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Visit us at http://chenected.aiche.org …

Visit us at http://chenected.aiche.org

ChEnected—Where Chemical Engineers Mix it Up—is a unique online community created for and by young professional chemical engineers. Presented by AIChE, ChEnected is where chemical engineers can read, view, contribute, and engage with everything Chem-E. Learn new skills, solve challenges, find mentors, engage with other chemical engineers, and gain more exposure to hiring companies.

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  • 1. Pot Holes and Pit Falls Overcoming Challenges Deborah L. Grubbe, PE, CEng, FIChemE BP, Plc. Vice President – Group Safety and Industrial Hygiene 23 March 2006
  • 2. Setting the Stage…..
    • BS ChE - Purdue
    • University of Cambridge - England
    • Three summer internships
    • 27 years with DuPont
    • 17 assignments, 5 different businesses
    • Now with BP in Group Leadership VP role
    • Assigned to London, England
    • Community leadership positions
    • National support roles – NASA, NIST
  • 3. Personal…….
    • Solid education - continuously learning
    • Married to DuPont Exec who raised his daughter as a single parent
    • Husband living in USA
    • Can have it all, just not at the same time
    • “ Big jobs” require “big time”
  • 4. The Glass Ceiling
    • Is real
    • Is there for men, too
    • Is there because others put it there
    • Is there because YOU put it there!
    • Sometimes requires you to go around it
    • Is always broken from the top - never by banging on it from the bottom
  • 5. The Early Years……
    • Be yourself
    • Know your “stuff”
    • Look for the good in people/situations
    • Think “positive change”
    • Do not let folks “run” over you
    • Listen - Think Gross, Speak Net
    • Find mentors
    • Understand insecurities - in you, in others
  • 6. The Later Years…..
    • Two kinds of people - those that MAKE dust and those that EAT dust…!
    • Work SMART and work HARD!
    • Friends come and go, and enemies accumulate.
    • You have two ears and 1 mouth; use them in that proportion.
    • What goes around, comes around.
  • 7. More for the Later Years….
    • Many people have failed in life because they had wishbones when they needed backbones.
    • The view only changes if you are the lead dog…..
    • Get to know others who are different from you - life will be more fun!
    • Be BAAAAADDD to the bone!
  • 8. And even more ……
    • More mentoring
    • Beware of “poison people”
    • Keep your life in balance - or your work will fall apart
    • SMILE and keep ‘em guessing!
    • GO FOR IT!!!!!
  • 9. Questions ……
    • Contact Deb:
    • [email_address]
    • Thank you!!!!!