Bawse legacy chapter 1.2


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BAWSE legacy! Chapter 1.2

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Bawse legacy chapter 1.2

  1. 1. Hello!!! And welcome to the Bawse Legacy Chapter 1.1!! Last time:Our founder Adam (Sundown) met his wife Tara and wasted no timehaving kids. They had two last chapter and pop out two more in this one! Icouldn’t say no. I’ve figured out how I’m gonna style the cover pages ^_^nothing fancy though. BUT! Enough chat, Let’s get this show on the road!
  2. 2. “Adam, these dishes are filthy.”“Yeah, someone should clean them up.”“Yeah. Us. Together.”“Wait what? Heck no. I have 2 neat points. I refuse. YOU CAN’T MAKEME!!!”“I’ll kiss you if you dooooooo”
  3. 3. “This better be the best darn kiss I ever got. I’m talking full on gropeaction. I’m talking, tongue in the brain action!!! Actually. I wantWooHoo.”“For two stains on the floor??”“For two stains on the floor. No ifs ands or buts. I’m getting WooHoo.”
  4. 4. “Remember when we taught Hailey to walk?”“Uh huh”“Soon it’ll be Amanda’s turn. *sigh* How the time flies.”“Uh huh.”“You take out that trash?“Uh huh”
  5. 5. “Are you listening to me Adam?”“Uh huh”“Did you clean the microwave?”“Uh huh”“And the car?”“Uh huh”
  6. 6. “Adam. We don’t have a microwave or a car.”“Uh huh.”“Adam! You’re-”“Sh.. Sh. Kiss time now. I cleaned for you. I earned it. Hush.”“But-”“No buts. Deal.”
  7. 7. “Hey, I didn’t agree to WooHoo!”“Shhh… Silence means consent.”
  8. 8. “Daddy just did work to make another you! And it was great! But only forDaddy. You can’t do it til you’re… 87. And even then you can only kiss aboy. Actually. That’s not right… 119. At the earliest. Not even whenyou’re married. Eskimo kisses. That’s what you do. Eskimo kisses.”
  9. 9. We’ve got a pirate tubber on our hands! Hey where’s your eye patch, kid?“I don’t need an eye patch! Dad says I’m an ‘unemployed’ pirate, whateverthat means. So I don’t need a real boat, a crew, or an eye patch!”Oh he got you good.Oo! I just noticed that that’s a horse and a deputy star on Hailey’s shirt.How fitting. I spent like 15 minutes trying to figure out what the heck itwas. Is it a clown?? Man on the moon?? Nope. Kid Cowboy.
  10. 10. Hey kid, you want some food with those fingers?“Nope! *nomnomnom* Fingers make it taste better!”Oh yeah, nothing says “delicious home cooked meal” like a little dirtand grime.“Exactly!”
  11. 11. “Hey I’m Chloe!”“I’m Hailey. I live here!”“NO way?? This is the legacy house.”“Yup, my dad’s the founder!”
  12. 12. “We should be best friends. I always wanted to be in a legacy!”“Well you can be in mine! Til I grow up and stuff.”Chloe: Muhahahaha. My plan has been sprung!
  13. 13. Cowboy Chronicles. Stories of the toughest guys you’ll ever meet.Smiles? They’re allergic. Hate? They breed it. Power? Ha. You’ll neverfind more. ‘Cowboy Chronicles. Tipping Cows. Never Hats.’
  14. 14. “Hehehehehe I love to garden!”-_- Adam. That’s not very rough and tough.“Ain’t nothin’ tougher than a man and his hoe.”So you have hoes?“Lots of em! I keep em nice and new too. Get rid of the old ones whenthey get all used up.”I’m telling Tara!!!!“Aww now, that ain’t what I meant! You and these double entendres.
  15. 15. “Baby! YAAAY!!!!!!”I just can’t say no. I usually say 2 kids and done but I can’t. I love themtoo much.“We now. That’s why we keep Wanting it ^_^”Not because you’re a Family Sim and love raising new lives in hope ofmaking the world a better place??“Pft no. We like the blackmail bait!”Evil, Evil sims.
  16. 16. “Vaquero, we need to talk“Is anyone hurt?”“Well no but-”“We talk later. Eat Now.”“It’s about money.”
  17. 17. “But we don’t have any money.”“Well Sweety, that’s the problem. We’re going to be having another kidsoon and how will we afford it? And it’s Amanda’s birthday tonight. Canwe buy her a cake?”“Dang love, don’t make it seem drastic. We can afford food.”“You get my point.”“I do but sheesh. We’re poor. But not that kinda poor.”
  18. 18. “Don’t fret so much. I’ll get us some money.”“You’re gonna steal it??”“No Doll. I’m not going to steal money. I’m a cop. But I am gonna workharder to get promotions. We’ll be loaded in no time.”“I hope so.”“I know so. Now perk up! We’re gonna have another toddler to teach!^_^”
  19. 19. Birthday time for the BAYBEH!!! The smelly baby. I guess I could’vechanged her before it was time but… who cares! She’ll get a fresh diapersoon enough. Say Adam, why so far away?“I can see well enough from here thanks. And I clearly see those fumescoming from my child. Blech, thanks but no thanks. I like my eyebrows.”“WOO!! A SLOB SISTER!!!”
  20. 20. D’awwww. She’s so adorable. With large eyes, I’d say more from Tarathan Adam. Adam’s nose shape her mother’s size. And… I believe hermother’s mouth.
  21. 21. From the side… No one has a nose. Thanks to Tara.Stats for Amanda: She’s a Gemini; 2/8/10/3/7Suppppper Sloppy -.-
  22. 22. Ok so… I dunno why. But I think I did something to make my picture gocrappy. And it bothered me even putting the slides in place, so Iunderstand if it bothers you. It gets better again near the end of thestory I believe but I can’t remember..“I feel somewhat… Duller.. Less defined…. Eh it’s probably nothing. Havea good day kiddo!”“You tooo daaaaad. *sloth*”
  23. 23. Darn sloppy sims. How I hate thee.“Poopy!”TARA!!! YOU BIRTHED A POOP BABY!!!
  24. 24. “Hey cutie! Who’s mommy’s poop baby??”“ME!”“That’s right, and now that you can walk, you should walk away from thepoop. How about blocks instead?”“Yay blocks!”
  25. 25. Don’t do it man. Trust me. You can’t fish.“I’m a cowboy. We’re born. To fish. It’s how we survive! Heck, my dadtook me fishing all the time. How hard can it be a few-”Dozen.“Years later?”
  26. 26. Defeated Cowboy in Greyscale.
  27. 27. “See look! I caught something! I caught…”
  28. 28. “A boot… A darn, no good, dirty stinking, moss infected. Boot. THIS ISSOME BULL SH-”WHOA THERE COWBOY! If you guys could see his face… It’s so FUNNY!Adam was really upset over that boot hahaha.
  29. 29. “Daddy, why’s mom still in bed? It’s 4 o clock.”“No dear, she was awake all day. She just got really tired.”“Is she sick?”“Noooo…. Your mother and I…… Yes she’s sick.”“Well, let’s fix her!”“Haha dear, you can’t “fix” your mother. She’s just a little… Sore. She gotworked out too hard. A good sleep and she’ll be good as new.”“Hm… Ok dad, whatever you say.”
  30. 30. “Since mom’s sick I’m gonna take care of you. So you have to call me momnow, til mom gets better.”“Silly Hailey!”“Nooo, it’s Mom. Moooom.”“Hailey!!! *toddler smile*
  31. 31. LOL ^ Toddler smile.“Ugh fiiiine. But I’m still gonna take care of you while Mommy’s sick. Ithink Daddy made her sick but he said she was just sore.”“Yay Daddy!”
  32. 32. “Daddy, I have a question.”“Shoot kiddo.”“Did you make Mommy sick?”“Huh?”“Yesterday, when Mommy was still asleep in the light time, you said shewasn’t sick. But I think she was. And I think you made Mommy sick.”“Haha, Hailey, it was your mom who made these sandwiches. She can’t besick for just a day.”
  33. 33. “Hmm… So she was just sore?”“Yes kiddo. I don’t even know how to make Mommy sick. Well except…Never mind, whoooole different story. Something you can’t do til you’re80.”“What is it?”“I’ll tell you when you’re older, kid. Eat you sandwich.”
  34. 34. I wonder what it is… It’s probably really fun! That’s why old people do it.Old people don’t have fun kid.My bus driver is old! She always laughs and gives us candy!She’s senile. SAY NO!“Don’t taint my kid Chan. Please? Save the first born, go after the others.”
  35. 35. *yawn* “This is SO boring! I didn’t Want this!!! I wanted to teach her towalk!!!”Sorry Bub. You were close and she was on red. Suck it up.“Awwwwwwww”
  36. 36. Adam plays SuperDad for the nextfew hours so thatPreggo can getsome rest andstay sane.
  37. 37. “Hey there little one. Kick once if you’re a boy. Twice if you’re a girl.”*waits*“Hey. Hey. Get to kicking! If you’re a girl.. Then be a boy by the time you getout.”“Adam!”“Kidding, kidding! I do kind of want a boy though. You know.. FellowCowboy?”
  38. 38. “But I do not mind trying.”
  39. 39. This was the best, most violent water balloon toss I’ve ever seen! ITWAS AWESOME!“Dang girl! Where’d you get that arm??”“Not from you! You throw like a girl dad!” *sticks out tongue*“OH yeah??” *beams water balloon*
  40. 40. Moment of truth!!! To boy, or not to boy? *corny Shakespearereference FTW*
  41. 41. Adam: Hate to see her go…. But I love to watch her leave. OW!“Look honey-”“Oh I am.”“Focus! It’s a boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”And that’s how Dennis Devereaux came into the world.
  42. 42. And he was dotedendlessly by his father.BUT MOREIMPORTANTLY!!! HIGHRESOLUTION!!!!!!!!!!!WOO WOO!!
  43. 43. “YAY! I can see my fingers!!! That makes me so happy!!!” *bounce*It’s weird that you guys can only bounce on one side of a double bed….It bothers me. Fix it.
  44. 44. “WHOA! I didn’t know you were growing up!”That makes two of us sister.“I’m here because Adam brought me home!”Calm down haha nobody asked. We’ve seen you before.“Tara scares me…”
  46. 46. “Dude, you’re a little freak of nature! Like… an alien! What’s with allthose big words?”“Hush Sister. I’m trying to concentrate.”“And calling me ‘Sister’?? That’s just creepy.”
  47. 47. “We should give you to the astronauts and let them study you and see ifyou’re from Mars!”“Silly girl, you’re thinking of the scientists. Astronauts merely find theorganisms on Mars and bring them back so the scientists can study them.”
  48. 48. “However… It would be kinda cool to get tested on, huh?”“Yeah! You can probably get free foo and stuff!”“Free food?? Mmmm.”“We gotta find a way to sneak you into the spaceship!”“Ok deal!”
  49. 49. And look at this little one. His sisters are planning a way to break into afederally owned spaceship and he’s so blissfully unaware. Your sistersare criminals kid. Don’t forget that.
  50. 50. “Umm Adam..?”“What? Something wrong?”“Uhhh…………….”“Is there something on my face?”
  51. 51. “ Umm… Yeah.”“Well what is it?”“It’s umm.. It’s my face.”*thinks* “Your face. Is on my face?... What?”“I don’t understand either Vaquero, but it is.”“…I’m scared…”
  52. 52. “You think I’ll grow up like this?? I can’t go into elder hood looking like…Like a woman!! Do you know how hard it is for a man to be a man whenhe’s old? Add in the fact that he can’t control his face and my midlifecrisis will strike twice! I mean, Viagra can’t fix this!!! WHAT WILL I DO-”“Adam! Relax!!! Just go wash it off!”“Oh… Right… Thanks love.”
  53. 53. “Another stinky baby… Well. I love you all the same. You’re gonna fitright in, don’t worry.”
  54. 54. “Sweety… Don’t you want to eat like Mommy does? I don’t put myfingers in my mouth.”“But Mooooooooom. This makes it taste better.”
  55. 55. “Amanda, fingers don’t enhance food flavoring! Who on earth gave youthat idea?”
  56. 56. “Itwahntme!!”
  57. 57. No real reason for this picture. Just shows you that I’m playing 3.. Countem THREE sloppy sims in one house…….. Shoot me now.
  58. 58. “Then, I’m just gonna walk on board and hide in the back!”“That’s nice honey. Now finish your breakfast.”“But Mom, I’m going to get tested on! I can’t have too much foodinside! Tell her dad!”“Uhh… Well….”“Adaaaam.”“Eat your breakfast.” *shameface*
  59. 59. “The bus is here Amanda. Go catch up with your sister.”“Bleck. He could’ve come a minute ago..”“What was that?”“Uh I said… It’s taking too long for me to grow. I hate jumping out of myseat.”“You’ll grow eventually kiddo.”“Mhmmm.”
  60. 60. “Bye Panda. And what’s the rule?”“Bye dad! No boys, they’re abominations!”“Good girl.”“Ah, so I don’t get a goodbye?”“Mmm…..”“Amandaaa.”“Kidding! Bye Mom love you guys!”
  61. 61. “So what do you say we go out on a date, since we’re home alone?”“Ha, I say we don’t since you have work.”“I don’t have to go ye-”*HONK!*“Son of a…”
  62. 62. “HAHA! Maybe we can have a date after work.”“But that’s hoooooooooooours.”“Hehehehehe oh well! Bye sweet cheeks.”“Bye, Doll.”
  63. 63. Tara does some pretty darn productive stuff when she’s home alone.She’s like super mom, I swear.Dishes
  64. 64. Hygiene
  65. 65. Parenting
  66. 66. And even keeping her figure. Gods bless this woman. How does she doit?“Family sim *exhale* it’s in *breathes* my blood. *GASP*”Heh you sound like that kid from Malcolm in the Middle
  67. 67. “Hahahaha!! Death!”
  68. 68. Birthday time for Dennis! Everybody’s present.Tara is growing him up, Adam cheering, Hailey is the pink kid closest tous and Amanda is the one next to her, and that’s Chloe, random weirdotownie, girl near the door.
  69. 69. There’s all kinds of things wrong with this shot but it was literally thebest I could get. Between Adam’s insistent cheering and the townie girlrefusing to move, I couldn’t get ANYTHING!
  70. 70. Hey Lips, why’re you in my shot?“I want more face time!! I’m going to take over this legacy one day.”…No. Beat it.“You’ll see…”
  71. 71. Muhahaha. Got one!
  72. 72. And poof! This dashing young fellow grows up into a tux! Good taste.“Yup, my boy’s a gentlemen. I taught him well.”Adam, you can’t really teach babies anything..“Normal people can’t.. Cowboys can do ANYTHING.”
  73. 73. Wowzers. Hahaha. Well… He got.. Those are probably Adam’s lips. Hisnose size, the first to break away from Tara. And Tara’s eyes.
  74. 74. There’s only one reason I took this picture. Not because it’s cute. Notbecause it’s a good shot of the girls bonding. NO. The reason I took thispicture: is Amanda’s eyes.But you can’t get the full effect of them from here, can you? No, no youcan’t.
  75. 75. WELL BOOM! This picture made me laugh so hard. She looks like a chibicharacter. Why’s one eye so big and the other human size? HA! You area weird one.
  76. 76. “Congrats on being married! Looks like you guys do a lot of woohoo?”“Oh, you don’t know the half of it, as a matter of fact….”
  77. 77. “Hey! Where ya going??”“Be right back!!! I THINK I’M PREGNANT!!”“YAY!!!!! Just don’t barf or anything. Guh-rossss.”
  78. 78. A normal, educational night in the Devereaux family. Autonomous besidesthe help with homework queue“Yeah, since there’s no woohoo.”Sorry bub, but you guys are the ones who wanted another kid.“No, I wanted to make another kid. You know, go through the stages.”Yeah yeah. Well you got one coming so shush. And if you’re saying, Chan,the whole family isn’t doing something educational, the baby’s missing.
  79. 79. I say, you’re wrong audience member.
  80. 80. The rest of things go by as “normal” in this household.Dennis makes besties with Tara
  81. 81. Then gets taught how to walk.
  82. 82. Tara’s pregnant and has a sloppy baby.This picture is such a mess lol I raise you guys better!
  83. 83. Adam gets a promotion with a dead smart cap. Which I frankly do notunderstand.“The power of Cowboy. Don’t question it. Gain it.”
  84. 84. Oh yeah, Dennis hadn’t learned to go potty in that best friends picture.They just became best friends. Why the slouch Tara?“Poop is boring after two kids.”I’d say I understand….. But I don’t.
  85. 85. And these adorable little four bolters keep with the autonomous kisses.Ah I love you two.“Merhtjmef”D’aww thanks guys!
  86. 86. “ *gasp* “DUN DUN DUN!!!!!! Is that a baby in there…. OR A MONKEY??? ANDWHO’S THE FATHER??:cliff hanger ftw:
  87. 87. And this is where we’ll end it! With these two gross peeps. I see theresemblance but they have totally different last names. Ooooo she’s ababy mama! HAHAHAHA Sims Maury.Next Time: Ummmm… What’s next uhhh… One last baby. And… OH! We’llget to see how a Cowboy handles his daughter’s first date. Muhahaha