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Next generation of True Mobile Banking....

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  • True mobile design, it’s not a mobile phone, it’s a mobile service platform, it serves you at anytime at your instruction.

    3i Design,truly innovated, innovation in service content…. “ Service Oriented “

    Spirit : Success Inspires Success…
  • Trend :More mobile request, all in one solution request,
    Communication system, stability, and security
    Exponential market share… and mobility of business platform

    Most user friendly…. Multiple touch points, … simple flick-direct access to designated page
  • The latest CRM concept has been upgraded to CERM , we must understand the “ expectation “ and “Experience” of customers then we will be able to serve them better…

    Integrate technology and knowledge into one piece of service platform…
    Upgrade service level. And increase customer satisfaction level
    Cut down lots of current redundant costs and operational costs
    Induce more business opportunities
    Dig out more VIP and supreme customers
  • Thin and Thick client conceptual design….
    Regular content and info made it available always with the machine – preloading it…
    Current one and active and dynamic data, make it available by direct flick….
  • Most of the back-end are in microsoft platform, most users are familiar happy to use IE and Win Office solution…
  • Fastest way to access to the most expected features
  • The true terminal allows you to direct interact with customers... With Dynamic CRM, we are able to track and trace and mine all the users details and data for on-going development
  • May be the most secure banking solution….

    Hardware and software pin plus sim pin and system generated member’s pin

    Bankers are about time to develop more loyalty programs to retain and acquire old and new prime customers… respectively.
  • Most commonly used platform nowsaday…. Dot net technology and MS database and analysis platform…
  • One to multiple design, centralized the management of the advertisement content and also the ad-horc msg required to broadcast to customer…. Like research study and report, buy and sell signals
  • Able to deploy the banking settlement system into the platform for the safty and customer services leverl
  • Fully IP capable, with multi-channel interaction capability, truly multimedia effect, able to grasp and provide data and services ( B.I.)
  • Particularly for those VIP customers, self access control, self services VIP kiosk and with VIP Service Rep always available on demand , more privacy and more efficient ….
  • Home Feeling … Warm and Safe … , High tech and programmable tailor-made service provides the feel and service level and content…
  • Rich media display available with multiple touch effect…
  • Its like a 5 Star Hotel services
  • Mobypage Financiall Series Microsoft Isu 1c

    2. 2. 移动银行创新方案 Barry Chan 扬州实是科技发展有限公司 CEO
    3. 3. 对金融业务和技术的影响 MOBY-PAGE FINANCIAL SERIES driving next generation customers experience and new business innovation for financial CARE … 3 I Design : Instantly CONNECTED / Truly INTERACTIVE and Totally INTEGRATED WIN Mobile Solutions … Barry Chan Founder & CEO 扬州实是科技发展有限公司
    4. 4. Investing in Innovation Trends, Challenges and Opportunity Mobile Service On Demand for Financial Services Solution Area Next Generation Online Banking CARE Service with FAST Speed Resources TRUE ON-LINE FINANCIAL TOOL – MOBY ATM
    5. 5. Investing in INNOVATION Converting knowledge and ideas into A ALL-IN-ONE HANDY TERMINAL WHICH CAN PROVIDE new or improved products and services improved efficiency and effectiveness enhanced customer experiences better ways of doing business to gain a competitive advantage The more reach , more user friendly, more interactive, better understanding of your customers, The better the Bottom line !
    6. 6. new and improved products and services Hassle free! No need to download any new software. All-in-one personalized customers’ communication system that increases bank and financial institutions profitability to provide better services. Enhancing customers' satisfaction, capturing user loyalty while increasing “internal” sales and driving down operational costs. True Mobile Unify Communication Terminal with multiple tiers for security control: - Pay your bill, check your balance, review your recent transaction, wherever you are on the go…
    7. 7. improved efficiency and effectiveness Inbuilt Moby-Page Financial System a 24 x 7 Customer CARE Centre. Intuitive and easy to use touch screen device with multi- media and multilingual capability featuring Dynamic CRM Contact Point running on SQL server. Moby-Page provides preset ATM function instantly connecting you direct to all banking / financial services available.
    8. 8. enhanced customer experiences Personalize Service-on-Demand – streamlined with the most advance Digital Contents Management System (DCMS). Truly Interactive real time response and service level monitor system. No more barriers! - Moby Page Financial Series is a universal device to help local banks acquire more foreign customers based locally.
    9. 9. Targeted true-Multimedia content and service directory Service Request Inquiry Support Interactive Dealing Channel Inter-Group communicator Access Control /PMS Unify Communicators C/R/H : Dedicated Bank counter/private offices L /G :Digital Content Display / Virtual ATM S: Back Office G VIP Self Service Private Kiosk Mobile communication with bank’s staff Targeted multimedia ads and news Messages Campaign Generator Bank Architecture Scheme
    10. 10. better ways of doing business to gain a competitive advantage Optimal banking service and maintenance activities Eliminate "miscommunication cases" and costly gestures derived. Reduce the queues at service points like reception, bank queues, ATM kiosk, etc… On-going low cost update of all marketing material while reducing the printing costs - including the service directory book, the banking service menus and the “MOBY” order form. Ever-updated information on customers’ behavior and transactions.
    11. 11. CONFIRMED - in a preview of Microsoft Windows Phone 7 will include: • Multi-touch will be a core feature • Targeted at high-end market as current android phones • competing phones will be "knocked in the different realm" of Microsoft's new platform. Trends, Challenges and Opportunity
    12. 12. Increase in mobile banking: • Biggest mobile phone trends taking off in 2009 has been developments in mobile banking. • People are not just using the mobile web to access their accounts or receiving text message alerts from their banks! • Technology improvements means you can actually use your phone to make payments at the point of purchase. • This is going to be something that we start to see implemented in more and more places in 2010 1 2 Mobile coupon use will become commonplace. • As more and more people start to use their phones to make payments they will also start looking at ways to decrease the cost of their spending • Using mobile phones, people are already starting to get mobile coupons which are accessed right on the phone and used at various stores.
    13. 13. Smart Phones will truly become the norm. • Touch-screen smart phones will likely continue to rise in popularity. • The coming of Microsoft Win Mobile 7 will lead to an increase in purchases in this area specifically. Mobile broadband speeds will increase. • People want fast mobile web access on their phones just like they do on their home computers or laptops. • This means that the new LTE systems allowing for faster mobile broadband will be something that gets a lot of attention 3 4
    14. 14. 5 Attention will be given to improving battery power and network capabilities. • As mobile phones do more and more things they are draining their batteries more quickly. • They’re also taxing the network. • Creating new technology that can handle our modern use of mobile phones is going to be a key aspect of the mobile industry in the years to come.
    15. 15. Mobile Service On Demand for Financial Services Moby-Page Financial Series now enables a portal solution for Mobile Banking which is more intuitive. Making it easier, more convenient and secure for financial institution / bank to serve their customers to navigate and handle banking transactions wherever they are. We’ve also enhanced the user interface, email notification and delink function.
    16. 16. MOBY-PAGE Financial / Mobile Banking Series With Moby-Page Financial Mobile Banking Series bank customers can easily access online banking anytime, anywhere via wireless , GPRS or 3G on your mobile phone without having to download additional software, it is safe, secure, easy to use, convenient and peace-of-mind.
    17. 17. Moby-Page Financial / Mobile Banking Series Features:  Allows bank customers to view account information easily, with navigation customized to mobile phone.  Perform fund transfers to personal accounts and third party accounts.  Bank customers can pay their utility and credit card bills – anytime – anywhere.  Bank customers can check latest foreign currency rates, personal account and make investments online.
    18. 18. Dynamic CRM ? Customer Loyalty ? 下一代真正移动银行IT架构
    19. 19. MOBY MLS/PG Overview Internet TPC / IP Web Based OS : Windows, Mac, Linux / Unix Browser : Internet Explorer, Netscape, Mozilla, Fire-Fox Intranet (VPN) - TPC / IP Web Based OS : Windows XP / Win 7 + Internet Explorer 6 or the latest
    20. 20. Bank MOBY-PAGE User Role Supplier (Multiple) Agency (Multiple) Member (Company & Individual) User Role Supplier (Banks and partners services and products ) Member (Company & Individual) Web Portal Supplier Portal Agency Portal Member Portal Web Portal Supplier Portal Member Portal Security Level Multi-tier Security Level 2-tier Membership Loyalty System (MLS)
    21. 21. Portal & Integration Layer (Developed by ASP .NET & .NET Framework) Application Layer (Developed by CRM SDK & .NET Framework) Foundation Layer (CRM , SQL Reporting & Analysis Services) Database Layer (SQL Server ) External Systems e.g. POS, COS, BO China Union-Pay, Credit Cards & Banks Current MLS / PG Architecture
    22. 22. Product Bundling Across Multiple Suppliers Cost & Price (Individual Item and Bundle) Loyalty & Redemption Point (Individual Item and Bundle) Supplier EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) Connector Multiple Suppliers – Purchasing Cost/Price Update Banking Product Categorization Deposits Foreign Exchange Securities Bullion, Metals and Commodities Insurance Remittance Product Knowledgebase Check List Reminder Digital Content Management System (DCMS) Research Report , Buy and Sell signal recommendation; hot news…
    23. 23. SQL Server Active Node SQL Server Passive Node ` Staff Portal SQL Cluster (Virtual SQL Server) CRM Server Reporting Services CRM Server Reporting Services NLB Cluster (Virtual CRM Server) Portal Server Integration Server Portal Server Integration Server NLB Cluster (Virtual Portal Server) Load Balanced Cluster Load Balanced SAN Optical Fiber MOBY MLS/PG High Availability Environment
    24. 24. Bank MOBY-PAGE Exchange (Buy/Sell) and Reservation Platform Deposit Request Foreign Exchange Currency Security Commodities Insurance, Accessory, etc Dealing Platform Dedicated Bank / Department Interface Web Portal - DIY Customer Service Center Agency Portal (Branch) – Serve Customers Interface Web Portal - DIY Customer Service Center Product Knowledgebase Comprehensive (multiple products) Multi-level Mix-and-match Product Knowledgebase Instant (Banking Products) Single-level Packaging Standard Bundle (such as Swap Deposit ) Tailor-made Package (such as Standard Bundle + Insurance + Suitcase) Packaging  TBD Central Dealing System (CBS)
    25. 25. Settlement Management System (SMS) Consolidate Transaction Request (form Tailor-made Package) for Delivery Portfolio Management Warehouse Management Settlement Connector Multiple Interbank Clearance (e.g. Interbank system, CUP, Jetco, Visa, Master and Amex ) On-line Tracking# and Log
    27. 27. Next Generation Online Banking CARE Service with FAST Speed Resources
    28. 28. 创新银行案例 - Umpqua Bank 业务需求 通过吸引创新服务吸引更多客户在网点办理 业务而增加收入 方法 通过类似零售商店的创新网点吸引客户 建立起明确的、以客户为导向的企业文化 提供与众不同的客户体验 成效 像零售商店一样宣传和包装银行产品 首个下一代网点吸引了数百万美元的新增存 款,比预期值高出一倍以上 在过去五年中年均复合增长率超过30% 与传统网点相比,可以吸引更加富有、更为 年轻的客户群(年龄介于26岁至35岁之间) 在财富杂志的2008年最佳雇主评选中名列第 13位 IBSG - 20Copyright © 2007 Cisco Systems, Inc. All rights reserved.Cisco Confidential IBSG - 20 Innovative Examples: Fast Growth through Retail Approach  Business Goal Increase deposits  Solution Attract customers with branches that have look and feel of retail stores  Results Merchandising and packaging bank products like a retail store First next-generation store brought in $35 million in new deposits, doubling estimates Revenue growth >30% CAGR over past five years Voted 13th on the Best Company to Work For on Fortune 500 Magazine in 2008
    29. 29. 融合高档酒店、零售商店和银行特色于一身
    30. 30. 与众不同的客户体验
    31. 31. 以客户为导向 的企业文化
    32. 32. 通过下一代银行IT架 构提供客真正移动银 行体验
    33. 33. Thanks you ! For inquiry : Please contact me at 18605229977 or Drop me an email at