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See detailed industry insights about overlooked lobby management best practices in the retail branch environment.

Get a look at just how impactful not having the proper lobby management approach can be to your organization when you attend this webinar brought to you by FMSI. Uncover insight for increasing your lobby sales plus strategies for improving your lobby service no matter how many branches you operate.

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FMSI Lobby Management Presentation

  1. 1. Top 6 Steps to IncreaseWorkforce UtilizationWith Special Guests From IH Mississippi Valley CU
  2. 2. • Welcome and Introductions• Current State of Lobby Management• Measuring the Right Data• Streamlining the Sign-In Process–How does it work?• Review 2012 FMSI Retail Branch Lobby Study• A Closer Look – Tower Federal Credit Union• Review Tactics for Improving Service / Sales in Lobby• Open discussion including Q&A session
  3. 3. • Gordon A. Williams IV, FMSI EVP Business Development• Steve Camp, Branch Service Manager, Tower FCU• W. Michael Scott, FMSI President/CEO• Chad Davis, FMSI Marketing Manager
  4. 4. Various systems capture product information in the lobby • DDA systemsCurrent State of Lobby Management • Time/deposit systems • Loan systems • Credit card systems • In most cases no dedicated systems for tracking lobby service
  5. 5. Measuring the Right DataManagement often struggles to measure the “right” keyperformance indicators in the lobby.Lobby Service Metrics—• Average Assist Time• Average Account Holder Wait Time• Product vs. Service Interaction Percentage• Services Most Often Provided
  6. 6. Measuring the Right Data ContinuedLobby Sales Metrics—• Top Products Sold• Cross-sell Ratio• Number of Account Holders Assisted• Specific Purpose for Each Account Holder Visit
  7. 7. What is a Queue Management System?What is a Queue Management System? A queue management system is typically a web-based application that captures lobby performance information in real-time. • Used to streamline and professionalize the sign-in (arrival and wait-time) process for account holders and lobby employees alike. • Provide on-demand reporting and analysis solutions for management teams.
  8. 8. • The below are the results from the live webinar.
  9. 9. Streamlining the Sign-In Process – How does it work? First Step— Account holder arrives & information is captured by greeter, kiosk or iPad (name, purpose of visit,Streamlining the Sign-In Process time of arrival). This information is then visible to lobby service representatives through an online eClipboard.
  10. 10. Streamlining the Sign-In Process (con’t) Second Step—the next available lobby service representative makes their selection to assist the account holder • Wait-time clock stopsStreamlining the Sign-In Process • The assist time clock begins Pop-Up Alerts (prevents service issues)
  11. 11. Streamlining the Sign-In Process – Continued Third Step— Consultation between service representative and account holderStreamlining the Sign-In Process • Service representative enters pertinent service and sales information during this step. • All captured information is stored in the system for later analysis.
  12. 12. The 2012 FMSI Retail Branch Lobby Study The FMSI Retail Branch Lobby Study is based on 344,000 interactions taking place during the fourth quarter of 2011—on the platform side of the branch—from financialFMSI Retail Branch Lobby Study institutions all over the country.
  13. 13. Lobby Study—Assist Times The below chart represents assist times for three different groups. Lobby assist time is the duration of the account holder interaction with the lobby service representative.Lobby Study—Assist Times
  14. 14. Lobby Study—Product & Service Metrics The below charts represent the number of product and service interactions in the lobby—between an account holder and a lobby service representative.Product & Service Metrics
  15. 15. • The below are the results from the live webinar.
  16. 16. Improve Wallet Share with Lobby Cross-Sell Metric The below cross-sell ratio chart exemplifies how managers can quickly gauge the performance of each lobby service representative.Cross-Sell Metric
  17. 17. Tower Federal Credit Union Steve Camp, Branch Service Manager, Tower FCUPrior to Utilizing The Lobby Tracking SystemTM (LTS)• Used a clipboard and sign-in sheet method for managing lobbies.• Calculated by hand: member wait times, number of members seen by branch, and number of members seen by representative.• Log sheets kept for 6 months.
  18. 18. Tower Federal Credit UnionLTS Implementation Timeline• November 2006 BAI Retail Delivery Conference - Demo• Had a signed LTS contract by the end of December 2006• The implementation was very easy 1st Introduction to Partnered With Lobby Tracking System™ FMSI November 2006 December 2006
  19. 19. Tower Federal Credit UnionManaging the lobby• Detailed lobby reports and set performance goals (seven members seen per FTE/day).• Closely monitor overall lobby traffic.• Adjust staffing and branch hours as needed.• Study member interactions with specific platform staff.
  20. 20. Tower Federal Credit UnionInitial LTS Management Approach (Cont.)• Carefully gauge success of marketing programs.• Study volume increases based on certain events (card compromises, Bank Transfer Day, potential government furloughs, etc).• Establish system alerts for a variety of situations.
  21. 21. Tower Federal Credit UnionOngoing LTS ManagementNovember 2007—Tower Federal Credit Union won the CreditUnion Journal Best Practices award for Queue Management.
  22. 22. Tactics for Improving Service / Sales in Lobby Tactic 1—Migrate to an online sign-in process.Improving Service / Sales in Lobby • Moves all lobby information flow online. • Senior level staff—can see real-time views of account holders waiting in their lobbies. • Results in a systematic tracking system that establishes accountability on the platform side of the branch.
  23. 23. Tactics for Improving Service / Sales in Lobby Tactic 2—Utilize Extensive Reporting to Support DecisionsImproving Service / Sales in Lobby • Establish the procedures that drive the right employee behaviors. • Provides real-time recognition and accountability. • Collecting and displaying “objective” data.
  24. 24. Tactics for Improving Service / Sales in Lobby Tactic 3— Channel Lobby Service Traffic to a Call CenterImproving Service / Sales in Lobby • Develop the right email and/or direct mail communications to promote message. • Train your branch service representatives to offer utilizing the Call Center when appropriate. • Display signs at the branch. • Dedicated Call Center phone and/or a Kiosk in the branch.
  25. 25. Tactics for Improving Service / Sales in Lobby Tactic 4—Deploy Self Directed Technology—Like KiosksImproving Service / Sales in Lobby • There are sophisticated, self-directed technologies in the marketplace enabling account holders to complete some of their lobby interactions faster, such as NCR’s new Video Teller Machines and interactive Kiosks. Video Teller Machine
  26. 26. Tactics for Improving Service / Sales in Lobby Tactic 5—Outbound Call Management During Slow Periods • Improving product sales requires great follow-up activity. • Set weekly outbound call goals for your service representatives. • Measure these activities and manage the behavior.
  27. 27. What Do We Learn from This Study?• Technology enhancements, such as a queue management system with a detailed reporting solution, can lead to lobby performance improvements.• The appropriate tools can drive the right employee behaviors through feedback, accountability, recognition, and reward.• Measuring and tracking the right lobby metrics on an ongoing basis is critical to the success for measurable improvement.
  28. 28. ConclusionThe branch lobby for most financial institutions is the lastfrontier in the retail branch environment. Those institutionsthat employ the right processes in their lobbies can vastlyimprove their branch sales and service.
  29. 29. FMSI’s Lobby Tracking SystemTM “Monitoring and improving branch operations by utilizing the detailed Lobby Tracking System™ reports, not only makes my job much easier, it also helps to establish accountability for everyone on my team to perform at a higher level. I do not know what I would do without it.” – Tammy R. Christian, AVP/Branch Operations at Arkansas Federal Credit UnionFor a demo of the Lobby Tracking SystemTM please contact Gordon A.Williams, EVP Business Development at FMSI, 877.887.3022
  30. 30. FMSIFor over 20 years FMSI has assisted over 600 financialinstitutions nationwide in optimizing their branch networks.– Learn more at, or call 770.619.3443