Choice is yours paving the way for your career


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Choice is yours paving the way for your career

  1. 1. The Choice is Yours!Paving the Way for YOUR Career Brenda Lando Merck & Co. Commentary: With a Chemical Engineering Degree, the choice really is yours when it comes to selecting your post-grad opportunities.
  2. 2. From Engineering… (ChemEs everywhere!)l LANSDALE, PA l Steel Toes/Bunny Suits/Safety Gogglesl BIOTECHNOLOGY SUPERVISOR l Getting Messy!l PHARMACEUTICAL l Weekends/Nights PROCESSING ENGINEER l Documents, Documents, Documents!Commentary: My career path began with a 2-year rotational development program in Merck’s l Union EmployeesManufacturing Division where I spent my first 2 l Overtime Payrotations in engineering. l Problem SolvingThis had its plusses and minuses, but in the end, Irealized this wasn’t the type of work I wanted todo for my “career”. I felt closed in to a veryspecific product, but what I really wanted was tosee the bigger picture!
  3. 3. …To Engineering Support… (ChemEs & business-types co-exist)l Spreadsheets, Spreadsheets, l WHITEHOUSE STATION, NJ Spreadsheets! l SUPPLY CHAIN PLANNINGl Meetings, Teleconferences, l NEW PRODUCT LAUNCH SUPPORT Videoconferencesl 99% Desk Workl Computer Savvy-ness is Inevitable!l Multi-taskingl Time Management Commentary: My next two rotations were on the business side of our manufacturing operations. I was no longer in the factory, but behind a desk number crunching and analyzing our plans for manufacturing our products. This was much better-I did see the bigger picture as I grew to learn the supply chains of all of our products, but something was still missing. I wanted more social interaction in my day, so I decided to move on to sales at the end of my rotational program!
  4. 4. …To Pharmaceutical Sales (no ChemEs in sight!)l NEW YORK, NYl PHARMACEUTICAL REPRESENTATIVEl 2 Months Product & Disease Trainingl Science-Based Selling Approachl Sell to Docs; Friends with Staff!l Flexible Schedule (Back to School/Raise Family)l Deal with Rejection/Bad Weatherl Being Engineer is Exception/Not Rule!Commentary: I joined Merck’s Pharmaceutical Sales Division in July, and I am happy tosay I’ve found something I love. I have no regrets about putting my engineering degree towork, and that helped me tremendously in moving on to pharm sales.I am viewed as a valuable resource to our sales team as I know the internal operations aswell as all of our products better than those who never worked internally, and I am able tospeak to our doctors on a scientific level when necessary. From here, I plan to get my MBApart time, and continue to grow in the sales division at Merck.
  5. 5. ChemE is Still Relevant to Me AIChE is for NETWORKING l l AIChE is for INTERVIEWING l AIChE is for LEADERSHIP l AIChE is for CONTINUING EDUCATION l AIChE is for LONG-LASTING RELATIONSHIPS l AIChE is for YOU!!!Commentary: Although I no longer practice chemical engineering, I still find AIChE to be extremely valuable to my growthand development as a Young Professional. The networking and leadership opportunities available within the institute arewhat I find most rewarding, and I have been able to speak about my role in the institute during several interviews.I encourage each of you to seek out and join your Local Sections of AIChE upon graduation, and keep up thatinvolvement with AIChE! You won’t be sorry!!!
  6. 6. CONGRATULATIONS…You are a ChemE for Life!!!