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  1. 1. A SEMINAR REPORT “Advance Network Storage Systems”
  2. 2. INDEX Introduction Overview of system blue gene/l supercomputer Blue gene system software Blue gene/l simulation environment Trends in supercomputer Programming methodologies for petascale computing Validating the architecture with application programs Blue Gene science applications development B. E. COMPUTER SEMINAR
  3. 3. Overview of system blue gene/l supercomputer Overall Organization B. E. COMPUTER SEMINAR
  4. 4. Blue Gene/L Communications Hardware Torus Tree Ethernet JTAG Global interrupts B. E. COMPUTER SEMINAR
  5. 5. TORUS Basic architecture of the torus router B. E. COMPUTER SEMINAR
  7. 7. ETHERNET JTAG Outline of the Blue Gene/L system software. Only I/O nodes are attached to the Gbit/s Ethernet network, giving 1024x1Gbit/s links to external file servers. The JTAG protocol is used for reading and writing to any address of the 16 KB SRAMs in the BG/L chips. B. E. COMPUTER SEMINAR
  8. 8. Hardware Technologies for petascale computing Special Purpose hardware 5 main categories: • Conventional technologies • Processing in-memory (PIM) designs • Designs based on super conducting processor technology • Special purpose hardware designs • Schemes that use the aggregate computing power of Web-distributed processors Built a family of special-purpose attached processors for performing the gravitational force computations that form the inner loop of N-body simulation problems. B. E. COMPUTER SEMINAR
  9. 9. Blue Gene System Software System Software for the I/O Nodes B. E. COMPUTER SEMINAR
  10. 10. System Software for the Compute Nodes System Management Software Compiler and Run-time Support CIOD in two scenarios: • driven by a console shell (called CIOMAN) • driven by a job scheduler (such as LoadLeveler) Midplane Management and Control System (MMCS) •low level hardware operations • turn on power supplies, monitor temperature sensors and fans, and react accordingly. • configure and initialize IDo, Link and BG/L chips • read and write configuration registers, SRAM and reset the cores of a BG/L chip. • Linux for I/O nodes • BLRTS for compute nodes The custom control library can perform: B. E. COMPUTER SEMINAR
  11. 11. Communication Infrastructure 1 Packetizing and alignment 2 Packet ordering Figure 2: BlueGene/L midplane package. B. E. COMPUTER SEMINAR
  12. 12. Blue Gene/L Simulation Environment Trends in Performance of Super Computer Programming methodologies for petascale computing Validating the architecture with application programs •Rapid changes in vendors, architectures, technologies, and system usagein last 50 yrs. •The Top500 list has been updated twice a year since June 1993 BlueGene/L’s unique features are especially appealing for ASCI-scale scientific applications. •A data parallel programming language, •Message passing between sequential processes, •Multithreading B. E. COMPUTER SEMINAR
  13. 13. Blue Gene science applications development B. E. COMPUTER SEMINAR •It is the application platform for the Blue Gene Science program •It serves as a prototyping platform for research into application frameworks suitable for cellular architectures. •It provides an application perspective in close contact with the hardware and systems software development teams
  14. 14. Conclusion/Summary Point •New series of high performance machines •The first small prototypes will be available •Simulation environment •Demonstrate a complete and functional system software environment before hardware becomes available
  15. 15. Bibliography [1] “An Overview of the Blue Gene /L System Software Organization”, 5 5 George Alm’asi, Ralph Bellofatto, Jos´e Brunheroto , C¢alin Cas¸caval , Jos´e G. Casta˜nos , Luis Ceze , Paul Crumley , C. Christopher Erway , Joseph Gagliano , Derek Lieber , Xavier Martorell , Jos´e E. Moreira , Alda Sanomiya , and Karin Strauss [2] “High Performance Computing-The Quest for Petascale Computing”, Jack J. Dongarra, David W. Walker [3] “An Overview of Blue Gene/L Supercomputer”, W Barrett, C Engel, B Drehmel, B Hilgart, D Hill, F Kasemkhani, D Krolak, CT Li, T Liebsch, J Marcella, A Muff, A Okomo, M Rouse, A Schram, M Tubbs, G Ulsh, C Wait, J Wittrup
  16. 16. Question & Answers B. E. COMPUTER SEMINAR
  17. 17. Thank You B. E. COMPUTER SEMINAR