Believe. Bash. Build. -- A Roadmap for Innovation


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A straightforward and inspiring path to finding your right-fit innovation. It begins with creating a culture of belief in innovation. It is followed by bashing ideas and in order to do that be able to understand types of ideas, where those ideas can be found, the importance of creating the right environment and some examples of ideas that have grown in movements. Finally, you need to be able to build and with 3D printing, rapid prototyping is now within everyone's reach. And yes there is one more will you measure success? Have a look and find out.

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Believe. Bash. Build. -- A Roadmap for Innovation

  1. 1. @forrestgumping #believebashbuild Finding Ideas that Fuel Innovation Moscow – March 15, 2014
  2. 2. @forrestgumping #believebashbuild “The Russians used a pencil.”
  3. 3. @forrestgumping #believebashbuild How to make your “right fit” innovation happen Bash Believe Build • Types of Ideas • Where Ideas can be Found • Room to Ideate • Ideas that Drive Growth
  4. 4. @forrestgumping #believebashbuild Believe: Your ideas can drive growth
  5. 5. @forrestgumping #believebashbuild Belief builds culture
  6. 6. @forrestgumping #believebashbuild Belief builds culture Apple “Crazies”
  7. 7. @forrestgumping #believebashbuild It’s not what you do, but why you do it SOURCE: Simon Sinek, “The Golden Circle”
  8. 8. @forrestgumping #believebashbuild The Holstee Manifesto
  9. 9. @forrestgumping #believebashbuild Creativity Competency Disruption Discipline How will you define your innovation culture?
  10. 10. @forrestgumping #believebashbuild Bash: Generate the ideas that fuel growth •Types of Ideas •Where Ideas can be Found •Room to Ideate •Ideas that Drive Growth
  11. 11. @forrestgumping #believebashbuild Innovation requires different types of ideas from different types of people at different times Convergent Divergent “Great discoveries and improvements invariably involve the cooperation of many minds.” – Alexander Graham Bell
  12. 12. @forrestgumping #believebashbuild …and then make it your own. See it from someone else’s perspective
  13. 13. @forrestgumping #believebashbuild The Eureka Moment Shell “Eureka”
  14. 14. @forrestgumping #believebashbuild Embrace your Eureka moment Can begin with a challenge or nagging idea in your mind When ideas collide….either new or old ones or both. The usual way of working / resolving it does not work. You ask yourself the “What if” question Get a spark of a simple solution to a complex market Can be something that happens outside of work that you can apply at work. Can be too late…when you see your idea in the market!
  15. 15. @forrestgumping #believebashbuild Reflection Thinking out of the box • When was the last time you had an “out of box” observation or “Eureka” moment.... – that you acted on and led to an insight in action? – that you have not yet acted on. – that became “the one that got away”.
  16. 16. @forrestgumping #believebashbuild TYPES OF IDEAS
  17. 17. @forrestgumping #believebashbuild Types of ideas: Are you an Einstein or an Edison? • We each have a cognitive style that dictates how we prefer to solve problems : • We naturally either converge/ adapt or diverge/ innovate • Need to understand when building innovation teams
  18. 18. @forrestgumping #believebashbuild Convergent thinking • Convergent thinking is solving problems inside a known paradigm. • It’s about using facts and figures to arrive at one solution. • It’s associated with the left-brain. • Edison: Worked methodically and scientifically on the light bulb based on tungsten wire. • Edison on failure and repetition
  19. 19. @forrestgumping #believebashbuild Divergent thinking • Divergent thinking is about lateral exploration. • You move beyond current paradigms and existing knowledge. • It’s associated with the right-brain. • Einstein / experiment by wondering and questioning / arrived at Special Theory of Relativity • Einstein on going from point A to B
  20. 20. @forrestgumping #believebashbuild Shifting from adaptive to innovative ideas • Shift from the “Industrial Age” to “Information Age” to the next phase: “Conceptual Age” • Success will be to complement the left-brain with “Six Senses” • Driving forces are – High Concept: Creativity, Narrative, Connecting the dots – High Touch Empathy, Subtlety, Meaning and Purpose
  21. 21. @forrestgumping #believebashbuild What are the six senses we should embrace? SOURCE:
  22. 22. @forrestgumping #believebashbuild How structured would you expect your ideas to be?
  23. 23. @forrestgumping #believebashbuild This what my brain looks like
  24. 24. @forrestgumping #believebashbuild WHERE IDEAS CAN BE FOUND
  25. 25. @forrestgumping #believebashbuild Where will you find your “right fit” ideas?
  26. 26. @forrestgumping #believebashbuild IDEAS ARE EVERYWHERE! • Be curious! • Connect the dots. • Observe. • Ask “why” questions. • Take pictures. • Talk to experts. • Read blogs. • Talk to shop owners, bartenders, taxi drivers. • Ask yourself what /so what / now what?
  27. 27. @forrestgumping #believebashbuild Begin by expanding your horizons • Trends and foresights. • Ready-baked ideas. • Industry inspiration.
  28. 28. @forrestgumping #believebashbuild From Me  We Internal ideas Partner ideas Customer ideas Open ideas
  29. 29. @forrestgumping #believebashbuild Internal ideas
  30. 30. @forrestgumping #believebashbuild Partner ideas Coca-Cola “Happiness Machine” Millward Brown “Spreading Happiness with Coca-Cola”
  31. 31. @forrestgumping #believebashbuild Customer ideas
  32. 32. @forrestgumping #believebashbuild Open innovation
  33. 33. @forrestgumping #believebashbuild ROOM TO IDEATE
  34. 34. @forrestgumping #believebashbuild Evolution of creative environment
  35. 35. @forrestgumping #believebashbuild Office space = Culture
  36. 36. @forrestgumping #believebashbuild Ideation rooms
  37. 37. @forrestgumping #believebashbuild Virtual challenges
  38. 38. @forrestgumping #believebashbuild The building blocks of an ideation session Who is involved? Physical environment / space Rules / Guidelines Tightly defined challenge Clear expectations of outputs Materials needed Ideation techniques and follow-ons Top of mind ideas / divergent ideas Converging and grouping ideas Selecting ideas Testing and refining
  39. 39. @forrestgumping #believebashbuild Watch out for the “idea killers” Some people just believe in limits / no imagination People don’t see the potential growth You may not realise your own potential or impact Not everyone will immediately see the potential in your idea
  40. 40. @forrestgumping #believebashbuild IDEAS THAT DRIVE GROWTH
  41. 41. @forrestgumping #believebashbuild Growth ideas begin with strategy Grow volume or value share (i.e. “take a larger slice of the pie”) Grow the size of the category in volume or value (i.e. “take the same size slice of a bigger pie”) Grow volume / value from a different category (i.e. “steal from someone else’s pie”)
  42. 42. @forrestgumping #believebashbuild Big ideas can start out small. It’s what’s right for you. Red Tomato Pizza Red Tomato Pizza “The VIP Fridge Magnet”
  43. 43. @forrestgumping #believebashbuild Growth ideas are about winning “hearts and minds” • Behaviours • Attitudes • Beliefs Drivers and Barriers Customer Engagement Measurable business impact In order for our ideas to stick we need unlock the real drivers and barriers to the behaviors that impact the business:
  44. 44. @forrestgumping #believebashbuild How an idea grew into a movement American Express “Small Business Saturday” • Creating demand • Engaging consumers • Enabling partners • Increasing transactions • Generating good will American Express “Small Business Saturday”
  45. 45. @forrestgumping #believebashbuild How did they do it? • Behaviours • Attitudes • Beliefs Drivers and Barriers Customer Engagement Measurable business impact – Which behaviors did they stimulate? – Which attitudes and beliefs? – What barriers / drivers did they unlock? – Which customers did they engage?
  46. 46. @forrestgumping #believebashbuild Build: Unleash the ideas that fuel growth
  47. 47. @forrestgumping #believebashbuild From B-school to D-school • From business school to design school; MBA MFA • Design-led thinking • Observation replaces focus groups • See how people interact with problems and design potential solutions • Rapid prototyping
  48. 48. @forrestgumping #believebashbuild 3D printing…this changes everything! “I need something. Do I really need to go buy it when I can download it and print it?” – Bre Pettis, MakerBot • What is it? • Why is it different? • What is the immediate implication? • What is the long term implication? Spectrom – 3D Color `MakerBot 3D Desktop
  49. 49. @forrestgumping #believebashbuild Thingiverse • Library of downloadable things
  50. 50. @forrestgumping #believebashbuild Andreas Pavel, 1972. Douglas Engelbart, 1968. Innovation is not invention
  51. 51. @forrestgumping #believebashbuild But I’m not like Steve Jobs…or am I?
  52. 52. @forrestgumping #believebashbuild Innovation is a “remix” “Copy, transform and combine. It’s who we are, it’s how we live and of course, it’s how we create. Our new ideas evolve from the old ones” Kirby Ferguson Embrace the Remix
  53. 53. @forrestgumping #believebashbuild …AND ONE MORE THING
  54. 54. @forrestgumping #believebashbuild Situation: Strong industry player identifies the need for innovation to stimulate their growth engine. Context: Increasing level of competition and retail pressure. Business as usual just won’t do. Proposed resolution: Throw money at it! Invest more in innovation by hiring creative agencies to run ideation sessions, with the intention of building a pipeline one brand at a time. Tension: In the past, innovation has only led to incremental growth (at best). Too much process and stage gate management. Struggle to justify the ROI. Complication: Limited success from one-off, hit-or-miss innovations. No in- house innovation capability. No synergy with partners. Final resolution: You find the “right fit” innovation approach which allows you to get innovation “wins” internally and with partners, while building sustainable in-house innovation capability. A typical journey
  55. 55. @forrestgumping #believebashbuild Which is the most innovative company today?
  56. 56. @forrestgumping #believebashbuild It depends who you ask…where’s Apple?
  57. 57. @forrestgumping #believebashbuild It’s about the headlights not the rear-view.
  58. 58. @forrestgumping #believebashbuild Moscow: +7 926 2061247 London: +44 7825 223769 (under construction)
  59. 59. Ecuador Market Research Manager Jun 1997-Jan 1999 Guayaquil Marketing and Innovation Strategist Mar 2012 - Present London & Moscow Innovation Director Oct 2011 – Mar 2012 London EU Group Knowledge and Insights Director EEME Group Research Manager South Latin Division Research Manager Ecuador Market Research Manager Mar 1999 – Jan 2008 Quito, Buenos Aires, London & Paris Senior Group Capability Mgr. Feb 2008 – Sep 2011 London ` The Bravo Group US Hispanic Market Account Executive Sep 1993 – Apr 1997 New York ADVERTISING INSIGHTS & STRATEGY MARKETING CAPABILITY INNOVATION Global cross-functional FMCG & agency experience
  60. 60. Believe • Need senior leadership buy-in from beginning • Listen to mentors, or people who have been down the road. • The more complex the innovation framework, the more likely it is doomed. • Innovation functions don’t always sit in marketing. • Innovation can drive profitable growth and create real value. • Breakthrough innovation doesn’t happen all at once. • Communicate everything! Bash • Innovation teams are needed, but cannot do it alone • Collaboration is essential, both internally and externally. • Online communities and expert networks stoke innovation fire. • Physical as well as virtual innovation spaces are needed. • Need to manage a balanced innovation portfolio…including gamechangers. • Find the partner model that works best with each others goals. Build • Getting a proof point early has been critical to the success of every innovation team. • Innovation talent can come from anywhere, but you need to find it. • Stage gates are only a means to an end. • Incubators that work like VCs are making big innovation strides. • A good idea only lasts so long…need to build capability • Flexible governance, full accountability • Good design is essential but only if part of a system. Lessons learned in the “right fit” innovation journey