Bawse legacy 1.4


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Bawse Legacy Chapter: 1.4!

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Bawse legacy 1.4

  1. 1. HELLO! And Welcome to the Bawse Legacy. Last time we saw ourfounding generation, Adam and Tara, have their last child, Laura, to addon to the three they already had: Hailey, Amanda, and Dennis.Hailey began dating which drove her father up the wall and he handledit… not so well. Adam also feared he was a bad dad when he found Laurapassed out on… in a potty.And that’s about it! Not much. So ON WITH THE SHOW!
  2. 2. “No Rando, I did not know my dad was a sociopath…”“Come on Mother, you got this!”“ No I do not know how much a sim doctor costs…”“You have to kick it forward then at a 90°, at the same time! LikeWanted!”“Well, would it make you feel better if I kissed it?”“Gross Hailey, do that on your own time!”“I’ll finish later Rando, I have to go. My sister is being a nerd.”
  3. 3. “Dude you’re so jealous.”“Jealous? I would never. It’s just gross that you flaunt your “love” whileothers are present.”“Sooo…. You’re jealous.”
  4. 4. “Ugh, you’re infuriating. Why would I be jealous? I have all I need.”“Let’s see… You have books… Books… Oh! And how could I forgetbooks?”“Well little Miss full of herself. I’m fine with literature. I don’t need aboyfriend!”
  5. 5. “Oh yeah because Shakespeare is such a hot date!”“Gross! Is that all you think of??”“Well.. Seeing as my LTW is to have 50 dream dates.. Yes. Yes it is.”“Maybe if you kept your mind on something other than dating dadwouldn’t hate you.”“Ha! Hate me. Kid, dad couldn’t hate Sgt. Slaughter in the 90’s whatmakes you think he could hate me?”
  6. 6. “Hehehe he couldn’t hate anyone!”Not true. He hates Rando.“Blah blah Chan. He’ll get over it. Listen Panda, I’m gonna find yousomeone.”“But Hailey I don’t want-”“Nonsense! I’ll have you a boyfriend before college is over!”“If there’s no talking you out of this, then carry on. But I won’t be happyabout it.” “Great!”
  7. 7. I hate that kid. How dare he respectfully bring my daughter flowers aftergiving her a nice time? The nerve of some people.
  8. 8. This is what the family does. On a regular basis. Hacky sackcompetitions. It’s like a huge family event.“Come on Hailey! You can get her this time!”“Yes Hailey, do keep trying. I’ve only beaten you 30 out of 32 times.”“That’s because you’re cheating!”“No, I just applied Einstein’s theory of-”“Oh shut up and just play will you!”
  9. 9. Ain’t she a doll? Just like her Mama, that one. I swear if she didn’t readall the books we own, I’d call her a Family Sim. But that girl can read.When she was little she used to read the nutritional values on her foodbecause she was worried about high cholesterol! I mean, I’m healthy butdang. We all knew she would be Knowledge. It just had to happen.
  10. 10. This little one however is a different story. The girl is nuts. I’m willing toput the 50 Dates aside for a second. Her dancing is a whole ‘notherproblem. She dances like a horse with two feet! Completely off balanceand extremely off beat!You’re one to talk!She didn’t get her skills from me. I’m a champion.That’s what all losers say.
  11. 11. “When did this happen!!!????”“HAI LAURA!!!!”“WHY IS SHE TALLER???”“Happy birthday Laura!!”“WHAT’S GOING ON! This event seems completely forgotten becauseshe grew up in the middle of the night without a cake and barely anypictures.”I forgot! I’m sorry!
  12. 12. …Who threw the party?? No one is even here!“I’m here about a complaint for noise.”THEY HAVE NO NEIGHBORS!“Still, ma’am. This is a very quiet neighborhood ok. We can’t have thisfamily causing a ruckus and disturbing the peace.”
  13. 13. Hey you two, stop causing a ruckus!“A ruckus? I’m just showing you that I’m a better dancer than youpegged me to be! Look. You see the gyrate? Do you SEE the gyrate?? MYhips don’t lie.”“Oh please Vaquero! You couldn’t dance if you were born in a club to theJabawockees.”“Why thank you loving wife, I appreciate your encouragement.”
  14. 14. I don’t even know what to say about this picture! But I do knowsomeone isn’t getting Woohoo tonight!
  15. 15. Ha! Tara didn’t even want to sleep in the same bed! No matter howabsolutely adorable this picture is, still.
  16. 16. Why are you up so early?“I was bored. And I figured, what better way to get a face than max a fewskills?”Kudos. It makes college money a lot easier to come by. Skill away!“Nope! I’m bored now! I’m gonna go play with Laura.”But… she’s asleep in the bed behind you…“Not in the next slide she isn’t!”
  17. 17. “Your guns are hot!”“Well they don’t call me Flash Lightening for nothing!”Or you know… ever.
  18. 18. “Well HA! Take this Flash Lightening. Not so fast now are you?”“No fair! You caught me when I was talking!”“Then less talking more running next time!”
  19. 19. “So you pushed him down??”“Yup! He shouldn’t have tagged me while I was talking. Superheroeshave to say their catch phrases before they get attacked.”“But pup, that doesn’t mean you shove your brother into some mud!”“A kid’s gotta do what a kid’s gotta do Dad.”
  20. 20. We don’t have a gnome… But if we did… I’d name him Pope. PopeGnome. I want a gnome now. He can go on adventures in the greenhouse. I can put little boxes in there and it can be like a community forgnomes! We could buy him a family and he can have little Pope babies!!!Then a Pope dog and… We’re buying a gnome.
  21. 21. “UGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!”You alright??“NO! This crap is hard! Nothin’ like riding a stallion. SHEESH!”Oh hush, you’re not even an elder yet, why are you struggling?“I don’t work out. Me and Work Out have a history and needless to sayhe’s won the previous fights. We have an agreement to avoid each otherhence forth.”
  22. 22. “RANDO!!!!!!”“Mmphhh ahhh!!!”
  23. 23. “Whoa there sweet. Shouldn’t we… ya know.. Cool it with the PDA?”“PDA? We’re at my house Rando and I haven’t seen you in days. Don’ttell me…”“What?”“You’re afraid of my dad!”“What? Am not. I’m just thinking about the maid. I’m not afraid of yourdad.”“Great! So let’s go make out!”
  24. 24. “Dude.”“ROOOOOOOOOOOR BUZZZZ TOOO TOOO TOOO ROOOOOOOOOR.”“DUDE!”“Zap zap zap!!! AHH Save us!! Don’t worry, SexyMan to the rescue! Usingthe powers of his SexyAbs and his trusty sidekick, Flash Lightening-”“LAURA!!!”“WHAT??”“I gotta tell you something!!!”
  25. 25. “You remember when Dad and Hailey were fighting?”“Yeah, what about it?”“I found what goosing is and why Dad was so mad about it!”“Well tell me!”“It means a guy touches your butt!!! And Rando did it to Hailey!!”“NO. WAY.”“YES!”
  26. 26. “Hehehehehe that’s so icky hehehehe!!”“Hehehehehe you said butt hehehehehe!!”
  27. 27. “…”“….”“Checkmate.”“But you only moved a pawn-”“I SAID CHECKMATE!”“Fine fine! It’s checkmate!”
  28. 28. “Come here you little twerp!” *chases with pinch hands*“No! WAIT!!!!”“You told Laura I got goosed??” *pinch*“Ah NO! It wasn’t me I swear!!”“LIES! It was you and I know it! Dad’s gonna kill me because of your bigmouth!” *pinches him*“AHHH HAILEY I SWEAR!!! Mercy! Mercy!!!”
  29. 29. “Mr. Cuddlekins. When I grow up, I want to meet Mr. SexyAbs.”“…”“Oh don’t give me that Cuddlekins, we’ve been over this! He’s out theresomewhere!”“…”“ *gasp* That’s what you think? Oh Cuddlekins you silly goose!”
  30. 30. “I could never forget you. When I grow up and get Mr. SexyAbs, you’regonna come with us!”“….!”“Third Wheel?? What’s that even meeeean? Come on Cuddlekins, don’tbe like this. I wub you!”“--…”“YAY!” *hugs*
  31. 31. I’m tired of seeing you eating Adam. In every chapter there’s a pictureof you eating!“I’m a growing man Chan. I have to eat!”Well do it on your own time!“This is my own time! Nobody told you to keep taking pictures of it!”And nobody told you to keep eating!!!“YOU DID!”
  32. 32. The nerve! Anyway. This is what the house looks like at the moment. Ijust can’t bring myself to make an upper level yet because… Well I’mlazy and it’s a lot easier to take pictures when all I have to do is clickpage up!Top to bottom left to right: Master bedroom, nursery, hall way/study,unconstructed study, living room, kitchen, kids’ room, their bathroom,teen rooms, and unfinished real living room and extra bathroom. I likeit! It’s boxy!
  33. 33. Oops. Almost missed his birthday hahahahaha! Sorry. And Laura…What’s with that little shy, wave thing you’re doing??“What? Chandler is kinda cute!”“Look at my muscles!”Very Schwarzenegger esque there kid! Mr. Muscles rolled Fortune withsome type of LTW… I forgot. Whatever! He’s not heir anyway, we allknow that.
  34. 34. “Congrats on not being such a baby anymore!”“Uh… Thanks dad…”Laura: Ugh. Mom.
  35. 35. “Are we still gonna be friends?”No.“Of course Chandler! How could I ever not be friends with you??”Easy.“I just don’t want you to grow up and forget me.”He will.
  36. 36. I gotta frame this just right. Too much snow and it’s just not perfect. Andno one mind the fact that I made a snow man when there’s no snow onthe ground.Chan just got tired of all the lag snow brought and cut it off. It makes forless realistic pictures but “saves lives.” And I know what you’rewondering. ‘Cowboys and snow. That’s wrong!’Well to that I say… Ask not why. Ask. Why not?
  37. 37. “You see that floor? It is now my personal domain and it is going to beused. For grooving.”“I’m out of here, I refuse to get hit by your failed attempt at dancing.”“Failed? Sister, I never fail. The very word means nothing in my head.”*dances*“Yeah except when you’re dancing! Go read a book on how to dancekid.”
  38. 38. “Come here sweetheart…”“What’s that for?”“Well… Your dancing sucks. And I just wanted to make you feel better.”“HA! Told you!”“Hailey, you’re next. Your dancing brings tears to my eyes.”“Take that Panda!”“Because it’s so sad to see such a beautiful girl look so darn ridiculous.”
  39. 39. “Please cease your pathetic attempts at dancing. I’ve already conqueredthe sport.”“Hey! I like dancing I think I’m good at it!”Hailey: “I think you both suck!”*unison*: “Shut up! You suck!”*aside from Tara* “You all suck equally!”
  40. 40. So… steal their face?Aye lad. Then my fate shall arise and take the Legacy by thine pallet!If you don’t have a face now… How can you talk?Fie on you! Doth not question my reality as the reality of which I speakshall conquer all others!Uh.. Huh?Oh just go get me a face!!!!
  41. 41. “You turned out hot! Like me!”
  42. 42. I just love this picture because it makes Tara look so darn legit!
  43. 43. “So your sister.. Her eyes are as bright as the sun… I must meet her.”“Well sorry to break it to you bub, but Hailey isn’t here.”“Hailey? No, I mean Amanda!”“WHAAAAAAAA?? Well she’s playing chess right around the corner. Goright ahead.”
  44. 44. “Uh… Why are you staring at our wall?”“Oh.. I’m sorry. I just can’t bring myself to look at someone so beautiful!”“Puh-lease. Did Hailey set you up to this? When I get my hands on her…”“No. She didn’t but if you aren’t interested..”“Oh.. No. Do pardon my behavior. It’s just not often that someone takesinterest… I’m rambling. Sit, play a game with me.”
  45. 45. You can fly!“And! I got an A!”Just one A?“Yup! I don’t pay attention in many classes, so I’m failing everything butEnglish! WOO!”Uh… Congrats?
  46. 46. Nothing seems to be working! That pup is resilient if nothing else. I haveto say, he has guts. I can respect that. But I still hate him.
  47. 47. “Heyyyyyy! I’m home from my hard day of work at the office with abunch of cops! Cops with big guns! Cops that owe me a favor! Cops thatwouldn’t hesitate to take out a certain young man who’s name rhymeswith Lando because he’s hitting on my daughter!”
  48. 48. “I’m riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiich!”
  49. 49. Muhahaha. I’m getting my revenge. Hailey left the kid alone for a fewminutes so I influenced him to clean. It wasn’t much but small victories.I can’t wait until she’s at college… Then I won’t have to stress out asmuch. She’ll be out in the world and she won’t be my problem anymore!…Who am I kidding. My heart’s gonna break when my little girl leaves.
  50. 50. But this dashing young guy! He looks more and more like me everyday!And he even has a little bit of Cowboy in him! Plaid??*sniff* I raised him so well. I couldn’t be prouder of my boy.
  51. 51. My wife is always working out. I find it so flattering that she wants to“look good for me.” When even if she were fat, had no arms, no teeth,and a fauxhawk I’d still love her……Ok the no arms I could deal with, but I’d draw the line at the fauxhawk.
  52. 52. Hailey should be going to college soon. Like.. Tomorrow soon.I know.Bishop to E4. What do you think about it?It’s pretty cool.It’s pretty cool? Bull, what’s going on?I’m… I don’t know.Adaaam. Check.
  53. 53. Damn, how’d you get me?Will you focus? Tell me the truth. You’re scared.Of course I’m scared Chan. This is my baby. My first born child we’retalking about. What if she finds out that college isn’t what she thought itwas and that the boys are jerks? She can’t just run home to me. But Ican’t just let her… grow up.Knight to B6. You have to. And it’s not like she won’t be back here.She’ll have to come back and settle down; she’s heir.
  54. 54. Yeah but how many wrongs does she have to go through to get Mr.Right?Check. You trust me?Of course I trust you Chan but-No buts. She’ll be fine. Checkmate. Think it over.How does a person with no arms or Sim body.. You cheated.No, you just suck at chess.
  55. 55. Mhmmm.“What?”Mhmmmmm!“He’s just here to study Chan.”Yeah. Study… YOUR BOOBS!“Ugh, you’re repugnant.”Why thank you!
  56. 56. “See ya in a bit Chan.”No long winded sad goodbye?“Nah, I’ll be back soon for Laura’s birthday. And I’m ready for older boysanyway!”(And I was ready for college life. Even though I’d get tired of it soonenough!)
  57. 57. “What the-? Hailey! Wait!”
  58. 58. “Bye mom and dad. I’ll see you soon I promise.”“Wait sweetheart.”“Bye honey, have fun. We’ll miss you loads.”“Wait, a goodbye hug?”“I can’t dad, I gotta go! But I’ll be back before you know it!”“But..”“Let her go Vaquero.. Let her go.”
  59. 59. That… Is not for you.Are you saying Adam isn’t thoughtful enough to mail me a sweet letter??I’m saying he isn’t thoughtless enough to mail a letter to his ownhouse.
  60. 60. Man my wife is hot! I would mail a letter to her any day!I stand corrected.
  61. 61. “So I just wanted to tell you…. I love you…r pie. Your pie. Is freakingincredible.”“Oh gawsh! Thanks a lot Adam. You’ll have a fresh one in your inbox nextweek!”
  62. 62. “Hey I’m permaplat!!”That’s great, but in other news, those plots behind you seem to alwaysbe fertilized. I mean, when is someone going to plant some seeds onthose things?? They were fertilized last chapter!“That’s almost as important as… ME BEING PERMAPLAT!!”Yeah yeah yeah. About those plots though.
  63. 63. “You guys… You have spoons… Guys… Guys!!!”
  64. 64. “Do you always eat like space bound astronauts?”“Hmm.. Yes pretty much. Seeing how it’s my life’s mission to become anastronaut, I figure I should practice the customs now.”“I see. But- *choke hack gag* Sir! You’re crumbs just flew into my mouthand choked me!!”“ *slurp* Sowrry.”
  65. 65. “*buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurp* ““Adam!”“Sorry.”
  66. 66. “What’s been going on lately? You’ve been… Kinda weird acting.”“I’m sorry Doll. Just… I just miss Hailey is all.”“Oh I understand. I miss her too but it’s part of life! Part of growing up!”“Yeah… I suppose.”
  67. 67. “I still wish we could’ve left off on a better note. I hope she doesn’t thinkI hate her.”“Oh I know she doesn’t. Something about Sgt. Slaughter.”“Good because I don’t. Just her boyfriend. Err.. Ex-boyfriend.”
  68. 68. “You think I’m wrong for that?”“Being a father? No Vaquero, I don’t think you’re wrong for caring. I thinkyou’re the best father our children could have and I wouldn’t trade youfor the world. Now eat your mush.”“Yes ma’am.”
  69. 69. “So…. You still have those handcuffs?”
  70. 70. “Let’s play Red Hands Panda! I bet you I’d win!”“Ha, silly child. I do not lose.”*silence… silence… SCHMACK!*
  71. 71. “OWWWW AMANDA!!!!!”“I tried to warn you! I don’t lose!”
  72. 72. “Oh no. OH NO! Not yet! NOT NOW!! LET ME WOOHOO ONE MORETIME!!!!”I tried to hold it off as long as I could. It wasn’t supposed to be sosoon!!
  73. 73. *poof*“I’m… Old.”You are old. But you don’t look any different! Beside that cave you calla cheek.
  74. 74. I’m still a CowboyBawse. And anyone who questions that can say hello toDuke and Nukem.Who’s that?My fists!!! Boo yah.
  75. 75. You can fly!And I’m a vampire. That can walk in the day time. Fear me, humans. For Iam the harbinger of all your nightmares.Pretty tough talk for the old guy in spandex.Thanks! I worked on it all day!!
  76. 76. Oops… Missed her too.“Ughhhhhh I feel my arthritis kicking in already! My back!”
  77. 77. Well she’s still pretty. Adam what are you wearing??I thought it was pretty cool. Stripes and a polo. What’s not to like.*gasp* You are old!Oh god… Quick! Help me!!! I’m losing my pretty boy swagger and thecockiness inside me!
  78. 78. You look like that guy from Duke’s of Hazzard!!“Uhh… Thank you?”No problem! He’s a hot old guy!
  79. 79. Finalllly! Sheesh! It gets old to have to see a bunch of dirt on theground.“Well since I’m old now, I figure I should start doing old people stuff.”Hey your husband loved to garden.“He’s always been an old soul.”
  80. 80. “So Panda… Do you think I was too hard on Hailey?”“On her dating situation?”“Yes.”“Well… From a teenager’s perspective. Sure. No teen likes to besmothered and nagged by their father on whom they should or shouldnot date.”“Oh..”
  81. 81. “Hooooowever. From a father’s perspective, though limited, I have tosay no. It’s kind of your job to be protective whether we like it or not.And a pleasure sim with a dating LTW has got a to be any father’snightmare. Not just yours.”“Hmm.. I suppose you’re right. I just can’t help but feel like I was toohard on her.”
  82. 82. “Well there’s a chance for you to find out.”“How?”“Laura’s birthday party. She’ll be coming and you guys can make amendsthere.”“You think she’ll talk to me?”“Well she’s not ignoring you father, she was just excited to go tocollege!”
  83. 83. “Yeah, you’re right. Say when’d you get so smart pup?”“Probably around the time you stopped letting me win and chess andstarted realizing I could beat you anyway.”“Hey you weren’t supposed to know I let you win!”“It was pretty obvious when you tried to Check with merely a pawn.”“…Maybe chess isn’t my thing.”
  84. 84. Hey. Hey. Hey you! Kid! HEY!“What?”I’m here to film you and you don’t even show your face!“I’ve given up on that quest. I’d rather make money with my paintingsnow. Who cares about face time??”
  85. 85. I only have this picture in because it is so darned cute! Look at them.Gardening together. It made me go “Awwww.”And on that cute note, we’re going to leave the main house and checkin on Hailey at college for a bit!
  86. 86. Well. Here I am. The grand old Sim State. I’m living in a dorm right now,until Dennis, Panda, and Laura come. Then we’re gonna move to anempty lot and start a frat.First thing’s first: New Clothes. I love the green but the outfit is justhorrid. I can’t find hot guys with this crap on.
  87. 87. So I head downtown to buy some new clothes. I stick with the greenthough. That’s my thing.The cashier was kind of cute. Wish I had seen him when I was a teen. Iwouldn’t mind having some dream dates with him! OW!
  88. 88. Since she had literally nothing else to do, I let her wander over and playpool. I was hoping she would make some friends and find someprospects.Boy was I mistaken.
  89. 89. “UGHHH!!! Why are you so close to me?? Your bright baby blue jacketjust totally clashes with the Blazer!”“Hey! At least my shirt isn’t dirty. I saw that shirt at the shop, it waswhite when you bought it.”I can take a hint though. So I decided to find other, nicer people to talk to.
  90. 90. Like this cutie! His turtleneck is a little Bill Cosby but he’s got a prettyface.“Hey, I’m Hailey.”“Nolan. How’s it going?”“Pretty well. Wanna hang out?”“Yeah, sure!”
  91. 91. Ooo! But he’s cute too!“Ayyy Nolan. How’s it goin’?”“Pretty well, Zack. This is my friend Hailey. Hailey, that’s Zack.”“Hey Zack. You should hang out with us.”“Hmm… Yeah, alright! I haven’t got class til 4 anyway.”
  92. 92. “So Hailey, are you new to Sim State?”“Yup, this is my first day. I had to buy some new clothes, you’d hate tosee what I grew up in.”“Was it a made for TV outfit?”“Yeah, if the show was on SyFy!”“Haha it couldn’t have been that bad.”
  93. 93. The guys and I talked for hours. About anything! I was really happy whenZach decided to sit next to me. He’s a cutie. Nolan is cute too.If I had to pick one… I’m not sure. It’s a good thing I don’t have to!I got both of their numbers before I left. I still haven’t decided which tocall first!
  94. 94. This stinks.
  95. 95. Mirror mirror who’s the fairest of them all? Who will drop their overalls?If I give them a call?Zachary.Thanks mirror! *wink*
  96. 96. He came over instantly and I wasted no time working my magic.“I was really happy when I met you. I didn’t know I’d meet such a cuteguy on my first day.”“Oh stop, you’re making me blush..”He had to leave soon for class but he promised to come back soon….So I called up Nolan!
  97. 97. “You’re the cutest guy I’ve met here. I’m so glad I met you on my firstday.”“Haha well aren’t you a little charmer?”He had to leave too! Blah! This class schedule is getting in my way! So Iretired for the evening to study.
  98. 98. So.. I forgot what she’s majoring in… But it’s something that fits herskills since she doesn’t have a Career based LTW.I know I’m spacey. But look at it this way… So what? :D
  99. 99. Birthday time! And oh boy. Adam is gonna hate how she grew up…
  100. 100. Little Ms. SexyAbs grew up and rolled. DRUMROLL PUHLEASE!Romance!!! Oh and it gets better! Her LTW: Woohoo 20 differentsims!!! WOOOOO!!!!Adam: “Kill me now. Just shoot me.”
  101. 101. “You’re hot.”“I know.”MOVE YOUR HEAD OUT OF MY SHOT! SHE JUST GREW UP!! You can’thave her yet.“But she’s hot!”You’re dating Amanda!“Who?”-_-
  102. 102. “WOO! That was a bomb Laura just dropped on Dad. Makes my LTWseem like child’s play!”“Yeah, I know he can’t be in a good way. But enough on that. How iscollege life treating you?”“Really great, mom. I’ve made new friends and I let my hair grow out alittle.”“That’s great honey, I’m happy for you.”
  103. 103. “Your father will be happy for you too…”“I get it. I get it. I was going to talk to him anyway.”“Thanks sweetheart. I know it’ll make him very happy.”“No prob, mom.”
  104. 104. “Hey old man.”“Haha hey there pup.”“Listen… It’s ok. We’re fine.”“Honest?”“Yup. Honest.”That was all I needed to hear. My little girl is just like me. We aren’t reallygood with words. But what we do say, we mean. I’m happy to put this allbehind us and move on.
  105. 105. Laura’s makeover. I went for something a little Racier than whatanyone else wore… It seemed appropriate.
  106. 106. “Look at you! Since when did you start wearing makeup, Laura?”“Uh, since I wanted to look hot and get guys. Duh.”“I think you look silly. Who needs to be so flashy?”“Ha! Panda you only say that because you’re a knowledge sim. Some ofus girls actually want attention. Isn’t that right Denny?”
  107. 107. “Err… What?”“Oh come on. Be honest, you’d go after the girl in makeup before youwent after the Plain Jane.”“Haha Laura you don’t know your brother very well at all! He’s toowrapped up in making money than finding love.”
  108. 108. “Hmm money over love… I can live with that! If I ever were to date a guyhe’d have to be loaded!”“I ain’t she a gold digger… but she ain’t messin with no-”“Oh shut up Dennis! Just because I know what my standards are doesn’tmake me a gold digger.”
  109. 109. “Just a floozy.”“Too each his own, Nerd.”“I’d rather be a nerd than a wanton.”“Well good because you really have no choice. Money says I get my firstkiss first.”“And statistics say you have your first child first as well.”“Oh bite me Amanda.”“I’m sure hundreds of men will Laura, just wait.”
  110. 110. “Hehe you kids.”“Oh whatevs Hailey. You’re not that much older than us.”“Dennis is right. You can’t talk down to us.”“Oh but I can, youngsters. Because I’m in college and you. Are not. Soha.”“Well when I get to college, I bet I get more guys than you do Hailey!”
  111. 111. “Because well… I’m hot!”“Whatever kid. Talk to me when you get your first kiss. In the meantime,I’m gonna go call one of the two guys I’m juggling and set up a coupledates. Chao.”“Two… Whoa.”
  112. 112. “Be safe.”“I will dad.”“And stay true to yourself. You’re a knowledge sim. You don’t needboys.”“I know dad.”“And no matter what, remember. No boys til you’re 87.”“I knoooow dad! Now I’m going to call you when I arrive. Love you both.”
  113. 113. Don’t worry Amanda… You’ll find love at college… No one is aloneforever.
  114. 114. Look who dropped by! If you guys remember, she was in Adam’swelcome wagon on the first day and for some reason, she andBenjamin Long got into a fight over Adam!If you can’t tell… She’s still pretty peeved!
  115. 115. Well someone wasted no time making friendly with Ricky now that hersister was gone.I need practice if I’m going to live up to all my talk! I can’t have noexperience going to college!
  116. 116. She’s still as glitchy as she was when she was a toddler! What IS that??I don’t know. Now shush! I’m trying to put the moves on Ricky!“So.. Now that I have you alone, we should find out just how hot I am.”“Oh? And how do you propose we do that?”“Well….”
  117. 117. ***“Great! You can go now, I’m finished.”“ *gape* Well! Fine! Don’t expect me to call you.”“Don’t worry, I hope not.”
  118. 118. My hard work has been paying off! All that time working in the gardenwasn’t for nothing! Real men get badges.
  119. 119. Just to show how cute they are. Literally no other purpose for thispicture. They’re still four bolters and everything.
  120. 120. Denny brings her home one day and they’re instant two bolters! To saysorry for not showing him very much attention, I let him have herbefore college.“Why are you hiding your face?”“Uh.. I.. I don’t know… I’m just… You know… Nervous.”“Well don’t be Ivy. We won’t do anything you don’t want to.”“But… I do… I want to kiss you… I mean, I don’t. I mean, but… Ohbuttercups.”
  121. 121. “I’m such a doofus.”“You aren’t a doofus. You’re beautiful. I’ll be going to college tonight butI promise I’ll keep in touch.”“Oh, you’ll forget me Denny, I know it.”“I won’t Ivy. I swear. I’ll prove it.”***“I’ll call you when I get there.”
  122. 122. I won’t forget you. You have my word.
  123. 123. College boys woooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!
  124. 124. With all the kids at college it makes me sad to think I’m gonna lose myfounding generation soon. :|They’re so cute!
  125. 125. And look! Benji stopped by too! He’s not happy with Brandi either!NEXT TIME: COLLEGE! Does Hailey pick Zach or Nolan? Or does she dropthem both like a fickle little Pleasure sim and find someone else?? DoesLaura live up to her hype?? Does Denny ACTUALLY call Ivy?? Does Pandafind Love??And do Benji and Brandi have round two??Find out all this and less, next time! Thanks for reading :D