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5 Steps to Beatthe S&P 500

5 Steps to Beatthe S&P 500



Join Sandy Chaikin as she shares how she doubled the S&P 500 in 2013 using the 5 Step Chaikin Methodology.

Join Sandy Chaikin as she shares how she doubled the S&P 500 in 2013 using the 5 Step Chaikin Methodology.



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  • Thank you Will, and thank you all for attending. I’m Sandy Chaikin, Marc ‘s wife, and a former mutual fund investor turned confident stock investor since using the Chaikin method.I’m going to show you how I’ve taken control of my own investments, and the simple steps I’ve taken to build a killer portfolio and realize gains that not only beat, but DOUBLED the S&P 500 during the same timeframe in 2013. Use S&P500 as my benchmark, which is up 9%. My stocks are up 18%, or double, during the same timeframe.
  • So, I’m going to show you how I do it so that you, too, can gain confidence and beat the S&P. If I can do it, so can you!Made these returns w/out Marc looking over my shoulder or guiding me. Wanted to take journey as any other self-directed investor would, which includes taking some bumps along the way. Marc did help me with analyzing year-end results and gave input on what I should have done to realize even greater gains.Spend about ten minutes/day on my investments, so it’s not a lot of time. Work full-time.
  • The five steps will show you how to ….Reiterate: 10 minutes/dayOr, you may even double it!
  • Let’s first look at how the pros are doing – another benchmark.Goldman Sachs study found most mutual funds underperformed the market in 2012, and lagged the market in 2013.
  • And another Goldman Sachs study shows that fewer than 5% of hedge funds outperformed the S&P as of August, 3013. A Citicorp survey says the average Hedge Fund is up 8.2% through November of 2013, compared to the S&P which was up 23% during the same timeframe.So the pros aren’t exactly beating the street! What does that mean for the individual? We can do better than most of the pros.Bottom line, My performance using the Chaikin methodology clearly outperforms most of the pros. And, if I can do it, so can you and I’m going to show you how.Let’s get started!
  • To briefly recap where I’m coming from, I starting investing in the 70’s, with my company 401K plans.My choices were in mutual funds, which all had admin fees.
  • Around 2004, I consolidated my various 401K plans and engaged a portfolio manager.He sold everything I had and reinvested the money in 8-10 mutual funds and charged a fee based on a % of the assets under management.
  • Between his mutual fund choices, the stock market crash in 2008 and his advice to hold on the way down, I lost 40% of the value. Sound familiar?
  • So, I took the money out of brokerage firm, but didn’t know who I could trust to invest it.
  • With so much information , I didn’t know where to turn. No experience with investing on my own, so I put my money in a Vanguard S&P 500 Index fund until I started investing with Chaikin in early 2012. Still trade with Vanguard today, and keep a portion of my portfolio in the S&P500 Index fund.I think you all can relate to information overload – it’s systemic in so many aspects of our lives. If you can relate, please type “Y” in the chat box.
  • 2008 was wake up call - focused me on my goal of managing my own money.Chaikin 5-step method gave me a reliable yet simple approach that I could follow that cuts through the clutter …. created by stock market expert Marc Chaikin …. who is also my husband!
  • After more than forty years on Wall Street, founded Chaikin Analytics in 2009 to deliver proven, institutional-quality stock analysis to self-directed investors and professional money managers.
  • Created the first real-time analytics workstation for portfolio managers and stock traders, which became the industry standard ― now part of Thomson Reuters’ institutional workstation.
  • Frequent guest on CNBC, Fox Business and Bloomberg TV, and a contributor to both Forbes and MarketWatch.
  • Right after the 2008 crash, Marc started to build a stock rating model, Chaikin Power Gauge launched 3 years later in 2011.Created to provide individuals with professional quality tools – the kind he built for Wall Street pros for 40 years.Many individuals, like me, were now on own - lacked the knowledge or understanding to make good investment decisions.But, there were a lot of us out there! $1.3 Trllionwas taken out of traditional brokerage firms.
  • So, here’s what I’m going to show you, and you’ll see how easy it is to make better investment decisions using the Chaikin 5-step method. You don’t have to be a market guru like Marc. I sometimes think that overcomplicates seeing an opportunity. I don’t try to outsmart the method. Or outsmart the model. I just follow this 5 step method religiously. It works, it’s a “done for you” system. If you follow this method, you will pick better stocks, not miss opportunities like Boeing and Yahoo, which I’ll explain later on, and you’ll save yourself a ton of time.I work full-time, so don’t have the time to research stocks all day, like the pros do … remember, I spend 10 minutes a day on my investments, yet, my performance trumps most pros, hands down!
  • Step 1: The methodology we believe in starts with the Chaikin Power Gauge rating. A simple but powerful indicator of a stock’s potential over the next 3-6 months. Rates 5,000 stocks and 1,500 ETFs.Designed to be easily understood:Green for bullish – red for bearish – very simple, right?
  • The overall rating is simple: it goes from very bullish to very bearish, but the components and algorithm under the surface are far from simple.It’s based on 4 major components, with each component made up of 5 factorsSince 2012 I’ve been investing in stocks, using the Chaikin Power Gauge as my guide. First using the free iPhone app, and now using Chaikin Analytics, which I find invaluable, launched early in 2013 as an ipadapp, and now available on desktops.
  • NORMA, PLEASE CROP SLIDE SO JUST SEE LEFT RAIL, WITH DETAIL OF PGR.But here’s how I use PGR: overall rating, then drill down on Expert Opinions.Short interest :smartest guys on Wall Street; short for one reason: they think it will go down. Bullish = not shorting = good.For Insider Activity – insiders only buy for one reason … they think the stock will go up. Bullish = insiders buying = good.Other than Expert Opinions, I just focus on the overall rating and the 4 major components. When buying a stock, look for “very bullish”. Go with the best= my criteria. Without PGR, I’d have to spend hours researching a stock … so I wouldn’t be investing in stocks. But the PGR does the research for me. Done for you system. Are you all with me so far?
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  • Play a good offense to put the odds in your favor.The Chaikin method makes it easy to find the winners and avoid the losers. I’ll show you how.
  • So, here’s what I focus on when I’m looking for a stock to buy: Above chart is screen shot from CA for iPad.Explain each bullit point. All of this info is on every stock chart (and most of these indicators are on each ETF chart.)
  • Boeing, classic bull– strong industry group, bullish (green) power gauge, price trending up, strong relative strength, positive money flow – I look for a sea of green.How I decided to buy:Aerospace: strong industry group, created watch list, waited for a dip -dipped to $99 7/12 so I bought. By year end, >$136, up 37% versus S&P +10%. Spikes = earnings surprises – we give you tools to monitor your portfolio so you know when your stocks report.Tell you one of my secrets: Got alert from CNBC Real Time re: fire. Stock dropped 5 points. Seeking Alpha alerts.
  • Another way I look for stocks to buy is in Chaikin Hot Lists – available only on Chaikin Analytics. Just added Top 100 Etf’sto Hot Lists.Note the 2nd list, Chaikin Recent Bulls, which I’ll drill down on.
  • Slide from 11/7 webinar. Let’s see how they performed at year end.
  • Biggest winners:DECK & CW +22%Glii Apparel +32%GIL +11%Vs. S&P +9%If you bought 7 out of these 9 stocks you would have matched or exceeded the S&P – we make it easy for you to find the winners.
  • Another way I shop for a stock to buyis to identify the strongest industry groups.Zacks Research provides 62 Industry Groups – studies show investing in stocks in strong industry groups outperforms stocks in weak industry groups. When shopping, look in strongest groups, which we rank based on the Power Gauge rating. Very Bullish stocks are listed first - Cream rises to top.Apparel and Oil Integrated have been strong all year and still areat the top of the list. Top gainers from Recent Bulls Hotlist - Deckers +22%, Glii +32% and Gildan +11% were from Apparel group. Groups trends persist.Great way to narrow the universe of 5,000 stocks to just the strongest stocks in strongest industry groups. Can you see that?
  • Once I’m in an industry group, we rank stocks from strongest to weakest based on Power Gauge ratings, so you can quickly identify the winners and avoid losers. Alerts view – pushes you most important actionable info for the day, so you can filter the list even more.Overlay the Alerts View on any stock list – like the “Recent Bulls” Hot List.Note Buy signals, price trend alerts, power gauge alerts, etc. – only on Chaikin Analytics. “done for you” system.
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  • Investors spend most of their time focused on finding the next big winner. No one asks “what’s the next big loser?”Managing risk and avoiding losses are just as important as finding the next big winner.One big loser can really play havoc with your portfolio returns. but wouldn’t it be nice to identify the landmines in your portfolio and have the conviction to get rid of them before they blow up? I’m going to show you how to do that.
  • I don’t own any bearish stocks, but when you create your watch list, be mindful of not sticking with losers – easy to identify with the CA method. have the conviction to not consider them, or get rid of them if you already own them!it’s crazy to hold on to losers – sell and replace with winners…like Boeing, Yahoo or Celgene.Don’t wait for a stock to come back.
  • Examples of classic bears – easy to identify with Chaikin charts.Get rid of them before they get to this point. Note sell signals on the way down and one that triggered year end.Sea of red.CA costs just under $2K for an annual subscription … if all you did were to get rid of one loser like this before it tanked further, you would have paid for the service.Once you invest with the chaikin method, you won’t own stocks like these.
  • Indicators very predictive – sea of red = price drops, especially once power gauge turns red.Strong industry group – retail, but weak stock.Sell signals along the way – not always perfectly timed, but would get you out of the stock.
  • Step 5 is the real secret sauce , which tells you when to buy and sell. Available ONLY in Chaikin Analytics. 6 pairs – explained in guide on our website, chaikinpowertools.com.Much easier to know when to buy a stock, than to know when to get out. Chaikinmethod helps tell you when.
  • Detail in guide on cpt.com
  • Stock I owned back in 2012, sold and recently bought backin late October at 48. went to 52 by year end, up 9% vs S&P + 5%.Triggered a Momentum Breakout signal year end, which gives me confidence to buy more shares, if I’m looking to add to my portfolio. Stock is overbought at time of signal – wait for dip to buy.All the indicators support the buy – sea of green.
  • On my watch list. Buy signal triggered at year end. Gives me great entry point to own the stock.Added to my watch list when recommended by Marc as stock of week in MI.All other indicators support the buy. Swap underperformer (Ford, Conocco, Met Life) for Manhattan.
  • Bought Ford 8/1 at 17.14, and again 10/23 at 17.44 before they reported earnings, when all the indicators were green. By year end, all indicators deteriorated, down 10 and 11%.When Marc helped me do this year-end analysis, and it’s the first time I showed him my stock list, he said I should have sold Ford when the stock was overbought at 16.92 Nov 20. Sell signal triggered 12/3 at 16.56. So I had 2 good chances to exit … before it went to 15.41 at year end. Tried to justify holding it due to positive articles – should’ve sold and put $ in a bullish stock and made 10% instead of loosing 10%. Lesson learned.Another of my resources is YahooFinance, in addition to CNBC Real Time and Seeking Alpha. keep a short stock list – info overload w/too many alerts.
  • So, how did the 5-steps come into play in my portfolio?My list. Hold around 8-12 stocks at any given time. Otherwise, unmanageable – too much info.Found most of these stocks by scrolling through top industry groups or reading MI, Stock of the Week.Invest an equal dollar amount in each stock I buy – good money management discipline. Double up when see good opportunity – Celgene, Yahoo.I create a list of stocks I own (My Stocks) and stocks I’m watching (My Watch List) as buy candidates. Spend about 10 minutes a day scrolling thru these lists.
  • Recap of stocks I owned at end of 2013, and when I bought them, compared to S&P. Total results: my performance doubled the S&P: +18% versus 9%. Marc calculated the %’s so I know they’re right.9 stock positions out of 14 outperformed4 underperformed, and one matched (COP)Underperformed: Ford (double position), Met Life, Murphy Oil .ConoccoPhillips evenTook profits/losses along the way: Profits: AmEx, SYMC, Ebay, Archer Daniels, Comcast, DirectTV, VVTV, Lions Gate, iGate.Losers: Oracle, Valero, Cirrus, RRSTBroke even: Marvel, Liberty Interactive, Allstate, KrogerReplaced w/stocks in current portfolioWinners significantly outperformed losers
  • Biggest winners: Yahoo +103% vs 23%, +51% vs 13%Boeing: 37% vs. 10%Celgene: 19% vs 9%, +6% vs. 5%Skechers: 12% vs 9%Comcast: 9% vs 5%TimeWarner: 15% vs 5%Wouldn’t you like to own these stocks? You can do this. Remember up until early 2012, I only invested in mutual funds, and paid an advisor to manage my account … so I knew nothing about investing in stocks. So, if I can double the S&P using CA, so can you!
  • Great resource isMarc’s weekly Market Insights, which comes free with a subscription to CA. Bought Yahoo, iGate, Hess and Endurance Specialty to name a few. It’s a great source of reliable stock ideas, and again, does the research for me – curated list of stock ideas from Marc.
  • Brings me to how I just made 20% or $2,000 with iGate….in just 4 days!Another secret: volatility around earnings. when report better than expected earnings, apt to spike up, then drop. Sell on spike and buy back. Take profit, which is exactly what I did.Bullish-rated iGate (IGTE) was featured in Marc’s weekly Market Insights commentary on October 5. I followed Marc’s tip to buy IGTE ahead of Thursday morning’s earnings report at $26.60. The stock went through the roof on Thursday and Friday. I sold my shares at $32.00 and made almost $2,000, a gain of 20% in 4 days!Not a one-off example – happens all the time. Not me being smart – but me following methodology w/conviction and confidence. Let the system guide me.I hope you can see how easy it is to make these kind of decisions.
  • Bought twice in 2013. In May at 142 and again in Oct. at 159. Closed the year at 169. Been a great ride.strong group, very bullish expert opinions. Indicators all green. No more guess work.
  • Bought in January at $20 (was MI Featured Stock of Week), added to position in May at $26. ended year over 40. My best investment: +103% and 51% over S&PStayed with it – Alibaba (24%) – strong sales, going public; Marissa Meyers. Classic bull.
  • Industry groups like Oil Integrated, Apparel and and Aerospace.Earnings surprises like iGate and Boeing! – take as a gift and sell.You can do this too, with Chaikin Analytics! Invested mutual funds up to spring 2012.Not here to sell you a $2000 system – want to be more confident investor, making decisions on your own and making more money. I now feel totally confident making my own investment decisions. Priceless. Feel in control after having others manage my money for decades. Not me being smart – use reliable, proven method.
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  • We want you to be successful – pay only $1,650, and get $1,000 in added value.C/S team calls to set you up, etc. one-on-one phone calls until you feel comfortable. Overcome fear of not being able to do it on your own.Don’t know of any other service that has such hands-on, personalized customer service.
  • Total Value of this package is Priceless! All these money makers work together to give you the tools you need to be a confident investor who can beat the S&) … or even double it, as I have.As you’ve seen, I more than made up the cost of my annual subscription with trades in stocks such as Boeing, Celgene, Yahoo, iGate and Comcast, to name a few. If all this method did for you is get one win like iGate, you would pay for the annual service. I’ve had many more than that, so the return on my investment is there!
  • Remember, if I can beat the S&P after investing in mutual funds my entire career, so can YOU!And, you’ll save hours of your time, energy and money by using this simple Chaikin 5-Step method. 2 minutes to research a stock versus 2-plus hours.
  • We are confident you’ll love the Analytics, but If it’s not everything you thought it would be, we’ll give you 100% of your money back – that’s my personal guarantee. In fact, we get so few cancellations – less than 1% don’t renew their subscription.
  • So I hope you’ll sign up today.Thank you – you’ve been a great audience. I hope you had fun and now feel empowered to take control of your investments.Turn over to Will for questions.

5 Steps to Beatthe S&P 500 5 Steps to Beatthe S&P 500 Presentation Transcript

  • 5 Steps to Beat the S&P 500! 5 Steps to Beat the S&P 500 How I Doubled the Street in 2013 With Sandy Chaikin Chaikin Power Tools
  • 5 Steps to Beat the S&P 500! You are about to discover… How to TurboCharge Your Portfolio Growth!
  • 5 Steps to Beat the S&P 500! By Learning How to … • • • • Buy the winners before they take off Sell the landmines before they tank Avoid large losses And spend less time doing stock research …You’ll Beat the Street!
  • 5 Steps to Beat the S&P 500! 65% of Mutual Funds… Underperformed the Market in 2012
  • 5 Steps to Beat the S&P 500! Goldman Sachs Survey… “…fewer than 5% of hedge funds has outperformed the S&P 500 or the average large-cap core mutual fund YTD.”
  • 5 Steps to Beat the S&P 500! At the beginning… • 401K Plans • Mutual Funds
  • 5 Steps to Beat the S&P 500! Then, a professional manager
  • 5 Steps to Beat the S&P 500! Then came 2008 • Advised to hold, not sell • Portfolio down 40% • I paid a fee for this???
  • 5 Steps to Beat the S&P 500! My problem … who to trust?
  • 5 Steps to Beat the S&P 500! The Challenge: too much information
  • 5 Steps to Beat the S&P 500! The Solution: Chaikin Analytics
  • 5 Steps to Beat the S&P 500! Marc’s Story
  • 5 Steps to Beat the S&P 500! Created the first real-time analytics workstation…
  • 5 Steps to Beat the S&P 500! …and several technical indicators… … widely used in most technical analysis software packages… • The Chaikin Oscillator • The Chaikin Money Flow Indicator • The Chaikin Persistency of Money Flow ― the basis of Investor’s Business Daily’s Accumulation/Distribution Rating
  • 5 Steps to Beat the S&P 500! As seen on…
  • 5 Steps to Beat the S&P 500! $1.3 Trillion = Investment assets transferred from full-service brokers to self-directed online accounts Outflows from Wall Street Inflows to online brokerage accounts • 40 mm accounts • $4.3 trillion in assets • 2.5 mm trades/day
  • 5 Steps to Beat the S&P 500! 5-Step Method for Beating the Street 1. Use a proven methodology you can trust 2. Play good offense to put the odds in your favor 3. Use industry groups to find more winners 4. Play good defense to avoid landmines 5. Know when to buy and sell
  • 5 Steps to Beat the S&P 500! Step 1: Use a Proven Methodology The Chaikin Power Gauge Simple but not Simplistic
  • 5 Steps to Beat the S&P 500! 4 Components: • Financial Metrics • Earnings Performance • Price/Volume Activity • Expert Opinions
  • 5 Steps to Beat the S&P 500! The Chaikin Power Gauge Clear, tested summary of a stock’s potential Financial Metrics Price/Volume Activity • • • • • • Price Trend • Price Trend Rate of Change • Chaikin Money Flow • Relative Strength vs. Market • Volume Trend LT Debt to Equity Ratio Price to Book Value Return on Equity Price to Sales Ratio Business Value Earnings Performance Expert Opinions • • • • • • Earnings Estimate Revisions • Short Interest • Insider Activity • Analyst Opinions • Relative Strength vs. Industry Earnings Surprise Earnings Growth Earnings Trend Earnings Consistency Projected P/E Ratio
  • 5 Steps to Beat the S&P 500! Expert Opinions: The Secret Sauce
  • 5 Steps to Beat the S&P 500! Testimonial Good Offense “I’ve made significant money with the Power Gauge Rating. This is a must-have for any investor, from the sophisticated institutional techie to the individual investor.” ― William F. Landy
  • 5 Steps to Beat the S&P 500! Testimonial My returns are all the proof I need “The Chaikin power gauge is my go-to guide. My returns are all the proof I need that Chaikin’s model is the real thing.” ―Invention7
  • 5 Steps to Beat the S&P 500! Step 2: Play Good Offense
  • 5 Steps to Beat the S&P 500! What to Buy: Classic Bulls • • • • • Strong Industry Group Power Gauge Rating Bullish Price Trend Up Relative Performance Strong Chaikin Money Flow Strong
  • 5 Steps to Beat the S&P 500! Boeing
  • 5 Steps to Beat the S&P 500! Chaikin Hot Lists
  • 5 Steps to Beat the S&P 500! Chaikin Hot Lists: Recent Bulls 11/07/13
  • 5 Steps to Beat the S&P 500! Chaikin Hot Lists: Recent Bulls
  • 5 Steps to Beat the S&P 500! Chaikin Hot Lists: Recent Bulls 11/07/13 Performance vs. S&P
  • 5 Steps to Beat the S&P 500! Step 3: Use Industry Groups
  • 5 Steps to Beat the S&P 500! Industry Group: Alerts View
  • 5 Steps to Beat the S&P 500! Testimonial “Chaikin is in good company: one way to locate a good stock is to locate the right industry. Chaikin’s approach recommends both specific stocks and industries to swap for weaker performers.” ― Mike Hogan
  • 5 Steps to Beat the S&P 500! Testimonial “You were right... We're going to watch your picks!” ― Fox Business News, Markets Now
  • 5 Steps to Beat the S&P 500! Step 4: Play Good Defense
  • 5 Steps to Beat the S&P 500! What to Avoid: Classic Bears • • • • • Power Gauge Rating Bearish Price Trend Down Relative Performance Weak Chaikin Money Flow Weak Price Overbought
  • 5 Steps to Beat the S&P 500! JCPenney
  • 5 Steps to Beat the S&P 500! Francescas Holdings
  • 5 Steps to Beat the S&P 500! Step 5: Know When to Buy & Sell With Chaikin Buy/Sell Signals Buy Signals Oversold Buy Breakout Buy Reversal Buy Money Flow Buy Relative Strength Buy Rel. Strength Breakout Buy Sell Signals Overbought Sell Breakdown Sell Reversal Sell Money Flow Sell Relative Strength Sell Rel. Strength Breakdown Sell
  • 5 Steps to Beat the S&P 500! Chaikin Buy/Sell Signals
  • 5 Steps to Beat the S&P 500! Comcast: Momentum Breakout
  • 5 Steps to Beat the S&P 500! Manhattan Assoc: Oversold Buy
  • 5 Steps to Beat the S&P 500! Ford: Relative Strength Sell
  • 5 Steps to Beat the S&P 500! My Stock List Insert updated stock list chart
  • 5 Steps to Beat the S&P 500! My Performance vs. S&P: Double! Insert updated stock list chart
  • 5 Steps to Beat the S&P 500! My Biggest Winners Insert updated stock list chart
  • 5 Steps to Beat the S&P 500! Market Insights
  • 5 Steps to Beat the S&P 500! iGATE
  • 5 Steps to Beat the S&P 500! CELGENE
  • 5 Steps to Beat the S&P 500! Yahoo!
  • 5 Steps to Beat the S&P 500! Now You Can… Identify strong industry groups • Find the best stocks with Chaikin Indicators – research a stock in two minutes • Avoid losers • Improve entries and exits with Signals • Profit from earnings surprises and “Stock of the Weeks” • … with Chaikin Analytics!
  • 5 Steps to Beat the S&P 500! Testimonial Paid Me Back 11 Times “My Chaikin Analytics subscription paid for itself in my very first trade – and then paid me back more than 11 times over the rest of 2013. Not bad for a novice! By far the best investment I’ve ever made.” ― AD, Investor
  • 5 Steps to Beat the S&P 500! Testimonial Makes My Life Easier “Love the service. I was a TradeMONSTER customer and saw the invitation to subscribe ― it was a no-brainer. Worth every penny. Just to be able to turn it on and see those reports, man does that make my life easier.” ― Chaikin Analytics User
  • 5 Steps to Beat the S&P 500! Webinar Special Package: Subscribe to Chaikin Analytics In 48 Hours Pay Only $1,650 Get $1,000 in added value Get these added bonuses: 15% off annual subscription of $1,950 3 Month Extension to Chaikin Analytics Free Chaikin Power Suite Subscription Free One-on-One Tutorials Total Added Value Value: $300 Value: $487 Value: $190 Priceless $977+ One subscription includes access to iPad and Desktop versions.
  • 5 Steps to Beat the S&P 500! Package Includes All These Money Makers! Chaikin Analytics: The ultimate money machine: turbo-charge your profits with proven fundamental & technical indicators + the Chaikin Power Gauge rating Profit in Earnings Season: stocks due to report each week + Marc’s view of price moves Chaikin Market Insights: Marc’s weekly commentary on the market and what you should do next Portfolio Health Check: personalized analysis of your stock portfolio: spots problems & opportunities In-Depth Reports on 5,000 Stocks Alerts of actionable updates on any stock list Free Webinars with tips & strategies for investors Free one-on-one tutorials Total Added Value: Priceless!
  • 5 Steps to Beat the S&P 500! Real World Value $2,600 Your Risk-Free Investment Only $1,650 www.chaikinbeattheSandP.com Offer Code: BEAT Or call: 1.877.MYPORTFOLIO (1.877.697.6783) Offer Expires: in 48 hours
  • 5 Steps to Beat the S&P 500!
  • 5 Steps to Beat the S&P 500! My Personal Iron-Clad 100% Money Back Guarantee Take action now and subscribe to Chaikin Analytics. If you aren’t completely satisfied within the first 30 days, I’ll refund 100% of your payment. But I know once you try it, you’ll see powerful results.
  • 5 Steps to Beat the S&P 500! Don’t Miss This Opportunity: Subscribe Now to Chaikin Analytics Sign Up Today! www.chaikinbeattheSandP.com Offer Code: BEAT Or contact: Dan Frantz, 1.877.MYPORTFOLIO (1.877.697.6783) danf@chaikinanalytics.com Offer Expires: in 48 Hours