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Creating a Brand by Chad Carns
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Creating a Brand by Chad Carns


Chad Carns Creative Director, Cookbook Author reveals a 12-pt marketing strategy that he crafted to promote The Gourmet Bachelor cookbook.

Chad Carns Creative Director, Cookbook Author reveals a 12-pt marketing strategy that he crafted to promote The Gourmet Bachelor cookbook.

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  • 1. “Creating a Brand”The Gourmet Bachelor12-Point Marketing Strategy By Chad Carns, Author / Creative Director
  • 2. Chad Carns self-published and promoted The Gourmet Bachelor cookbook in 2010with the help of a talented team dedicated tofollow his vision to produce a high concept, high quality cookbook.
  • 3. Positioning: “Gourmet Made Easy!” Enjoy 1 month of quick and easy global recipes with everyday ingredientscomplete with expert wine guide to impress your date, chill with friends or just to enjoy a satisfying gourmet dinner at home.
  • 4. Demographic: Home Cooks, Professionals, MenWomen, Trendsetters, Health-conscious Wine Enthusiast, Travelers, Students Design & Photography Enthusiast
  • 5. Cookbook buyers... Exposed to global foodCooking shows, International restaurants and friends Buy fresh ingredients Whole Foods, Fresh Direct, local grocery store Drink Wine 50% more Americans drink wine today Work long hours Quick and easy recipes
  • 6. Trigger Points Quick & easy, global recipesFresh, Everyday ingredients, Date night recipeGourmet party snacks, Essential cooking tips Expert wine guide and drink pairings
  • 7. The Gourmet Bachelor Cookbook
  • 8. 1-51 INTRODUCTION 52-85 WEEK ONE Ricotta Pancakes Moroccan Chicken Wrap Wild Mushroom Cups Balsamic Reduction Scallop Ceviche Argentine Steak Salad Paella Seared Spicy Tuna Roll Mango Shrimp Honey-Glazed Salmon Wild Striped Bass Zucchini and Fresh Herbs Balsamic Chicken Lamb Tagine Parmesan-Crusted Rack of LambBE INSPIRED by global flavor oozing Chocolate Truffle Torte Tres Lechesfrom the narrow streets of Greenwich Village. 86-119 WEEK TWOPrepare 1 MONTH of quick, easy and Breakfast Quesadilla Lobster Club Tuna Ceviche Crisp Plantains Red Pepper Sauce Lemon Sage Shrimp Greek Salad Pad Thai Italian Sushi Roll Butter-Poached Lobsterintensely flavored global recipes with basic ingredients Spanish Tuna Tomato Cod Organic Chicken Tomato Wine Sauce Coriander-Spiced Duck Breast Pineapple Relish Korean Steak Wrapfound in your local neighborhood market. Tahitian Crème Brûlée Chocolate SouffléWine, beer, sake, small-batch bourbon—enjoy an expertly paired beverage for each dish. 120-153 WEEK THREE Frittata Chicken Focaccia Sandwich Avocado Bacon Red Pepper SauceLearn expert wine tips and essential Capri Bruschetta Scallop Chorizo Polynesian Salad Singapore Noodles Tuna Mango Jalapeño Roll Tequila Shrimp Miso Black Cod Almond-Crusted Tunacooking techniques. Chicken Masala Tuscan Stew Venison Steak South African Wine Reduction Coconut Bread Pudding Chocolate Tiramisu 154-185 WEEK FOUR Croque Madame Pierogi Pizza Crab Cakes Red Pepper Sauce Avocado Mash Caribbean Crab Soup Tuna Mango Salad Sausage Fennel Fusilli Spicy Tuna Alaska Roll Tangerine Chili Shrimp Potato-Crusted Sea Bass Grilled Swordfish Saffron Cherry Tomatoes West African Chicken Stuffed Veal Porcini Wine Sauce Pork Tenderloin Pancetta Goat Cheese Chai-Spiced Cheesecake Green Tea Poached Pear
  • 9. TGB_cookbook_2_6_09 3/10/09 7:04 PM Page 16 TGB_cookbook_2_6_09 3/10/09 7:04 PM Page 17 WHAT’S GLOBAL FLAVOR? Its the intoxicating aroma of garlic, lemon, wine and fresh basil oozing from the narrow streets of Greenwich Village. A spicy bowl of Singapore Noodles. Its an unexpected bottle of Moroccan wine paired with spicy Scallop Chorizo. And its my commute every day from West 4th Street to Bleecker Street.
  • 10. TGB_cookbook_2_6_09 3/10/09 7:03 PM Page 12 TGB_cookbook_2_6_09 3/10/09 7:03 PM Page 13 BE INSPIRED by global flavor oozing from the narrow streets of Greenwich Village.
  • 11. TGB_cookbook_2_6_09 3/10/09 7:04 PM Page 20 TGB_cookbook_2_6_09 3/10/09 7:04 PM Page 21 INTR ODUCTION RO I love restaurants. Great restaurants. Not places with perfectly designed menus to hide the dimly flavored food. I’m talking about raw, pure, honest flavors. Places with menus scribbled on a board. I want to see the chef at my local market. I know his name. And he knows my name.
  • 12. TGB_cookbook_2_6_09 3/10/09 7:04 PM Page 28 TGB_cookbook_2_6_09 3/10/09 7:04 PM Page 29 JUSTIN CHRISTOPH HAS DEDICATED HIS LIFE TO WINE. As a wine specialist for Christies Wine Department, he helped procure a case of 1945 Mouton Rothschild Bordeaux that sold for roughly $345,000.* He traversed through a Spanish cave for a 1925 Rioja and threw the ultimate bachelor party in a Scottish castle packed with rare scotch. But you’ll also see Justin sipping on a perfectly poured pint of Guinness at his neighborhood pub. Take advantage of Justin’s passion for life and wine. Learn basic wine pairing tips and how to describe, order, store, and serve your favorite wine. WINE 101 WITH JUSTIN *Source: Peter D. Meltzer, "Christies Shatters Auction Record Twice,", October 2, 2006.
  • 13. TGB_cookbook_2_6_09 3/10/09 7:04 PM Page 30 TGB_cookbook_2_6_09 3/10/09 7:04 PM Page 31 WINE 101 BY JUSTIN CHRISTOPH The skin of the grape gives wine its color and much of its flavor. When a TERROIR grape tastes unfamiliar, we can describe it in terms of flavors we already The terror the word strikes in the hearts of the unsuspecting! Terroir is a know. Dark-skinned grapes can be described as: cassis-flavored and olivey 31 30 term everyone likes to throw around these days to seem as though they Cabernet Sauvignon; soft, plummy Merlot; herb and blueberry-flavored THE GOURMET BACHELOR Global Flavor, Local Ingredients THE GOURMET BACHELOR Global Flavor, Local Ingredients know what they are doing. It’s simply a French concept for where soil Cabernet Franc; racy cherry-like Pinot Noir; smoky raspberry Syrah and and climate come together at a specific location, making a wine a little bit earthy blackberry Grenache. Light-skinned grapes can be described as:: different from that of their next-door neighbor and completely different oaky buttery ubiquitous Chardonnay, relatively neutral Pinot Gris (Grigio), from anywhere else in the world. zippy and grassy Sauvignon Blanc, minerally and versatile Riesling, perfumed Viognier, nutty Marsanne and spicy Gewürztraminer. Grapes can be fickle and the slightest difference in environment can drastically change what’s in your glass. The specific factors can be Many wines are a blend of different varietals even if only one type is listed elusive, but at the end of the day, it’s all about location, location, location. on the label. Blending different grapes together can often make a finished wine that is greater than its parts as the grapes complement one another VARIETAL and balance potential shortcomings. Think variety. This is just a fancy term for the type of grape. Just like apples and oranges, each one tastes different off the vine and has characteristics suited to making a specific type of wine. Beware of wine-soaked or dry, crumbling corks, which can be signs of an improperly stored wine that may have gone bad.
  • 14. TGB_cookbook_2_6_09 3/10/09 7:04 PM Page 46 TGB_cookbook_2_6_09 3/10/09 7:04 PM Page 47 baking sheets cast iron grill cutting board food processor measuring cups meat thermometer potsESSENTIAL CO OKING TOOLS O sauté pans sharp knife spatula sushi rolling mat whisk wooden spoon
  • 15. GB_cookbook_2_6_09 3/10/09 7:04 PM Page 58 TGB_cookbook_2_6_09 3/10/09 7:04 PM Page 59 WILD MUSHROOM CUPS BALSAMIC REDUCTION 58 INGREDIENTS THE GOURMET BACHELOR Global Flavor, Local Ingredients 1c balsamic vinegar 4 garlic cloves, chopped 1/4 c shallot, chopped 1 lb wild mushrooms, chopped 2T olive oil 8 oz mozzarella, shredded 1/4 c Parmesan, grated 1T thyme, chopped 1T parsley, chopped 1/2 t nutmeg 2T honey 30 phyllo dough cups 4 oz goat cheese DIRECTIONS: Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Reduce balsamic vinegar on low heat by half. Cool. In separate large skillet, sauté garlic, shallot and mushrooms for 8 minutes. Cool. Mix in mozzarella, Parmesan, thyme, parsley, nutmeg and honey. Spread phyllo dough cups out on a baking sheet. Spoon mushroom mixture into cups. Bake until golden brown. Top with goat cheese and balsamic reduction. Pairing: Viognier, France
  • 16. TGB_cookbook_2_6_09 3/10/09 7:04 PM Page 60 TGB_cookbook_2_6_09 3/10/09 7:04 PM Page 61 SCALLOP CEVICHE HOT CHILI OIL 61 THE GOURMET BACHELOR Global Flavor, Local Ingredients INGREDIENTS 1 chili, thinly sliced 2 T peanut oil 6 large scallops, cut into 1/4-inch slices 1 t sugar 2 T lime juice 1 t sea salt 1 t black pepper 1 t lime zest 1 radish, thinly sliced 1 T scallions, thinly sliced DIRECTIONS: Gently cook chili in peanut oil on medium-low heat for 5 minutes. Spread scallops out on a serving platter. Mix sugar and lime juice in a bowl. Pour over scallops. Flip scallops. Top with sea salt, black pepper and lime zest. Spoon chili oil over scallops. Garnish with radish and scallions. Pairing: Fumé Blanc, France
  • 17. TGB_cookbook_2_6_09 3/10/09 7:05 PM Page 86 TGB_cookbook_2_6_09 3/10/09 7:05 PM Page 87 WEEK TWO Breakfast Quesadilla Lobster Club Tuna Ceviche Crisp Plantains Red Pepper Sauce Lemon Sage Shrimp Greek Salad Pad Thai Italian Sushi Roll Butter-Poached Lobster Spanish Tuna Tomato Cod Organic Chicken Tomato Wine Sauce Coriander-Spiced Duck Breast Pineapple Relish Korean Steak Wrap Tahitian Crème Brûlée Chocolate Soufflé 86-119
  • 18. TGB_cookbook_2_6_09 3/10/09 7:04 PM Page 70 TGB_cookbook_2_6_09 3/10/09 7:04 PM Page 71 HONEY-GLAZED SALMON 71 INGREDIENTS THE GOURMET BACHELOR Global Flavor, Local Ingredients 2 salmon fillets Marinade 2 T peanut oil 2 T soy sauce 2 T honey 1 T ginger, minced 1 c pineapple juice 1 T lime juice Garnish 1T scallions, thinly sliced DIRECTIONS: Marinade – Mix ingredients. Marinate salmon for 5-10 minutes. Sear salmon for 3 minutes per side. Add marinade to the pan and simmer for 2 minutes. Garnish with scallions. Pairing: IPA Microbrew, Colorado
  • 19. TGB_cookbook_2_6_09 3/10/09 7:05 PM Page 82 TGB_cookbook_2_6_09 3/10/09 7:05 PM Page 83 TRES LECHES 83 THE GOURMET BACHELOR Global Flavor, Local Ingredients INGREDIENTS 1 prepared pound cake, 3-inch slices 1c sweetened condensed milk 1c evaporated milk 1c heavy cream 2 oz light rum 16 strawberries, sliced 8 oz whipped cream DIRECTIONS: Arrange pound cake slices in an 8 X 8-inch pan. In a blender, combine wet ingredients, and then pour over cake. Spread strawberries over cake. Top with whipped cream and chill for 3 hours. Pairing: Dark Rum, Puerto Rico
  • 20. “Creating a Brand” The Gourmet Bachelor12-Point Marketing Strategy By Chad Carns
  • 21. 1. Press Release The Gourmet Bachelor press releasegenerates media coverage with influential magazines, newspapers, blogs, radio, TV and celebrity events.
  • 22. For Immediate Release: Enjoy 1 month of quick and easy global recipes with everyday ingredients complete with expert wine guide to impress your date, chill with friends or just to enjoy a satisfying gourmet dinner at home. Chad Carns put his award-winning graphic design career on hold to bring flavors from Barcelona, Rome, Poland, Paris, Mexico, Hong Kong, Japan, The South Pacific and Caribbean Islands to your home kitchen in The Gourmet Bachelor cookbook. Wake up to orange-scented Ricotta Pancakes, ease into Lobster Club stacked with creamy avocado and double-thick bacon or just slurp your way through spicy Singapore Noodles. Impress your Friday The Gourmet Bachelor: night date with a classic Parmesan-Crusted Rack of Lamb followed Global Flavor, Local Ingredients By Chad Carns by an effortless, Chocolate Soufflé. $34.50 Elegantly designed with vivid photography and slick black pages, The Gourmet Bachelor: Global Flavor, Local Ingredients cookbook Special Printing: includes an essential wine guide, expert drink pairings for each recipe Hard Cover: 200 pages; 83 Color Photos 4-color + 2x-special black and 5 simple steps to help you easily prepare meat, seafood + 1x-florescent yellow+ spot gloss varnish + embossed cover text or vegetables like a restaurant chef. + heavy, text weight paper + eco-friendly soy ink printing Dimensions: 9 x 9 x 0.9 inches Chad’s crusade to bring exciting, global flavor home with fresh, local Publisher: ISBN-13: 978-0-615-22980-5 ingredients landed him the Honorary Guest Chef of Conde Nast and Hearst’s NYC cafe. Carns is a regular guest judge at the French Culinary Available at Stores Institute, Soho and participated in NY Culinary Experience with Food Network, Iron Chef Morimoto, Alex Guarnaschelli and Todd English. Everywhere! Carns has been featured on The Today Show, Miami, (NBC), Toni On! NY (WPIX), Marie Claire,, Chad’s food and wine articles can be found all over The Web! Just visit... media@thegourmetbachelorcom.
  • 23. 2. Website / Hybrid Blog includes adynamic news feed, Web 2.0, social share, TGB TV, SEO, restaurant guide, SEO recipes, press gallery, newsletter sign up, e-commerce processing, wine chart, weekly food, wine, travel, music tips by Chad Carns and feature writers.
  • 24. 3. Social MediaTGB social media sites engage fans with unique offers, videos and exclusive tips increasing Google search results for
  • 25. 4. E-letters TGB e-letters announce press release,upcoming events and Chad Carns’s food and wine articles to friends, fans and media.
  • 26. 5. In-Store Promotions The Gourmet Bachelor promotionalmaterial reach influential foodies on counter tops and store windows below Food Network Studio in Chelsea Market and at Murray’s Cheese, Ottomanelli’s Meat Market and Essex St. Market.
  • 27. gnon Blanc, New Ze TEQUIILAT S SCALLOP CEVICHE INGRE EN D d, yello 1/2 c re en peppers gre w and hopped opped ,c HOT CHILI OIL rimp mp, pe g eled SALMON hili, ch 1/2 c ion, chopped Y-GLAZED -GLA Sh rge shri in n 1/2 o mato, diced 1 lb la Bay season HONE HONEY 2 c to ejo tequila ld 2 T O yenne INGREDIENTS ZED SALMON 1t ca 1/2 c An cumin e juice ed 1t 2 T lim ntro, chopp S GREDIENT 1 chili, thinly sliced live oil T cila 2T o ped 1 INGREDIENTS 2T peanut oil Sa uce IN love s, chop fillets S 2 ear for ic, 6 large scallops, cut garlic c salmon p w2h spices. Sauté garl it into 1/4-inch slic 4 2 rim e – salmo OP CEVOD E 1t Coat sh emove. Sauc tomato. n fillets ICH sugar es ing 2T rimp – R ONS: Sh in olive oil. m Ma Ad d or ooz bal flav tes. from lime juice DIRECTI per siderinade n for 3ut inu Remove pan Ma rinade . 1t io pean oil . D by glo h Village C INSPIRE Greenwic s to sea salt minute , chili2 nd on Taste tequila T ait for flame tro. CK IL aT 2HA eW peanutBLILI O uc 1t eppers uila 2 T cup. soy sanite. T Top with cilan oil BE IL M NHR quicP reasy black pepper a of TEQpUre 1 AOSToHreodfIMbka,l e cyipesr p in ig 2 nd then yshrimp. e cafes 1t teq soy sauce lime zest Pour quila a ice ane ho nd 2 T Add te2 T inced honey from th Mexico stove. . Ad1 T e ju ginger, m T ce 1 radish, thinly slic d lim 1 NTS tequilac, pineapple jui 1T ed dissipa te ginger, mincedENTS scallions, thinly slic ed 1c : 1Anejo lime juiceToutslime juice p e 1 ide pineapple juic a v glo ou Pairing T Pre N T Sfla I N G ndEinteE selygredients foured, yellow and R DI n nd in rusty 1 e shrim thinlyECTcedS: Gently cook chi DIR sli ION c te ish a ythth sliced a sic in ood market.en peppers, chopped 1/2 c crea rn inside, ionr nish y li innutheat for 5 minute1/4-inch d sca oil aste slices peanut oil on medium-low d Shrimp ith ba cut int s. Sprea To p Ga Gar gre Mix ops,ar and o all s, inl w borh d t llops out on a ser is 1 l. te salmon 1 lb large neigh shrimp, peele and mo paper towe ade – Mix ingredienmlyMtesed r side.erscall sug ving platter. sc oppeda lime juice in a bow s. 1T T scallions, thin . slicina local seasoning 1/2 chili, ch h pedar sca fil lets ondl. Pock codllops. Top with sea salt, secck ool. ur over scallops. Flip ts ar 1/2 - batc op E ith a DIRECTIONS: Marin ECTar salmon fode3 er inu 2 minutes. smallonion, paired 2 T Old Bay ch TUNA CEVICHAINS 0 ke for 2 lved. Cpepper and bla pe , w yennebeer, sake 2 exptomly , diced Spoe juiceonilchiirin aovesa ntilllops. Ga minutes li oil nd r sca disso r lime zest. g DIR 1 t ca e, c e rt ato sa o d o m u rnish Mislt : B d sugar. Stir arinate for 20 egwith radish and scallions. r oozin tes. Se IONS: Marina for for 5-10 minu for 5-10 minutes. m – Mix ingredients. Marinat salmon 1 te Win y an1/2 c ejo tequila d ree al flavo n and sim cumi n—enjo ch dish. An e juice Pairing: Fumé Blan BE IN O BLACK CODRISP PLA NT by glob ich Village. TEQUILA SHRIMP CEVICHE de to the pa A M paste.pper ith miso. Bake in a 400 Sear salmon for 3 minutes per sid oun o SPIRED 2 T b e rb ck pelets w Add marina Add marinade to oliv oil r ea c, France 2 T lim TUNA ions. C fil tor. nw scall Garnish with Garnish with scallio pan and simmer for 2 minutes. everage the e. fo ped w, Colorado cozest e refrigera e d th SAUCE of Gree cilantro, chopdays in inly sliced th MIS EPPER e cafes IPA Microbre PairKg:N iring: IPA Microb in E Pa NTA ns. Sauce b garlic cloves, chopped 1 Tps and CRISP PLAER Sdish, minutes. sliced ti from th RED P C k, easy s iqu s. . rt wine technspiceesSear for 2 4 IC CHI0-1ions, thinly 5 uic expe E D ing p wit in, Italy all edium-low H S of q 1 MONT Learn I N G –cCookIshrimT S h recipe R ENg: Lagre ut oil on m I N G R E D I E N T d global rew, Colorado , Shrimp o at – Sauté garlic chili in pean t on a serving platter. M RED H TEPP DIRECTIONS: ential olive oil. Remove. Sauce1/2 cato. yellow and BALSA ur Gently cook sc allops ou tes. Spread bowl. Pour over scall op s. Flip Prepare nsrin flavore found in yo MISO BLACK COD cinte mi ely a1/2 c ssake gredien arket. I N G R ts EDIENT S P er Sauce minutes essr side in pe Shrimp 1 lb onion for 3 minu tes. Add tom red, TEA R d m IG !minu ce in a lime zest. nd Red Pepp pepper, pe ele and peppers, chili 2 T cup. Tasteseasoning fro large shrimp, peeled move pangreen peppers, chopped ic in roasted redT S tequila. Re EENand lime jui pepper and PE TON m with ba ighborhood in a Old Bay 1/4 1/2mechili, chopped to E D vir Nic vine ar s. GR salt, black and scallion 1 E Pour tequila 1 t and then ignite. Wait for1/2 onion, chopped fla R ntro. diced S E E RECI 4 G RgarlicI gin olivegoil miso paste T BASS D PEA Ceviche , cubed cloves op with sea s. Garnish with radish e sugar I N G R E D I E N tcS 2 lb sushi-grade tuna d tequila cumin d shrimp. TopIwith cilaE D I E N 1c cayenne A F R jo tequila, Mexico Th NG ILD STRIPED FRESH local n POACHE oil over scall op - a 1/ ed avocado, cubed I N T extralsam stove. Ad 1 t e juice an 2 c tomato, d fillets mirin b .1/2 c m tequila 1/2 c black coake, small l o rCec o Anejoi-grade tuna, cubed 5 d lim dissipate. Ad2 T olive oil nc, France ba juice W ly pforirT seconds. e a 1 1/2 c c T lemone oil e viche tbach 2 s T RYPairing: Ane esg: Fumé Bla xpd rt e , beer, 1/4 c mi esake sake 1 20 chili in sa uc 11 oliv ed c D chopp ch pie ZUCCHINI AN Sauce Sauce 2 T lb sushjuice lime WineIONS: —en:joc ilanrinmiso paste distsolved. Cool. 4 r m e cloves, chopped 1/ T cilantro, o, cubed y so 1 y an 83TT hone rsley, pperst, 1-in NTS o Cream 2 Bo cum pa e pebrea Rd IE Pistachi gurt, drained u garlic DIRECT on Mi .1/2chsugar. . r until 1 thego h 1 avocad chopped a c is Sti N G heE D e nn bourb soepaste eAdd d sugar Marinate T 20 mijuicechopped y outsidT chili in uce for lime nutes 1 T2 t cayehicken 1/ 1 c yo ttermilk 1 DIRECTIONS: ust Coat shrimp with spices. Stir inemi g for 2 ts with miso. cod fillets c in I crus eate a crShrimp – y the 1shrimp Sear for 2 1 sa 1 lb t cum our brewed To cr minutes per de, in olive oil. Remove.cum juice garlic, u p ra bev black cod fille refrigblack andke 1 Ta 400 antro cil degree , 1/2 1/4 c b re maple syru HERBS fl loves,Peoms , freshly st insi side dr for 3 minutes.Saucetro,Sauté ped in c ar Coat ys in thein tips erator. Ba 1/2 c garlic mushro c green te a r 1 T til pu 1t and moi or up to 3 dapertnutes.e w s. and fried pl 20tains uemirin g sake for an seconds. slicutes o nd ed un choppe d T lime tomato. – peppers, chili and el. DIRECTIONS: Miso:iq 1 ba d gerate4 chn Boil mixe fri w onion tequila. Remove pan op r Pour r to 3 re ga nd in 1 ex mi dc . Cover and cr , halve 1tain. su ge peeled a 0dm tachios, ovenafor 10-15 ooking te pape il a c Add ch with a stove.tequila in a cup. Taste ignite. Wait forfried plto tains RAMISU Le rn al c Stir in miso paste. Add sugar. Stir until viche – Mix ingredients8vicz onto monisp plan1 oof ginvinr, garufore2 s of olive oSa1 té pis nge peel o 1 T cilan E NCe S for 20 minutesp of ce1 he inleatablespobalsamicrantaeblesinrtore ith flour. side. ora dissolved. Cool. I : T s z o g , q po n e a u from ti Italy I the with E D mMarinateSpooncesdollo ers and garlic 2 Simd blrend1 inleand 6rig of micken w arns E TI essen R miso. Coat black cod filletsG DIRECTIONS on an Pairing: Lagrein, N refrigerator.inuteroin ad400 degree 2T Chad C a t Add tequila and then bag flame OCOLAT me 1 or up to 3 days in Bake s. for 15 cchini, un Sauté pepp sli B sp ch s per ! redients anlf. Cool.1 or.Asiust pears,r 3redinute oms TIONS: ha dissipate. Add lime juice and shrimp. Top with cilantro. ONIGHT zu e– m ix ingreCH oven for 10-15 minutes. Red Pepper Sauc ainingDing C say e. D an er, 1 olive oil m ss fill d rem IRE cess il fo co shro sugar, ging : Ceviche – M Ad pe uced b uc o ele o nd DIRECTIONS s. Spoon a dollo IPE T 3 T olive oil for 3ed inutes. ets with red redpper a food pro ons ofpelived a . Add mu parse y reen tea, ucepan. 4 leg oil E E REC Lagrein,PItalying: Albarino, Spain rip ba wild stessor. Top ceviche utes Pairing: Anejo tequila, Mexico minute A FR in po on Plac te. Addize sa frig- bN TS Pairing: 2 slices y s in parsle n in 2 table rlic for 2 m inPoacheSp arntoaplaedium-s d place in the o – re for 15 Sauce – Saut é pepp R E D I E rothN G chickensyochsicken food proc s, round 4 r. c o m e, parsley, tarragon lemon tes. d Pe NS: u c pea o in m o Red Pepper oo inu g Add re To create a crusty olial flavforr 3 mzintes. viche 5m outside a an chicke e. Sauté g dditDIRECTIO int dudtion rs h lemon.ver egg s lk T RY air tba c h e l o oz thym ional emov té for an a hp os. ge, m r 20 mrvetes. ipban amic te. Se inu wit Co to c ri rals r la re an ol. C ve oil o st use apota late. DhickSimmrepvernight. and moist inside,y drybwicprocillasoe.To ele b glofothe V es g r. od h shrimp on ed 3 p ce urme p white wine R IRED b b ntrgarchop ctckage ple and ma antains? Ju su o, u fo BE INSP and s hite p4 T cila vandoughra acheesea ext p thego 3c an’t find plhini in 1 tablespoon of nushross skand en to o ermilk rino, with a paper stowel.en Pairing: Alba o ill nutmeg rt, butt emove pears h Gre afe of T to w o olive until s c 1 t phyll ascarpon e 1/4 t C erato k yogu , Italy it – Whis r overnight. R r. Garnish w m o m in e the c k, easy arbera oz honey ndy chopped d ed ba am Sauc frigerato pea from A NH of quic l rend es antains? : Sauté zucc rate skillet, sauté strip m GREEN TE1 MOATR 16 o Cre into and herbs an’t c pl2 1/4 c almbradre,sso, brewe osp s DIRECTIONS Pistachi lace in the re poon yogurt ing: B T loba fi your n ip In a sepa ace lemon dC P S lden brown. en brown. Flip fish. Pl for 5 minutes. Pair syrup. aching liquid. peel. T e2 1/2 c g ers min- grated go g ladyfrin r 3 late, Prepare nsely flavore found in POACHED PE gold o e r. Cook from p s and orang e fo e 24 of buttrk choco n cocoa powd er side up until ne and cove st with nutmeg. cky n, Kentu in the wi io til thick. pistach ts and intesic ingredien arket. da chick d sp2 on pricotssweetene o- on top. Pour a layer of zucchini. Du Bourbo o oz , nilla un owl, 2Ta un evap and va Pairing: m with ba ighborhood mon, until liquid eatyolks, sugar In a separate espresso b on Place bass h rehgg llo mixture. nc, New Zealand AMISU in Poac TIaNS:oBPat phy gg e E N l ne S auvignon Bla gers I N G R E D I locaT .e ladyfin lass Ontr -inch g tch CHOCOLATE TIR e D in cil a rush into eet. Cre baSauce ixIREC ascBrpone 1 led espresso. Dip into an 8 x 8 Pairing: S Pistacmall-am ineired , s hio rtdra d ALMON M r. ee dh Me utte pe n py atns y lad ingers g ix minto o firs r o ixture r,dsake cn exgurt, ly pa CHOCOLATE TIRAMISULAZED S b t. ininucombn epbrar,f d layephf llo yf ascarpone m ocolate. Repea g ee 1 yo per Sa eet d p e it one r of r oozin Pear , fre e ly b we W sh, bre GREEN TEA a buttermilk o NEY-G 4 c green tea in on—enjoy1/4 c ish. em sh c r ix al flavo cho tedme insth.eFcente readen lf th ith 1 oz grated te for 2 hours. a HO s re ture dishth phick h e S ix clo kink li b . il c ers. To wmlictu bav age veoo yfingonds. p n top. Refrige ra ED IENTS by glob ich Village. 1 c sugar bourb d slicfor each d pure ma ple syrup IR INGRED 1T BE INSP ed enw POACHED PEARar peat.gin p nd o of lad alm eledera e an 1 oz ginger, pebarteredg B o HONEY-GL e virn toey a xtra hohorinkle cocoa p owder s of Gre ev and chopped gton , Italy TEW ne w juic eggN e cafe yolks TS orange, qu in p c pistac s hios,h mitn Sp ashinsecco frosuIgar G R E D I E N T S f quick, eaRy D I E N m th I N G sipes E w1 e ti h e peues. CAN S 6 1 e oy el sprig of mint e pert 2 T orangniq nc,irW : Pro per H I Nian R E LeIarn Tx l cooking tec 1 MONT ing hone nne pep 4T o 1 TUS b2 l rec ur lmon fill As G pears, E N tiS D ets Fra Pa 6 egg yolks vanilla extract a sa caye 1t 4 T arponsugar se ored glo 4 d cored a PistachioG R E Sauce N TS in 16 oz Prept masc a re e cheeav ely fl ts foun d in y o butter ine Pear d an ess peele en I N Cream D I E cum brandy ns IENTS 1 vanilla extract r, d ozte mascarpone cheese eMarinade 4 c green tea, freshly brewed en teac suyogurt, ge lmon fillets 1 , gar, gin drained 1/4 c an16 in , breweredien 2 oz w T! TONIGH rate ain. gd t. ED white ry sprig r – Place gre sa espresso ic in ark 2 T I N G R n, chopped e peanut oil 1 c sugar d Pea 1/4 cucepan. 2 buttermilk 1/2 c with basrs orhood m 3c che efrig nt a DIRECTIONS: Poa pears in a medium-size sa in the refrig- EVICHE rosem on stick FREE RECIPE nd r risp pla ns of 1/4 c ladyfingeighb brandy soy sauce nt and er a 1 oz ginger, peeled and sliced 1 T ce pure maple syrup SCALLOP COILCov onto a c blespoo in a 1/2 cne espresso, brewed 1 cinna m orange, miorange,nutes. Cool. Cover and plaMarinade lo24rkl chocolate, grated wderall-2 atch honey 24 ca T onio da bT 1 cloves ped 1 1 r for 20 mi quartered o m oile iche c in 2 ta nd blen d 2 oz ladyfingers po m cocoa e, s 2 d eginger, minced garlic chop cloves , cubed Simme sprig of mint 1 c 2 l o r. cpean ut unoz eetenedr,chocolate, grated rtly pair T RY A h 2T dark sak 1 2 T eilk and ma yv t. pistachios, chopped 2 sw 7 t, 3 erator overnigh pears, rrots b a cttermorange peelple sa uc , bunsweetenedacocoapenillT until thick. apple juice shallo chopped rli a HOT CHILI 2T ee edd ga redients ce. n anx va 1 c e d powder WT e egg—enjoy gar h. 1 a e bowl, e juice 2 in pi ne 1 , 2 c ca tatoes, cub 4 Asian et T m yogurt, bu Re2 T ve pears ney inc so g g in per s au S: ourbon yo lks , su disa separat 2T thyme il 2c po Cream e g o u peeled and – Whisk Sauce cored r ho Beat h In lim o ed Pistachio t h t. mo med p ep DIRECTIONb fo eac re. ladyfin1 T vanilla until thick. arp ve into eg r egg .yolks, sugar and in espre DIRECTIONS: Beat mixtu g sso olive es, chopp the refrigerator overnigh 1 T rnish ginh witger, ps. Mix mascMixon rageespressoegg d 8-inch glass e rs 4T mato cubed syrup. Place in PoachedSpoon Placertgreenpear.sugar, ginger, apple j DIRECTIONS: uid. Pear – yogu into tea, c Ga i pine bendy and Dip o ch into a E I n rnish E N T S 6 oz to uck roast, yme 1ain mascarpone into In x separate bowl, a combine combine brandy and espresso.G R 8 Dres. in espresso y sliced liq bra gers tipsanGa e 1 d th s. from poaching and pearsel. a medium-size saucepan. lime juice otat e layer of ladyfinine I N Dip ladyfingers allions, th inl ch llot an matoe orange, mint nge pe in rt w mixture. Fit on rnFit xplf layermascarpone niq ili, thRepeat. glass u 2 lb salmon ic, sha tes. Add to a Simmer for ora 1T se p g 1tech 1 Tch mixtu mixture. e oneethe of ladyfingers into an 8 inly sli sc ced our n, garl pistachios and20 minutes. Cool. Cover and place in the refrig- ts. Marinate fl st u , Kentucky to L Sp dish. ha oohalfoz grated chocolate. xoil 8-inch GINE king dish.ea rea al cwithkinthe mascarpone mixture rinade – Mix ingredien ces tes per side. d 1c u té onio oil for 3 min heat. Blend erator overnight. Pairing: Bourbon 1/ on for sli auu ba baking gers. Spread 1 nti Top Top withT oz gratedanut allops, cut into lm4-inch 3 minu NS: Ss of olive dium-low Garnish arns pe hours:. Ma on top ofoneyfine ladyfingers. . Refrig1 teDIRECT sc tes. Sear sa 2 IONS ladssof 2 era for chocolate. Repeat. inutes. TIO EC scallions, Chad C mer for 2 m DIR blespoon tes on me der. top on top large 1T cocoa powder forsugar minu to Sprinkle Sprinkle cocoa powder on top. Refrigerate for 2 hours.the pan and sim 6 5-10 Pistachio Cream Sauce – Whisk yogurt, buttermilk and maple NIGHT! n de in 2 ta minu y in a blen o t, brow e pot for 10 istenc o, Italy Adlimearina allions. avy p Deglaz ffron 1t syrup. Place in the refrigerator overnight. Remove pears Marinad Pairing: Prosecc R E C I Italy T O sa d m juice NS: Cook cons e, he from poaching liquid. Spoon yogurt into pear. RECTIO withtes. S FREE S 1/8 t Pairing: Prosecco, P E with sc DI Garnish water 2T rado Garnishsalt a larg Remove. sauce, robrew, Colo th 1c sea smoo ur. In . ith flo g olive oil ef, tomato 1/2 hours. pistachios and orange peel. for 5-10 minu to th km ing: IPA Mic 1t . aco pepper TEQUILA SHR ous w de 1 t e l o rblc zest t beef remainin Add marina allio d Cousc ouscous artere Add b e er for 2 c 1/3 c ried aprico ts, qu T RY A Pair e t b a c1 t h y coa Lightl butter and ce by half. loves. Simmditional 1/2 hour. Pairing: Bourbon, Kentucky Garnish with sc IMP lime ced sh, thinly sli ced ourm eef in e and redu stick and c for an ad MON c d radi b theg Pairing: IPA 1/4 ter 1 inl y sli in n okped wa I N1GcR EhDnIeE ces scallions, th with w namo es. Co SALs, min ced o y NsT 1T edium-low emary, cin nd potato li S ut oil on m ats r. , Italy a 3T ond d chili in pean t on a serving plrodd carrots te D pped rimpoz alm tro, choppe Gently cook runelloLAZE ced Sh 2 ou A p s, cho 1 lb 1large cilan DIRECTIONS : ad scallops ur over scallops. Fli ing: B matoe inutes. Spre Po T sh 1/2 c red, ye heat for 5 m lime juice in a bowl. zest. 2 T Old Ba rimp, peeled 1t y seasoning uté llow an green pepp d M d ix sugar an th sea salt, black pepp radish and scallions. er and lime Pair MISO BLACK COD Sa ers, choppe p wi with cayenne move . 1/2 chili, ch d scallops. To over scallops. Garnish S 1t cue oil. Re maining v min 1/2 onion opped Spoon chili oil 2b in oli en Add re nce é Blanc, Fra t , chopped n lam T nslucve t. m-low hea ts 2 c tomato, di oli oil Pairing: Fum etb – Brow untilSauce s tra diu co ced m inger ok on me s and apri 1/2 c Anejo tequila INGREDIENTSand g nd then4co e garlicccloves, cook us ou en ch 2 T lime a c co oppescous juiceCover scous – Pla over and th Serve cou d 1 T cilantro, ch 1/2 c mirin u DIRE c IOalm es. Co duce heat,CTd NS: onds oil . opped 1/4 c sake n Shrimp – Coucer. Rea te o ney a minutes pe at shrimp wi 1c miso paste tir in h pepp r side in oli KEN th spices. Se 1/2 c frica tes. S eh cilantro. ers, chili an ve oil. Rem ar for 2 sugar cit d ove. Sauce outh A r, opin juice Pour tequila d onion fo – Sauté 2 Tm w black cod fillets tage, S in a cup. Ta r 3 minutes. Add tomat garlic, C CHI leapp stove. Add CCAN ste tequila. o.g: Pino te Remove pa juice dissipate. Ad quila and then ignite. n from DIRECTIONS: Miso: Boil MORO EN WRAP d lime juice salmon Wait for flam IC mirin and sake for 20 eand sh e to Stir in miso paste. Add seconds. liced rinat side. rimp. Top with cil M sugar. Stir until dissolve Pairing: Ane LSA s a Coat black cod fillets d. Cool. inly s. M s per s. antro. with miso. Marinate for CHICK h t ns, t jo tequila, M dien inute inute or up to 3 days in the 20 minutescallio ingre A refrigerator. Bake in a exico Mix on for 3 r for 2 m de To lm reimme m TS r r sa c sate broth 400 degree B – oven for 10-15 minutes I E N nega n and moist a crusty outside arina . chicke ss chicken S: M es. Sea an and rado IENTSd Pairing: Lagrein, Italy ED 2c bonele , chopped age E D samic vi ces inside, dry I N G R nion, choppe R al il pie Colo t p 1 lbminu to the NG w o k edrinad scallions it cilantr dough pac the shrim ch . h a opp t, 1-in rew, paper tow I b eo p e 2T h phyllo el. oliv sley, c reas o icrob with 1c butter 1 honey s, choppe d 1c ed par ken b ush AM 1/2 c cumin 2T ond 8T hic , cr g: IP alm c r ves rooms 1 t coria onnder 2 T - T 20 flou lic clo shrin 1 ped r 3 min for n 1t nam , chop utter fo 1 lb c gar ed m lved u gar o 1/2 t cin ed apricots poo n of b ts, chicken - 1/ 2 a v ine lespo n mix on, h KEN tables vapo mic 6 tab hicke dri prico BALSAMIC CHIC 1/4 c n in 1 innamon, a ntil liquid e eat 3 z lem lsa st c for té onio c hu h 8o r ba lend TION S: Sau , coriander, eat. Poac cilantro. Pre phyllo me ol. B or. Du ve oil Ad DIREC dd cumin ce h in sh 1 1 Sim Co ss li s. A . Redu a fork. Mix butter. Bru first sheet. IO NS: half. proce s of o inute es. utes. nd chicken n with ing of yllo ECT by d on m nut I N G R E D I E N egar TS bro th a ch icke Melt remain heet on top enter of ph DIR uced a foo blespo for 2 l 5 mi reduc GREEN TEA Shred c es. rates. 350 degre lace 1 phy ixture in th both chick s. llo s ec en red sley in n 2 ta garli itiona amic . S balsamic vin to P m ke nd par ken i Sauté n add bals plat e 1c olive oil oven with butter. of chicken epeat. Ba and almo ic ve. or a Drip n to POACHED PE ch o 8T sheet t. Place half a burrito. R with honey on f em auté plate chick . ly e , Ita d rsley, choppe nch pieces shingt pa e h R Repea and roll lik s. Garnis AR 1T s te d CHOCOLATet FTIn MISU era t, 1-i c, Wa chicken breas and o whi ms an ern E te dough for 12 minu ra RA rb 1 lb ont shroo : Ba 1/2 G R flour IN c ed raps Egarlic cloT S crush D I E N ves, ms w mu 3 Pear mixed mushroo Pairing: Cab INGREDIENTS iring 8 oz 4 c green on 1 lema, , halved te freshly Pis til Pa brewed egartachio Creanutes or un 6 N 1 c suga 20 mi m Sa egg yolks c vin 1 c foryogurt,oliveuce and CCA WRAP r 1 oz ECTIONS: Simmer balsami ginger, peele tab lespobu s of drained uté on oil 4T sugar DIR Cool. Blend 6 1/4 c lf. d and sliced st chicken tteth flour. Sa 1tht vanilla extract RO 1 or ed by ha wi rmilk ro oz n reducange, quarteprocessor. Du 1 T pure m tes per side. n b 16icke d mascarpone cheese sprig of food red MO ICKEN 1 minu le syrup ap cke ch c e parsley in amint lespoons of olive oil for 3 rooms chi eless 1/4 pp ackag dy bran e 4 ch Asian in 2 tab icken pears, tes. Add mush rsley oil nu1 c pistac pa cho h n o, 1/2 c p esp garlic for 2 mi n hios, choppe 2c bo ntr g resso, brewed peeled Sauté Remove. and cored ditional 5 mi2 T .orange plate. Add nutes Spoo ila o dou CH d S lb c ll 24 ped fingers N T ed an ad uction onto el pe 1 lady and sauté for ip balsamic red rve with lemon. 2T phy ey2 oz chop dark chocola DIRECTIONS ite plate. Dr DIE p N te, grated onto wh ached : Po plate. Se hon o2 ds, R E , chop NE SCA orange, mint ms anPech– Plactogree d ar icken e 1 nT - min unsweetened cocoa pow B TAGI I N G oniotner mushroo n 2T alm r3 der Simmer for and pears in a medium tea, sugar, ginger, r fo cken - a, Italy TU 2T Pairing: Barber 20 minutes. -s te AM erator over Cool. Cove ize saucepan. bu in t DIRE but CTIOiNS: po f Mix s, ch evaBeat egg yolks, sugar and vanilla until thic L c d DIE night. r and place 1 ppe o in the refrig- c cumiande r on icot mascarpone into egg mixture. In a id at k. n 1/2 cho spo , apr til lbine rehe dylland comiqu P bran hy o separate /8 t l,affro RE s Pistachio Cr cor amon icots, ble . espressT S 1 ta namo ach u anure. sh 1 pshlayerD I E N o. Dip ladyfingers in c resso 1 bow ater N G onion, c 1t n n eam Sauce – inn apr mixttro. Fit one eetE 1 esp us w I syrup. Plac e in Whisk yogu rt, 1 t t c ried on in cin Po cil ingru fI st G Ryllo of ladyfingers into an 8 x 8-inusco iN p ered c from poachin the refrigerator over buttermilk and maple 1/2 c d B oni der, eat. Mix in bakr. dishr Spreh half the mascarpone of . of e ad Co ch glass cous s , quart lic gar llo g liquid. Sp nig uté rian e h utte o of bon topp nter fingen b, cubed mixture1/3 c cou pricots 1 pistachios and orange oon yogurt ht. Remove pears 1/4 S . o en Tagin rs. : Sa in, co educ a fork ining Spri t celadyhickelamTop with 1 oz grated chocolate/4 c dried a 7 sha m peel. into pear. Ga ION cum en. R with rema sheet n nkle oth 1 lbpowlive oil top. Refrh cocc onds. oa 1. Repeat. r thy rnish with ECT k i t l T o der on pped igerate wate 1 DIR s. Add chic icken . Melt phyllo ixture ake b nd a2m ced for 2 houc Pairing: Bou on , cho oliv 1 rs. oney 2T onion loves, min ingt Pairing: Prosecco, Italy m at. B ey a T h ond slices ed rbon, Kentu te u th a re nd d ch rees e 1 en e 1c c garlic minced 3 pped 2 oz alm tro, chopp 4 T oz tom ash g c n cky bro s. Sh 50 de er. Pla chick o. Rep ith ho f 2 r, ginge s tomatoe s, cho cilan 1 6 c rate n to 3 h butt half o burrit nish wW 1T 2 lb nc, 1T inles ove et wit lace like a . Gar c sk prika c Fra 2 1 she eat. P d roll inutes pa auté TUSCAN STEW Rep gh an 12 m et 1/2 t innamon il. Rem ove. S g DIR2 E ern c in or 1/2 t rmeric olive o Add remain at Cab u do ps f tu in 1/2 t lamb ent. he in wra Brown til transluc edium-low pricots g: – C o Lamb inger un airin S TIONS: k on m and a INGREDIENT n coo couscous g s butter DIREC arlic and nd the n coo k ous
  • 28. NOV FRIDAY, 20TH 7PM-9PM, French Culinary Institute Soho, 462 Broadway Free Event, Just show up! WHITE WINE WITH STEAK? Chad Carns prepares Korean Steak BBQ, Justin Christoph explains why Riesling is a perfect match! Discover more global recipes in Chad’s new
  • 29. COOKBOOK 4:30PM-6PM, The Lobster Place COOKBOOKSIGNING Meet Chad Carns,TODAY! $34 50 The Gourmet Bachelor cookbook author. Sample Tuna Ceviche and learn how to cook without heat.
  • 30. 6. Live EventsChad Carns participates in live celebrity events with Morimoto, Alan Cumming, Food Network and Bravo chefs; cooksfor editors at Conde Nast & Hearst NYC; and gives live cooking demos on his national cookbook tour.
  • 31. Greenwich Village Launch Party Chad Carns prepares Balsamic Chicken live with a bachelor from the crowd.
  • 32. Condé Nast & Hearst Cafe, NYCChad Carns prepares Korean BBQ as honorary guest chef for editors from Vogue, GQ, Rolling Stone, Food & Wine, Marie Claire, Gourmet, Food Network, Details and Wired.
  • 33. PRESS INQUIRIES, PLEASE CONTACT TRACY AT MEDIA@THEGOURMETBACHELOR.COM OR VISIT THEGOURMETBACHELOR.COM WRITE ABOUT EATOUTTHIS... AT HOME Enjoy the warm global flavors of The Gourmet Bachelor Cookbook at home with fresh, local ingredients. TECHN HALLOWEEN PARTYSpicy Tequila Shrimp A simple party recipe with tons of flavor. Pair with Anejo Tequila OLOGY BE PAMPERED Hard Cover Cookbook to FALL BY THE ipod app DINNER GOURMET BACHELOR PARTY Follow Chad Carns as he designs the INWake up LIFE. YOUR to orange- ipod application Cold weather, scented Ricotta Pancakes. based on The warm global flavor. Taste Butter-Poached Lobster Impress your friends gently melting in your mouth. Gourmet Bachelor Relax, as you sit back and with a simple and elegant hard cover cookbook enjoy warm chocolate souffle 5-course dinner menu complete at home. with expert wine pairing.SEDUCTIVE NEW Lemon Sage Shrimp Trebbiano, Italy DINNER YORK FOR TWO Wild Mushroom Cups Barbara, Italy Pamper that special Scallop Chorizo person in your life with INTEREST a delicious 4-course Ribera Del Duero, Spaindinner at home completewith expert wine pairing. Coriander-Spiced Duck Breast Pineapple Relish Caribbean Crab Soup Pinot Noir, Careros Sherry, Manzanilla Chad Carnss obsession with the culinary attitude of Green Tea Poached PearButter-Poached Lobster Greenwich Village has inspired Small Batch Bourbon, Kentucky him to put his Graphic Design Chardonnay, Meursault career on hold to study global Parmesan-Crusted food, wine and photography. In Rack of Lamb his tiny Bleecker Street Bordeaux, France Apartment, he wrote, designed, and published The GourmetChocolate Truffle Torte Bachelor cookbook. Banyuls, Catalonia
  • 34. Book Signings / Live Events Chad Carns signs cookbooks in Miami, Connecticut, Pittsburgh, New Jersey, New York and participatesin celebrity events with Alan Cumming and Food Network Iron Chef Morimoto
  • 35. 7. Online, BlogsThe Gourmet Bachelor cookbook creates aviral buzz with influential online magazines, food blogs, and social communities including,, BravoTv. com, and
  • 36. STUFFING Sauté celery, onion and green bell pepper in butter on medium heat for 5 minutes. In a separate skillet, cook sweet sausage on medium heat for 5 minutes. Discard grease. Combine sausage mixture and remaining stuffing ingredients together in a large bowl. Visit for more Thanksgiving re The Gourmet Bachelor cookbook or look inside the cookbookSTUFFINGSauté celery, onion and green bell pepper in butteron medium heat for 5 minutes. In a separateskillet, cook sweet sausage on medium heatfor 5 minutes. Discard grease. Combine sausage
  • 37. 8. Print MediaThe Gourmet Bachelor cookbook receivedadditional coverage in national magazinesand local newspapers including Marie Claire,The Villager, Next Magazine and Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.
  • 38. When Carns moved to Bleecker St. about six years ago, he began experimenting with cooking elaborate-looking, time-friendly meals as a way t impress his live-in girlfriend. Apparently it worked because the couple has since gotten married an moved to Thompson St. “Everything I need I can buy on Bleecker St.,” sa Carns. “But they are basic ingredients, so the modern bachelor can get them in the local supermarket as well. “A lot of times I will walk into The Lobster Place and ask them what is fresh,” he continued. “Then might go into Aphrodisia and ask what herbs go with the fish I just bought, and then go to a wine shop and get them to recommend a pairing. In that way, I am just tremendously inspired by the global offering in my local markets on Bleecker St.” Chad, ‘The Gourmet In addition to the cookbook, Carns also had Bachelor,’ is keeping 50,000 small fliers printed. The fliers feature different recipes, and local food merchants put it local them at the counter in a special display stand tha Carns crafted so that he can insert a flier listing a By Kara Bloomgarden-Smoke upcoming event. The recipes tie into what the shop sells. For example, there is a recipe for “This is Greenwich Village, and I am the Gourmet saffron cherry tomatoes at grilled swordfish with sa Bachelor, a local cookbook author,” replied Chad Aphrodisia Herb Shoppe, on Bleecker St., Carns when asked for directions by a visiting because the saffron can be bought at the store. British couple. The cookbook retails for $34.50, and local Carns is indeed the author of “The Gourmet merchants such as Aphrodisia sell it. They have Bachelor,” a self-published cookbook designed to sold “at least 25 copies,” according to Carns. He give the typical bachelor meal ideas to impress his waiting to hear if Book Book (formerly Biography date. The book features glossy recipes for dishes Bookshop) will start carrying the cookbook. It’s such as tuna ceviche on crisp plantains with a red also available on, and Carns often pepper sauce, and Carns’s personal favorite, a does demonstrations at events where he offers “quick and easy” Korean barbeque. the book for sale. ThEGOuRMETbAChElOR.COM Gourmet recipes in 20 minutes! Chad Carns put his award-winning, graphic design career on hold, to study global cuisine and wine at the Institute of Culinary Education, New York City. Carns grew up in a diverse family, passionate about food. He remembers watching his grandmotherIn the 17th century, Baccalà (salt cod) could typically mold one egg, a cup ofbe found on a Friday night Italian dinner table. flour and a splash of water into Sunday dinner. CondeHowever, the traditional recipe requires days to Nast and Hearst had beenprepare. My modern version brings this delicious so impressed with Chad’sdish to your home in 20 minutes with the help crusade to bring exciting, global flavor home withof fresh, local ingredients. fresh, local ingredients that they awarded him Honorary Guest Chef of their NewTOMATO COD York City cafe.INGREDIENTS 1t red pepper flakes5 garlic cloves, crushed 1c water1c yellow peppers, 1/4-inch slices 8 basil leaves, fresh3T olive oil 2 cod fillets, fresh28 oz whole tomatoes, cannedDIRECTIONS: Sauté garlic and peppers in 2 tablespoonsof olive oil for 5 minutes. Add tomatoes, red pepper flakes andwater. Cook on medium heat for 15 minutes. Stir in basil. Sauté Enjoy this recipe, wine pairing &cod in 1 tablespoon of olive oil for 3 minutes per side. Serve more in Chad’s new cookbook,cod on top of tomato sauce. The Gourmet Bachelor: Global Flavor, Local Ingredients atPAIRING: Primitivo, Italy
  • 39. 9. Outdoor AdvertisingThe Gourmet Bachelor reached yet another audience with strategically placed outdoor posters.
  • 40. Chad CarnsCOOKBOOK AVAILABLEE X C L U S I V E LY AT w w w. t h e g o u r m e t b a c h e l o r. c o m
  • 41. Chad CarnsCOOKBOOK AVAILABLEE X C L U S I V E LY AT w w w. t h e g o u r m e t b a c h e l o r. c o m
  • 42. Chad CarnsCOOKBOOK AVAILABLEE X C L U S I V E LY AT w w w. t h e g o u r m e t b a c h e l o r. c o m
  • 43. 10. VideoTGB celebrity videos, cooking demos,wine tasting and travel shows engaged viewers on youtube, facebook and
  • 44. Food Network Iron Chef Morimoto Chad Carns prepares Bachelorette reveals “Bachelor” recipe dinner for Marie Claire Chad prepares Korean BBQ Friday Night In!: Carns prepares in 20 Minutes! Scallop Ceviche Hot Chili Oil in his Greenwich Village kitchenFriday Night In!: Carns prepares TGB Travel: Balsamic Chicken in his Chad visits “Hydroponic” farm in Greenwich Village kitchen Anguilla & Beach BBQ in St. Martin
  • 45. iTunes 11. Radio TGB receives online radio exposurewhen Chad Carns shares his Superbowlparty recipes including Korean BBQ on and Apple podcasts.
  • 46. 12. TV Chad Carns leverages the success of TGB media strategy to reach a national TV audience on the Today Show, Miami,Tony On NY!, Connecticut Style and Bravo.
  • 47. Chad Carns prepares four TGB dishes LIVE on Today Show, Miami, NBC Chad Carns prepares Balsamic Chicken on Connecticut Style Chad Carns “The Gourmet Bachelor” Chad Carns prepares three recipes from “bachelor” ingredients on Toni On! NY, WPIX
  • 48. The Gourmet Bachelorcookbook is sold in stores across the country and online. Buy Now Contact: