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Looxcie lx1 wearable bluetooth camcorder i phone and android compatible

Looxcie lx1 wearable bluetooth camcorder i phone and android compatible






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    Looxcie lx1 wearable bluetooth camcorder i phone and android compatible Looxcie lx1 wearable bluetooth camcorder i phone and android compatible Document Transcript

    • Download this document if link is not clickableREVIEWS - Looxcie LX1 Wearable BluetoothCamcorder, iPhone and Android CompatibleProduct Details :http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/B004DI7F76?tag=sriodonk-20Average Customer Rating3.2 out of 5Product FeatureWith LooxcieCam App or as a standalone device -qVGA, 30 fps, 4000 kbps bitrate, 1 hr record time, 2hrs battery lifeWith LooxcieMoments App (mobile sharing quality)q- HVGA, 15 fps, 800 kbps bitrate 5 hrs continuouslooping video capture, 5 hrs clip storage fromcaptured video (2GB max), 4 hours battery lifef 2.8 lensqAuto high color and light correctionqCodec - MPEG-4 video, AAC audio Battery -qProduct DescriptionLooxcie is the first small, light, easy-to-wear camcorder system that records everything the user sees.Optimized for mobile use, the device fits comfortably over the ear and points where you look. Looxcie is alwayson, always recording, without the need to continually push a record button. When users want to capture amoment, they simply press the "Instant Clip" button to save a clip of the last thirty seconds. With the Androidor iPhone app, and Bluetooth, users can view, edit, and share Looxcie moments via email, text, or online byposting to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and more. Getting started is simple and only takes a few minutes:Connect Looxcie to your Android phone or iPhone as you would a Bluetooth headset; Load the Looxcie app in touse your phone to view and share Looxcie moments; Turn on the camera and start capturing Looxcie momentsinstantly; Share your Looxcie moments, edit and take phone calls, too; Looxcie utilizes a dual processor systemfor video and Bluetooth communication. The device incorporates Bluetooth technology which allows for thefluid connection between the handset and Looxcie. Looxcie seamlessly transfers video clips directly to leadingsmartphone operating systems.Adjustable boom for comfort and view refinement; Lightweight: less than 28g;Always on battery life allows up to 4 hrs of continuous recording; Clips are time stamped and stored in your clipregister as MP4 files; On board storage of up to 4 hrs of video and hundreds of instant clips (3 hrs of clips);Looxcie video processor includes automatic high color and light resolution adaptation; ½ VGA full resolutioncamera; Bluetooth Class 2 (2.5mW) for up to 10 meters range; 365mAh Li Po battery for extended record andtalk times; ROHS compliant manufacture; DSP optimized audio with SiMEMS mics for accurate speech captureand video recording. Included upon purchase: UL/CSA approved power supply for wall charging; USB to microUSB cable; Personal fit kit with 2 additional ear buds.Product DescriptionTIME Magazine named Looxcie one of the "50 Best Inventions for 2010." The social video movement is here and
    • Looxcie has you covered. This innovative wearable camcorder lets you continuously record real-time videowithout needing to press a record button. Designed for people who never want to miss capturing and sharingspontaneous moments, Looxcie gives you the freedom to be both director and participant. It records everythingyou see, so you can join the action.Optimized for iPhone and AndroidTo take full advantage of the power of Looxcie, a compatible smartphone is required (see "Supported Devices"list below). When paired with an iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4 running iOS 4.2 or higher, or an Android phone runningversion 2.0 or higher, this small wearable camcorder lets you continuously record everything you see withoutalways pressing a record button. Using the free Looxcie app on your compatible smartphone, you can previewyour video, create clips, and share them with friends via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, email, and more.Looxcie Wearable CamcorderLightweight and comfortableContinuously records everything you seeInstant Clip button lets you clip and save the previous 30 secondsCreate clips of up to 30 minutes in length using your compatible iPhone or Android phoneShare video via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or emailAutomatically stores up to five hours of footageBacked by a one-year warrantySupported Devices** Operating Looxcie requires an iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPad, or iPod touch (4th generation) running iOS version4.2 or higher, or an approved Android phone running Android version 2.0 or higher. If you dont see your deviceon the below list, please continue to check back as were continually adding to the list.Apple iOS (must be running iOS v4.2 or higher)iPadiPhone 4iPhone 3GSiPod touch (4th generation)Android DevicesAT&THTC AriaSamsung CaptivateVerizonHTC IncredibleLG AllyMotorola Droid
    • Motorola Droid 2Motorola Droid XSamsung FascinateSamsung ContinuumSprintHTC EvoSamsung InterceptSamsung EpicSamsung TransformLG OptimusT-MobileSamsung VibrantNexus OneHTC G2The customizable earpiece offers a great fitand extended comfort. View larger.View Life Through Your Eyes, Not a ViewfinderLooxcie is an extension of your eyes, continuously recording everything you see. There are no tiny viewfinders,screens, or buttons to worry about--once turned on, Looxcie records it all. With Looxcie, you wont be stuckbehind a camcorder; youll be fully present in the moment.With the free Looxcie App, Looxcie turns your compatible device into a viewfinder, remote control, and videoeditor. Simply turn on Looxcie, personalize the fit for your ear, and use the smartphone viewfinder to alignLooxcie with your field of vision. After that, youre free to carry on with life. Looxcie features automatic focus,automatic light adjustment, and a broad field of vision. It does all the work, so youre free to focus on whatsreally important.Freedom to Capture Lifes Unexpected "Looxcie Moments"People buy video cameras to remember special events, such as graduations, performances, and sports events,but more often than not, they fail to get the spontaneous moments that make those events so special. WithLooxcie, you capture everything as you live it, so youll never miss those "Looxcie Moments."
    • Looxcie is an extension of your eyes,continuously recording everything you see.View larger.See something memorable? Simply press the Instant Clip button on the headset to save a clip of the last thirtyseconds. If you want to share a moment immediately, you can use the Instant Share feature of Looxcie to emailthe clip or post it to Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube. Simply press and hold the Instant Clip button on Looxcie,and Looxcie automatically sends your clip via your iPhone or Android smartphone to your favorite site. WithLooxcie, social video is effortless.Looxcie is simple to use. Theres no worrying about buttons or whether the device is recording. Just wearLooxcie and relax. You wont even notice its there until you see something that you wish youd captured onvideo--and then youll realize that you already did.Automatically Stores up to Five Hours of FootageLooxcie has enough storage for five hours of continuous video capture, so you can wear it without worrying ifyoull run out of storage space. Once the five-hour storage capacity is reached, new video automaticallyreplaces the oldest video. That means you always have the most recent five hours.Looxcie also features up to four hours of permanent clip storage. When you want to save a special moment,create and save a video clip--even while the camera is still recording video--by pressing the Instant Clip button.Capture, Edit, and Share Right AwayOnce youve recorded video with Looxcie, editing and sharing it with others is a cinch. You can edit video clipsdirectly on your iPhone or Android phone and share them with others via email, Facebook, Twitter, andYouTube.
    • Review, edit, and share videoclips using the free LooxcieApp.View larger.You can also connect Looxcie to a PC or Mac via the USB connector, giving you access to all of your saved clips.Please note that a supported iPhone or Android device is required to create and save clips from the temporarystorage, and that only saved clips may be accessed from your PC or Mac.High-Quality Optics with Wide Field of VisionLooxcie records in the HVGA format at 15 frames per second for quality video optimized for mobile devices. Thelens provides a wide 62-degree field of view, so you wont miss any action.Customizable Earpiece for Stability and ComfortLooxcie is designed for comfort, featuring a bendable earloop with memory wire for a personalized fit. Threesizes of hypoallergenic earbuds are included, and the earpiece swivels 180 degrees for wear in either ear.Works as a Bluetooth HeadsetLooxcie is also a Bluetooth headset, so you have one less device to carry. When you answer calls whilecapturing video, Looxcie automatically mutes the audio on the video to keep your calls private.Looxcie is backed by a one-year warranty.Whats in the BoxLooxcie, USB power adapter, USB cable, three interchangeable earbuds, storage pouch, and Get Started Guide.