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  • 1. About ChampionsWay &PerfectMIND
    Founded in 1998 by Master Farid Dordar | Served over 5000 Studios | Employs 60+ people
    Office located in New Jersey
    Headquarters in Vancouver, BC
  • 2. Your Role in Social Media
  • 3.  
  • 4. Take Aways
    The Role of the Owner with Social Media
    The Role of the First Impression (Front Desk)
    The Role of the Experience (Your Staff)
    The Reports you need (or you are wasting time and Money)
    How to plan, measure, and adapt
  • 5. Take Away # 1
    The Role of the Owner with Social Media
  • 6.
  • 7.  
  • 8. Why your business will die
    It will be too late for you to recover
    Your competition will be to far ahead to catch up
    The Internet has a history, and so will you or your competitors
    I Said two years ago………….
  • 9. You are a media company. The question is do you know it yet?
  • 10. You do not if…….
    Have no idea what is going on.
    You think your 17-18 son/daughter/assistant can get it done alone.
    You are letting the future of your business be run by a teenager
    You say “I want nothing to do with it.”
    You say “Once my webiste is fixed I will get started.
  • 11. The Way you Sell and Market HAS changed
    Every day your database is becoming less valuable
    Soon it will a bunch of names that will be worthless
  • 12. The value of your business will be
    Your Social Reach
    Or how far someone else can reach for you or with you
  • 13. Two types of Owners
  • 14.
  • 15.
  • 16. If you are already going full force….
    Staff Management
    Daily Job Description
    Monthly Plan
    Monthly Stats
    Network and be the EXPERT in your area
  • 17. If you are getting Started
    SMO Course
    Realize you are a year and a half behind
    Be Patient you will catch up
    It is a system of best practices not a quick way to get students
    Set Clear small goals like you did with martial arts
    Get a mentor-One of our clients
  • 18. Take Away #2-The Role of the First Impression (Front Desk)
  • 19.
  • 20. A missed info call costs the business at least 1K
    Everday the front desk person does not get a walk in, students, or a phone call to your facebook page is detrimental to your school
    THEY MUST BE TRAINED and provideyou with a report.
    SMS , Email and Facebook
    The Job Description is being redefned more and more every day
  • 21. Why is my Facebook Page Dead?
    Your Staff
    Your total creativity and follow through
    NO Direction
  • 22.
  • 23.
  • 24. Starts as soon as they Walk In
    Discount to becoming a Fan
    For current clients
    Who cares about the people that are not interested
  • 25. Take Away # 3-The Role of the Experience (Your Staff)
  • 26. You can be one or the other
  • 27.
  • 28.
  • 29. What is their Role?
    Tips after class
    Using Facebook to ask questions
    Shout Outs
    IPHONE or Mobile
  • 30. Continued
    Parents Testimonials
    Student Testimonials
    Funny Videos
    No religion or Politics
    Offline Events
    The best invention EVER is Social Media
  • 31. Myth #1-It takes too much time
    If you try to brand everything on video
    If you do not use real time
    You are using more than an IPHONE or IPAD
    You are looking at software editing programs for videos
    If videos are more than 30 seconds
  • 32. Myth #2-My jr. Black Belts Handle my Social Media
  • 33. Myth #3-My staff does not want to be involved
    Get rid of them
    Let them work in am office
    Not talking about 18-
    They are in the wrong business
    You can never have enough content
  • 34. Take Away#4-The Reports you need (or you are wasting time and Money)
  • 35. The Reports
    Facebook Insights (Free)
    Reach (Work)
    SMO Campaigns ($)
  • 36. Facebook Insights
  • 37. Facebook Insights
  • 38. Reach
  • 39. SMO Campaign Report in PM
  • 40. SMO Campaign Report in PM
  • 41. You need to start with this……
    So you can be ready for what is coming
    20-30 Campaigns
    Make decisions based on Science and Data not your “Feeling”
  • 42. Take Away # 5-How to plan, measure, and adapt
  • 43. How to Plan
    15 Days Prior
    SMO Library (Released on Monday)
    How are you going to hook them up?
    What are you giving to them?
    What is in it for them?
  • 44. If Your saying…..
    Im not getting a ROI
    We are not getting students
    It is not working……
  • 45. Reality
    You are not working!
    I did not put in a program and get less than 500 schools in one year
  • 46. How to Measure
    Every day
    Review with your staff
    What are YOU doing wrong?
  • 47. How to Adapt
    By reviewing DATA and making a decision based on Logic not emotion
  • 48. Questions
  • 49. Register For Sensei Nick’s Upcoming Webinar
    “Social Media Marketing: Are you Finally ready to get started?”