Geomodelling, resource & reserve estimation using mining software


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Geomodelling, resource & reserve estimation using mining software

  1. 1. Presented by Chandra Bose (MAusIMM) Exploration Geologist “Geomodelling, Resource & Reserve Estimation and Pit optimization”
  2. 2. Introduction Geo - Modelling Resource & Reserve Estimation Pit optimization Software: Gemcom Minex, Surpac, Minescape, Vulcan, 3D AutoCAD
  3. 3. Geo-Modelling •Easting, Northing, Collar, Total depth, Azimuth, Dip, type(Coring & Non-coring)Borehole data •Borehole ID, From, to, Thickness, Rock typeBorehole lithology •Borehole ID, From, to, Thickness, Seam ID/Ore NameSeam/Ore mineralization •BHID, Ore name, respective elements like Fe, Si, S, Ca, K, P, etc.Quality (Assay) data •Easting, Northing, Collar (Surface Reduced Level (SRL))Topography Mining Block Boundary Coordinates ( All the inputs should be available in CSV format)
  4. 4. Geo-Modelling 3D Borehole section
  5. 5. Geo-Modelling Interpretation from Geo-Modelling • Fault position (Structural Elements) • Roof contour • Floor contour • Iso-Core contour (thickness) • Iso-Grade contour • Iso-Depth contour Geological cross section • Along strike • Along dip Delineation of In crop /outcrop of ore body/coal seams etc. Borehole profile (Generate in string format than exported into DXF/DWG format)
  6. 6. Geo-Modelling Borehole section Borehole correlation
  7. 7. Geo-Modelling 3D depict Ore body positions underneath surface Depict integrated with Floor, Iso-core, Iso -grade and Fault position of mineralized zone
  8. 8. Resource and Reserve Estimation
  9. 9. Resource and Reserve Estimation Resource categorization Reserve categorization
  10. 10. Resource and Reserve Estimation Iso-core grid Density / Specific gravity Recovery factor • Considering Geological disturbance and mining loss Topo grid Quality grid
  11. 11. Reserve Estimation Geological Reserves Thickness wise Grade wise Depth wise Mineable Reserves Extractable Reserves Barrier - infrastructure, Bench, conveyor belt etc. In suite reserve underneath Reserves Cut off depth Generally mineable reserve (OP- 60 % & UG 30 – 40% Recovery) Extractable thickness Mineable loss/ Dilution
  12. 12. Resource and Reserve Estimation
  13. 13. Pit Optimization
  14. 14. Prior to the Pit Excavations i.e. Axis Trench cutting design Mine infrastructures and surface pit head designs includes ore stock yards Box cut of Open Pit Design / Mine Layout Year wise Pits/Mine Layouts with desired production figures etc. Periodical Face wise Opencast Mining operational designs suitable to the machinery input and targeted production outputs Haulage Roads layout mine designs Pumping layout designs Pit Optimization
  15. 15. Electrical /substations Layouts OB Dumping layouts and waste dump & topsoil dumps management pit designs etc. Internal dumps planning and Remanding dumping programing etc. Conceptual mine planning pit design Mine closure and Land use in the mining project designs etc. Mine Environmental management and impact designs Mining economics estimations and profit and loss details planning’s etc. Ore beneficiation plants planning and profitable mine dispatches technics etc. Mine funding and revenue programing from the beginning of the projects also can be estimated with this software Pit Optimization
  16. 16. Pit Boundary Slope angle Bench Height & Width No of Bench Surface RL and Floor RL (Cut off depth/ Querry bottom Pit Optimization
  17. 17. Pit Optimization
  18. 18. Pit Optimization Sectional view Typical mine plan
  19. 19. Thank you