthy team spends on refreshing its Facebook Page.
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  • 1. A few thoughts on how to build the coolest apparel e-store through Digital Media & Social Thinking Chandramouli Bhattacharya
  • 2. Pillar 1 Socially integrated – Make shopping a truly social experience with friends and sharing in each part of the journey Pillar 2 Leverage influencers – Establish influencer status through blogger network and evangelist programs “Fashion is a highly social category, and people naturally want to share the things they find, want and purchase.” – ShoeDazzle on FB Testimonials Pillar 3 Pillar 4 Back linking, SEO and Web PR Content heavy strategy, creative ideas: aiming for content virality
  • 3. Basic Approach Step 2 - SEO best practices SEO - Keyword Research - Backlinking - Tracking Step 1: Website - Website design best practices - Website integration with social - Integration with Blogs - Shopper Experience Step 3: Social Media Strategy & Email -Social media ecosystem -Cross leveraging social media -Social media programs -FB best practices and ideas -Content strategy -Using FB to test products, ideas and email integration. Step 4: Paid Advertisements Step 5: Articles, PR, Affiliates and others - PPC basics - Paid features -Directory listings -Sponsorship basics Step 5: Creatively Inspired
  • 4. Website Website Design There is an evolving style ethic for the stand-out and successful ecommerce apparel stores. Minimalist luxury undertones, web 2.0 clear visual centric interfaces, e-commerce learning?
  • 5. Website – Design Direction What Do We Know About Evolving Design Preferences? Rich product photography Neutral tones Large Picture tiles format Vintage Photography
  • 6. Social Integration “Fashion is a highly social category, and people naturally want to share the things they find, want and purchase.” – ShoeDazzle case study The website should have an inbuilt social mechanism. “Upworthy has accumulated 1.3 million Facebook fans who are reader zero in their viral content model . Upworthy promotes stories and makes it easy for people to post the stories on Facebook to share with friends. The site has two large Share on Facebook buttons and a pop-out box that prompts people to Like its page. This strategy has led to phenomenal growth. In one year,.” – Facebook Developer success stories Create a rich social shopping experience through social pluggins, virality buttons. And call to action “77% of ecommerce shoppers prefer social media logins”. – Jay Baer of Convince and convert
  • 7. Social Integration – Few Examples Opt-in Email Create group sharing/scrapbook building app Loud and clear Website Pre-Launch Stage Build Customer/Visitor Database Offer incentives to email signup – Vouchers/Coupons Social Media Buttons Article sharing Picture Pinning Features At every step of the customer journey use Like button, Send button, Follow and embed, Share, Facepile, Comments, activity feed etc. Eg: WANTWORTHY Gamify platform with PBLs Use FB Apps – Social Graphs Promote social actions. Tried on – “Rahul Tried on this suit” Closeted – “James closeted this shirt” Steal – “Chander wants to steal that style” Eg: POSE Make it cross platform
  • 8. Blog Integration Mother Blog Blogger Relations – 2 Strategies Incubate Evangelist Network Have blog elements feature on the LANDING PAGE. Influencers/Trendsetters have immense pull in the Fashion and apparel business. Find influential bloggers and offer video/podcast/interviews and offer scribed versions with link backs. Authority links. Roll out incentive scheme for wanna-be bloggers and young designers. Support blog financially and technically. Use blogs for social reach, personalization, evangelism and linkbacks. Have a highly functional and stylized central blog. Blog is an excellent content management tool and Google loves constantly updated content. Establish blog as the content bank of stories, content and establish it as the original Social Platform in terms of FB and Pinterst content arising through it. Don’t use standard vanilla blog theme but don’t go for something too complicated. Roll out design collections with influential bloggers. Find medium-authority bloggers within the niche and subscribe to their updates.(page rank of 3-5 and alexa rank of 100000500000) Search for bloggers on blog catalogues, technorati and google blog search. Link to them through your blog. Reward through Blogging awards. Use Bloggers as content creators and social network content managers.
  • 9. Why are Bloggers Important Leandra Medine 3.7 page views per month Booming affiliate network The Trendsetter in early 2000s of the street style cult. Street style photography evolved as major fashion trend. Bryan Boy Susie Lau Works with Gap, Urban Outfitters and H&M on campaigns and special projects. No.5 most influential blogger in the fashion world. 328,000+ Twitter follower Started as a blogger – now judge America’s Next Top Model show. Shared platform with Ana Wintour (Vogue/Devil wears Prada) NY Fashion week Confessions of a Closet Shaily Khera One of India’s most prominent style bloggers.
  • 10. Site SEO – Best Practices Choose Best keywords/research or Google keyword tracker Long tail keywords and be extremely specific Do not over-optimize keywords Have ample back linking Blogger backlinking, Online groups, Google groups, Craigslist, Link directories, Local directories, Google local directories. University/Colleges through college programs or roll outs through evangelist network. Keep on Constant back linking Research competition back links Use open site explorer (SEOMOZ tool) to research competition back links and filter to show followed and external links only Use page authority and domain authority to determine prospective link value (ranking of 30 and above) Keyword tag best practices Use of title tags, headline tags, definite use of alt tags, content tags, meta tags Use of keyword tagging and links on back linked articles, blogs and author bios Clear site structures maps and URL Have keywords for all pages and not just for the main page Use of SEM for initial website visibilty Keep Content fresh, original and grammatically hygienic There are around 200 different SEO conditions as laid out by various webmasters. Constant adherence to those guidelines
  • 11. Social Media – Basic Approach Use Blog as the content core but FACEBOOK as the central social networking platform Use social media channels to create cross platform likes and opt-ins to reinforce presence in customer shopping journey Social media active segment for the email list Reward engaged FB users by giving them access to discounts and programs first Run group discount FB like campaigns through email Use Email Marketing and FB as complements Use Social media icons across platforms eg: FB like buttons on emails. Blog links on Twitter feed FB, Email, Twitter, Pinterest message integration Test inventory on FB and Pinterst, promote via email campaigns Time of the email testing could tell when to update FB status Cross channel headline testing through Twitter, Email and FB Use FB to source email content Use email to test future FB ads Use Facebook fan posts in emails and on Twitter If something has clicked on FB ask people through sorted mail lists to come to FB Content, Community, Contests Social Analytics Use services such as HOTSUITE to manage social conversations Use GOOGLE ANALYTICS to measure cross channel impact Use FB ANALYTICS or PAGE LEVER to cull out FB insights Syndicate content across the web through RSS feeds (for blogposts) and RSS directories Use FB groups for evangelist network interaction and ideas sharing in addition to FB page Publish daily content and Youtube videos (embedded and on Youtube channel is short and long format)
  • 12. Some Facts – Jay Baer “58% of adults check email in the morning 1st thing (USA) FB is 11%” “84% of people who like pages on FB have been customers of the company.” “Only 18% of corporates have social media icons in emails.”
  • 13. Face Book Stories - Upworthy Upworthy Example noteworthy as its mission is to pinpoint and distribute internet content on the net without creating own content. Growth is purely referral Two large Share on Facebook buttons and a pop-out box that prompts people to Like its page Facepile plugin to show people coming to which of their friends like the site Upworthy estimates that about 65% of the US population on Facebook has a friend who likes the site Publish stories that help people express their identities on Facebook Upworthy also focuses on quality vs. quantity in stories. The team uses Facebook to identify worthwhile topics Use A/B testing and analytics to nail headlines For each piece of content, Upworthy curators create at least 25 headlines. The managing editor chooses four of those and tests them to see how readers respond Upworthy has learned that a good headline can be the difference between 1,000 or 1,000,000 people reading or viewing a story It tabulates clicks per share and shares per view Uses their Facebook Page to engage your audience Statistics Grew to 10.4 million unique visitors in 1 year (as of March 2013)
  • 14. Face Book Stories - Poshmark Poshmark is a mobile marketplace opening up people’s closets for shopping Using Facebook Login, Poshmarkers snap and list Instagram-like pictures of items The Poshmark experience is built around real-time "Posh Parties", virtual themed-based parties where people gather on the app at the same time to shop and sell their fashions Poshmark also uses age segmentation to find images that appeal to different age groups. It also uses geographic-based audience targeting prior to hosting its city-based live Posh Parties Tests multiple creatives and keep content fresh Poshmark uses three primary images while testing another two and targets keywords and brands App Insights measures paid and organic app installs. Ad Manager measures and analyzes the impact of Poshmark’s mobile app install ads campaigns Poshmark implemented several Open Graph actions including the Like action.
  • 15. Face Book Stories - Pose Pose is an integrated mobile app, canvas app and web site about style and trends FB to attract new users &reengage existing users Pose mapped the most frequent interactions people take in their app - pose, comment and love to Open Graph actions to maximize the number of stories users publish As more people interact the more the story will appear in news feed Open graph actions Pose an Item - "Morin Oluwole posed an item" Comment on an Item - "Jeff Sherlock commented on an item" Love an Item - "Kristin Thayer loved an item" Since launching with Open Graph, Pose has seen a 5X increase in daily signups for their mobile app and web site by making it easy for people to share the different products and fashion they like with friends
  • 16. Uniqlo – Pinterest Story Interactive campaign for scrollers Using more than 100 shell accounts, a team of more than a dozen simultaneously pinned rows of long graphics in a five-category takeover . As users scrolled, the graphics appeared animated in the style of an old film strip.. Winner of Webby 2013 in Best use of social media category
  • 17. Youtube and co-creation stories Youtube Using constant crowd generated videos to generate interest Using commissioned artists to create content on loose briefs Co- Creation Using contents to generate interest in engaged amateurs to be part of the creation process
  • 18. Other Media Opportunities IPAD and Kindle Mobile Use Blog content and evangelist network pictures and videos to create IPAD and Kindle magazines Use Facebook integrated open graph apps for mobile prompting live action Promote sharing, tagging and pinning Use Social APPs to promote live action Audio interviews(podcasts) are great for building profiles, syndication and SEO E-books and e-magazines broaden reach Use the same content for email opt-ins Publish and distribute through Apple and Kindle store Use foursquare style geo-tagging options for style hotspots and evangelist network street meets Store Locations Use store locations to display live social feeds and user feeds. Use QR code mechanism to register shoppers on the network
  • 19. Paid Media PPC Advertisement Product or site sponsorship Use Google ad words (yahoo Marketing, MSN Adcenter) for pre-launch buzz creation, new user groups, rapid awareness etc Other sites in a similar segment Newsletter/Blog sponsorship Forum Sponsorship Word press theme sponsorship Use predominantly CPC model on Google ad words network and search network Directory listing,,, and other local directories Text Link purchasing Grey area Use web PR to bring in location specific attention What should press releases do Create controversy Make people feel special Appeal to a specific market segment Contain a link back to your website Successful local promotions Personal PR with bloggers, PR people Perhaps even local PR firms
  • 20. Some more thoughts How to leverage and create a robust evangelist network? Leverage the ample supply of fashion design graduates, wannabe bloggers, Youtube musicians and photographers As a pre-pre launch activity advertise to this target group through FB campaigns, Pages and Groups and on campus “ Earn Fashion Street Creds – Get rewarded” Launch paid sponsorships for top few and monetary prizes for the inspirational Get to use college back links and young talented evangelists Crowd-Sourcing Ideas Use the evangelist network groups (separate from brand page) to crowd source video and content ideas with prizes and a gamified incentives How can the app interface look? Launch app in the evangelist network Have social action buttons App clearly set-up to create sharing Campaigns to promote virality and buzz Constant ideas self produced and through evangelist network to promote video and other content virality Perhaps our own Gangnam style or Oldspice man Here is an idea: “MEN IN SUIT CHALLENGE” Short hilarious clips of men in full formal suits taking unusual challenges 1. Diving underwater 2. Climbing coconut trees 3. Shopping in hugely crowded mandis 4. Undergoing millitary drills
  • 21. Notes: This PPT is more of an overview than a complete plan. Chandramouli Bhattacharya Ph: +919916602825, +919013494223 Thank You