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  • My news

    1. 1. myNews News That is as Individual As You Are Presentation By Julianne Fishman
    2. 2. The Future of Journalism ✤ The future of journalism is unclear ✤ Print media is becoming a thing of the past ✤ Integrating old media with new media is important ✤ The idea of “the newspaper” needs to be refreshed
    3. 3. Why myNews Should be the Future ✤ People will be able to stay more informed in an easier way ✤ Younger generations will more eager to keep themselves informed ✤ Older generations will discover how easy it is to get the news they want whenever they want it ✤ News corporations and bloggers can coexist on your personal “front page” ✤ Classic journalism ideals can be preserved along with enhancement from new media
    4. 4. How Can We Make myNews the Future? ✤ Grants ✤ The idea behind myNews is to get people interested in the news again. It is a worthwhile project that deserves funding. ✤ Advertising ✤ After the initial setup of the site, it will require very little maintenance. Advertising could help to cover the costs of continuing to run the website properly. ✤ Avoid charging members if possible
    5. 5. A “Mutualized Newspaper” ✤ Alan Rusbridger, the editor of Britain’s Guardian newspaper and website, sees that the the internet is changing journalism into much more collaborative form. He calls this emerging journalism a “mutualized newspaper.” ✤ myNews will be a database of internet journalism endeavors that users can join in order to create their own personal newspaper ✤ myNews is the ultimate “mutualized newspaper”
    6. 6. What People Want ✤ News that reflects their personal interests ✤ Instant access to their news ✤ Current, up to the minute updates ✤ The ability to easily share news ✤ To easily discover new things
    7. 7. How myNews Will Give People What They Want ✤ It will provide the ability to access all of your news from a huge variety of sources ✤ Since your personal newspaper is on the internet it can be accessed anywhere Wi-Fi or 3G is available ✤ Since the myNews content is aggregated from constantly updated sites, your personal paper is constantly updated as well ✤ With just a few clicks your news can be shared through your favorite social networking sites or email
    8. 8. Still Giving People What They Want ✤ In addition to the main idea of customizing your own paper, myNews will also feature new internet journalism endeavors and act as a database
    9. 9. Who is myNews for? ✤ Anyone who is interested in staying aware ✤ For example, people who: ✤ read the latest headlines ✤ follow sports or the stock market ✤ want the weather or their horoscope ✤ follow bloggers, read Diggs, watch YouTube etc.
    10. 10. Meet Gary
    11. 11. What’s “news” to Gary? ✤ National headlines ✤ Stock prices ✤ Sports ✤ Popular YouTube videos ✤ Restaurant reviews
    12. 12. Meet Jane
    13. 13. What’s “news” to Jane? ✤ Gossip headlines ✤ Horoscopes ✤ Weather reports ✤ Movie releases ✤ Fashion news
    14. 14. Other Points ✤ myNews applets ✤ Fair use issues ✤ Q&A