"Does education need to be transformed by technology?" - from Stephen Fahey, Pearson


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  • Introduction Who I am, and my role The way the session will run: 5 minute presentations from each panel member with their thoughts on the question Then a Q&A session between the three of us, but also taking questions from the audience – hoping to be interactive and informative
  • Why have we phrased the question in this way? There are two ways of thinking about the question… 1. Does education need to be transformed at all, or if it does, are there other more important factors at play, eg curriculum, examinations, teacher CPD 2. Or has education already been transformed by technology and therefore the transformation has already taken place? Has education been transformed? Well…
  • As we all know, a classroom from many years ago…
  • … Can, on the surface, look very similar to one from today. People often say that the transformation that has taken place in healthcare and hospitals is radical, compared with the transformation that has taken place in schooling. A surgeon from 100 years ago wouldn’t recognise a modern operating theatre, but a teacher from that period might still feel at home in a classroom After all, we are all here in a room working together face to face. So, is there something inherently personal, and social and interactive about education that can’t be – and shouldn’t be – improved, or enhanced by technology?
  • But is this view of education really true? Is it just a quick and easy way of comparing something on the surface, while underneath there is a lot more depth to the transformation? Consider what’s really going on underneath the surface There is a vast range of technology enablers, resources, and disruptors at play in education. I don’t think a Victorian teacher would recognise modern teaching and learning at all…
  • And it looks like there is still great appetite for technology in education, with hopes that it can transform teaching and learning But will these big-scale, top-down transformations be successful? Is it enough to simply deploy large volumes of hardware and software from the centre? Interestingly, Korea is already taking a more cautious approach to making all its textbooks digital
  • June Isik June has over 20 years experience in education: as a class teacher at Key Stages 1 and 2, as a SENCO, as Deputy Headteacher and as a local authority advisor for ICT in Haringey. For the past 2 years she has worked as an independent consultant, supporting and advising a wide range of schools about various aspects of ICT, including the areas of e-safety, curriculum development, using learning platforms and new mobile technologies. For more information about June you can visit her website: www.juneisik.com  Felix Donkor Felix is a Chartered London Teacher and a fellow of the College of Teachers.  He currently works as a mathematics teacher at St Ursula’s Convent School in Greenwich, where he is also responsible for the adoption and use of the school’s VLE.  Felix is currently undertaking research into how VLEs may be used in secondary education to promote students’ emotional intelligence.
  • "Does education need to be transformed by technology?" - from Stephen Fahey, Pearson

    1. 1. “Does education need to be transformed by technology?”
    2. 2. 3 Stephen Fahey • Learning Technologies Director Pearson UK uk.linkedin.com/in/stephenfahey twitter.com/sdfahey stephen.fahey@pearson.com
    3. 3. 4 Does education need to be transformed by technology? Because technology is only a one small part of a complicated picture? or Because education has already been transformed by technology?
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    6. 6. 7 Interactive Whiteboards MIS and VLEs Broadband Laptops ICT Suites WiFi Video streaming Open Resources Informal Learning Google and Wikipedia SmartPhones Data
    7. 7. 8 What are the upcoming trends? Social Mobile Data-driven
    8. 8. 9 Mobile An iPod for each pupil at Essa Academy will help school stay in touch
    9. 9. 10 Social
    10. 10. 11 Data driven
    11. 11. “Does education need to be transformed by technology?”
    12. 12. 13 Panel members June Isik •Independent ICT Consultant Felix Donkor •Mathematics teacher, Greenwich