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Bawse legacy 2.3

  1. 1. Hello! And welcome to the Bawse Legacy: Makeovers Yo.Last Time: We LOST Tara *cries*. Adam almost crashed but partly dueto laziness and playing ahead we remained plotless.Davin made more moves on the maid.Kristen and Gabby grew up without a nose.The Spare kids and main kids became friends; we gained a new sparekid: Benny an adorable alien.That’s about it, on with the show!
  2. 2. We’re actually gonna start this one off with the spare kids.That is Davin, if you remember, who is one of two of Amanda andDavid’s children. He has a twin named Danner.Hey, I thought you wanted the maid?“Well, she won’t exactly want me if I’m inexperienced, now will she?”I see your logic.. Now you can back up those empty innuendoes.“Empty? I’ll do all those things and more. But this way, I’ll know how.”
  3. 3. IF you’re thinking: Chan, I thought Davin liked girls! All this time youled us on! I’m signing off from this whole story, my life is a lie.Well I say, settle down there reader because:That’s not Davin’s… It’s Danner’s.And I know it’s confusing to keep up with, I struggle too. Just try toremember, Dav has the shorter hair and likes the maid.Dan likes… boys.
  4. 4. This is Davin’s.Danner: Oh ok, so not only do I not get facetime, but I can’t even reachthe date you dropped off for me!!! You’re showing favoritism Chan!It’s not my fault you’re boring and Davin is the sex.Danner: I can be the sex too if you just showed me attention!Shh, Davin’s date is starting!
  5. 5. Davin! Is this how you gain experience??Well no but… We’re best friends soooo…. I thought this would make herhappy…You have 6 nice points! Why are you so mean?? Quit noogying her, youhave to show women love, affection, roman-I think a couple of kisses ought to hold her over for a bit.
  6. 6. “How was that?”“Mm… It was ok. You could use a little work though. You’d think you’dnever kissed a girl before.”“Uh… What? What kind of loser would I be to have only kissed one girl?”“Hehe I know silly, I’m just saying. You’re so shy about it.”Note to self: Less shy. More tongue.
  7. 7. Why do you always take pictures of me when I’m not doing anything?Oh, but you are doing something Benny.Yeah? What’s that?Being hot!*sigh* I’m leaving.Hate to see you go…. But I love to watch you leave! OH!
  8. 8. “Wow Davin, you’re such a good kisser.”“Yes! Thanks toots, now skedaddle.”“But, we still have an hour left on our date!”“Yeah but… I just got home from school… And…. I don’t like you.”“…You’re so dreamy..”“Riight.. I’m going to hang out with my brother, this was fun.”“Call me!”“Ahh, probably won’t but ok!”
  9. 9. Back at the main house, we see Hailey doing much better than she didin her youth at fishing.Well, I had to get good at it one day.Had it been up to you, you’d be good on day one.But since it wasn’t, I just waited and bided my time. Now look at me. I’mawesome.
  10. 10. “Hailey! HAILEY! HAILEY!!!!”“What dad??”“Why are you serving me food???”“…What?”“I’m tired! Not hungry!”“Then go to bed!”“But I’m hungry!!!”“Wha- then eat!!!!”
  11. 11. “Seriously Chan? There is literally NO reason for this picture!!”Who says you’re even the subject of it! I could be looking at that crispnewspaper over there!“Were you??”I don’t have to explain myself to you! I made you!!“So no. You weren’t!”
  12. 12. “Hey cuz, how ya holding up?”“I’m alright. Could be better, definitely could be worse.”“Speaking of worse, I hear grandpa’s going nuts.”“Yeah, he’s banana sandwiches. Mom says half his mind is gone since helost grandma.”“Well… Look on the bright side. Even with half a mind he’s smarter thanSnookie!”
  13. 13. “Look at the camera Benny, you’re ruining the sexy image.”“No. No way dude, I’m tired of being used for my looks!!!”“Well, Chan. You can use me whenever!”Don’t worry… I will! :D
  14. 14. “See, she was going to get you anyway. There was no escaping anotherface picture.”“But Dav you don’t understand. She takes these pictures of us for noreason. None what so ever! We’re not saying or doing anythingimportant right now. She just wants to show us off.”“Is that such a bad thing?? Our looks deserve to be displayed Benny. Sosuck it up, and give a few smolders.”
  15. 15. “You’re going to have to take care of them, you know.”“…I know…”“You’re gonna be the man of the house. Of the legacy. That’s not an easyjob. And it’s not a task I give lightly to just anyone.”“I know..”“You gotta make sure the house gets bigger and more elaborate and waytoo fancy.”“I know.”
  16. 16. “And the kids have to be taken care of. There’s no plot now, but whoknows what may come in the future.”“I know..”“And keep an eye on Gabby. She’s sweet, naïve, and not shiny. She’ll geteaten alive out there. Kris is fine. She’s shiny, it’s a defense mechanism.”“Got it.”“And buy some fish. I always wanted some fish.”“Fish. Got it.”
  17. 17. I feel like it’s so appropriate that he finally maxes the Logic skill point.The chess board was like a central theme in his life and now at the endhe finally he gets what he’s worked at.Well, I had to do it eventually. Now I have a shot at winning. Although,Zack is worse at chess than I am. I should’ve been playing him a long timeago. I could have beaten him without the skill points!
  18. 18. “Ughhhh, why is this game so hard?? Can we play video games instead?”“No, take your beating like a man.”“But… It’s not very fun.”“Trust me. I know. I had to go through it my entire adult and elder life!My own daughter mollywopped me at chess. Try swallowing that bitterpill!”
  19. 19. “But anyway… Back to the matter at hand: Make sure you meet lots ofnew people. The Legacy won’t function if we don’t have friends.”“Well, there are three popularity sims living here right now… Makingfriends won’t be a problem.”“Good good.. Well.. I think that’s all the tips I have. Check mate.”“Finally! Thank you! I’ve never been so happy to lose in my life.”Now.. It’s about that time for a grand send off…
  20. 20. Close your eyes and just hear me sing One last long good byeOne last song before you spread your wings Theres so much left to say And before this moment slips away What a wonderful life For as long as youve been at my side And I want you to know I loved you so
  21. 21. The cold night calls And all that I am you let me beAnd the tears fall like rain I will remember youIts so hard letting go For all that youve done And given to meOf the one thing Ill never Oh love will remainreplace This I concedeAnd soon you will be gone Now and forever moreBut these words they will live Because of you now I believeon I believe
  22. 22. And though our days come to an end Know Ill never love like this again What a wonderful life And with one last embraceAs the tears fall like rain youre gone And with one last goodbyeAs you fade out tonight youre gone. Ohhh...
  23. 23. Is it gonna hurt?Nah, I doubt it. I hear it’s faster and easier than falling asleep.Thank you Chan.. You gave me a family. I wouldn’t ask for a differentcreator.And thank you Adam. You gave me headaches, laughs, and a greatstart. I wouldn’t ask for a different founder. Although, you could’vebeen a little less difficult.
  24. 24. I was kind of difficult in the beginning, wasn’t I?Yes. Look at your face, you won’t even give me a regular face!Regular is for suckers. It’s not like you wanted me to be normalanyway.I didn’t really have a choice, now did I?Nope and that’s you loved about me. I’m as sticky as a leech inmolasses.
  25. 25. What’s taking so long?I’m not sure… Hey Grim, you wanna hurry this up?Don’t rush the sexy saunter Chan. These things take time.
  26. 26. *clears throat* Now. Adam Sundown Devereaux, your time has come.
  27. 27. Your time to partyyyyy! Where’s the aloha brah? Aren’t you happy tosee me?“Uh Grim, why would I ever be happy to die??”Well you’re gonna see your wahine again, you’re gonna chill near themoana, and just take it easy. What’s not to be Hau‘oli about??“That does sound pretty awesome…”“Waaaaaaaaaaaaah!!”
  28. 28. Don’t be sad.. I love you sweetheart..“I’m gonna miss you dad…”Adam left money to: Dennis ($8,800), Laura ($6,300), Kristen ($2,450),Gabby ($2,350), and Hailey ($9,800)
  29. 29. “Thanks a lot for my date, Matchmaker.”“Oh think nothing of it, Sweet. I’m sure the two of you will be very happytogether.”“I know we will, I paid enough.. But who’s he?”“Him? Oh, he’s but a… random passerby... Think nothing of him…”
  30. 30. “She, is who you should be concerned with my dear. Don’t fret overunnecessary plot points.”“Hmm… Plot points eh?.... Yeah, you’re right!”
  31. 31. “So… Lesbi-honest… You think I’m cute right?”“Mm…”“Because I noticed you noticing me and I just want to put you on noticethat I notice you too.”“Hehe wow Gabby, who knew you had such a way with words..”“Well I usually don’t. It’s just.. When I’m around you I just can’t thinkstraight.”Haha, it’s funny because she’s gay. Straight.. Gay… Get it?... Alright.
  32. 32. “Umm… While I’m all for a good lap dance, in the middle of the day whilemy parents are home doesn’t seem like the best time to do it.”
  33. 33. “ I had a good time, Gabs.”“Yeah, me too Tori. I’m glad you fell from the sky. Which is way too easyto make a pick up line out of.”“Well, I just met you. And this is crazy.. But here’s my number, so call memaybe?”“Absolut- Waaait a minute! What you did there, I see it.”
  34. 34. “So uh…. Who are you?”
  35. 35. “I’m like an astronaut Mr. Zack. Not important now, but one day, I’ll bethe driving force behind this legacy.”“Right… But.. Astronauts are important..”“Name one reason why.”“…Space discovery?”“Name two reasons why.”“Go home.”
  36. 36. How Zack. You gave your wife sunburn.“Well, I give her hot lovin’.”Grody, I did not want to know that. And the viewers didn’t either.“Yes you did, it was on everyone’s mind. They were all like ‘omg, howdoes he do it?’ So like a good gentleman, I answered it.”“And he does do it pretty hotly. My tan can vouch for that.”Panning away, now.
  37. 37. Where’s my bed?? I had a bed here darnit and I want it back!!First off, hello to you too Tara. Secondly, there was never a bed backthere. The house is no where near that spot. You’re in the backyard.And finally, that’s not even your bed! You never slept in that bed, youjust relaxed on it. Once!!! Why are you being difficult??Because I’m dead. We can do that.
  38. 38. I died here. Now they’re making out on my grave.
  39. 39. “Hey honey!”“Hey sweet. What’re you up to tonight?”“Oh you know, just complaining about a bed that was never mine.What’re you up to?”“Think I’ll go scare the kids, make sure they’re always on their toes.”“Sounds great! Being a ghost is awesome!”
  40. 40. He scared her
  41. 41. And she scared me
  42. 42. Your grandfather possessed you.“What? Ghosts can’t do that in Sims…”Well, your eyes went crazy and I’m convinced you were possessed.“Oh gosh… Am I a ghost now??”You were always a ghost. That’s why you’re so shiny.“Chan! Don’t lie to my daughter like that!”Sorry sorry.
  43. 43. Gabby you’re hot, but… I’ve already settled on Kristen. And your noseis a bit odd and… You’re just not shiny enough. I think this is the firsttime we’re getting a good look at the kids whose stats are:Family Sim; LTW: Become Hand of Poseidon4/10/4/8/6Turn on & off: Fat & Make-up. Stink
  44. 44. Then there’s Kristen. She seems more unique looking, custom skin andeyes.Her stats are:Popularity Sim, shocker.4/9/4/4/6 very much like her sister’s. Just a little more mellowLTW: Media MagnateTurn on and off: Blonde & Custom. Red
  45. 45. “Look mom, I’m a chicken!”“That’s great Sweety, but how did you get that feather halo?”“I’m actually not sure… A little afraid actually.”“Hey, when you wake up shiny, then you can be afraid. Til then, shut up.You guys don’t know fear!!! I know fear!!!”“Oh hush Kristen, you’re skintone is just a random glitch. Stop being sodramatic.”
  46. 46. I invited over my cousins so that we could keep the bond alive beforecollege.Davin came home from school with me, that’s why he’s still in hisuniform.Danner was complaining about the lack of facetime.The other twins tagged along with Dan, who knows which is which.
  47. 47. “So guys, since we’re almost not teenagers anymore, we should totallymeet lots of new people! Just greet every random passerby we see.”“But Kris, didn’t you do that once with the Ottomas kids?”“Yeah, and she tried to turn your mom?”“…Let’s not talk about that. That was a minor casualty. Nothing more.”
  48. 48. This is one of the Ottomas kids. I think he’s cute! He looks like his dadbut it fits on him. He was one of the random passerby that the kidsgreeted and made friends with.
  49. 49. Party ended up awesome and Benny showed up just to leave.
  50. 50. “CHAN!!!!”WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT you’re hot!! And honestly, this is a very goodpicture!“I’m never coming over again.”Alright alright! I’ve just never had an alien baby before… I’ll lay off……..
  51. 51. “No boys.”“Lots of boys, she needs a spouse honey.”“One boy. Once.”“Two boys twice.”“..Bang em all!”“Gabby!”“Sorry dad!”“Got it. Boys sometimes maybe. I’ll call when I get there.”
  52. 52. “Here you go Aunt Laura.”“Thanks hot shot.”“No problem. No problem at all.”“Yeah Aunt Laura, you play music so well.”“So well.”“Oh stop it boys, you flatter me.”Yes. Stop it. She’s your aunt. It’s time to go anyway.
  53. 53. “Could you-”“Send us-”“A taxi-”“Please?”“Thanks!”
  54. 54. “Can I go dad?”“Mmm… Nope.”“Whaa- why not?”“You just grew up!”“I’m a spare kid. We all just grew up!”“Answer’s still no. Maybe when you’re older kiddo.”“Ugh fine dad… Other dad would’ve said yes.”
  55. 55. And them…
  56. 56. Can I melt now?Davin Devereaux2 sloppy; 5 outgoing; 7 active; 7 playful; 6 niceFortune sim, Psych MajorLTW: Reach the top of the Law CareerTurn ons and off: Red & Brown hair. Vampires
  57. 57. “Faceti-”Shuddup!Danner DevereauxKnowledge Sim; top the Law Enforcement career2 sloppy; 7 outgoing; 8 active; 3 serious; 9 nicePhilosophy MajorBlack hair and Make-up. Vampires
  58. 58. Err… Mona?“Lisa…”No this is Lisa!Poli Sci; Fortune Sim2 sloppy, 8 outgoing; 10 active; 3 serious; 7 niceTop the Law career
  59. 59. And then there’s Kristen.
  60. 60. Overall, it’s a bit odd… but not too bad. The hot pink pants are a bit ofan eye sore though.I kind of like Dav’s outfit though. A bit stern, but it’s nice.
  61. 61. And this lovely guy is our placeholder from last year…. Tyler?“Are you talking to me?”Course not, air doesn’t talk.“Oh, right, of course. Well, see ya later air. I’m off to meet some hotchicks!”
  62. 62. “So, I have two lovers. And I hope I’m not coming on too strong when Isay, I would love to make you number three.”“And I hope I’m not coming on too strong when I say, you try anything onme and you’ll wake up without an ear!”“Whoa, whoa. That’s pretty harsh there, chica. I just want to give yousome lovin’.”
  63. 63. I just couldn’t wait to live in a Greek house and pledge my mother’sfraternity. It was going to be a great way to make more friends!Then, when my kids went to college, they would live in the Greek houseand we’d become legendary!Hehe, little Greek House babies. All the more people to make friendswith!
  64. 64. “Oooh baby baby!”“That’s right. Gimme the compliments. We can’t resist the RomanceAllure.”“I wouldn’t want to resist it if I could.”The beginning of the end. It gets so much worse for him and I don’teven exactly know why.
  65. 65. I love how every face is a varying degree of hatred.
  66. 66. What? He’s hot.No he’s not.Ew sis.OH MI GAWD WHAT HAVE YOU DONE??Well…… I mean, no. He’s not… I see her point
  67. 67. Time flew. Parties were thrown and lots of fun was had. I was quicklybecoming Big.. Girl? On campus and the Greek House was rising in rank.I still hadn’t made my way out to look for a spouse, I’m sure Dad wouldlove to hear about that!AH well, it’s much more important to make friends first. Dates can wait.
  68. 68. It just continues to go downhill from here. As you can see in thebackground, of the date I pushed outside so NO ONE would see, thereis a line of hatred.Davin is waiting to slap him while the other twin has a stern Argue inher queue.He’s not even in my legacy and I’m fighting to keep him here.
  69. 69. We decided to buy a van.So that if one of us ever decided to start dating, we wouldn’t have to waitfor a taxi. It was also really cheap and gave our House “personality” as Danner putit.
  70. 70. “You’re one of the Ottomas kids! Dude your siblings are kind of weird..No offence.”“None taken. That’s why I moved out. There were like 7 children in thathouse alone. Thanks but no thanks. I’d rather not.”
  71. 71. And Davin gets his own makeover slide. Why? Because I love him.Last Slide: (top left) Kristen. (top right)… Which ever twin. Then theother one is bottom left. And Danner is bottom right.(I’m not sure if you can tell… But I really don’t like the girl twins. Notsure why. I just don’t like em.)
  72. 72. “I thought you were the nice mascot! I just wanted to play Kicky Bag!!”“Nobody plays Kicky Bag with the Llama… I’m going rogue.”
  73. 73. “So what do you think we should do about Mona and Tyler?”“I’m not sure. I mean, I hate that guy, but I love Mona and I don’t want tosee her hurt.”“I’m right here guys.”“Yeah I understand. So we have to be sneaky.”“Totally listening to your conversation.”“Yeah… But we’ll get him out. One way or another.”“Right. Now let’s head to class before Mona hears us. Bye Mona!”
  74. 74. “Man… Mona is HOT!”“I’ll kill you.”
  75. 75. But later that night, Lisa show’s her nicer side to none other than…Jimmy Phoenix!I’ve been wanting to pawn him off on someone since I got the simsgame. And now I see my shot!
  76. 76. “What do you want Dav? You’re interrupting my date.”“Whaaaa? Am I?? Oh boy, that was not my intent at all! I just reallywanted to tell you about… My ficus..”“…Your ficus.”“Yup… Named.. Fern.”“Get out of here!”
  77. 77. “Alright. I tried being Mr. Nice Guy.. Now it gets ugly.”“Hehehehe fluffy pillows!”“I’m just softening you up for Woohoo!”
  78. 78. “So it’s been pretty rainy lately huh?”“No stuff, Sherlock. Did you make that dazzling discovery yourself or didyou have help?”“God forbid the guy looks out of a window. He wouldn’t know how tofind information if it literally rained on him.”
  79. 79. “It never rains on me. I’m the Llama. And I’m going rogue. Where I go,the sun follow. I punch the moon out of the sky and scare the sun to rise.I’m the Llama.”
  80. 80. And you’re still eating even though you know the food came from thatoven? Seriously?It’s college Chan. You do what you gotta do.You have more than enough neat points to be freaked out by that.Too many to not care but too few to not do it anyway.
  81. 81. There comes a point where you just have to say no. The cards, theweather, the COMPETITION, nothing is in your favor.You’re gonna die lady. Just become a stripper. Get your tuition thatway.
  82. 82. “Oh Tyler, it sucks that we have to sneak around.”“I know Mona, but look at it this way. The sneaking is half the fun!”“Hmm… I suppose you’re right. But they’re making big plans. I’d look outif I were you.”“Ah, they already slapped me. What else can they do?”
  83. 83. Benny Devereaux. But his real name is Bernard.. Lol. It just stuck Isuppose!Fortune; Reach Golden Anniversary. Da fack?0/10/2/10/10Black Hair and VampiresFull Face Make-up
  84. 84. And Gabby:Family; Hand of Poseidon4/10/4/8/6Fat and Make-upStink
  85. 85. More makeovers! Benny is a handsome chap and Gabby got the nose butshe’s still pretty.
  86. 86. Danner: Wow… He’s hot..Mona: You couldn’t pay me to date that guy.
  87. 87. “Holy crap… Is that a mailbox?”“…I think it is Dav… I think… That’s a mailbox. It is.”“Dudes. It’s so mailboxy! It’s ahead of the mailbox game!”“You go mailbox! Be the best mailbox you can be!”“You’re already on your way kid.”“Who knows, maybe you’ll be a full blown newspaper one day!”“Whoa Kristen… Whoa. Don’t get its hopes up too much. Maybe it’ll be atabloid or something, but let’s be realistic.”
  88. 88. And this is the night when all hell breaks loose. I really don’t know whythey hate Tyler so much… but they do.As you can see, Lisa (other twin in the white) is already frowning andDavin is cracking his Knuckles of Justice, so it can’t get any better fromhere.
  89. 89. “I’m tired of you! Flirting with my sister! She deserves respect!!!”“But she’s a Romance sim too!”“YOU HAVE NO RIGHT!!!”
  90. 90. “Davin he’s already crying. Just leave him.”“I can’t man… The damage is done. We’ve come to far to turn back now…This war will be won when the blood of the unrighteous runs down inrivers around the feet of the Noble men, who serve their gods and theirkings WITH ALL THE LOYALTY OF THE-”“Jesus Davin, just hit him already!!”
  91. 91. “He found her crown jewels!”or “Yup… Definitely a female.”Or “Huh, is this what it’s like to get lucky?”Or “Houston, we are ready for lift-off!”Or “I lost my hand, and I’m not ready to get it back.”
  92. 92. There were too many bloopers in this chapter lolNext Time: We finish up college for this generation! Do the kids finallystart actually dating? Does Tyler move out?? Does Davin ever hit him?? DoI learn the name of the twins?? And who is that random creeper in thebandana????Find out all this and less, next time!Thanks for reading!