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    Software Residency Software Residency Presentation Transcript

    • SEP/2012
    • SEP/2012Since 2007
    • The lack of specialized manpower requires speedydevelopment of human capital that focus on marketneeds and quality deliveries to solve the mostimmediate demands.
    • Software Development Residency is a fast-trackInformation and Communication Technology (ICT)educational program for human resources preparedaccording to the needs of the sponsoring client thatdeliver results throughout its duration.
    • ProfessionallyCESAR Students experienced facultyHospital Doctors Residents
    • Theory and High return on Specialization practice investment
    • Theory and High return on Specialization practice investmentThe students study the theory and are able to practice whatthey have learned at CESAR’s own development labs.
    • Theory and High return Specialization practice on investmentThe sponsoring client has the opportunity to developits manpower according to its own specific demandsusing CESAR’s speedy and focused approach.
    • Theory and High return on Specialization practice investmentThe sponsoring client’s return will be manpowerwith specific skills and the development of qualitymarket ready solutions.
    • Using the Problem Based Learning methodology,experienced professionals from CESAR’s teamcontribute to develop specialized professionalsaccording to the sponsoring client’s needs anddemands.
    • Sponsoring clientThis is how CESAR’sSoftware Residencyprogram is Project Residency Academicassembled coordinator coordinator coordinator Tutors/Mentors Faculty with Professional Studants Experience
    • The Program is coordinated by CESAR.The institution understands the needsof the client and prepares a content-specific coursework and the Residency’steaching methodology accordingly.The students learn the theory and areguided in their practical activities byCESAR’s experienced professionals.
    • It will depend on student performance. 1 2 3 4 5 6Structuring Recruiting Graduation Deliveries Evaluation Hiring
    • 11: StructuringThe first step is to prepare the Residency’s course contenttaking into account the relationship between the demandsof the sponsoring client and the technical profile of theparticipating students.The sponsoring client may desire to have more than oneResidency program and each will have a different coursecontent as well as specific delivery focus.This is what makes the Software Residency development acustomized and bold solution.
    • 22: RecruitingEligible for the Residency are those students who are neargraduation and newly-graduated.Pre-selection is based on school curriculum,professional profile, interviews, online testing of specificknowledge and technical criteria established according tothe sponsoring client.Scholarships are available due to exclusive dedicationrequired by the program since it includes both theoreticalclasses and practice/development (hands on approach).
    • 33: Student developmentCESAR provides a real Project Development environmentsupported by quality processes and productivity.The residents are allocated to work cells (team work forthe resolution of problems).They are assigned well-defined practical activities whichcan be evaluated by the mentors.Faculty acts as consultants, and tutoring is provided by ateam of experienced professionals.
    • 44: DeliveriesSolution for the client’s real problems.Agenda for periodic deliveries during the program andcontinuous follow up of these deliveries.The Sponsoring client will systematically receivedeliveries/artifacts throughout the length of the programwhich are high quality and able to solve its immediatedemand.The student’s final paper is geared to marketpublications.
    • 55: EvaluationResidents’ evaluations and feedback are continuous.Their work performance during the program may not fallbelow 7 (maximmum of 10) for all disciplines and attendancemust not be below 75%.Practical activities are evaluated by different roles:Faculty, tutors and the client.The thesis is evaluated by both faculty and tutors.
    • 66: Hiring possibilitiesOutstanding students may be hired by the client or byCESAR.After the Residency, graduating students will haveexpertise well above those who lack specialization.
    • Speedy development of market-ready applications aswell as development of technical skills along with goodinterpersonal skills and professional values.
    • When available manpower lack professionalexperience and specific qualifications; When needed knowledge and specializationare not taught in conventional schooling; When there is a need for fast and specificprofessional qualifications; When there is a demand for a high numberof quality solutions in a short time.
    • Cases
    • Case: Widget ResidencyGOALTo produce 85 widgets for the domestic market topopulate the client’s virtual store.RESULTSCreated a total of 110 user-focused widgets.In less than 2 months, the widgets generated by theResidency represented almost 20% of total downloadsfrom the client’s virtual store.More than 30 professionals graduated in thedevelopment of applications for mobile platforms.
    • Case: BADA ResidencyGOALIncrease the number of availably applications in theclient’s virtual store.Increase the developers’ community.RESULTSOver 60 applications were published.Applications were carried out to other languages andcountries.One of the applications peaked at 4 thousanddownloads/week (~23% of the store’s total).Twenty developers graduated in this Residencyprogram.
    • Case: Contact Center’s Technologies ResidencyGOALNeed for the urgent development of human resources forthe management and platform configuration to manage theclient’s Contact Centers.RESULTSDevelopment of 20 professionals to meet demands fromboth the Residency sponsor and its clients.Development of skills and company values in the residents.Outstanding residents may be hired by the sponsor,in Brazil or abroad.
    • Case: Software Engineering ResidencyGOALTransfer project management know-how, team assembly andapplication development methodology for CNTI [NationalCommission for Information Technology of the AngolaGovernment].RESULTSEstablishment of an IT infrastructure for the Angolagovernment.Development of professionals focused on CNTI real problems.Coaching during the first few months to help the residents putinto practice what they learned during the Residency.
    • Case: Datacom ResidencyGOALNeed for the urgent development of humanresources to meet the demand of evolution ofthe country’s telecommunication networks.RESULTSQualification of 18 professionals divided into: 9focusing on the development of Linux softwarefor embedded systems (Metro EthernetSwitches); and 9 focusing on the development ofsoftware for network management. All residents’skills were developed according to the client’sneeds and qualified to work in the research anddevelopment sector of the sponsoring company.
    • Contact Us (81) 3425-4624