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Ruby Software Architecture
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Ruby Software Architecture


RubyCampLyon presentation on Software Architecture in a Ruby world

RubyCampLyon presentation on Software Architecture in a Ruby world

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  • 1. train your developers 2. don't overdo 3. secure what's important _to users_, even if that means: "don't do some tests" 4. Your frameworks and plugins are likely to be boggus, fix them
  • SOLID SRP (never more than one reason for a class to change) OC Principle (O for extension, C for modification) Liskov Substitution (OK to use derived class without knowing it) Interface Segregation (not depend on what you don't need) Dependency inversion (based on abstraction)


  • 1. Ruby Software Architecture All you ever wanted to know but were too afraid too ask
  • 2. Agenda
      • Developing with Ruby for a living
      • Rails 3 Architecture
      • Build your stack from the ground up
  • 3. Developing with Ruby for a living Or how to make it profitable
  • 4. Potatoe Patatoe
      • Not different from other languages
      • Prepare to explain "why Ruby"
      • Talk $ (€ does also work)
      • Hide behind Twitter (:
  • 5. All about Ruby
      • Cut the "voodoo" crap
      • Aim for Productivity
      • Aim for Maintenance Zero
      • Try, if possible, to contribute
  • 6. Rails 3: Railties and Engines They ate their own dog food
  • 7. Rails 3
      • Layered architecture
    • (Rails has always been that way)
      • The "Great decoupling"
      • Embed (Rack) applications
      • All about Railties and Engines
  • 8. How does it work
      • Initializers
        • Post
        • After
      • Generators
      • Migrations
      • load_paths, eager_load_paths, ...
      • Rails.*
  • 9. Living examples FTW
      • Devise
      • Authr3
      • Radiant's extensions (soon :))
      • Spawn yours http://github.com/josevalim/enginex
  • 10. From the ground up Some hints to get your started
  • 11. From the ground up
      • DRY accross projects
      • "Make or Reuse"
      • Make it extendable (rock SOLID)
      • Using Rails? Architecture still matters
  • 12. Ruby's here for us
      • Meta Programming
      • DSLs
      • Dynamic module inclusion
      • Famous projects, excellent code