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Tweet bay finished presentation

  1. 1. TweetBayLauren Di Dio<br />Sweet Deals In Every Tweet!<br />
  2. 2. Elevator PitchA Basic Understanding of TweetBay<br />I am going to be creating a web based site that combines the fun of shopping like Ebay with the personal relationships Twitter allows you to have with your favorite celebrities. With this web site, you can buy merchandise directly from the links celebrities include in their tweets. <br />
  3. 3. What Is News?<br /> To the millions of people that follow twitter each day, news is knowing what their favorite celebrities are doing-down to the hour sometimes. A celebrity sends out a tweet of a maximum of 140 characters informing their followers of what they did that day or are doing at that exact moment. Millions of people all over the world are instantly connected to the people they watch on television, at the movies, or cheer on at the games. To entertainment news junkies everywhere, Twitter is the ultimate way to stay informed on the latest updates directly from their favorite stars.<br />
  4. 4. Why TweetBay?<br />Ever wonder where exactly your purchased items from Ebay ever came from? Sure, you may know the seller from a screen name type handle, general location and seller’s history, but its hard to trust that the four hundred dollar handbag you bought from the person for two hundred and fifty dollars isn’t a knock off with out ever having touched the merchandise. Many times when you shop on Ebay the only time you really know if your getting what you paid for is when it arrives at your door. If its not what you expected, return shipping and refunds can be a hassle. -Wouldn’t it be great If you could get a bargain on the bag that Beyonce was photographed carrying last season? <br /> -Wouldn’t it be even better if you could shop with confidence knowing the merchandise is authentic? <br />-TweetBay allows the celebrity followers to be in control of not only who they follow, but who they buy from.  <br /> <br />
  5. 5. How It Works?<br />TweetBay is as easy as Click, Shop and Buy. Celebrities post their tweets, and included in them are links to the merchandise they have available for sale. TweetBay users can search by charity name to see what merchandise is available or search for a specific celebrity to see what thy have posted for auction. The link will open to the picture of the item(s) for sale along with a description of the item and the charity the proceeds will go to. TweetBay followers can bid on the item(s) or ‘Buy Now’ similarly to Ebay. <br />
  6. 6. Saving Journalism<br />With the majority of Twitter users age 31, There is a rise of internet usage among sites like Ebay and Twitter. A website that combined both ideas would benefit journalistic values because it puts consumers in control of the news that is delivered to them depending on what THEY consider news. <br />
  7. 7. Saving Journalism<br />Market Trends:<br /> A steady rise of online shopping between 2000 and 2007 shows there is need for a more comprehensive website for people who want to get news while they shop. <br />
  8. 8. What does the internetCommunity Need?Market Research Plan <br />TweetBay will be a revolutionary way to get news that’s important to our users while incorporating the experience of online shopping.<br /> In order to get TweetBay up and running, The company will need money from investors that believe in the company as much as it’s creator does. <br /> Finding The Target audience is key in creating a successful business. Looking at the age demographics of other similar business’ is the perfect way to gauge where your new company will be most successful. <br />
  9. 9. Age Distribution of Ebay Users<br /> The Target Audience of TweetBay will coincide with the age distribution of Ebay users. TweetBay’s demographic will range in age between 25-54 years of age. <br />
  10. 10. The Key to Making Money<br />When A Tweetbay Follower bids on an item included in the celebrities Tweets, a small portion of the proceeds will go to the website to create revenue. <br /> The profit the site makes off the sale will be used towards continuing to expand the site to Mobile Apps, and will keep the membership of the site free of charge. <br />
  11. 11. Sweet Deals In Every Tweet!<br />Home welcome Lauren!<br />TweetBay<br />Home    Welcome <br />Following (123)<br />Followers(115)<br />Messages(3)<br />Buyers History(46)<br />Tweet History(431)<br />Favorites(94)<br />Wish List(32)<br /> <br /> <br />                Tweetbay, The interactive web based site that combines the fun of shopping like Ebay, with the personal relationship Twitter allows you to have with your favorite celebrities. .Buying merchandise from your favorite stars has never been so easy!<br /> <br />                 Ebay has been both a buyers and sellers dream for years. Millions of products at the touch of a button has transformed the world of online shopping. Why not combine two popular websites, Ebay and Twitter, to create a shopping experience like none other. TweetBay does just that. Users can continue to follow their favorite celebrities who will include links in their tweets about personal items they are selling for  their favorite charities. TweetBay is a safe place to get quality merchandise from a trusted seller. No more guessing if that Prada handbag is a fake, or if that basketball was signed by  Jordan himself.  Shop with confidence from all your favorite Twitter users!<br />Shop With Confidence, join The Fun!<br />About Us           Contact Us        Costumer Service                  <br />
  12. 12. TweetBay Screenshots<br />BeyonceForRealBeautiful day to make music. On the set of my new video with Lady GaGa “Telephone.” Check out my 2010 Grammy’s dress for auction. <br />Dress<br /> <br />2010 Grammy Awards<br />Designer: Stephane Rolland.<br />This dress was worn by Beyonce<br />When she was nominated for 10 <br />Grammy’s. Proceeds go to Make A<br />Wish Foundation.<br />Current Bid $900<br />Your Bid $<br /> <br />
  13. 13. NYJeterYanks2009 World Series autographed ball for autcion .. Yanks VS Mets tonight!<br /> <br />Baseball <br /> <br />2009 World Series <br />Champ Baseball <br />signed <br />By Yankees Team.<br />Proceeds go to <br />the Happy Hearts <br />Fundation.<br />Current Bid: $675<br />Your Bid:<br /> <br />