Volunteer presentation 4.25.13


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Volunteer presentation 4.25.13

  1. 1. Luke E. K. Achenie, Ph.D.Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State UniversityAIChE Volunteer ActivitiesAIChE Foundation Board of Trustees
  2. 2. Dr. Fernando J. AguirreHTRIAIChE Volunteer ActivitiesDallas Local SectionManagement Division
  3. 3. Mohsen AlmanjnouniSABICAIChE Volunteer ActivitiesSaudi Arabia Local Section
  4. 4. Tim AndersonUniversity of Massachusetts-AmherstAIChE Volunteer ActivitiesAIChE Foundation Board of TrusteesAIChE Board
  5. 5. D. BhattacharyyaUniversity of KentuckyAIChE Volunteer ActivitiesAdmissions CommitteeAIChE Fellow
  6. 6. Veera Mallu BodduUS Army Engineer Research and DevelopmentCenterAIChE Volunteer ActivitiesCentral Illinois Local Section
  7. 7. William C. BoutallWink Engineering, LLCAIChE Volunteer ActivitiesNew Orleans Local Section
  8. 8. Dr. Richard D. BraatzMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyAIChE Volunteer ActivitiesComputing & Systems Technology Division (CAST)
  9. 9. Maria Burka, Ph.D.National Science FoundationAIChE Volunteer Activities2011 AIChE PresidentContinuing Education CommitteePublic Affairs & Information Committee (PAIC)International CommitteeCatalysis & Reaction Engineering Division (CRE)Computing & Systems Technology Division (CAST)National Capital Local Section
  10. 10. William D (Bill) ByersCH2M HILLAIChE Volunteer ActivitiesAIChE Foundation Board of TrusteesAIChE Legacy Society MemberAIChE Leaders Society SustainerAIChE Cumulative Giving Society
  11. 11. T. Bond CallowaySavannah River National LaboratoryAIChE Volunteer ActivitiesAIChE Foundation Board of TrusteesAICHE BoardAICHE Nuclear Engineering DivisionAIChE Board Awards CommitteeAIChE Nominating CommitteeResearch & New Technology CommitteeChemical Engineering Technology Operating CouncilCenter for Energy Initiatives
  12. 12. Mervyn CarneiroEli Lilly and CompanyAIChE Volunteer ActivitiesTechnical Steering CommitteeProbability of Ignition Book Project
  13. 13. Daniel J. Chellaraj, FAIChERetired, Office of Emergency ManagementEnvironmental Protection AgencyAIChE Volunteer ActivitiesAdmissions Committee
  14. 14. John C. ChenLehigh UniversityAIChE Volunteer ActivitiesFellows CouncilInternational CommitteeGovernment Relations Committee
  15. 15. Sanjay ChoudharyTata Chemicals LimitedAIChE Volunteer ActivitiesTechnical Steering Committee
  16. 16. John F. CirucciAir Products & Chemicals Inc.AIChE Volunteer ActivitiesAIChE BoardAIChE Foundation Board of TrusteesAIChE Board Awards CommitteeAIChE FellowNominating CommitteeManaging Board of the Institute for Sustainability (IfS)
  17. 17. Jarrod ClarkMerrick & CompanyAIChE Volunteer ActivitiesKnoxville-Oakridge Local Section
  18. 18. Cawas CooperCodexisAIChE Volunteer Activities2013 Annual Meeting Program Co-ChairNorthern California Local SectionProcess Development DivisionNorth American Mixing Forum
  19. 19. Herbert W. CooperDynalytics Corp.AIChE Volunteer ActivitiesMetro NY Local Section
  20. 20. Maxine CottrellThe Dow Chemical CompanyAIChE Volunteer ActivitiesSustainability EngineeringChemical Engineering & the LawMid-Michigan Local Section
  21. 21. Joseph CramerRetired, AIChEAIChE Volunteer ActivitiesAIChE Admissions CommitteeNCEES Ch.E. PE Exam CommitteeResearch & New Technology CommitteeSpeakers’ Corner
  22. 22. Kara Elizabeth CurranBPAIChE Volunteer ActivitiesYoung Professionals Committee
  23. 23. Andre R. Da CostaCorningAIChE Volunteer ActivitiesAIChE TreasurerAIChE Foundation Board of Trustees
  24. 24. Thomas F. DegnanExxonMobil Research and Engineering CompanyAIChE Volunteer ActivitiesAIChE BoardFinance CommitteeCatalysis and Reaction Engineering Division
  25. 25. Brent Dixon, Ph.D.AIChE Volunteer ActivitiesCentral Carolinas Local SectionPhysicians Choice Laboratory Services
  26. 26. Basil C. "Bill" DoumasRetired, The Dow Chemical CompanyAIChE Volunteer ActivitiesPast AIChE PresidentAIChE Foundation Board of TrusteesLocal Sections CommitteeNational Capital Local SectionDirector Virtual Local SectionDirector Tidewater Virginia Local SectionAIChE Cumulative Giving SocietyLeaders Society
  27. 27. John EkerdtUniversity of Texas-AustinAIChE Volunteer ActivitiesAIChE BoardAIChE FellowAudit CommitteeEducation & Accreditation Committee
  28. 28. Dave EckhardtIrwin EngineersAIChE Volunteer ActivitiesFellows CouncilLiaison to Northeast Student RegionLocal Sections CommitteeAdmissions Committee
  29. 29. Bill B. ElmoreMississippi State University, Swalm School ofChemical EngineeringAIChE Volunteer ActivitiesCareer & Education Operating Council (CEOC)Young Professionals CommitteeInternational Student Chapter SubcommitteeAIChE Student Chapter Advisor
  30. 30. Shawn D. FeistThe Dow Chemical CompanyAIChE Volunteer ActivitiesMid-Michigan Local Section
  31. 31. Harold G. FisherAIChE Volunteer ActivitiesDesign Institute for Energy Relief Systems (DIERS)
  32. 32. H. Scott FoglerUniversity of MichiganAIChE Volunteer ActivitiesPast AIChE PresidentUniversity of Michigan Student Chapter AdvisorPublications CommitteeAIChE International AmbassadorAIChE Nominating CommitteeContinuing Education CommitteeWebinar Senior EditorEthics CommitteeInternational Student Chapters Committee
  33. 33. Jeffrey L.FoxDow Corning CorporationAIChE Volunteer ActivitiesTechnical Steering CommitteeCenter for Chemical Process Safety
  34. 34. Katherine GawelKraft FoodsAIChE Volunteer ActivitiesYoung Professional Advisory Board
  35. 35. Eduardo D. Glandt, PhDUniversity of PennsylvaniaAIChE Volunteer ActivitiesAIChE Foundation Board of TrusteesAIChE Leaders Society SilverAIChE Cumulative Giving Society
  36. 36. Gary GildertJohnson Matthey CatalystsAIChE Volunteer ActivitiesSouth Texas Local Section
  37. 37. Andrew GoddardArkemaAIChE Volunteer ActivitiesTechnical Steering Committee
  38. 38. David GreeneOptimumAIChE Volunteer ActivitiesAdmissions Committee
  39. 39. Dennis GriffithGranherne, a KBR CompanyAIChE Volunteer ActivitiesAIChE Foundation Board of TrusteesAIChE Cumulative Giving SocietyLeaders Society
  40. 40. Deborah L Grubbe, PE, CEng.  Operations and Safety Solutions, LLCAIChE Volunteer ActivitiesInstitute for Sustainability MemberAIChE Foundation Board of TrusteesAIChE Legacy SocietyAIChE Leaders Society GoldAIChE Cumulative Giving Society
  41. 41. Jennifer GuilfoyleMiddough Inc.AIChE Volunteer ActivitiesChicago Local Section
  42. 42. Paula T. HammondMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyAIChE Volunteer ActivitiesAIChE Board
  43. 43. Thomas R. HanleyAuburn UniversityAIChE Volunteer ActivitiesAIChE Foundation Board of Trustees SilverAIChE Cumulative Giving Society
  44. 44. Jon Haughton  Ingredion IncorporatedAIChE Volunteer ActivitiesYoung Professionals Committee
  45. 45. Edgar HernandezEdgar Hernandez-Patino & AssociatesAIChE Volunteer ActivitiesPuerto Rico Local Section
  46. 46. Michael HillColumbia UniversityAIChE Volunteer ActivitiesProcess Development DivisionAIChE Fellow
  47. 47. John W. (Jack) HippleTRIZ-and Engineering Training Services, LLCAIChE Volunteer ActivitiesAIChE BoardFinance Committee
  48. 48. Richard K. IsherwoodUOP / University of IllinoisAIChE Volunteer Activities2013 Spring National Meeting -CO2 Reduction SessionGas Processing Topical 6 Fuels and PetrochemicalDivisionFuels & Petrochemical DivisionChair High School Student Outreach Program, ChicagoLocal Section
  49. 49. Karl V. JacobThe Dow Chemical CompanyAIChE Volunteer ActivitiesAIChE BoardBoard Awards Committee
  50. 50. Annette Johnston, P.E.Abbott LaboratoriesAIChE Volunteer ActivitiesAIChE BoardResearch & New Technology Committee (RANTC)
  51. 51. Fred C. JusticeChemstations Inc.AIChE Volunteer ActivitiesFellows CouncilEducation Division
  52. 52. Dale KeairnsBooz Allen HamiltonAIChE Volunteer ActivitiesAIChE Foundation Board of TrusteesAIChE Legacy SocietyAIChE Leaders Society SustainerAIChE Cumulative Giving Society
  53. 53. Peter KilpatrickUniversity of Notre DameAIChE Volunteer ActivitiesAIChE Foundation Board of Trustees
  54. 54. David KlaneckyDow Energy MaterialsAIChE Volunteer ActivitiesAIChE Nominating Committee
  55. 55. James KleinSavannah River National LaboratoryAIChE Volunteer ActivitiesLocal Section CommitteeCentral Savannah River Local Section
  56. 56. Jack M. Kleinfeld, P.E.Kleinfeld Technical Services, Inc.AIChE Volunteer ActivitiesTappan Zee Local Section
  57. 57. Henry T. (Hank) KohlbrandConsultantAIChE Volunteer ActivitiesPast AIChE PresidentEthics CommitteeInternational CommitteeGovernment Relations CommitteeNominating CommitteeContinuing Education Committee
  58. 58. Matt KolodneyTexas Commission on Environmental QualityAIChE Volunteer ActivitiesCareer and Education Operating Council (CEOC)South Texas Local SectionLocal Sections CommitteeSocietal Impact Operating Council (SEOC)Membership Committee
  59. 59. Joe LallyEvonik Degussa CorporationAIChE Volunteer ActivitiesTexas Gulf Coast Local Section
  60. 60. Dan LambertSavannah River National LabAIChE Volunteer ActivitiesCareer and Education Operating Council (CEOC)Virtual Local SectionAssociate Webinar EditorContinuing Education CommitteeEnvironmental DivisionMembership CommitteeNED
  61. 61. Pete LedermanRetiredAIChE Volunteer ActivitiesProfessional DevelopmentEnvironmental DivisionBoard of DirectorsSocietal Impact Operating CouncilContiguous EducationCEP Review BoardEnvironmental & Sustainability Progress Review BoardPublic Affairs & Information Committee
  62. 62. Meagan LewisUOP HoneywellAIChE Volunteer ActivitiesYoung Professional CommitteeAIChE Apprentice - K-12 Website ProjectSpring 2014 National Programming
  63. 63. Brandon LithgoeWilliams CompaniesAIChE Volunteer Activities2013 Shining Star Award WinnerBaton Rouge Local Section
  64. 64. Dr. Jerry Y S LinArizona State UniversityAIChE Volunteer ActivitiesArizona Local Section
  65. 65. Douglas K. LudlowMissouri University of Science and TechnologyAIChE Volunteer ActivitiesNational Student Paper Competition CommitteeOmega Chi Epsilon- Chemical Engineering HonorSociety
  66. 66. Dedrick LundWilliams NGL ServicesAIChE Volunteer ActivitiesWichita Local Section
  67. 67. Mary K. LynchCon Edison of NYAIChE Volunteer ActivitiesNew York Metro Local Section
  68. 68. Srihari Maganti, Ph.D.Provenance Consulting LLCAIChE Volunteer ActivitiesYoung Professionals CommitteeSouth Texas Local Section
  69. 69. Dr. Daniela MainardiLouisiana Tech UniversityAIChE Volunteer ActivitiesSustainable Engineering ForumTransport and Energy Processes DivisionCenter for Energy Initiatives Advisory Board
  70. 70. Philip A. Marrone, Ph.D.Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC)AIChE Volunteer ActivitiesBoston Local Section
  71. 71. Ignacio J. Martinez, P.E.RetiredAIChE Volunteer ActivitiesNorthern California Local Section
  72. 72. Tom MensahGeorgia Aerospace SystemsAIChE Volunteer ActivitiesAIChE FellowFoundation AIChE Board of Trustees SponsorAIChE Cumulative Giving Society
  73. 73. Emmett R. MillerSemi-Retired Consulting EngineerAIChE Volunteer ActivitiesMembership CommitteeFellows CouncilLocal Section CommitteeNorthern California Local SectionProfessional Legislation CommitteeFuels & Petrochemical DivisionTransport and Energy Processes Division
  74. 74. David MissendaURS CorporationAIChE Volunteer ActivitiesPittsburgh Local Section
  75. 75. Dr. Chandra NairAIChE Volunteer ActivitiesNew Jersey Local Section
  76. 76. Dennis OBrienJacobs ConsultancyAIChE Volunteer ActivitiesAIChE Foundation Board of TrusteesSocietal Impact Operating Council (SIOC)AIChE Fellow
  77. 77. John O’ConnellUniversity of VirginiaAIChE Volunteer ActivitiesAIChE Fellows “Big Wheel”AIChE Student Chapter AdvisorEducation Division
  78. 78. Tim OlsenEmerson Process ManagementAIChE Volunteer ActivitiesFuels & Petrochemicals DivisionExecutive Board of National Programming Committee(EBPC)
  79. 79. Soni O. Oyekan, PhDPrafis Energy SolutionsAIChE Volunteer ActivitiesAIChE Foundation Board of TrusteesAIChE Legacy Society SustainerAIChE Cumulative Giving Society
  80. 80. Terry PayneOak Ridge National LaboratoryAIChE Volunteer ActivitiesTransport and Energy Processes Division
  81. 81. Dr. Francis PetrocelliAir Products and Chemicals, Inc.AIChE Volunteer ActivitiesSocietal Impact Operating Council (SIOC)
  82. 82. Syamal K. Poddar Ph.D., P.E.Poddar & AssociatesAIChE Volunteer ActivitiesAIChE FellowAIChE Foundation Board of TrusteesAIChE Leaders SocietyAIChE Cumulative Giving Society
  83. 83. Cathy PincusExxonMobilAIChE Volunteer ActivitiesCenter for Chemical Process Safety (CCPS)
  84. 84. Timothy M. RaymondBucknell UniversityAIChE Volunteer ActivitiesStudent Chapters Executive CommitteeCentral Pennsylvania Local SectionAIChE Student Chapter Advisor
  85. 85. Marcela RecamánEquion Energia LimitedAIChE Volunteer Activities5th Latin American Conference on Process SafetyTechnical Steering Committee
  86. 86. Stephen ReillyProSysAIChE Volunteer ActivitiesBaton Rouge Local Section
  87. 87. Caroline C. Reynolds, P.E.CR SolutionsAIChE Volunteer ActivitiesWomen’s Initiatives Committee (WIC)Societal Impact Operating Council (SIOC)Publications Committee
  88. 88. Noel RicordGlobal Environmental Solutions, Inc.AIChE Volunteer ActivitiesAIChE FellowBaton Rouge Local Section
  89. 89. Kurt P. RindfuszEastern Research Group, Inc. (ERG)AIChE Volunteer ActivitiesEnvironmental DivisionNanoscale Science & Engineering Forum (NSEF)Council of Division & Forum Officers
  90. 90. Amanda RobbenBASFAIChE Volunteer ActivitiesVirtual Local SectionLocal Sections Committee (LSC)
  91. 91. Willie (Skip) RochefortOregon State UniversityAIChE Volunteer ActivitiesAIChE Student Chapter AdvisorChemE Car Rules CommitteeSCC Membership CommitteeOregon Local Section
  92. 92. David RosenthalJacobs EngineeringAIChE Volunteer ActivitiesImmediate Past AIChE PresidentFinance CommitteeChemical Engineering Technology Operating Council(CTOC)Management DivisionExecutive Board of National Programming Committee(EBPC)1986 Spring Meeting Program ChairSouth Texas Local SectionDelaware Valley Local Section
  93. 93. Alan RossiterRossiter & AssociatesAIChE Volunteer ActivitiesLocal Sections Committee (LSC)
  94. 94. Chad Schaffer, P.E., CFSEBurns & McDonnellAIChE Volunteer ActivitiesKansas City Local Section
  95. 95. Roxanne SchneiderAIChE Volunteer ActivitiesOperations TeamSafety & Health Division
  96. 96. Freeman SelfBechtelAIChE Volunteer ActivitiesAIChE BoardFinance CommitteeConstitution & Bylaws CommitteeBoard Awards Committee
  97. 97. Adrian L. Sepeda, P.E.A. L. Sepeda Consulting Inc.AIChE Volunteer ActivitiesStaff Consultant and Volunteer for CCPSProcess Safety Incident Database (PSID)Process Safety Boot CampProbability of Ignition
  98. 98. Dr. Christine SeymourPfizer Inc.AIChE Volunteer ActivitiesPD2M ForumAIChE Executive CommitteeAIChE BoardExecutive Board of National Programming CommitteeConstitution & Bylaws Committee 
  99. 99. Jatin ShahBakerRiskAIChE Volunteer ActivitiesCCPS Project Planning CommitteeCCPS Technical Steering CommitteeGlobal Congress on Process Safety
  100. 100. Otis SheltonRetired, PraxairAIChE Volunteer Activities2013 President-Elect
  101. 101. Jacqueline Sibblies, P.E.Environmental Compliance ConsultingAIChE Volunteer ActivitiesNew Jersey Local Section
  102. 102. Richard D. Siegel, Ph.D.R & B Consulting ServicesAIChE Volunteer ActivitiesEnvironmental DivisionManagement DivisionPublic Affairs & Information Committee (PAIC)
  103. 103. Diane SpencerLawrence Livermore National LaboratoryAIChE Volunteer ActivitiesCareer and Education Operating Council (CEOC)Northern California Local SectionLocal Sections CommitteeMembership Committee
  104. 104. Dr. Thomas O. Spicer, IIIUniversity of ArkansasAIChE Volunteer ActivitiesSAChE CommitteeEducation & Accreditation Committee
  105. 105. Howard StamatoNew Jersey Local SectionAIChE Volunteer ActivitiesNew Jersey Local Section
  106. 106. Rebecca M. W. Starkweather, P.E.Scientex LCAIChE Volunteer ActivitiesEquipment Testing Procedures Committee (ETPC)
  107. 107. Glenn TaylorRetired, AIChE, Executive DirectorAIChE Volunteer ActivitiesAIChE Foundation Board of TrusteesAIChE Legacy Society SilverAIChE Cumulative Giving Society
  108. 108. Dr. Cheryl TeichThe Dow Chemical CompanyAIChE Volunteer ActivitiesAdmissions CommitteeFoundation Board of TrusteesBoard Awards CommitteeChemical Engineering Technology Operating Council(CTOC)
  109. 109. Amy E. Theis, PEFauske & AssociatesAIChE Volunteer ActivitiesSafety & Health DivisionChicago Local Section
  110. 110. James TurnerFluor Enterprises, IncAIChE Volunteer ActivitiesSouth Texas Local SectionAIChE Foundation Board of Trustees
  111. 111. Nicholas F. Urbanski, P.E.ExxonMobil Upstream Research CompanyAIChE Volunteer ActivitiesSeparations DivisionDirector, AwardsArea 2a ChairMeeting Program Chair, 2013 Spring MeetingCouncil of Division & Forum Officers (CTOC)
  112. 112. Anthony VenturinoNovak Druce Connolly Bove + Quigg LLPAIChE Volunteer ActivitiesChemical Engineering & the Law Forum
  113. 113. Alan D. VibberFUJIFILM Manufacturing USA, Inc.AIChE Volunteer ActivitiesWestern South Carolina Local Section
  114. 114. Walter WalawenderKansas State UniversityAIChE Volunteer ActivitiesScholarship Subcommittee of SCCAIChE Student Chapter Advisor
  115. 115. Dr. Nien-Hwa (Linda) WangPurdue UniversityAIChE Volunteer ActivitiesSeparations Division
  116. 116. Bob WasileskiNova Chemicals, Inc.AIChE Volunteer ActivitiesPittsburgh Local SectionSafety & Health Division (S&H)
  117. 117. Al WechslerSr. Vice President, Arthur D. LittleAIChE Volunteer ActivitiesAIChE FoundationFellows Council
  118. 118. Daniel WendtIdaho National LaboratoryAIChE Volunteer ActivitiesIdaho-Montana Local Section
  119. 119. Kendall WertsQuest Consultants, Inc.AIChE Volunteer ActivitiesYoung Professionals Committee
  120. 120. Rosemarie D. WessonNational Science FoundationAIChE Volunteer ActivitiesAIChE BoardThe Chemical Engineering Technology OperatingCouncil (CTOC)Managing Board of the Institute for Sustainability (IfS)Nominating CommitteeConstitution & Bylaws CommitteeGovernment Relations Committee
  121. 121. Phillip R. WestmorelandNorth Carolina State UniversityAIChE Volunteer Activities2013 AIChE PresidentPublic Affairs & Information CommitteeEastern North Carolina Local Section
  122. 122. Ranil WickramasingheUniversity of ArkansasAIChE Volunteer ActivitiesMeeting Program Chair, 2013 Annual Meeting in SanFrancisco
  123. 123. Gerold WillingUniversity of LouisvilleAIChE Volunteer ActivitiesLouisville Local Section
  124. 124. Sarah WidderPacific Northwest National LabAIChE Volunteer ActivitiesAIChE ApprenticeEnvironmental DivisionPublic Affairs & Information Committee Member,Center for Energy InitiativesYouth Council on Sustainable Science and Technology(YCOSST)Societal Impact Operating Council (SIOC)Webinar Advisory BoardColumbia Valley Local Section
  125. 125. Hsiang YeeSouthwest Research InstituteAIChE Volunteer ActivitiesLocal Sections CommitteeYoung Professionals Committee
  126. 126. Neil YeomanRetiredAIChE Volunteer ActivitiesSeparations DivisionVirtual Local SectionAdmissions CommitteeEquipment Testing Procedures Committee
  127. 127. S. Shariq YosufzaiChevronAIChE Volunteer ActivitiesAIChE Foundation Board of TrusteesAIChE Leaders Society SustainerAIChE Cumulative Giving Society
  128. 128. Alan ZagoriaUOPAIChE Volunteer ActivitiesLocal Sections CommitteeChicago Local Section Student Outreach Committee