In what ways does your media product use develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products

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  • 1. By Chandni Shiyani
  • 2. SummaryWithin this presentation I will be discussing these points in particular in muchfurther detail. 1. Discuss whether we challenged the forms and conventions of real media products. 2. Analysis and comparison of camera shots, locations and appearance of artist etc.
  • 3. Goodwin’s Theory Goodwin‟s theory of music videos states that all music videos contain either some or all of the following elements: Have a link between the visuals and the lyrics Have a link between the visuals and the music Have certain genre characteristics Have inter-textual references Includes demands of the record company Whether the video is performance, narrative or concept based
  • 4. Before a construction of any music video is followed through, producers,editors, directors and the record company/label tend to look into othercurrent and existing artists. They analyse the conventions used and themeanings created.They do this by looking at a number of points such as: The usage of camera shots The editing The narrative The locations/setting/Mise en Scene – which includes the appearance of the artist, the body language used, and the lighting and colour throughout each shot and the video.In order to create the music video that belongs to the correct category,these key points are vital as they create the structure for the video. When planning and researching for our music video, I looked into several artists not just from the UK, but America too. As many American artists, particularly from the Hip Hop/Rap genre, dominate the music charts with their music and their videos.
  • 5. Comparisons – Camera ShotsWhen research and planning I looked into a number of different UK Hip Hop/Rap artists. The artists I did look at were K Koke, TK,Lowkey, Cashtastic and Krept & Konan. I looked into these artists in particular as they are all male, London based artists who rapand make songs about society and how it effects them, which is very similar to my artist Smartz as his song London’s burning,expressed the way in which he felt about this event and how it affected many people, particularly within a specific social status. Smartz – London’s Burning TK – In for the Kill As you can see, I have taken screen shots from TK „In for the Kill‟ and my video of Smartz „London‟s Burning‟. The comparison between both these shots is the lighting. The position of which the artist is standing in might not be similar, by looking closely we‟re able to see that TK‟s shot has a dark foreground where his face cannot be seen, just a silloet. The same can be said for my shot of Smartz, as the background has been lit causing the foreground to be much darker. This creates a depth of field which creates and emphasis on the artist.
  • 6. Comparison – Camera Shots As you can see in these shots are also similar. The shot below shows my music video of Smartz in a tunnel. The difference in this is the fact that he‟s standing within a lit tunnel. However the redish glow against the dark brick wall in the background also creates the convention of aThe shot above shows TK in a tunnel full of solo artist.graffiti which looks very run down and gives the feeling of complete emptiness. Creating an atmosphere which suggeststhat he‟s in this music game alone. The use of lighting emphases on the focus towards him.
  • 7. Comparison – Camera ShotsThese camera shots in particular create and Smartz – London’s Burningproject the whole meaning behind the videos. Itshows the pointer of having a link between thevisuals and the lyrics. Lowkey – Hand on your gun The angle of the shot creates a meaning of power. It challenges the view of society being inferior to the government and those who claim they‟re in power. I believe that this shot certainly projected the message of rising up and standing up. It gives the artist the look and feel of him being in control and creates the look of him as a superior.
  • 8. Comparison – Camera Shots Another convention of this genre, is shown through this shot. This is where the artist is overlooking the city from a balcony or a ledge of some sort. This shot is usually a medium shot but from an eye level or above angle. Cashtastic - Darkness This angle creates a sense of the artist as a superior, looking down on „his city‟. Smartz – London’s Burning
  • 9. Three shot comparisonThese three shots are from three different videos. The first (far left) is taken from Lowkey –Hand on your Gun, the middle from KKoke – I‟m back and the last from my music video of Smartz. What compares all these videos is that these shots were all addedin when the lyrics spoke about the police or the government. What brings all these videos together is that they all project theviews of the artist on more of the political sides. The lighting throughout all three shots are dark, this shows that there is a negative link towards the police between many of the UK Hip Hop/Rap artists of today. I decided to stick to this convention and did project it through the faded in clip of the police car. The use of shots of British police are widely used and known to be a convention within this particular genre of music. These types of shots arent really seen in music videos that are aired on TV, so therefore we are challenging this convention from a real media product.
  • 10. Comparison - Editing When analysing specific genre music videos, I found that the types of editing would be different than another genre. The amount of seconds that each shots last tend to be much quicker, lasting around 2-4 seconds. In order to use and develop this convention, we decided to include this into our video. You can especially see this happening within the part of the video where the lyrics start to speed up. Our video needed lots of straight jump cuts from shot to shot and also special effects such as fading in and out.Here are some examples of shot edits: Both shots edit style: Straight jump cuts Duration: 3 Seconds [LEFT] [RIGHT] TK-Strapped K Koke – I‟m up edit back edit style: style: Straight Straight jump cut jump cut Duration: 2 Duration: 2 Seconds Seconds
  • 11. Comparison - Editing We also decided to add a different effect to one of our shots which was speeding up the shot. When editing we had to edit this clip and change the speed from 100 being how it was originally recorded to around 150. The speed up effect emphasises not only the video but the lyrics and the meaning in which we want the audience to receive. In this particular type of video, it gives it a slight urban feel.K Koke- I‟m Back Smartz – London‟s Burning
  • 12. The NarrativeMusic videos can also be analysed through the narrative, this would be donethrough the linear and non-linear structures of the video. A linear structure would bewhen there‟s no disruption within the story that is being told within the music video.Non-linear would be the opposite when there would be a disruption.After carrying out all the research and the planning, we found that some UK HipHop/Rap artists have songs with a narrative and some that don‟t.We ended up on deciding to make out video a performance video, rather than anarrative video, particularly because the song doesn‟t have much of a narrativerunning through the lyrics.
  • 13. Mise-En-SceneMise en scene is a key media language term which means Thearrangement of everything that appears within the framing.These are: Location Appearance – Clothing/make up Body Language Lighting Colour
  • 14. Location For our music video we used a number of differentlocations, particularly near well known landmarks, as thevideo is about London, we thought by showing these well known places would create an instant recognition. The first shot was the area around London Eye. We decided to use this location as we wanted to capture our artist infront of the Eye, as at night its lit up, this created a great colour tone for the background. Also because is a landmark. Another shot is of Smartz in Westminster, infront of Big Ben. We thought that by having this location, especially as it was outside Parliament, it would give the shot and video a deeper meaning. We chose this location in particular as the song has chimes of Big ben ringing and again it‟s a well known landmark of London.
  • 15. Location Here are some examples of TK an artist who used run down area in his video:Run down, back of shops/flats on top of shops By analysing this, we are able to compare and contrast the difference and the similarity in these genre of videos. In comparison Boarded up shops to our video this type of location can be seen within the riot footage. These types of location shots give the video and the song a link between the two. It sets the general mood and atmosphere of the song and creates sympathy for the artist as many use these shots to show that they have come from poorer backgrounds than others.
  • 16. Appearance of artistThe appearance of the artist is very important when filming for a music video as it reflects what type of artist you are, thegenre of music even personality. However, over the years a stereotype has been built up from which we recognise certainartists. A stereotype of a rock artist would be someone who wears a leather jacket and leather boots with studs. A stereotype of a Hip Hop/Rap artist would be someone who wears their trousers very low, snapback hats and expensive trainers and jewellery and chains hanging down their neck, who are also covered in tattoos. A stereotype of a pop singer would be bright coloured clothing, for a female sexual and revealing clothing and for a male t shirt, hair done up neatly and so on.For our artist we that Smartz wore casual clothing; Jeans, trainers and a puffy jacket. This would make him instantlyrecognisable as a Hip Hop/Rap artist. However, we did challenge the conventions of the Hip Hop/Rap stereotype of otherreal media products as the artist is not wearing chains or showing off his tattoos. casual clothing; Jeans, trainers and a puffy jacket
  • 17. Appearance of artistBelow are other examples of real artists within the same genre wearing similar clothing. As you can see all of the different artists are wearing similar clothing which will create an instant recognition of with type of genre they belong to.
  • 18. Body Language Body language and the use of facial expression is another important point when making a conventional music video. This can be able to be clearly viewed through any type of video for this genre. The language can be seen generally through the movement of their arms, which are moving to match the lyrics or the flow of the song. Facial expression gives that extra emphasis, it creates a better look, mood and overall view as you can see the passion and seriousness through the expression s that they give. The facial expressions give a tone to the video, for example if the song is about struggle and pain, their expressions will show this through possible angry faces. Here is a shot of Smartz using body language to express the lyrics. The artist is pointing his finger towards the camera when saying “Do the best for you”. By doing this he‟s engaging the viewer to make it seem as though he‟s personally talking towards the viewer.
  • 19. Lighting & ColourLighting and colour can make a massive difference to a music video, depending on the song. By setting different levels of lighting andcolour it can portray different emotions. This technique is widely used within real media products. Here are examples. The lighting and colour within our video creates a mood and atmosphere of a darkness and suggests that the song is about a negative subject. However, the emphasis it creates on the artist is that it makes him look like a silent witness, having him close to dark in the foreground and having the background brightly lit. The colour of the background is a complete contrast of the foreground.The lighting in the screenshot below suggests that this song andvideo is about a serious or personal issue. The lighting on Shax‟s Bright lighting, well lit, blue/white tint. This suggests that theface shows that there is a side to him that he keeps in the dark or song isnt about a subject that necessarily serious as theshadows. It projects the sense of pain and suffering. brightness of the lighting projects that the artist is successful. Shax – Far away K Koke – I’m Back