Entrepreneurship at CESAR
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Entrepreneurship at CESAR






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Entrepreneurship at CESAR Entrepreneurship at CESAR Presentation Transcript

  • Entrepreneurship@CESAR October/ 2011
  • A private innovationCenter for the creation of products, services and enterprises with Information Technology and Communication (ITC).
  • 52.000 2008 50.200 48.000 2010 2006 51.000 GROWTH 2007 46.000 2009 29.150 38.000 2005 20.500 2004 2002 19.0002001 2003 Employees 680 2006 Revenue (R$ ‘000) 611 600 2005 2007 531 2010 470 366 2008 296 2004 462 2009 2002 259 2003 237 2001
  • Client PortfolioServices Finance Telecomm Government Industry Hardware ITC 3rd Sector
  • TRANS-DISCIPLINARYPlastic artists Usability Engineers Testing EngineersEntrepreneurs Illustrators Electronic Engineers Software EngineersJournalists System Administrators Project ManagersMarketing Professionals Designers Managers Testing PersonnelResearchers Psychologists Software Architects
  • Entrepreneurship
  • AREAS OF Engineering OPERATION Since 1998 CESAR invests in new venture generation.Education Entrepreneurship
  • A HISTORY OFENTREPRENEURSHIPFor the past 12 years, CESAR has generated more than20 ventures with ITCs.Most of the projects have originated within an institution –spin-offs.Spin-offs arose from concrete market demandsand/or internal competencies.
  • Timeline Creation of Creation of Creation of Garage PRIME incubation model incubation CESAR 2.0 model 2007 2009 1996 3.0 1999 2003 2011 1998 2002 2004 2008 CESAR ISO 9000 LABS . Specialized services, Rigid incubationBasic infrastructure, criteria, formal Focus on investments,low support and no envolviment in the relationship and Collaborators accelerating formal relationship business and stock variable stock generating ideas buyable startups participation participation Incubation Incubation Incubation CESAR.LABS 1.0 CESAR.LABS 2.0 1.0 2.0 3.0 (Garage)
  • We gave life to these ventures IT assets and system control Games Developer Technologies for web security Information Management & Data Computing technology for financial Search engine Mining Solutions transactions securitySoftware solutions for capturing and Low consumption, high Software Houseprocessing credit card transactions performance microchips Design House
  • Enterprises generatedCredit analysis automation based on IT consulting for software Pre-paid service for music on demand neural network solution implementation on cell phones via Bluetooth Software engineering and reuse Technology assets auditing and Corporate social network system control Web-based logistiics solution Software solution for controlling and Social network for cartoons and images monitoring center irragation pivot sharing through mobile devices
  • Enterprises generatedSolution for promotional campaigns Social network for public utilities Software solution for gesture and on mobile devices via Bluetooth information sharing movements recognition
  • Enterprises TimelineKick-off1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010Spin-off1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010
  • Business Generation Model Market Businesses Problems Solutions $ Catchment Investment Graduation Incubated Requirements Structuring Development Solutions Products and Services Generalization
  • InnovationStimulationProgramsCESAR.LABS 1.0 (Garage) PRIME CESAR.LABS 2.0
  • CESAR.Labs 1.0 (2007)(Garage Project)Innovation laboratory developed with the goalof continuously fomenting entrepreneurshipat CESAR, increasing competitiveness andproviding support to the process of businessgeneration through its collaborators.This program generated: 70 innovative ideas 09 modelled businesses 03 revenue- generating ventures
  • 75PRIME (2009-2011) CESAR was invited by FINEP to be operational agent of PRIME (First Innovative Business Program), and has been responsible for selecting participating companies up to the release of resources, follow up, evaluation and cost accounting. BUSINESSES BENEFITED IN THESE AREAS: FISHING INDUSTRY COMMERCE SPORTSCOMMUNICATION SCIENTIFIC ACTIVITIES AGRICULTURE LIVESTOCK INFORMATION FOOD INDUSTRYRECREATION HEALTH EDUCATIONRESIDUE MANAGEMENT ARTS & CULTURE
  • A vision of thefuture:To be the most efficiententrepreneurship programin Brazil in the generationof Buyable Startupswith ITC by 2016
  • CESAR.Labs 2.0 (2011)An Evolution of the intra-entrepreneurship model already practicedat CESAR;Concept inspired by the Lean Startupphilosophy which proposes a new businessmanagement model for newly-born andinnovative businesses due to their extremeuncertainty;The goal is to focus on Buyable type ofbusinesses, i.e., those built to be bought by abigger business;Beginning in 2014, the program willbe open to those interested outsideCESAR.
  • What are wesearching for?
  • The INDUSTRY is not asINNOVATIVE projects important as the INNOVATIONinvolving ITCs content
  • Do youHave anIDEA
  • Do youHave anIDEA WHAT IS YOUR PLAN?
  • Eduardo Peixoto eduardo.peixoto@cesar.org.br +55 81 3425-4624