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  • Matt
  • Matt-So what I want to do is have you guys break up into small groups and talk about the most unique thing that your chapter does. What does your chapter do that sets you apart from the rest? Give them 4 minutes to discuss.What are some of your ideas?Now as you can see, each group had their own unique ideas. And the purpose of this convention, is for all of us to come together and share these ideas. Now imagine, if we could not only get these ideas from the US, but broaden this idea exchange to a global level. This global network is what we are trying to create with this sisters chapter program.Benefits: Sharing of ideas, exposure to new cultures, different engineering curriculums, increased international experience
  • LianA sister chapter begins with a group of chemical engineers at an international university that are interested in becoming a part of Aiche. That international chapter is then paired with a US chapter, who acts as a mentor during the initial stages, answering questions, providing tips, and then acts as a partner once self sustainability is achieved. Not only is this is a great opportunity for you to meet other students with simialrintrests, but also get some international experience. I mean, how good would that look on a resume?
  • LianTalk about solutions to current critical issues: example, don’t talk about how oil will run out in 30-50 years, talk about how we as chemical engineers can fix that
  • MattIf your chapter is interested,
  • MattThe first step in this process is establishing a relationship with the students of your sister chapter. This is most important step, you and your chapter will be working closely with these students for the next couple of years. A solid relationship is crucial. Do this by setting up a video conference with the exec-board of your sister chapter. Set goals of what you and your sister chapter hope to accomplish, i.e. recruitment, events planned, etc..
  • LianReciprocate newsletter
  • MattThe next step is establishing a permanent mode of communication. Now, I don’t think you all should go get matching walkie-talkies or cell phones so you can text each other all the time. If you do, more power to you. But I do think you should take advantage of all the social media tools we have at our disposal. Create a website or a blog, where you can post documents, articles, questions, etc…In my experience, I found that facebook is one of the easiest and most effective ways to stay in contact. How many people in here check facebook once a day? Twice a day? Who has checked facebook since I began talking? What we did was create a university of michigan-bogotafacebook group and had all of our members and there members join. One thing that we did which I thought was pretty cool, was we had each chapter post a list of about 10 questions that could be about anything but school. We wanted to get away from the academics, because in all honesty as chemical engineers we spend enough time working on school and what not. We used this as an opportunity to learn about what life is like in Colombia. We asked all sorts of questions, ranging from what sports are popular? To what do you do on a Friday night? It was cool to see things from a different perspectiveBullet that we had them ask questions
  • LianSo a big benefit of being in AIChE is having companies come in and present to you, it gives you an opportunity to learn about different careers a chemical engineer can have. What I started doing was recording these presentations and then sending them over to my sister chapter in Colombia. Gave them an opportunity to see careers as well. What I am working on for this year, is having streaming the presentation live to them so they can interact and ask questions to the companies as well. But untill then, I let them know which companies will be coming ahead of time and they send me a list of questions that I ask for them.
  • MattYou should communicate this to your chapterSkip roachford, oregon state university, head of chem-E car team, if not him roberthesgeth at deleware, will be MC of competitionAsk them has it been resolved.
  • LianLast but not least
  • Professor High takes care of all logistics
  • MattChris William, university of south carolina, send to him after professor high looks at him. Send to skip roachford as wellGet updated list, coming soon: spain, colombia,
  • MattHere are some of the availbable sister chapters. Now like I mentioned earlier, if you could fill out the sheet that was on your chair. We will do our best to pair you up with one of these chapters.Coming Soon: Spain, Colombia, Brazil, Mexico, etc…
  • LianProfessor fogler or professor trujillo university of utahAdd a summary slide in, push audience to fill out information sheet. Once get going and have questions, feel free to write us, list contact information. It’s not working like I thought it would, list
  • Lian/Matt
  • Add questions
  • Sister Chapters by Univ of Michigan

    1. 1. AIChE Sister Chapter Initiative Chemical Engineering Professionalism Global CommunityMatt Mackey Lian Zhu National Student Conference 2011, Minneapolis
    2. 2. Overview Sister Chapter Initiative  What is it?  Purpose  U.S Chapters Role Current Example  La Universidad de los Andes What can you do?
    3. 3. The Student Mosaic What makes your chapter different?  Geographical diversity, the catalyst to unique thought Imagine the infinite potential  Expansion of a professional network  Alternate point of view  Unparallel culture exposure Benefits  Sharing of ideas (e.g. Bogota, soccer)
    4. 4. What is a Sister Chapter?1. Begins with a group of students at an international university interested in participating in AIChE2. Current U.S AIChE chapter acts as a mentor to help international students start and maintain their own chapter
    5. 5. Sister Chapter Responsibilities Leveraging our web technologies Cooperating, organizing, and participating in meetings Stimulate discussions of solutions to critical issues Facilitating technical communities to address ChemE needs, such as safety and sustainability Promoting advancement of education and research
    6. 6. Steps for Parent Chapters Step 1: Fill out the form on your seat Initiates sister chapter pairing process If your chapter is interested, fill out the form now and pick up information packet at end of presentation
    7. 7. Parent Chapters’ Role Step 2: Initiate Relations & Establish Foundation 1. Acquire sister chapter assignment/contact information 1. Will come from: 2. Professor Karen High, Oklahoma State University 3. Professor Scott Fogler, University of Michigan 4. Professor Ed Trujillo, University of Utah 2. Set up video conference/meeting with executive board
    8. 8. Parent Chapters’ Role Step 3: Maintain the Relationship 1. Send you chapter’s newsletter every time it is published 2. Schedule video conference once a month 1. Discuss recruitment of new members 2. Sponsorship by companies 3. Ideas for social events
    9. 9. Parent Chapters’ Role Step 4: Establish a permanent mode of communication 1. Social Media  Create Facebook page  Used to interact in a non-academic manner  10 questions 2. Create a website (e.g. blog)  Upload documents, post questions, and share experiences
    10. 10. Parent Chapters’ Role Step 5: Share Presentations/Luncheons 1. Coordinate with sister chapter to stream live presentations 2. Alternatively, record presentation and send it to chapter 3. Ask sister chapter if they have questions for speakers ahead of time
    11. 11. Parent Chapters’ Role Step 6 : Initiate an AIChE Chemical Car Team at your sister chapter  A premiere component of AIChE is the Student Chemical Car Competition.  Another important way of becoming involved with AIChE  The AIChE administration is still determining the logistics
    12. 12. Parent Chapters’ Role Step 7 : Maintain the community 1. Keep Facebook page up-to-date 2. Use website to post resources/articles both chapters can use 3. Utilize the help of your alumni and professor to create a more professional environment, and explore opportunities to have individuals visit the sister chapter.
    13. 13. Current Sister Chapters Current Sister Chapter Initiatives1. University of Michigan & La Universidad de los Andes2. University of Michigan & Universidade Estadual de Maringa3. Oregon State University & La Universidad del Ecuador4. University of Utah & Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile5. Mississippi State University & Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Honduras6. University of Iowa & Technical University of Denmark
    14. 14. Available Sister Chapters Chapter: Location: Texas A&M at Qatar Qatar Technologico de Monterrey Mexico Kuwait University Kuwait Institute of Engineering and Fertilizer Research Pakistan Pontifica Universidad Catolica de Valparasio Chile East China University of Science and Technology China University of Cantabria Spain
    15. 15. What can you do? Get Involved! Fill out sheet on chair and return to us  Email me with questions about the presentation:  For logistical questions about the pairings email:  Professor Scott Fogler:  Professor Edward Trujillo: Resources for establishing a Sister chapter and these slides can be found on under Students  Student Chapters Copies are available after the session
    16. 16. Questions/Feedback Questions/Concerns? Suggestions to improve Sister Chapter Program?
    17. 17. Thank You