Business in a [shoe string]- bicycle wheel. where is the business model ppt


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In very few words how basic elements of business are organised. An analogy with the parts of a bicycle wheel.
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Business in a [shoe string]- bicycle wheel. where is the business model ppt

  1. 1. www.cesarmalacon.tumblr.comBusiness in a Shoe String Bicycle Wheel The organisation of the Business With the intention of depicting a high view of the organisation of the business, I took a bicycle wheel to make an analogy of how the most important subjects in business co-exist and what is their broad contribution to the companies’ existence. Where is the Business model? Where is the business model?
  2. 2. www.cesarmalacon.tumblr.comWith no more detail: Businesses are complex. They live in an environment formed by the conjunction of different complex aspects of life. Dynamic external and internal forces shape organisations.Uncertainty and risk are perpetual.We have to predict it. And to face it. Where is the business model?
  3. 3. www.cesarmalacon.tumblr.comFirst Step: Manage what you can. Internal concerns of Culture all companies: Strategy Execution Align your resources and walk the field. Where is the business model?
  4. 4. www.cesarmalacon.tumblr.comYour organisation has to roll on. To move. To spin. So how should it go? Where is the business model?
  5. 5. www.cesarmalacon.tumblr.comSmoothly! Just like ... Where is the business model?
  6. 6. www.cesarmalacon.tumblr.comIf comparing the organisation of a business with a bicycle wheel here is the relationship Parts of a bicycle’s wheel Rubber – Commercial activities This is the point of contact with the surface, and is what keeps you on track and gives you traction. – In companies, these are the commercial activities. No sales, no fuel to go on and the deeper your understanding of the market needs, the better you do. Where is the business model?
  7. 7. Rim – Corporate infrastructure:This is what supports the activity. Itshould keep going while receivingimpacts from the road. This is thecorporate infrastructure. Technology,assets, and finance. Spokes – The Culture The spokes support and give shape to the Rim. Definitively should be the culture. No people, no need of infrastructure. Depending the quality of your people and the culture they live, the results your infrastructure yields Where is the business model?
  8. 8. Valve – StrategyThe valve is very important. It’s the way in for the air to get into the wheelso it can start working, and it has the key feature of keeping the air inside ofthe wheel. Two of the most important elements of a bicycle wheel dependon the valve. This is the Strategy. Strategy sets the what, the why and thehow of whatever it’s going to be achieved by the company. It keeps theefforts and advantages, differentiators and all corporate resources aligned -inside the company-. Strategy has its ways to each one of the departmentsso is the way in to it. Where is the business model?
  9. 9. www.cesarmalacon.tumblr.comAir – No air, no usefulness. No air, no valve needed. - ExecutionWithout the right amount of air, the wheel spins or doesn’t.Depending on the amount of air, the wheel spins properly andsmoothly or heavily and slowly, only wasting fruitlessly theresources for a poor performance.Taking the relationship of strategy and execution: you can injectair to the wheel through the valve, but if the valve is damaged oris not the proper valve needed for your specific rubber –market-the wheel will spin for sure, but not for long, and not in the wayit should, leading you out of the way in the need of change. Where is the business model?
  10. 10. www.cesarmalacon.tumblr.comFinally and very important: thereis the Hub –axle- Where is the business model?
  11. 11. Where is the Business model?Where is the business model?
  12. 12. www.cesarmalacon.tumblr.comThe axle – The Business ModelHub –axle-. This is a very interesting part of a wheel because it is at the centre of all itsresources. It holds them all together and allows proper movement. The spokes areattached to it, which at the same time support the rim, base of the rubble which needsair and valve. The BUSINESS MODEL is our hub.All companies have a business model, either ifthey thought about it deliberately or if it is justthe consequence of the overwhelming needscompanies face. With the proper businessmodel, the overall functionality of the companycan be perfect and effective. With the wronghub, the wheel will always spin, but will neverreach superior performance to win any race.The business model is absolutely dependent of the internal abilities of the company,so there it is where you should make a pause after having everything else set onplace and define your business model, to be able to go out and last longer and fasterin the race, delivering the results you want. Where is the business model?
  13. 13. www.cesarmalacon.tumblr.comAs the Axle, here is where business models live, just in the centre. Borrowed from Alexander Osterwalder. 2007 Where is the business model?
  14. 14. www.cesarmalacon.tumblr.comPeriod!Now go, and think about your company. and its business model. Where is the business model?
  15. 15. From: Seizing the white space. MarkFor example: Johnson http://www.seizingthewhitespace.comThe fourelements of abusiness model Where is the business model?
  16. 16. www.cesarmalacon.tumblr.comAnd: From: Business Model Generation. A. Osterwalder and Ives Pigneur.Business Model Canvas Where is the business model?
  17. 17. For a deeper PDF document with few more words please visit Or come to my blog. ThanksSee you soon @cesarmalacon Where is the business model?